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Move List and Guide by AnotherGamer

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/26/2000

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters FAQ
Genesis version
Version 1.1(8/26/00)
By AnotherGamer(gamer777@hotmail.com)
Use for whatever you want, as long as money isn't involved and I'm credited as 
the maker of this FAQ.

3.Legend and general moves
4.1 Leonardo
4.2 Donatello
4.3 Raphael
4.4 Michelangelo
4.5 Casey Jones
4.6 Ray Fillet
4.7 April O'Neil
4.8 Sisyphus
5.Game modes
6.Misc. info
7.Version history
3.Legend and general moves

+=Press together
A(Attack)=Press either A or B, ie.punch or kick. Moves done with kick are 
usually stronger, but have longer recovery times or other drawbacks.
Tap=Press rapidly
QCF=Quarter circle forwards, press down to forward
HCF=Half circle forward, press back to down to forward
QCB=Quarter circle backwards, press down to back
HCB=Half circle backward, press forward to down to back
BTD=Back to down
LDP=Leonardo's Dragon Punch, press forward, down, down-back
cB-F=Hold back for 2 seconds, then press forward
cBD-F=Hold back-down for 2 seconds, then press forward
cD-U=Hold down for 2 seconds, then press up
F-B-F=Press forward, back, forward quickly 
#=Move is a Desperation Move and cannot be performed unless your life meter is 
flashing. These moves often do tremendous damage.

General moves(only read if you're new to fighting games)
Standing punch:Press A. For strong punch, press F+A
Standing kick:Press B. For strong kick, press F+A
Crouching punch:Press A while crouching. For crouching strong punch, press
Crouching kick:Press B while crouching. For crouching strong kick, press DF+B. 
Always knocks down.
Jumping punch:Press A while jumping. Different attack may come out depending
on whether you jump straight up or diagonally left or right. For jumping
strong punch, press UF/UB+A.
Jumping kick:Press B while jumping. Different attack may come out depending on 
whether you jump straight up or diagonally left or right. For jumping strong
kick, press UF/UB+B.
Taunt:Press C. 

Note: All moves are listed when character is facing right. Reverse left and
right when facing left.

Note2: All move names are made up. It's because I cannot remember the names
listed in the manual and Desperation Moves aren't listed there.
4.1 Leonardo

F+A when close: Handle Smash. Leonardo climbs on the opponent and hits them 
multiple times with the handles of his katanas.
F+B when close: Stomach Throw. Leonardo grabs the opponent, falls back, and
throws the opponent on the other side.

Special moves:
QCF+A:Spinning Cutter. Leonardo spins towards the opponent with his katanas
-Hits around 2-3 times. Lasts less time when done with punch.

QCB+A:Ground Shock. Leonardo stabs his swords into ground, creating a blue
spark of energy. 
-A bog-standard projectile. Punch version is slower.

LDP+A:Rising Slash. Leonardo hits his opponent with his sword's handle, and
then jumps high while pointing his swords upwards.
-A bog-standard uppercut. Both versions can hit up to 2 times, so the kick
version is pretty much useless. Doesn't knock down for some strange reason(Ah,
SF2 memories...).

#B,HCB+C:Rolling Stab. Leonardo rolls forward in mid-air. If he connects, he 
uppercuts the enemy off-screen with a stationary Rising Slash, points his
sword up so that the opponent lands on it, and after holding them up for a
while, throws them away.
-A nice desperation move. Pretty powerful, does around 40% damage. Use it to 
counter a slow-recovering move.
4.2 Donatello

F+B when close: Staff Throw. Donatello uses his staff to throw the opponent on
the other side.

Special moves:
cB-F+A:Cresent Staff. Donatello swings upwards with his bo, creating an
arc-shaped energy projectile.
-A pretty large projectile. It knocks down and does good damage. Punch version
is slower.

cD-U+A:Somersault Staff. Donatello performs a backwards somersault with his bo
-Another anti-air move. Works the same way as Leonardo's, except it hits only
once and knocks down. It knocks down grounded opponents only if the beginning
part of the move hits, though. Punch version is lower than the kick version.

F-B-F+A:Repeated Staff. Donatello stabs forwards rapidly with his staff.
-Hmm, I dunno. Maybe it's just me, but I've never found any real use for this 
move. The vertical range isn't that good either, so this is a pretty poor 
substitute for an anti-air, especially since Don already has an anti-air move. 
It does good block damage, though. Punch version doesn't last as long as the 
kick version.

#F,BTD+C:Air Stab Frenzy. Donatello jumps straight up, slowly somersaults over
the opponent and starts stabbing them rapidly.
-Does nice damage, around 50%, but is too damn slow to connect with. It MIGHT
be useful when opponent throws a fireball at short range.
4.3 Raphael

F+A when close: Sai Smash. Raphael climbs on the opponent and hits them
multiple times with his sais.
F+B when close: Stomach Throw. Raphael grabs the opponent, falls back, and
throws the opponent on the other side.

