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FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Version: 5 | Updated: 07/29/03


by GavLuvsGA@aol.com. Write to this address if you have any comments about
this FAQ, but PLEASE refer to the game in the title. Emails with subjects
like "Hey" or (No Subject) may be ignored, unless I recognise (or think I
recognise) your SN. I know it sounds mean, but for all I know you could be
trying to send me a virus.

Version 5: 29 - 07 - 03

Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of the author.
Copying of any part of this without including my name is basically not

Revision History:

Version 2 ( 03 - 08 - 00)

Added debug mode section.

Version 3 (17 - 08 - 00)

Added bit about Super Tails.

Version 4 (22 - 03 - 02)

Added some codes for Sonic 1 lock - in and also a few extras on Lava Reef Zone.

Version 5 (29 - 07 - 03)

Realised I had mistakenly said Knuckles couldn't get any emeralds in Lava Reef.
Corrected it. Added Glitches section.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Characters
2 Items
3 Baddies
4 Special Stages
5 Bonus Stages
6 Walkthrough (Sonic/Tails)
7 Walkthrough (Knuckles)
8 Lock into Sonic 2
9 Lock into Sonic 3
10 Lock into Sonic 1 (secret)
11 Level Select Cheat
12 Debug Mode (when locked into Sonic 3)
13 *NEW* Glitches

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 CHARACTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The all - familiar spiked blue hedgehog. Need I say more?


Tails only appears at the end, unless you lock in to Sonic 3 (I don't know
why they don't make him a character in the game on its own, as it is VERY
hard to get up to the Mushroom Hill Zone when playing the whole thing as
Tails. Tails can fly if you press jump twice, and can carry Sonic if you are
playing as both characters together.


Knuckles is the guardian of the chaos emeralds; he can glide if you press
jump twice, and can also climb walls and bash down walls that the other
characters cannot. If you're playing as Sonic and/or Tails, he will think you
are after the emeralds and will try and stop you.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 ITEMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These can be found in the item boxes around the level.


Gives you 10 rings (I'm assuming you all know what rings do...)


Speeds you up temporarily


Makes you invincible, but you can still be crushed, drowned or fall off the
bottom of the screen.


Sadly redundant on Sonic and Knuckles on its own, this protects you from
drowning. The only drawback is that there is no water on the levels found in
this game. You can perform a bounce by pressing double jump (but only if
you're Sonic).


This will protect you from fire. Sonic can preform a fireball attack by
pressing jump twice.


Allows you to perform a really high jump as Sonic, and also attracts rings
(but watch you don't lose your shield, or all the rings will bounce away).
Attack is warded off and you are safe from electricity.


Don't touch; it has the same effect as being hit.

1 - UP

Bears a picture of you character on. Speaks for itself.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 BADDIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This simply flies around annoyingly.


Fires bullets at you from in front, but is unprotected otherwise.


These are virtually impossible to attack because of their spikes. Be
particularly wary of the bottom one as it can be lowered down to hit you.


Very nasty; if you get caught in the gas cloud this emits, you will begin to
lose rings, until you die. To escape, press left/right very fast.
Fortunately, it can be killed.


Not a particularly nasty bad guy, this robot mouse runs fast along floors,
walls and ceilings.


This weather cockerel packs a puff; it will blow when you come bnear and try
to blow you away.


Takes two hits to kill, due to its protective casing.


Appears out of holes in the wall; fairly easy, but avoid its spikes.


Again, aboid its spikes and you will be okay.


Leaps out of the quicksand found about the level.


Appears out of holes and throws mushrooms at you. These won't hurt you, but
will knock you back, possibly into danger. They will keep coming back after
you kill them (unlike most baddies).


This baddie appears on Sky Sanctuary Zone if you're playing as Sonic or Tails
and fires lasers. If you're playing as Knuckles, one will take the place of
Robotnik in nearly every battle.


The nastiest bad guyin the level, this has a sting that can stretch a long


Leap over the spike ball this baddie throws and you will be okay.


Probably the most useless baddie in the game. It looks like a stone, but gets
up when you come close. Touching it won't kill you, its only attack is to
shove you around and you can easily spin dash it to death.


Comes to attack Sonic three times, but is not very original.


