1. Nigel Bentley Additional Art.
  2. Pete Lyon Additional Art.
  3. Steve Bak Additional Programming.
  4. Ashley Finney Additional Programming.
  5. Kevin Grantham Additional Programming.
  6. Tim Rogers Additional Programming.
  7. Robert Dearborn Analysts
  8. Mitch Feldman Analysts
  9. David E. Johnson Analysts
  10. Matt Muench Analysts
  11. Jeff Rice Analysts
  12. Victor Rodriguez Analysts
  13. Paul Shoener Analysts
  14. Brian Wagner Analysts
  15. Andy Bee Art and Animation.
  16. Matt Dixon Art and Animation.
  17. Colin Garratt Art and Animation.
  18. Adrian Mannion Art and Animation.
  19. Clive Stevenson Art and Animation.
  20. Craig McCoy Assistant Producer.
  21. Grady Hunt Associate Producer.
  22. Mike Merrin Associate Producer.
  23. Stacey Mendoza Group Head.
  24. Gordon Madison Lead Analyst.
  25. Ian Denny Lead Programmers.
  26. Tim Swann Lead Programmers.
  27. Steve Bak Maps and Level Design.
  28. Hugh Binns Maps and Level Design.
  29. Ian Denny Maps and Level Design.
  30. Steve Duckworth Maps and Level Design.
  31. Colin Garratt Maps and Level Design.
  32. Kevin Grantham Maps and Level Design.
  33. Adrian Mannion Maps and Level Design.
  34. Mat Sneap Maps and Level Design.
  35. Tommy Tallarico Music and Sound.
  36. Rob Alvey Producer
  37. Hugh Binns Project Management.
  38. Tim Rogers Project Management.
  39. Mat Sneap Project Management.
  40. David Maxey Q.A. Manager
  41. Martin Alper Special Thanks to
  42. Richard Alton Special Thanks to
  43. Neil Baldwin Special Thanks to
  44. Paul Bates Special Thanks to
  45. David Fries Special Thanks to
  46. Mark Hetherington Special Thanks to
  47. Stuart Johnson Special Thanks to
  48. Nick Jones Special Thanks to
  49. Dave Looker Special Thanks to
  50. Dave Perry Special Thanks to
  51. Dave Pridmore Special Thanks to
  52. Julian Rignall Special Thanks to
  53. Ken Rossman Special Thanks to
  54. Rob Watkins Special Thanks to
  55. John Williams Special Thanks to
  56. Neil Young Special Thanks to
  57. Kevin Holt Testing.
  58. Richard Moody Testing.
  59. Libby Whitham Testing.
  60. Nick Flemming Tools Programming.
  61. Tim Rogers Tools Programming.
  62. Eric Lux Vice President Production.


Data and credits for this game contributed by cidraman, doommaster1994, Guard Master, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, odino, oliist, and steamliner88.

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