Special moves:
QCF+A:Sai Spark. Raphael thrusts his sai forward, creating an energy spark.
-Another standard projectile. Punch version is slower.

QCB+A:Sai Drill. Raphael flies forward spinning, sai first.
-A nice move. Hits a blocking opponent multiple times, knocks down, can be
done in mid-air and followed up with a jumping punch or a kick, which
surprises opponents nicely.

cD-U+A:Sai Spin. Raphael jumps forward in an arc, spinning around diagonally
with his sais extended.
-A very safe move to use. Works well as an anti-air, and it can hit as long as 
he's doing the move, so you don't have to worry about being punished if it's 

#B,HCB+C:Sai Frenzy. Raphael slides forward with his sais over his head, and
if he connects, he beats up the enemy with multiple sai stabs and kicks,
finishing off with a super-high Sai Spin.
-Much like Leo's desperation, except slower and flashier. Use in same way.
4.4 Michelangelo

F+B when close: Nunchaku Throw. Michelangelo uses his nunchakus to throw the 
opponent on the other side.

Special moves:
HCF+A:Tornado Fist. Michelangelo spins around punching, creating a tornado
that moves forward.
-Another standard projectile. The motion makes it a bit harder to use than
other projectiles.

cDB-F+A:Nunchaku Crash. Mike charges forward quickly and hits his opponent
with crossed nunchakus.
-A quick move, useful in countering opponent's mistakes because of it's speed. 
Knocks down.

QCF,UF+A:Chopper Strike. Mike flies up in the air by spinning his nunchakus
around quickly.
-Very much like Leo's anti-air, except it hits only once.

#F,BTD+C:Super Tornado Fist. Like normal Tornado Fist, except it's almost 
screen-high, making it impossible for the opponent to jump over it and it does
a lot more damage as well.
-It disappears after traveling for 1/2 screen. It also seems to dizzy if it
hits. Doesn't redizzy, though.
4.5 Casey Jones

F+B when close: Stick Throw. Casey uses his hockey stick to slam the opponent 
on the other side.

Special moves:
D+C:Time Bomb. Casey plans a bomb on the ground that explodes after a few
-The explosion is pretty large, reaching screen height and around 1/4 of the
screen vertically. It's pretty damaging as well, but the drawback is that it
can hit Casey as well.

QCF+A, hold F or B:Kick&Stick. Casey performs a reverse high roundhouse
followed by a low stick swipe. Kick version does it twice.
-Man, this move is SOOO cheap. Why? Let's see:
1.He's completely invurneable during execution (except maybe against throws,
CPU April was able to grab me out of it, as well as Triceraton)
2.He can move back and forth while doing it
3.The stick swipe must be blocked low.
Not only that, you can use this with the Time Bomb, and you'll be able to tick
off a ton of block damage, since you won't be hurt during the explosion. This
move is also just about the only way to beat CPU opponents at higher levels...
corner them, and kill them via block damage.

HCB+A:Stick Reflector. Casey spins his stick behind him for a while, and then
performs a quick swipe that doesn't hit. But if a projectile hits him while he's
spinning his stick behind him, it's reflected back at the opponent and he
performs a sideways swipe with his stick.
-The description pretty much tells everything about this move, except that if
the opponent touches the stick when Casey is spinning it (by jumping behind
him, for example), they get hit. Can't reflect Triceraton's poison clouds,
Krang's low missiles (high missiles go over you while you're in reflect pose) 
or Karai's energy darts.

#F-B-F+C:Repeated Slam. Casey performs his throw multiple times in a row,
repeatedly slamming them against the ground.
-Unblockable like all throws. Doesn't seem to do all that good damage, though.
4.6 Ray Fillet

F+B when close:Choke Hold. Ray grabs the opponent from their throat and chokes
them repeatedly.

Special moves:
HCF+A:Sonic Wave. Ray raises his arms up in the air briefly, and then crosses them
in front of his face, creating a mass of sonic rings.
-A horizontally large projectile. Use like all other projectiles.

cD-U+A(ground) or cD-U,U+A(midair):Flying Headbutt. Ray flies forward, head
-A quick counter move. Like Raph, you can follow it up with a normal jump
attack afterwards. It has an interesting quirk, though...if you follow up the
ground version with an air attack, Ray does it while hopping backwards. This
can be used to surprise aggressive opponents.

cB-F+A:Flying Bodysplash. Ray jumps forward quickly, hitting the opponent with
his body.
-A very quick move. Actually, it's better used as way of moving around quickly
than to hit the opponent. (Side note: Is it just me or do you think that commands
for FH and FB should be reversed? It would make more sense that way and you 
could perform FH in the air much easier.)

