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FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/15/01

The mysterious life foundation captured the lethal protector called Venom, and
removed five symbiote spawn from him. But before these new symbiotes could
destroy their 'parent', Venom escaped. Now he is forced to seek out his old foe
Spider-Man, and forge an uneasy alliance with the wall-crawler to stop these
symbiotes and cure his...

___  ___ _ __   __ _ _ __ __ _| |_(_) ___  _ __
/ __|/ _ \ '_ \ / _` | '__/ _` | __| |/ _ \| '_ \
\__ \  __/ |_) | (_| | | | (_| | |_| | (_) | | | |
|___/\___| .__/ \__,_|_|  \__,_|\__|_|\___/|_| |_|
                  _      _
  __ _ _ __ __  _(_) ___| |_ _   _
 / _` | '_ \\ \/ / |/ _ \ __| | | |
| (_| | | | |>  <| |  __/ |_| |_| |
 \__,_|_| |_/_/\_\_|\___|\__|\__, |

|                      Spider-Man Separation Anxiety                  |
|                                  FAQ                                |
|                         For the Sega Genesis                        |
|                    Version 1.0 (Last Revised 8/15/01)               |
|                    By flip mode (flmode@hotmail.com)                |

|Table of Contents|

- Controls

- Power-Ups

- Super Hero Icons

- Venom or Spider-Man?

- Level Descriptions

- Codes

- Legal

|                               Controls                              |

Walk - do I even need to bother?

Run - press the direction pad twice in the direction you want to go

Ram - while you are running, press X to slam into some enemies

Jump - press B, you can web swing while jumping also

Jump Kick - pretty simple, but if you don't know press B then X while
            in the air

Back Flip - hold whichever direction opposite you want to do it in, then hit B
this can hurt enemies also

Web Shield - hold A to form either a web shield or a symbiote one
             depending on the character, if enemies run into this
             they'll be hurt

Web Swing  - press C to swing and coast through levels easy

Web Jacket - that's what I call it so hah just tap A lightly and the
             enemy will be wrapped up for a couple of seconds

Special Move - for both Venom & Spider-Man, hit B+X at the same time
               Spider-Man does a tornado kick & Venom does

Switch Superhero - only applicable if you have more than one superhero,
                   if you do please press Y at the sound of the tone

Use Superhero - calls superhero out to do your dirty work, hit the Z
                button for more information

|                               Power-Ups                             |

All the big power-ups, such as continues, hero icons and extra lives will be
descripted. Big Hearts sometimes will be, as will little hearts. So what I'm
trying to say is, if I feel like pointing out a little or big heart, I will.
Some enemies yield any type of power up, mostly hearts though. Anything not
found just generally walking through the level will be shown, so you can grab it.

     Little Heart - Gives back 1/3 of your energy!
     Big Heart    - Gives back all of your energy!
     1-ups        - You need these real bad. So when you see one I
                    suggest you grab it. You can only have 9 though,
                    but they go fast so bleh. Venom's have a little
                    white insignia while Spidey has a little black
     Continues    - After your lives are gone, these enable you to
                    begin at the last level you were fighting at. Too
                    bad they only give you three lives though eh?

|                               Super Hero Icons                      |

Included is the character bio, just in case you are bored. I ripped these from
marvel.com, thanks Marvel I swear I'll buy some comics!

Daredevil - He dwells in a world of eternal night -- but the blackness
            is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures most
            men cannot perceive. Although attorney Matt Murdock is
            blind, his other four senses function with superhuman
            sharpness. He stalks the streets at night, a relentless
            avenger of justice: Daredevil, the Man Without Fear! He
            gets his red stick out & thwacks everybody upside da head!