Of course, this is the guy Sonic and Tails are after...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 SPECIAL STAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are found in giant rings hidden around the level. You don't need any
rings to get in (unlike previous games). The aim is to navigate through the 3
- D world, collecting all the blue spheres. Be warned, though; when you
collect them, they become red. Red spheres will warp you straight out if you
touch them. Also, the white spheres will act as bumpers and the new yellow
ones will catapult you forward about three squares (very useful).

Also, you can get a number of rings found on the level and collecting them
all gives you a "perfect" bonus score of 50, 000 (and an extra life). Some
rings are hidden in blocks of nine or more blue spheres; to get these, run
around the outside and they will all become rings.

After collecting all the chaos emeralds, you can turn Super Sonic or Super
Knuckles if you have 50 rings.  To become super, press jump twice; for some
reason, this will not work with Sonic if you have a shield, but will will
work with Knuckles even with a shield. When you have all the emeralds, the
big rings will give you 50 rings for collecting them. Note, however, that
when you are super, your ring total will slowly count down to zero, so keep
collecting. When it hits zero, you change back to normal. In the normal game,
Tails cannot go super, but it is possible to get Super Tails (see Debug Mode
**NEW INFO** However, according to The Pieomon@aol.com, if you lock into
Sonic 3 (see chapter on Sonic 3, below) and collect all the super and hyper
emeralds as Tails, you can become Super Tails, and he can fly better. *****
Super Tails also has yellow flickies surrounding him that help to kill enemies.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 BONUS STAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To access one, hit a star post. For some reason, the number of rings you need
was reduced here from 50 to a pathetic 20! If you have enough, a star ring
will appear and you can jump inside. There are two special stages:


This is like a mixture of the fruit machines from the Casino Night Zone
(Sonic 2) and the special stage from Sonic 1. You are in a roatating stadium,
and you must manoevre yourself to the centre to collect rings and enter the
fruit machine. Here are the scores you get for each picture:
1 Bar = 2 rings
2 Bars = 4 rings
3 Bars = 6 rings
3 Rings = 20 rings (not sure on this one actually)
3 Tails = 25 rings
3 Knuckles = 30 Rings
3 Sonics = 50 Rings
3 Jackpots = 100 Rings
Combination of Jackpot and any other picture = Twice the value of that picture
3 Robotniks or combination of Robotniks and Jackpots = Lose 100 rings

To leave the stage, hit one of the red "goal" spheres at the edge. Note that
if the tiles on the wall are hit enough times, these will become red spheres


Use the spheres to propel yourself up the shaft, grabbing rings and hidden
objects (extra lives, shields, rings) from the bubbles that appear. But watch
out, as there is a forcefield chasing you up, and if you touch it, you leave
the stage. You can also leave by going out of the top of the shaft.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 WALKTHROUGH (SONIC/TAILS) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best shield: Flame

This is an easy level; use the mushrooms as springs, as well as seesaws. The
hardest element is probably the winches; to use these, grab hold of one of
the hooks and keep pressing down to be raised up. Also, the spinning handles
are best used if you run towards them, and you will spin round, and can jump
off, performing a large leap. Watch out, however, for the vines that cling to
you. If one grabs yo, spindash to get away.


This guy will start to hack down one of the trees; killing it is really
simple; keep hitting the boss, and most of the logs will miss you. You should
be ablke to kill the boss before it finishes, but if not, it will attack you,
then fly off to another tree. A flame shield is useful for hitting the
underside. Otherwise, hit its head when you get the chance.

In act two, Knuckles will blow you up to a separate section of the level,
although you sopon rejoin the main route. The scenery, however, will change
from spring to Autumn. Thankfully it changes back later in the level.
Also, if you use the final pulley by tugging at the left handle, then use the
spring at the top you will find a secret area that is otherwise inaccessible;
it takes you to a lightning shield and flame shield (take the flame shield; it
makes the boss easier).


This is Robotnik's first appearance. First you will see a satellite dish,
emitting radio waves, so smash it (its best to spindash). Chase Robotnik,
avoiding the spike balls on the trees and hit Robotnik, but NOT when his jets
are on (unless you possess a flame shield). Eventually, he'll start to blow
up, before crashing into a tree. Open the prison egg on the other side.