#B,HCB+C:Sonic Scream. Ray creates a much larger wave of sound.
-Does nice damage and dizzies. Throw another one afterwards for a huge damage
4.7 April O'Neil

F+B when close:German Suplex. April grabs the opponent from behind, bends
backwards and slams their head on the ground.

Special moves:
QCB+A:Shadow Elbow. April leaps forward quickly elbow first.
-A very quick move, can be used to counter just about anything. The drawback
is that it does really pathetic damage.

tap A:Lightning Claw. April quickly hits her opponent in a flurry of punches.
-A bit better than Don's version, it has more vertical range so it might be
possible to use it as an air counter.

cD-U+A:Flip&Elbow. April does a quick backflip in place, jumps at the top of the
screen, and dives down on the opponent with an elbow.
-Think Vega from SF2. Also, you can grab the opponent with a mid-air German
Suplex if you tap a button when you're approaching them. Useful as the throw
is unblockable.

#HCF+C:Jumping Backbreaker. April grabs the opponent, throws them up into the
air, grabs them, and slams them on her knee.
-Like Casey, doesn't do too much damage, but is unblockable.
4.8 Sisyphus

F+B when close:Bear...err, Bug Hug. Sisy grabs the opponent and squeezes them 

Special moves:
QCF+A:Acid Spit. Sisy spits out a blue ball of goo.
-Another projectile. Hard to say anything else about it. If Sisy is hit
before the projectile starts travelling forward, it's canceled.

tap A:Rapid Horn. Sisy stabs his opponent repeatedly with his horns.
-Pretty useless. Short range and doesn't do much damage.

cB-F+A:Hovering Horn. Sisy flies forward along the ground with his horns
aimed at opponent's feet. He then follows up with a crouching strong punch.
-Unlike all other charging moves, this must be blocked low, which makes it a
bit more useful than the other charging moves. The C.strong punch at the end
can be blocked high, though.

#B,HCB+C:Acid Circle. Sisy spits out a ring-shaped wad of goo.
-Doesn't dizzy, like other Desperation projectiles.

That's the end of the movelist. If I find out the boss code, I'll do my best
to find move commands for them.
5. Game modes

1 Player:Fight your way through different planets and beat up the clones of
your chars and Triceraton, Krang and Karai.

2 Players: Beat your friend. Hey, this is a fighter, what else did you expect
from a 2 player mode?

Tournament: Ooh, this is pure insanity. If someone can complete this thing
without using save states or cheating otherwise, they must be really good at
fighters. What makes it so hard, then? Well, you've got to beat up 88
opponents(all other chars 8 times) and if you lose once, it's Game Over. And
the AI is really hard as well. There's one ability you don't have normally,
though...whenever you taunt, you gain a bit of your life back. This is
actually your only chance of getting far in this mode, so use it well.1

Practice: Fight a single match against a computer opponent of your choice.
IMO, this is the most useless mode. You can only fight against the computer,
not have it stand still and take a beating without losing energy, like in all
other fighters' Practice modes.

Options: Self-explainatory. Set up your button config, difficulty level, the
amount of continues, listen to the music, sound effects and voices...
6 Misc. Info.

-To be honest, I don't really understand the Speed-Power concept. Setting
both to 8 makes you do tons of damage per hit, but you are extremely slow.
Shouldn't you be fast as well if you have the speed set at 8? Somebody
please explain this to me in detail, and you'll be credited.

-Here's a funny bug with Raph...Throw a punch Sai Spark about 3/4 screen away
and do the Sai Frenzy immediately afterwards. If you do it correctly, you'll
hit the opponent with the Sai Frenzy just after the Sai Spark connects.
Funnily enough, the Sai Frenzy will kill the opponent instantly even if they
have full life! It's not the added-up damage either...if both the Sai Spark
and Sai Frenzy are done one after another, they do around 70% damage total.

-Another useful bug...you can cancel your taunt by blocking. So if your
opponent throws a ton of normal attacks when in Tournament, you can just
block them while hammering C and you'll gain a lot of life while the opponent
is trying to beat you up! It works when blocking special moves as well, but
you'll take more block damage from them than you gain back from taunting, so
I don't recommend it. Don't know if the speed-power settings affect it,
7.Version history

1.0(8/20/00) Initial release
1.1(8/26/00) Made some move command corrections and added in some useless 

AnotherGamer(gamer777@hotmail.com): For writing this thing.
GameSages(sages.ign.com): Desperation Move commands.

If you find out the boss code and moves for them, expect to see your name
here soon.

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