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Reviewed: 10/31/05

Fairyland v2.0 needs your help!

Super Hydlide, by Seismic Software, is the continuing saga of Fairyland.

The original Hydlide sent Jim the Knight against the dreaded Lord Varalys. It was a cheesy, Ys style action RPG, that could be beaten in a day if you really wanted to. The music was annoying, the graphics were typical NES fair, and the story was lacking......

I popped into the local used game store and saw this game sitting on the shelf for 3.95$. Naturally, I figured "what the heck, I liked the first one". I bought it, and returned home to play it.

I popped it in the sega, and my jaw dropped as soon as the title screen came on. The music was fantastic, and there was even a cut-scene at the beginning, telling the tale of Super Hydlide....very impressive.
Graphics= 8/10:

This game has very interesting graphics. They're 16x16 pixel tiles. The characters are decent....very small and dopey looking :). They animate nicely when they walk though. The best part about the character graphics, is your armor changes your sprites appearance...

The land tiles are a different story. They're great!. The palaces and dungeons have colorful, detailed graphics for a Sega game from 1990. The later dungeons of the game are amazing to wander around in. Very nice
Music/Sound= 10/10:

The music in this game is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. From the title screen, to the last battle....the music never gets annoying....very 80s rock tunes. Two of the dungeons remind me of Iron Maiden. The songs are also very long so you wont notice the annoying repetition.

The sound fx could've used a little work but they're not bad! You make a slash noise with weapons, and a clank noise when you deflect enemy attacks...Spells and special events all have decent chirpy sound fx as well.

The best part is that there's an in-game sound-test a few screens west of the first town. You want to visit it, a lot. The music is THAT good.
Story= 10/10 *no spoilers!*

Many people never make it into the story of Super Hydlide, based off what I've read on sites.....That to me is why this game gets knocked so much....The story doesn't pick up for a little while...

It is a great story though! You the character must explore Fairyland, and investigate the huge earthquake that ripped a hole in the ground, and discover the cause of everything. Very interesting to me. even more interesting once you play through and watch it unfold!

The story is also considered Sci-Fi in my book. You investigate palaces in the sky, mechanical creations, and even outer space! I wont get too into it, don't want to spoil it for anyone. Just know that it is very interesting once it gets going!
Gameplay= 8/10

The game play for Super Hydlide can be summed up as Ys + Zelda. You run around smacking enemies, but rather then just ram into them, now you have to swing your weapon! Its addicting too. I sat and beat on enemies to the point where I forgot to rest my character up and he stopped doing damage! :)

The big upgrade from Hydlide ---> Super Hydlide also is that you get to create a character based off of 4 different classes...Warrior, Thief, Priest, and Monk. Each has strengths and weaknesses.

The magic spells in this game are VERY useful. There are 11 in all, but depending on your class you may not be able to access them all.

The game also has a weight system, where you can only carry so many things based off of your LC (Load Capacity). Makes you have to plan ahead, and work up levels to wear the better armors of the game!

My favorite part of the game is the night/day feature. Time progresses in this game at 1min/sec. That is, for every human second, this game has a human minute. You must eat 4 times a day, and sleep once a day, or you begin to lose strength, and may very well starve to death!. Each town has an Inn, and a shop where food may be purchased. It's not too bad.

Dungeons are a highpoint in this game, most of them are multi-level, and the ones that arent, require a torch a'la dragon warrior to see your path. Makes for a very fun experience!

My only complaint is that the movement is a bit unresponsive/sticky sometimes, and the world map isn't very large. There are 3 towns, 2 palaces, a tower, and.....a few special things. Could've been larger, or more populated.....which brings me to the NPCs.

The NPCs are crucial in this game. You MUST talk to people to know what to do. Some NPCs aren't a help and only respond with "?!.........". For the most part though, you NEED to talk to everyone. Very Ultima inspired!! The towns that the people live in, are also very colorful, and decorative.

The boss battle department is skimpy, but tricky! Anyone who remembers beating Varalys on NES will feel right at home beating on the bosses in this game...

Overall = 9/10. Its a wonderful game once you give it a chance, and anyone who sticks with it wont be disappointed. There are a few quirks, comes with the early RPG territory.

Buy or Rent? Either. It'll be a hard game to track down nowadays. Renting genesis games around here is ...not possible. Your best bet is Ebay, or a used game store. VERY worth the 3.95 I paid for it. I would've paid 15 or 20 for it even.

After reading this I hope you want to get Super Hydlide, slap on some leather armor, and begin the ultimate quest to save Fairyland!!!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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