Real Name: Matthew Michael Murdock
Occupation: Lawyer, adventurer
Group affiliation: Marvel Knights
Base of operations: Hell's Kitchen, New York City
First appearance: Daredevil (Vol. 1) #1 (1964)

Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red

Ghost Rider - When innocent blood is spilled, bad-boy biker John Blaze
              finds himself transformed into a skeletal fire demon
              thundering through the night on a mystical motorcycle of
              pure hellfire. As Ghost Rider, he avenges just souls
              tarnished by the touch of evil! He comes out and throws
              his chain around, killing all of the enemies or seriously
              injuring a boss, pretty effective

Real name: John "Johnny" Blaze / the demon Zarathos
Occupation: Drifter, former motorcycle stuntman / Spirit of Vengeance, Angel of
Group affiliation: None, formerly the Champions of Los Angeles
Base of operations: Mobile

First appearance: Marvel Spotlight (Vol. 1) #5 (1972)
Height: 5'2" as Blaze, 6' 2" as Ghost Rider
Weight: 180 lbs. as Blaze, unrevealed as Ghost Rider
Eye color: Blue as Blaze, flaming red as Ghost Rider
Hair color: Red-blond as Blaze, none as Ghost Rider

Hawkeye - Once upon a time, outlaw-turned-adventurer Clint Barton was a
          valued member of the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes --
          united to fight the foes no single hero could withstand.
          Dissatisfied with his role on the team, the master marksman
          parted ways with the planet's foremost defenders to help
          reform the wayward Thunderbolts, forsaking his fairy-tale
          existence for life outside the law! He brings his bow & arrow
          out to blast everyone on the head with a falling arrow!

Real name: Clinton Francis Barton
Occupation: Adventurer
Group affiliation: Thunderbolts, formerly the Avengers
Base of operations: Mt. Charteris in the Colorado Rockies
First appearance: Tales of Suspense #57 (1964)

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond

Captain America - In 1940, as America prepared for war, a frail young
                  man volunteered for an experiment that transformed
                  him into the ultimate physical specimen: the American
                  Super-Soldier. Steve Rogers battled Nazis until a
                  freak mishap placed him in suspended animation for
                  decades. When he awakened, Rogers was truly a man out
                  of time, though no less committed to fighting the
                  evils of this perilous new era! He just comes out and
                  throws his shield in a straight line, if the enemy
                  isn't vertical it won't hit :/

Real name: Steven Grant Rogers
Occupation: Crimefighter
Group affiliation: Avengers, formerly the Invaders
Base of operations: Avengers Mansion, New York City
First appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (historical, 1941), Avengers (Vol. 1)
#4 (modern, 1964)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond

Spider-Man - The bite of an irradiated spider granted high school
             student Peter Parker incredible, arachnid-like powers.
             When a burglar killed his beloved Uncle Ben, a grief-
             stricken Peter vowed to use his amazing abilities to
             protect his fellow man. He had learned an invaluable
             lesson: With great power, there must also come great
             responsibility! You can choose to play as him, DOY!

Real name: Peter Parker
Occupation: Adventurer, freelance photographer, high-school teacher
Group affiliation: None, formerly a reserve Avenger
Base of operations: New York City area
First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown

Venom - Never has Spider-Man faced a more vicious mass of mayhem than
        the super-brute known as Venom, a man whose intense hatred for
        the wall-crawler is matched only by the alien symbiote to which
        he's bonded! You can choose the big brute, AZAH?

Real name: Eddie Brock
Occupation: Criminal vigilante, former journalist
Group affiliation: None, formerly the Sinister Six
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: Secret Wars #8 (alien costume, 1984), Amazing Spider-Man (Vol.
1) #299 (Eddie Brock, 1988)

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Reddish-blond

|                               Venom or Spider-Man?                  |

You can pick either Spider-Man or Venom, it doesn't make that big of an impact
on the game but here are the differences weighed just so you know.

Spider-Man is faster, more agile & etc than Venom. Sometimes he is slow to turn
around though (the game's fault?) and his jump kicks can be countered in the air
even by weak thugs. His power-move is when he grabs onto a thug and kicks them
to Antarctica. He can also do a roundhouse kick getting in a half circle. Press
B+X together for a tornado kick. Other than that, he is pretty good.

Venom is stronger, but slower than Spider-Man. They both share the pick up
problem i.e. you'll inadvertently pick up a thug and pound on him while other
thugs are pounding on you. Due to his strength enemies also get knocked down
faster. His power-move is when he pounds the ground, pretty much everyone gets
hit. Or he can uppercut you to the moon! Other than that, this guy can whoop
some arse.

