How do I get past "Carnival Night: Zone 2?"

  1. I know how to get to the checkpoint after meeting up with Knuckles, but right after that, it seems like there's no where to go. The part I can't get past is this gray/red cylinder than keeps spinning and going up and down. I think that I need to get bellow it, but it doesn't go high/low enough for me to get around it!

    User Info: najellin

    najellin - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Hold up, then hold down, hold up, then hold down. The red cylinder will bounce upwards, at the top of the bounce, press down. Keep doing this until you can jump DOWN from the cylinder, probably to the right.

    You, among hundreds, made this mistake.

    User Info: TeaStrife

    TeaStrife - 11 years ago 10   3

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