Now, watch as the Flying Battery (and Robotnik) flies overhead; Sonic will
grab on (Tails flies up).


Best shield: Lightning

This is where Robotnik makes his prison eggs! The level is full of them, and
breaking some open reveals rings (others reveal baddies, or springs). There
are many ways to get crushed on this level too, including when riding the
corkscrew lifts, which spiral up and down through the levels, and the half -
spike balls, that are pulled up and down by the magnetic ceilings. When the
ceiling is turned off, make sure you are not under the ball, or it will crush
you to death. Likewise, if the ceiling is low, don't be over it when it
rises. In larger rooms, however, these can be used to reach higher platforms.
The magnetic ceilings will also pull up small spike balls and robots (I'm
surprised they don't attract Sonic's rings).


Jump on the prison egg and it will come to life, and flail two arms around.
Simply wait on top until it gets ready to thump you. Get out of the way, and
the boss will hit itself. Repeat five times.


First you will be in a small room, with Robotnik activating a laser. You can
hit the laser, but you can't damage it. Simply get out of the way when it
fires downwards. The only problem is the room gets smaller, until you have
barely any room. Fortunately, the laser eventually explodes and Robotnik
runs. Chase him, past a star post, and the floor will start to rise. Make
your way through the ship before you are squashed flat against the ceiling
and Robotnik will appear at the top in a ship. He will move along, under the
platform, occasionally spwing flames. Wiat until his ship surfaces above the
platform and hit him before he goes away. Also avoid his spiked arms (really

After opening the prison egg, Sonic will roll off the ship to...


Best shield: Lightning

You start off in the desert; this is one of the best zones as thereare loads
of routes you can take (especially if you have Tails). Sonic on his own is
slightly inhibited. When you're right at the bottom of the screen, don't sink
into the quicksand or you will die (although further up, it does lead to
underground chambers). Also, you can push the stone blocks forward and use
them to cross gaps.


This is an unusual boss. Stand right of the statue and when its head appears,
hit it, before it can leap towards you. It will be knocked back. Keep going
until you knock it into the quicksand, and it explodes.

Act two takes you inside the pyramid. You will be in the dark, so turn on the
lights by pulling the cord. This level consists of opening several doors by
pushing the black switches and then running through the doors before they
close. A little way into the level, you will land on a prison egg, releasing
hordes of ghosts. This is where the level gets exciting; a ghost will begin
flying around, and - if left alone, will be joined by another (and the lights
will dim); thse will be joined by a third, and it will be nearly pitch black
(and the ghosts are massive). After a little while, they'll come in droves to
attack you. To stop this, pull every switch you appear and every ghost will
vanish. Ther toughest part is perhaps when you have to burst open the sand
pipes, which will begin to fill thje level with sand, which will rise. Keep
going so you are not crushed (it gets really hectic later, as you have to
open gates quickly).


Dr. Robotnik will appear in a large statue. When its left foot sticks forward
(the right foot is in the background), jump up onto it, and hit the statue.
The top will vanish temporarily, exposing Robotnik, so attack him while you
can. Watch out for the lasers, though. Also, beware of getting crushed
against the back wall (but you would have to be a badplayer for that to
happen.) Run right to the prison egg. Weird fact: If you run forward quickly
enough, you will see an image of the statue in the door, which collapses
quickly. It's true!

Sonic and/or Tails will now fall into:


Best shield: Flame

This is slightly easier than Sandopolis. Watch out for the lava. At one point
in the level, you will find yourself faced with some sort of pneumatic drill.
Keep hitting it until it is destroyed, but watch out as the floor will
collapse, and you must land on one of the platforms in the middle of the
lava (if you can cross the gap it made, though, you'll find a 1 up). Also,
watch out for the rolling spike balls. At one point you will find
one rolling round a pillar. Run past when it is behind the pillar, and then
run, as it will begin to chase you down. Drop down to the level below and it
will roll over the top. Continue along this path. Phew!


A large hand will appear and follow you. It will try and clasp over you, so
get out of the way and hit the hand. It will vanish and two spheres will
appear, throwing energy balls at you. If you have a shield, no problem;
otherwise, avoid like the plague. You can destroy them (each takes three
hits), but it isn't necessary. The hand will reappear and it takes six hits
to destroy.