If you picked Spider-Man it'll say this
Web-swinging high above the streets of Manhattan, Spider-Man saw the unlikely
sight of his arch-foe, Venom unconscious in an alley. While recovering, Venom
tells the wall-crawler of his escape from the life foundation, and the removal
of five symbiotes. The foundation planned to bond the symbiotes with their
soldiers, creating a small but unstoppable army. Spider-Man, recalling the
menace of the first Venom spawn, Carnage, realizes that the symbiotes must be
stopped at all costs-even if it means proceeding with the help of the injured

If you picked Venom it'll say this
Recovering from his wounds, Venom realizes he must destroy his new 'children'
for if the symbiotes should bind with the wrong person, as in the case of crazed
criminal Cletus Kasady's transformation into Carnage, the danger will be
incalculable. Only with the aid of the Amazing Spider-Man does Venom stand a
chance of defeating this incredible menace.

|                               Level Descriptions                    |

-The Streets-
Pretty easy, especially for Venom. The trashcan can be thrown at the thugs here.
Two extra lives are also located near the end of the right side, climb the
building for them. When you tangle with the Digger, just keep pounding on him.
His stomp and the drill claw hurt a little bit, getting a power hit is easy on

Secret Room - accessible only by Spider-Man, right in the beginning
              execute a jump kick on the top left side to stumble in
              here, only an extra life in here, then wait until four
              more extra lives appear!

Power-Ups - documented in the above paragraph

-The Bridge-

More brain bashing fun. Be prepared to swing over the gaps in the bridge, if you
don't that -1 life so be concise. Tons of lifeless, dull soldiers are waiting to
be beat on and some of them have grenades, jump high when you see them getting
ready to throw one! AH! To beat the strong soldier, just stay a foot away from
his gun thwacks and pellets, then combo him.

Secret Room - accessible by just Spider-Man, at the start jump kick on
              the top left hand side to fall into here, the power-ups
              are at the top

Power-Ups - a dull soldier gives up an extra life and a big heart
            toward the end

-The Woods-

Waves of more soldiers are coming, and hey lookie at dat they even are equipped
in jungle colors! When you see the arrows, follow them in order to get past
unnecessary soldiers. Along with the grenades, they're equipped with a corkscrew
kick and a gun to further annoy you. Your old pal the Digger also shows up, but
he had to go to his own funeral. When you can choose to go either down or up, go
down then move upwards. The battle against the first symbiote will take you
quite a while, as he jump kicks you then rolls away. Just make a shield then
when he gets close combo him. After he dies you get carried to a trap room.

Power-Ups - at the end of the down path, two extra lives and two
            Captain America icons and a big heart with another extra
            life toward the end

-Trap Room-

Those little mech robots are a huge pain in the arse, if you feel like it use a
superhero on them.

Power-Ups - after you break out of the restraints, immediately veer
            left for a Daredevil icon & an extra life

-Underground Complex-

First two, then they increase by one until they hit four. Nothing hard really,
except such a small space needs a little room to maneuver. All you have to do to
beat the jury member is jump when he pounds the ground, don't touch him when he
lunges and don't be on a vertical level when he shoots the blasts.

Power-Ups - as always, towards the end is a power-up

-Underground City-

If you can corner them into one spot, this place will be a slice of pie. Having
said that, you must organize them before they close in on you. The next symbiote
can jump pretty high & she throws her hair. Her dash kick however pales in
comparison to your comboing power, so she is pretty easy. That impostor of iron
man carries you to another trap room.

Power-Ups - when you reach the end of the left side, climb under the
            stalactites for an extra life

-Trap Room-

This is easy now with all the experience you've obtained from the previous
levels. Those toasters (remember them from MC?) are trying to turn you into a
side order with eggs.

Power-Ups - the soldiers leave two Ghost Rider icons around

-The Mall-

Nothing special except you get to ride two elevators! As soon you step off the
second one jump high over two firing squads. Use the same tactics employed on
the two members of the jury, as they are double teaming you here.

Secret Room - punch the head of the statue or as close as you can get,
              keep trying it took me awhile too

Power-Ups - right before the elevator is a Ghost Rider icon and before
            the end is a Captain America

-Ventilation Ducts-

Lots of toasters. Toasters, toasters, everywhere! A walk in the park. In case
you don't know how, it's just like the Woods except these are black holes, or
the paths. After a large batch of toasters comes the big bad boss. A rematch
with the female symbiote, and the shadow symbiote! In this tight arse space I
suggest you take out the female, she's easier then trap the shadow in a corner
and pound away. After that the charlatan iron man shows up to escort you to the
trap room.

