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Reviewed: 06/28/02 | Updated: 12/11/02

Can anyone say

Spiderman on the Genesis... that doesn't have a good ring to it does it? Well this game totally changed all that mess!
But this time he wasn't fooling around Carnage and Venom. (at least Carnage)He was in a average Spiderman game. This game is truly great, let you tell me why.

Concept: The storyline is simple, The Kingpin wants to get rid of Spidey once and for all, by framing him with a bomb. The bomb will detinate in 24hrs, if Spiderman doesn't get all of the keys to destroy the bomb, all New York will be destroyed. Though this never happened in the comics, this is a good storyline to get away from the sybiotes. Kingpin has never appeared in video games before this one, so it was good to see him of the comic book page and into a game. Also, we see Peter out of the costume, we see MJ (Mary Jane) and Peter's apartment. Spiderman also takes pictures like he's supposed to do. Boss pics are worth up to 200$ and henchmen and backgrounds 5$-50$. Spidey needs the extra cash to make more web fluid. Since this game goes above and beyond the call of duty concept wise, I'll give it a deserving 10/10

Animation: After Spidey defeats a boss, you'll see a animation of him interacting with the character you've just beat. The characters look superb. Straight from the comic book page. Also Spiderman's witty one-liners are almost as good as mine, if not better of course. The end is pretty good as well. You won't be dissapointed to if you're a huge Spiderman fan like I am. I'll rate the animation a 10/10

Gameplay: Where do I begin, ok the gameplay was superb. If weren't for this minor glitch. The thing was that Spidey was kinda limited to moves. But compared to Maximum Carnage the actions are okay. Spidy can climb on walls and ceilings. This comes in handy when fighting thugs with knives and gun in the first level. Spidey can make a decent sheild to protect himself. You can fight a lot of bosses. Such as the Lizard, Hobgoblin, Sandman just to name a few. Doc Ock also came along for the ride. Most importantly you can take pictures of bosses that you fight. You might wnt to only stick to taking pictures of the bosses though. How much web fluid you use, depends on how much you might wanna make. This is what seperates the weak Spidey games from the good ones. That one facor is that you fight guys like Spidey would. You don't walk down a street beating on teenage girls that hit you with your hair., and you're webbing actually comes in handy. Don't get me wrong I like Maximum Carnage, it's just that it doesn't follow out the way a Spidey game should. The gameplay was great, so I'll rate it a 9/10

Graphics: The graphics were amazing for an old Genesis game! Especialy the skyscraper fight between Spidey, Hobgoblin and Venom. The backgrounds were true to their comic counter parts, such as the Daily Bugel, and the Waterfront Warehouse where you fight Dr. Octopous. The webs were great looking as well as Spiderman himself. From the point where you saved the old lady from a mugger to when you're fighting off the S.W.A.T teams and J. Jonah Jameson, when he tries to spit at you. You actually swing throungh New York city and it looks so cool. Sure it's Zone of the Enders or Spiderman on Playstation (which is cool)but it's good for what it's worth. I rate the graphics for this game a well deserved 10/10

Sound: The sound affects are superb. When Spidey talks to the villians the music is quite comical. The opening scene when Spidey swings towards the cameras and onto the logo the music is shockingly gloomy, but the rest of the game's sounds are alright. When you're in the Parker's apartment the music gets uplifted. The sound is good and diffrent for each level. I rate the sound for this game a 9/10

Overall: This game is a definate must have for all ages, and the game never seems to make me think ,''Gee I wasted my money Dad.'' ''That's okay son, you can burn that game when you get home. Then you'll never have have to see it again, ever, ever again! HA HA!'' Whoa that was a bad dream. Happy gaming folks.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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