At this point, the entire level freezes over. The next stage is the same,
except frozen, meaning there is less lava (but still fire cannons). There are
a few new objects, such as the horizontal rotating tubes, with hndholds on,
which you must grab, then press jump and up to get to higher points in the
level. If you managed to beat act one, this shouldn't be too much of a
N.B. You must collct all the chaos emeralds before leaving this zone. No giant
rings will appear on subsequent levels.


As you get to the end of the act, you will ascend a flight of steps to where
Knuckles is waiting (I bet you wondered where he'd got to), with a rock. He
will push it down the stairs, knocking you off. You will land above a lava
pit, with the Death Egg directly above you. After a flash, Robotnik hovers in
in the background and fires missiles at you. Quickly, head rihgt, as the
platforms will collapse behind you. Reach the starpost, then cross the chasm
using the moving platforms. You cannot go down until you are right over (or
you die). Grab a flame shield if you don't already have one, it makes the
boss a walkover. Get down to the bottom and you will land in a platform in
the lava. Robotnik will appear and you cannot attack him as his ship is
protected by spikes. He will tip up the lava and shoot three spike balls in
the air. Keep leaping from platform to platform (if you have a flame shield
it won't matter if you touch the lava), and avoid the balls. They will all
hit Robotnik. Repeat this until his craft is destroyed. The lava will freeze
again and the prison egg will hover in.

Now Sonic can cross the lava and enter


This is the easiest (and shortest) zone ever made. Run along, and pass the
starpost, and you will meet Knuckles. Fight him (he will try and punch you,
spindash you and glide at you), until he is knocked out. You will hear a
crash from the right. Follow Knuckles and you will see Robotnik stealing the
Master Emerald (that's the big green one, by the way). Knuckles will attack
Robotnik, who will electrocute him. You can attack him if you like, but it
won't help. The floor will also collapse and the three of you will fall to a
room below. Although it isn't clear, Knuckles now realises that Sonic is
trying to stop Robotnik, and he will punch down a wall. Follow him and he
will jump into a teleporter. Jump in after him, and go to:


When you arrive, watch the Death Egg rise up, jettisoning bad guys. Knuckles
will flick a switch for you to continue (before collapsing, exhausted).
Simply get up through the level, using the teleporters to warp between
floors. You will meet Mecha Sonic here, and will fight him three times.


This is a repeat of the Green Hill Zone boss from the original; jump onto one
of the floating platforms and attack Mecha Sonic a few times, before
retreating into the corner. He will produce what looks like a giant bauble,
which he swings back and forth. When it swings away from you, jump up and hit
him. Eight hits will see him packing.


This time (like in the Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2), he will fly around with
eight spheres orbiting his ship. Jump over him, and wait for the spheres to
spin all over the place, before hovering in around him in a level circle. Hit
him and a sphere will fly off (it looks just like Mecha Sonic in his ship).
Spin into it to destroy it. Repeat until they are all gone, then avoid his
lasers and hit him once more to destroy him.


Now, its hand - to - hand combat, as Mechas Sonic will leap at you, slide at
you, and many other things. Don't hit him when he's curled up, and go for him
when he's in a corner of the screen. Eventually he'll short circuit, and
yo've finished it. This level, like the last, has only one act. Now, Sonic
and/or Tails will leap off onto a spiral platform that appears (just before
the entire level collapses), and will run up, in one of the best sequences
yet. At the top they will see the Death Egg, which they leap aboard.


Best shield: Lightning

The best zone in the game by far, this has some great methods of
transporaation, including platforms that cross large electric systems. These
will change direction when a character lands on the (e.g. if you jump). If
you have Tails wilth you, this can be a problem, as he will land on the
platform after you, causing it to change direction and go the wrong way.
Jumping won't work, as Tails will copy you, so instead, take the player 2
control and make Tails jump.
Another new idea is the machine that carries you all over the place in some
sort of soundwave, breaching a lot of the level, and getting you to otherwise
unreachable places.
At one point in the level, you will enter an anti - gravity chamber with a
large metal thing with switches, which you must press (fly into them) before


A really great (and difficult) boss, this consists of an eye in the middle of
a pillar, with balls orbiting it. It's best to have a lightning shield
(otherwise, hope you have enough rings to go supersonic), and jump and hit it
about two times when the balls are circling the base. Be careful, as each hit
causes a ball to explode into shrapnel. After all have been destroyed, the
eye will leave the pillar and float back and forth, with two spike platforms
around it. Hit it, and run away quick before it goes beserk and chases you,
with a laser coming out of its abopve and under it. Keep going until the boss
is destroyed.

