Review by BlueInferno83

Reviewed: 03/08/04

Smart To Pass This One Up

Super Hydlide came out in the early 1990's, when the Sega Genesis was taking off as a system. This is absolutely no excuse. This game came out around the same time as such classics as Phantasy Star 2 and Sword of Vermillion. This game is lacking in just about every area. However, for those who aren't sold just yet, then keep reading.

Graphics(2/10): The 2 is being very generous. The character is practically a dot. The only kind of prop I can give to the graphics of this title is that it shows the new weapons and armor equipped by the character. Other than that, I fail to see anything good.

Sound(3/10): The music and sound effects in this game were quite annoying. They got very repetitive and bland after a while, especially the outside wilderness music.

Gameplay(1/10): Irritating. Simply irritating. Every 6-7 hours you had to ''eat'', and you had to go to ''sleep'' every night. In addition, if your weapons were too heavy, the character moved at a snail's pace. I'm all for realistic games, but come on!

Battle System(1/10): Walk around, kill monsters with a weapon the size of match head. The only spell you could cast that was considered an attack spell made the monster spin around and get all confused (illusion). OOOH! How impressive! Note the sarcasm.

Story(2/10): Well, for most of the game, you wander willy-nilly around the world, into a tower, to ''heaven'', and to a underground grave city(Ooookay!), until they eventually give you some kind of direction. I won't spoil the ''spectacular'' plot here.

Characters(0/10): None. There were no characters at all. You have the choice of becoming a priest, monk, warrior, or thief in the beginning, and you eventually get promoted to hero. However, the promotions have no meaning whatsoever. And there is little to no character interaction. Your main character never talks! And there is also the ultra annoying ''?!'' that comes from the townspeople.

Difficulty(5/10): It all depends. If you create a monk, the game is next to impossible. If you create a priest, you're pretty much set on easy street. Want to know the difference between monk and priest? About 200 HP. Yep, that's it.

Fun(2/10): I found this game as entertaining as a root canal. There were no puzzles, no challenges of any kind, and next to no story.

In conclusion, I find this dull, meaningless excuse of a game to be one of the worst released on the Sega Genesis. Yes, I did beat it in a night, and yes, I did curse myself for wasting my time playing it. I don't recommend anyone to do the same, unless your idea of entertainment is watching paint dry.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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