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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/22/01

A futuristic, fantasy sport game that must be played to be appreciated

Never played Speedball 2? GET IT NOW! Rent it, buy it, whatever. Just giveyourself a chance to play one of the best Genesis games out there.

Welcome to Speedball 2. With all the realistic sports games on the Genesis,there is no way a futuristic “created sport” would become a top game. Or isthere?

Speedball 2 is set in the year 2022. You can be the manager of yourteam(Brutal Deluxe), or you can play as them. You control all the players,and the aim of the game is to throw the ball in your opponents net, and scorepoints. With 9 players on each side, the game is action-packed, and verytough. There are bonus items lying around, including an item which gives yourplayer a stronger throwing arm, makes him faster or even makes your opponentsfall over!

You start off in Division 2 in the league(or you can play Cup) and have towork your way up to Division 1. It’s tough because if you don’t gainpromotion, the game ends. If you’re of the “it doesn’t matter if you win orlose” mentality, this isn’t the game for you. Winning is a must.

Theres also a transfer market, where players MUCH greater than yours willappear. You can collect money during the game which will enable you to buyyourself a new forward, or goalkeeper.

The only flaw is the above-mentioned one where the league is a must-winsituation. It DOES increase replayability as you’ll be playing it till youwin the damn game(which is a very tough feat), however building your team upgradually, then playing with 9 all-stars would have been much more fun in myeyes.

Also if the league had a cup in it as well, that would have been a greataddition. I think this is one of those games where a sequel was required. The gameplay was perfect, and all it needed was more additions on the frontend. I’m not sure but I don’t think there was ever a Speedball 1 either. Noton the Genesis anyway.

Graphics - 6. Can be rather bland at times. A lot of grey! You can stilldistinguish the players from the arena and so on, but was a little colour THAThard?

Sound - 4. Not too much sound in this game except a siren that wails when agoal is scored, and an ambulance siren when someone is injured.

Gameplay - 9. Challenging, but great. It’s hard to describe how this gameplays. There’s no stopping to set-up tactics and so on like in Madden. It’sjust get the ball, run, pass, and run again.

Control - 10. Easy to handle, and you’ll NEVER be caught pressing the wrongbuttons. Controls can be picked up immediately.

Story/Plot - N/A. It’s a sports game. There is no plot. Just forget thefact that this is set in another dimension, and you’ll have the time of yourlife.

Replayability - 9. You’ll be playing this again and again, until you finallydefeat the game. Then you’ll keep playing.

Rent/Buy - Buy it. Genesis games are going cheap now, and this is one gameyou won’t regret buying.

Overall - 7. A great game, and one of the best the Genesis has. I feel asequel to this would be a 10 out of 10 game for sure. It just needed somemore features, and it would be perfect.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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