You will now be sucked into a tube which takes you to the top of the Death
Egg. In act two, you will be faced with reverse gravity. This takes place via
a number of ways, including going down the anti - gravity pipes, stepping on
a switch that reverses gravity, and going up and down narrow tubes. When
gravity is reversed, you will be walking on the ceiling (very fun, once you
get the hang of it).


First attack

Robotnik will control a large robot, which you cannot hit, as it protects
itself with a shield (there are two if you play as Sonic and Tails together).
It will begin throwing ball - bombs at you. Enter the anti - gravity pipe and
the bombs will fall to the ceiling. They are now upside down. Here, you can
spin dash them and they will fly up and hit the boss. Also, if it is caught
by them as you reverse gravity, they will also score a hit, but watch out for
the shrapnel they emit. Eventually it will be destroyed, so chase Robotnik
off screen.

Note: You will now restart from here if you die, and you will not be able to
collect rings.

Second Attack

Robotnik will jump into a giant robot. It will try and clasp you with its
fingers, which you must destroy individually (each takes two hits).

Third Attack

This is the hardest; the boss will move towards you, breaking up the platform
(which, fortunatley, goes on for ever ;)
Jump over the fire he spews, then jump at his belly, exposing Robotnik and
the Master Emerald. He will begin to fire up a laser. Wait until the last
moment before leaping at Robotnik, and the laser will miss you. Bounce back
onto the main platform and keep going until the robot is destroyed.

Fourth Attack

It's not over yet. Robotnik will fly off with the emerald. Run after him, and
don't stop as the platform is collapsing. Keep hitting him, but make sure you
don't fall to your death when you deflect off him. Eventually he'll drop the
emerald. Jump onto it and Sonic will go supersonic. If you are playing as
Tails, you will have now completed the game.


You are supersonic, and you are flying through an asteroid field. Keep
collecting rings because if your ring total hits zero, you will fall to your
death. The asteroids will slow you down. You will catch up with Robotnik in a
blue ship (well, you don't see him, but I assume he's in there). He will fire
missiles in threes, which will chase you. Circle round him and fly past the
robot's head, and the missiles will hit Robotnik. Eight hits and it will blow
up. But it's not over. Afte rit leaves the screen, another robot, similar to
the one on the last level, will appear, and it has the Master Emerald. Keep
chasing it, avoiding its bullets and the asteroids (you are now in a
continuous loop, but therings will - thankfully - regenerate themselves).
Keep ramming Robotnik (who I assume is inside), and eventually this robot
will blow up, leaving Sonic free to grab the Master Emerald. Tails will
conveniently fly in with his bi - plane to catch you.

It's over ... or is it? After the credits, you will get an extra scene at the
end, which features an Eggrobo appearing from the wreckage of the Death Egg.
The story isn't over yet; this is where the Knuckles version comes in.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 WALKTHROUGH (KNUCKLES) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: For more detailed descriptions of levels, see the previous section. I
am simply covering which bits are different for Knuckles.

This version has a small intro, in which the Eggrobo I mentioned earlier
appears and throws a bomb at Knuckles, who then chases after the robot. You
will have to fight him instead of Robotnik.


This is generally the same as for Sonic, except you take some different
routes. Also, the act 1 boss is slightly harder as he throws his logs at an
angle instead of straight ahead (more dangerous).


This is exactly the same as for Sonic. The act 2 boss (Robotnik here, BTW) is
slightly harder, as he throws more flames.


