WHY!, i love sonic games but i never beat Carnival Night (it's sooo frickin hard) the boss with a little thing flying?

  1. It flys around drilling the ground enough for me too die and one day i saw the thing hit the boss and i thought is was a glitch, but instead it's how you defeat the Carnival Night Boss...

    User Info: Pk_Mystic_Ultra

    Pk_Mystic_Ultra - 2 months ago


  1. Try and get Super Sonic before reaching him. I usually have him by Marble Garden (sometimes even by the end of Hydrocity) and then the boss is no problem.

    Normally, what you need to wait for him to pick up the marble he drops before you have an opening. Electric shield obviously helps here since you get the double jump, but it won't protect you from the electric forcefield IIRC.

    User Info: CosmicOtter

    CosmicOtter - 2 months ago 0   0

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