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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A die hard game for die hard fighting fans or whoever likes animated turtles

Those heroes in a half shell seem to never disappoint the sixteen bit days. They've got a side scroller and then a good fighting game. And I mean really good. The fighting game has enough potential to even stand up to a Street Fighter of the past. Your favorite turtles and their friends fight each other ala Street Fighter with very similar moves to its counterpart. And now, here's the review.

1.Playability: 7/10
Where's tournament mode? What about other special events? This game is lacking some things but it has the occasional one player mode, two player mode, and then there's a practice mode. That's all of what it has. Weird, huh? Maybe even more modes will boost up the ratings a little bit more. Practice mode is kind of useful for practicing combos before unleashing them on the comp/player to devastate them. Then you know that you truly rule.

2.Sound: 8/10
Ironically, the sounds are exactly the same as the Street Fighter series. Each character has their own special move cries and some even call out the special moves name. The only annoyance is their death cries. You'll be hearing these more often when you're very good.

3.Graphics: 9/10
Thank god that this game has barely any explosions during special moves! Finally, a decent game with flawless graphics make it a warm welcome to the Genesis. The only drawback is the sometimes wacky character animation has minimal break ups.

4.Replay Value: 7/10
I think this game is pretty good with its vast array of characters with each of it's own storyline. But lack of modes make the game suffer in this department. And yes, there's some secret characters, but I don't know how to access them. Don't ask.

Is it worth it?
Definitely. It's only one of the rarest and good fighting game for the Genesis. It can surpass Street Fighter in some points. A must have for most Genesis owners. Don't worry, it's only about five to ten bucks. Not much to shell for this great game.

Rating: 8

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