Act 1 is the same, except with more choices of route (due to Knuckles'
abilities). In act 2, the ghosts will alreay have been released and will
begin to attack you as soon as you arrive, until you switch on the lights.
Knuckles has two choices of route at the start; he can also climb up the wall
at the start, and take a slightly different route. Near the end, Sonic and
Knuckles' routes split and Knuckles has a puzzle facing him. You will be
faced with a switch which you can open, but retracts too fast, before you
can enter the door. Go to the top of the room and break the sand tube,
filling the lowever half of the room with sand. This fills up the hole left
of the switch and allows you to push the rock across and wedge it open. In
the next room, open the swtich, climb up the wall on the left and carefully
glide over the spikes (this may take some practice). Get through the door
before it closes.


Knuckles takes a completely different (and harder) route than Sonic and Tails
here, joining the main route only to fight the mid - boss.

**NEW** You can take Knuckles into Sonic and Tails' route. To do this, take the
path until you see the robot drill; head left quickly and go halfway up the
stairs; being carful to avoid the swinging spikes, glide and you will get
across the robot. For the next bit it is useful to have a flame shield as there
are a lot of flamethrowers. If not, don't worry - just be careful. At the end
is a switch that opens a secret door into Sonic and Tails' area. This allows
you to access the special stages there, too!**

In act two, go straight ahead and bash through an ice wall, entering a tube.
This bit is very tough, especially the section where you must climb a shaft,
avoiding the fire cannons (but hopefully you will have enough rings to go
super). There is no boss at the end of this act.
N.B. Knuckles has a special stage here, but it is well hidden. By one of the
large chains with the platforms moving round them (I can't come up with a
better description), one is hidden in the wall to the left. This is the last
point at which you can get emeralds in Knuckles' game.


This is just a way to put in some contimuity really, as you cannot possibly
fail this zone. All you do is run and and warp out using a teleporter. It
takes all of 12 seconds to do.


This is Knuckles' last level.
Eggrobo will come to grab you; don't try and stop him, you can't. He will
hold you above Mecha Sonic, who will try to kill you. Forunately, Knuckles
will escape just in time and Mecha Sonic will destroy Eggrobo.
Collect the three rings and figt Mecha Sonic (he's the same as with Sonic),
until he short circuits. It's not over, though. At this point, get ready to
jump out of the way when he slides across the screen to the Master Emerald,
which will turn him Super. He will fly around the screen, attacking you now
and again. Wait until his powers wear out and hit him. Aftewr six hits he
will become weaker and shoot enegry balls at you. Wait until he temporarily
loses his power, and hit him twice more to destroy him. Sonic will now rescue
Knuckles, and the emerald, just before the floor collapses.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 LOCK INTO SONIC 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Locking onto Sonic 2 means you can play the entire game s Knuckles. You can
also access new areas that Sonic and Tails cannot reach. On Chemical Plant
Zone act 1, for example, there are a few bonuses that you must climb up to
get (explore). One good bonus comes at the end of the last tube on act 1;
climb up the tower on your right and you will find a 1 up. Glide to your left
and you will reach another tower with a 1 up. Further left is yet another one.
Basically, this is just Sonic 2 with Sonic replaced by Knuckles (1 player as
Knuckles is your only option, and you can't have Tails following you.)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 LOCK INTO SONIC 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Locking into Sonic 3 gives you a fourteen level game comrising of both Sonic
3 and this game (called "Sonic 3 and Knuckles"). Knuckles will take different
routes on most levels. The differences are listed below.


To reach the first boss, you must bash through some rocks at the end of act
1. It also fires bombs at you, making it tougher to hit. After this you will
enter a new route (already programmed into Sonic 3, but inaccessible in the
game alone). It is pretty dull actually, just a passageway, and Sega didn't
bother to include any bonus rings. Eggrobo will fire twice as many fireballs
as Robotnik would in the act 2 showdown (also, Robotnik's flying ship does
not appear to drop bombs on Knuckles).


This is mostly the same, until you reach the bit where Knuckles usually drops
you through the floor. You can now enter the section where Knuckles was, and
go through a new section (this involves a lot of gliding over spikes). The
boss is slightly harder as he doesn't come down, so you must use the bombs to
catapult yourself up.


The end is different as the usual route is blocked off and Knuckles must
climb up to a wall that only he can knock down. From here, hit the stone face
three times to open the ceiling; climb up and get past the earthquake (where
the floor rises and tries to crush you). The boss is totally different;
instead of a spectacular flying battle, you enter a small room. A spiked line
will shoot through the room twice; avoid it. The boss will now follow the
line and it is at this point you can damage him. It is very easy!


