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Reviewed: 06/06/03 | Updated: 06/06/03

The longest 24 hours...

This was the first I game I got for my Mega Derive... and boy, what a start!! Nostalgia and feelings apart, Spider-Man Vs. the Kingpin was, and still is, a hell of an action game, which still manages to be enjoyable despite its age. I still play it nowadays! It is also one of the few better Spider-Man games out there, which doesn't make things worse.

It fits the Marvel-esque atmosphere 100%. The Kingpin (yes, that fat bald slimeball always wearing that white coat since 50 years ago) has set a time bomb which will blow off New York City in 24 hours, and has made everyone believe that it was Spider-Man who did it. He's also gathered a lot of Spidey's old time foes to help him vanquish our hero. So now Spidey will have to defend himself both from Kingpin's sidekicks and both from NY's police, of course while trying to locate the bomb and disarm it before time runs out.

Not jaw-dropping, but still very well done. Spidey looks just like he should, and so do the main enemy characters. Some of the animations could have been done better, but hey, that was quite an early Genesis release, so I won't complain much, and on the other hand, other animations are great (check out the Sandman in level 4). The backgrounds tend to be a bit generic at times, but they create the suitable atmosphere anyway.

Hmmm, this department is a bit more lacking. The music is good, but a bit anonymous, and it it gets repetitive fast. The sound effects are ok, neither horrid nor excellent.

THIS is what makes this game so great! Spidey can do just about everything, and you don't have to go crazy because of absurd button combinations to make him to! Sure, advanced moves like web-swinging and wall/ceiling crawling will take a bit of practiced, but once you get the hold of it you'll feel that this game plays like a dream!

Good, very good! The game follows its plot very closely, and you'll get sucked into the feeling of this adventure! In the first part of the game, you'll have to collect the 5 keys you need to disarm Kingpin's bomb. Each of these keys is in possession of one of Spidey's notorious enemies (Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Electro, Sandman and Hobgoblin), and you'll have to hunt each of those down in 5 different levels. You will have to master the use of your web to make it through, though. You see, you can't just shoot the web, you can even make a temporary shield with it! Of course, the web fluid isn't unlimited, and you'll need money to refill your meter... and how do you get money? By taking photographs of the criminals, of course! This sounds crazy, but at the end of every level you'll get money for the photos you've taken (of course they will be worth more if you photographed the ''big fish'') and that will be your way to refill your web meter!
You have to be careful, for this game is HARD. You don't get that man power ups through the levels, and it's very easy to have your energy or web meter drained. If you lose all your energy, you can always continue from the beginning of the level, but watch out! You will lose 2 hours! Yes, this game has a 24 hours countdown, and should it reach zero, the bomb will explode and it will be game over for good! You can also send Spidey back to Peter Parker's home to rest and refill his energy, but while he's there the timer will proceed much faster!
If you manage to collect the 5 keys, you're off to defuse the bomb and finally face the Kingpin... which will be even harder than what you've done before!
Oh, I forgot to mention: you'll often receive a visit from your old pal Venom during the game...

This game isn't easy, no doubt about it, and it's also pretty long! Furthermore, you get 4 different difficulty levels to try out, so you'll be busy for quite a long time!

A really good action game. It's entertaining, it's challenging and it's fun. If you don't mind a game's age, you should check this out right away.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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