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This game marks the first appearance of Knuckles the Echidna in the Sonic series.

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Carnival Night Zone has been confirmed as being one of the music pieces Michael Jackson contributed to, making it the only known track in the game that features his work.

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Michael Jackson's involvement in composing the game's music is often met with confusion. It is confirmed that Jackson composed a set of songs to be used in the game but withdrew his work from the project as he was unhappy with the sound reproduction of the Sega Genesis as well as the issue of the sexual allegations against him at the time. Jackson also never met with Sega executives nor did he sign any contracts with the company. Musician Cirocco Jones stated that he still has every track Jackson composed including recorded phone calls with Jackson. He has declined to release the tracks and these recordings due to potential copyright problems.

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This game and Sonic & Knuckles were originally being developed as one game but a 34-megabit cartridge with NVRAM would have been too expensive to produce and development time was limited. It was decided to split the game into two projects to allot for more development time and to be cost-conservative. This decision lead to the development of the "Lock-On" technology.

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Sonic 3 started off as a top-down isometric game during development, identical to what would be used for Sonic 3D Blast. It was soon after decided to revert back to the traditional formula as the development team felt the design would've been too different for a sequel.

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The European release of Sonic 3 was promoted by the British band Right Said Fred who adapted their song Wonderman to include Sonic references in their lyrics. The music video included appearances of Fezhead and Skull alongside Sonic. The song was released as a single and charted at number 55 in the UK.

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In North America, Sonic 3 was promoted by McDonalds with a kids meal toy campaign. One of these toys was a small cardboard stand-up of the front cover of the game box.

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Connection to Other Media

Brad Buxer - a credited composer for Sonic The Hedgehog 3 stated in Black & White Magazine that the chords in the Micheal Jackson song "Stranger in Moscow" were used for the song that plays during the game's credits.

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The music for Icecap Zone was based on an at-the-time unreleased song by The Jetzons called "Hard Times."

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