Very straightforward (and easy), this takes an entirely different route. You
will briefly cross Sonic and Tails' route at the start of act 2, but then you
must punch through a wall and proceed along a new route (and the water is
gone). There is no boss at the end of act 2, just a prison egg and a
teleporter to...


Knuckles takes a few different routes (including one where you must glide
across a room, avoiding spiked balls; very fun). You must take a lower route
to the act 1 boss and act 2 takes place in the tunnels. The act 2 boss is
slightly harder as he keeps retracting the platform you should be using to
hit him (which makes avoiding the ice blasts a lot harder).


This is the same up until the tower Knuckles blew up on Sonic 3. Here you
must climb up and open a door, which leads to the boss. Instead of one, two
robots with spiked rotating arms will appear. This is a lot harder and you
will probably get hit a few times. After three hits they lose one arm, and
take another three to kill.
Act 2 takes a different (and straightforward) route. At the end, you must
burst through a pipe that raises the water, so get out quick. Then punch
through some blocks and go to Robotnik.
Whichever character you have, you will have to fight Robotnik in his three
tiered, flame shooting craft, but if you have Sonic and/or Tails, you must
fight the base's first boss first (Robotnik rolling balls at you, with a
platform to hit him from). If you are Knuckles, you must also fight Sonic 3's
final boss, which flies across trhe screen using a claw hand (don't touch as
you'll lose your shield/rings, four times, before hovering around the top,
falling and then hovering at the bottom before flying off. Whatever you do,
don't become Super Knuckles, as the claw can still make you lose all your
rings. Even if you collect them, your counter will soon go down to zero, and
you will be unprotected.
At the end of this level, you will go to the Mushroom Hill Zone.

If you have all the chaos emeralds here, you are in for a surprise. If you're
Sonic and/or Tails, you will see Knuckles appear out of a passage, which he
closes with a switch. Open the passage (you don't need to, but its fun) and
go in. There is a giant ring, only its multicoloured (as Knuckles, you'll
just see one ahead of you.) Get in it and you will be warped to Hidden Palace
Zone, where you will be amongst the Super Emeralds which you will have
probably have seen alongside the master emerald when you played before. They
are all dull and grey, but if you jump on one you will be warped to a special
stage where you can play to win that emerald (it will then become coloured).
The special stages you play will be the Sonic & Knuckles ones. When you have
collected them all, you can become Hyper Sonic/Hyper Knuckles (very cool
Also, when you play as Sonic or Tails, there is an extra bit on the end
credits, where you see Knuckles in the Angel Island Zone, with the Master

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 LOCK INTO SONIC 1 (SECRET) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you lock into any other game, you will receive a picture of Sonic, Tails,
Knuckles and Robotnik and the message "No Way". However, if you go into Sonic
1, and press A,B and C simultaneously, the message "get blue spheres" comes
up. There are hundreds of levels of special stages, all of varying
difficulty. Getting all the rings on any stage will advance you through 10
levels! You can play as Sonic or Knuckles (press A, B or C on the main screen
to alternate).
There are tons of levels; here are a few codes to get you going:
Level 100: 5004 0865 7853
Level 200: 4383 9797 0354
Level 300: 3474 0464 2224
Level 400: 2853 9395 4737
Level 500: 5358 4423 5191
Level 600: 4738 2515 9092
Level 700: 3785 2847 5018
Level 800: 3208 2114 3432

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 LEVEL SELECT CHEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go into Sonic and Knuckles on its own and play as Sonic. In Mushroom Hill, go
to the first pulley and hang on. Press down three times, left three times,
right three times and up three times and a bell will ring. You can now access
the level select screen by pressing A and start on the title screen.