Power-Ups - the first batch hold a burnt Ghost Rider

-Trap Room-

Mech robots galore! Their claw-swiping combo really hurts as does the laser, so
it's best to either use your special move (B+X) to clear them out on both sides.
Then the toasters appear again. Nothing difficult.

Power-Ups - when beating on the toasters you'll get a big heart &
            Daredevil icon


Sadly, this level isn't toaster proof. It also isn't mech robot proof. To
combine with that, toasters AND mech robots fight together. When you battle the
four mech robots in a group, immediately use a super hero. Defeat the force
field juror member, then take on the armored one. When you combo the armored
juror, be in close to him otherwise you'll be thwacked with the gun.

Power-Ups - some toasters yield up Hawkeye icons in the beginning and
            two extra lives right before you battle four mech robots
            then they give up one extra life and a big heart


Now the toasters, soldiers and mech robots have teamed together forming a new
cavalcade of enemies. To defeat the razor symbiote, make him miss a spin combo
on you then begin to pummel him as soon as he gets on the ground. It'll probably
take a while, but I'm sure you have time. Then the green moron traps you yet

Power-Ups - a Hawkeye icon right before the first go then before the boss an
extra life, Hawkeye icon & big heart.

-Trap Room-

When you finish with the four-mech warriors, you can leave. Did anyone else
notice you couldn't stick to the walls anymore since the Chambers?

Power-Ups - if you can't see them, you don't deserve them


If you have trouble with these soldiers, I suggest you stop playing the game.
You'll meet up with the fifth symbiote, which is a purple female. To beat her,
watch out for the hammer fist, twirling hair and sidekicks + the split kick. If
you watch closely she will do a dance haha!

Power-Ups - you get a Daredevil + a Ghost Rider icon after beating up
            the first four soldiers

-Construction Site-

Wave upon wave of mech robots attack you. This is the hardest stage so far, if
your fighting without using the superheroes like a true man. You finally catch
up with that green infidel who has been trapping you in those trap rooms so make
him pay but get rid of both jurors first then the flying freak. One jump kick is
all it takes, unfortunately he captures you again.

Power-Ups - seek & ye shall find

-Trap Room-

After beating the mech robots, send another jump kick towards the green iron
man's way. If you miss, just fight the robots while dodging his flight then when
they're gone kick him just as he's about to attack.


This is checkpoint2, not because I'm confused or anything like that. Take the
games word for it, this level is pretty deadly. Just bash the enemies but be
careful because the pillars obstruct your view. I found the snake symbiote easy,
after he does a roll kick be right there and pummel away.

Power-Ups - before the boss you'll receive an extra life & big heart


There is no real strategy here since you face all of the bosses previously
fought, at ONCE! Some come back for a second helping so be sure to stuff them up.
After the razor symbiote and the green iron man are both dead, prepare to
face...CARNAGE! If you try to use a superhero, he'll climb across the screen.
His ax handle spin, ax handle throw may seem overwhelming, but just remember
you've got this guide by your side! I've beaten him with 5 lives left, all you
have to do is concentrate then hit when you get the chance. Want proof?

Go here

Power-Ups - mostly big hearts from the bosses, but an occasional extra
            life here or there

|                               Codes                                 |

I obtained the level passwords myself playing through the game, so you know
they're 100% error free. I got the other passwords off of IGN but they're tested
so no worries here.

Warps you to level 5 (Underground Complex)

Warps you to level 11 (Chambers)

Warps you to level 17 (Checkpoint)

Warps you to last level (Complex)

Makes the game harder, I don't think this is necessary do you?

Level select, if you beat the game first then your entitled

|                               Legal                                 |

"I punched him in his chin, and then he passed out"
Too Short in Lil Jon's Bia Bia

(c) Copyright 2001 flip mode. This FAQ and everything included within this file
cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form (physical, electronically, or
otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web
page in it's original, unedited and unaltered format. This FAQ cannot be used
for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or
promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction.
It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as
this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.

All Rights Reserved.


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