Go to Angel Island Zone and grab hold of any vine, then press the same
combination as above, to get the level select screen. To access it, press
down twice on the title screen and a sound test option will become available;
go into it. You can also change yor character by pressing C; who you are
depends on the number shown near the top of the screen;
0 = Sonic & Tails
1 = Sonic
2 = Tails
3 = Knuckles

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12 DEBUG MODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only way I have found to access Debug mode is to lock in Sonic 3 and do
the level select cheat. Now do the level select cheat for Sonic & Knuckles
and you can do debug mode with ANY character(s) by pressing B, and A to
change objects (press C to place them). Unlike other Sonic games, the Score
will not screw up until you press B. If you press A while playing as normal,
gravity will be reversed, and you will float up to the ceiling (the won't
affect other objects though). However, if there is no ceiling, you will be
killed. However, while in debug mode, you can stop yourself dying by becoming
an object as your character's corpse bounces off the screen. Take yourself to
somewhere safe and press B again, and you will be resurrected!
You can go super by creating a TV set and breaking it.
Oh, and try to look for a very secret room in Death Egg Zone act 1. It
contains some item boxes, but for some reason you cannot enter it the normal
way (strange but true).

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 GLITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of these can be accessed using debug mode.


With Knuckles selected, go to the world labelled "Lava Reef Act 3" (act 4,
BTW is Hidden Palace Zone), and you will find yourself at the start of the
Lava Reef Zone boss. You can play it as normal (and you will be fighting
Robotnik, not Eggrobo), but when you finish the level, the game will default
to the Knuckles version of the Hidden Palace Zone, and you cannot enter the
room where you fight Knuckles (therefore you cannot have Knuckles fight his
doppelganger (Sega probably realised this and programmed a different,
otherwise useless version of the zone).


Yes, that's right! Robotnik will appear instead of Eggrobo and you will witness
Also, after you've fought Metal Sonic, a weird glitch will occur; Sonic will
appear in his plane with Knuckles, like before - only Knuckles is now blue.
Weirder still, if you had Tails, Knuckles will also have two tails!!! So, is
this just Tails in a Knuckles costume?!


You can also take Knuckles to the Death Egg Zone, in a similar manner.
Interestingly, Sega programmed it so you do see Eggrobo after defeating the
final robot. However, the moment you touch the Super Emerald, the game will
restart itself.


If you click on the Doomsday Zonbe with Tails or Knuckles selected, you can
play the level, but your character will turn into a blur. Even wierder, if
you selected Tails, the ring counter does not appear to go down! Beat Doomsday
as Knuckles, and you will end up in a plane flown by Sonic, which is holding
the Master Emerald. But Knuckles will also have the Master Emerald. The credits
show Sonic flying the plane with another Sonic on the wings.


Lock in Sonic 3 to do this, of course. Play as Sonic and/or Tails. When
Knuckles first appears in the level, wait for him to go and then use debug to
go through the wall to the right and you will skip the point where the water
goes down. The water will remain at its highest point. Make your way to
Knuckles' second appearance and he will be blue. Try debugging your way past
him and follow him; he will freeze still. Go back to where he appears and he
should reappear, but the switch will be gone so he cannot send you up to


If you go to where Knuckles fights Eggrobo, Sonic and Tails will fight the
first of the two fights with Robotnik. Watch at the start as the boss music
starts, then restarts. After this fight, the end of act will be signalled, and
you will see the Death Egg crashing, but you will not be able to progress. Try
scrolling down in debug to find the normal area where you fight Robotnik to see
the background screw up.


Not quite so interesting, but you can get Knuckles here in debug. After
fighting the boss, Eggrobo will drop a bomb as normal, and the screen will
suddenly jump down to the right.


Scroll beyond the boss area of Hydrocity Zone using debug and you will find a
replica of the zone, which has no sprites. Try standing on the spikes and they
will not hurt you!


You don't need debug for this; play as Sonic and Tails and fight the Hydrocity
Zone Mid Boss with a water shield and control Tails so he stays underwater, and
make him drown at around the end of the boss fight. If done right, he will not
appear in Act 2. At the end of Act 2, two jets of water will appear, one with
no one on. Tails will usually appear again at the start of Marble Garden.


If you use debug at the start of Angel Island Zone as Sonic, you can follow
Knuckles. He will run in a straight line - literally, going through walls and
will even run in thin air.

Please tell me if you find any more glitches that are worth mentioning.

End of FAQ. If you have any comments, complaints or hints, please email
GavLuvsGA@aol.com (so long as its nothing patronising like pointing out a
speeling mistace!)

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