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Sonic 3 Game Genie Codes by x977

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 01/10/02

Version 0.3
Copyright x977 "Terrence Myhand" FAQ #2
These are original "homemade" Game Genie codes for Sonic 3 and
Knuckles. But most of them work for sonic and knuckles alone too.
Over the years i`ve been trying to submit these to the GGCCC (game
genie code creators club)but got no response. So...i`m putting them
on this great site! Gamefaqs! I`ve had these for years,now it`s time
to share the wealth! I used to be known as Thecoloniel and
StarlightDragon but now x977 is here to stay, just in case any code
veterans think i`m ripping other pepole`s codes. I "hacked" these
codes and i`m kinda proud of it,so if you want to put these on your
site,let me know.

Updates in this version
1.Removed the Sonic 1 and Knuckles special stage passwords.I want to put 
them in a seperate faq later and if you have any passwords for any of the 
levels,let me know.
2.More codes

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Codes
WAPT-D2B0:Turbo control (Not For Tails)

WAPT-CAB0:Underwater control (Not for Tails)

EAPT-CYB0:Control is like the 2 player mode For Sonic 3 (not for

1APT-CBH0:Press down for a chaos emerald (works great for Sonic 3
because they are saved as you get them)

NTBT-CB50:Never die

ZAPT-ARH0:Rising water level (sometimes resets)

2WXT-CA4A:1 hit starts you over,no matter how many rings you have

RGSA-A6FC:Must get 12 blue spheres in special stages

RGSA-A6WY:Blue spheres turn to rings and disappear

AWXT-CAXA:Rings don`t spin when hit

AWXT-CABN:Rings drop when hit

W2PT-CYBO:More gravity

AWXT-CADC:Rings are easy to get after hit (the limit is 32. From 33
to 999 rings you will still get only 32 due to the limited number of
sprites the genesis can handle)

AANA-DYYY:Sonic does not spin when jumping

SCGT-DYYY:No smoke when spindashing

ABAA-ABCW:Silent title

ABAA-ABN2:Skip intro to get a black flash instead of a white one

ABAA-ABBA:Intro skips itself

AALA-AAAC:No pause

AALA-AAAL:Time still goes when paused

AALA-AAA8:Music still goes when paused

AABA-DAAC:No bounce after hitting a badnik

AAMA-DAAC:Spindash goes nowhere

AAXT-CBA4:Sonic`s feet never circle

AAXT-CEA4:Sonic`s feet always circle

HABT-CA50:Never die/no bounce when dying

JABT-CA50:Never Die/no bounce/no die sounds

ZABT-CA50:Invincible like CPU Tails

AAPT-DBHG:No spindash

AAPT-DBHL:Jump to spindash

AAPT-DBHT:Press down to start up spindash

AXPT-ARHO:Character profiles flash when you don`t have any rings

RHJA-E60G:Never get starpost bonus

XA7T-AAE4:Black characters with white eyes/shoes and other areas

ZA7T-AAY8:White characters

AAJT-ARAT:Hold any button to use it with autofire

AC0A-DAPA:Turbo blinking sonic on title screen

AAPT-D2B0:You get Tails tails!

ABAT-AG0C:Can`t move,press start to go back to title screen

ABAT-AABC:Black background on title

ABAT-AACC:Black/blue on title

ABAT-AAFC:No choice but to press start on title

AAPT-CEB0:Invisible Sonic

EAPT-CJB0:Items replace themselves when you touch water or something
makes a splash sound

AEMA-CACT:Very controlable jump for Sonic

AEHT-CACA:Sonic can walk off the edges of the screen at the begining
and ends of levels

ZAPT-CRH0:press down for debug mode (not for Tails)

AEEA-AACW:Color stopper (keeps the colors of the last area)

ABNT-CA54:Tails runs faster

RENT-CNA6:Sonic can always use hypersonic`s flash attack

AA6A-CADA:No rings or emeralds for super Knuckles

NABT-CB6R:High bounce when dead

NTBT-CB6C:See all frames of animation when dead

EAPT-CPB0:Start to go to 2 player mode

RGSA-A60A:Squares of blue spheres don`t turn to rings

AWXT-CABA:Rings drop when hit

N2BT-CYB0:Turbo animation

SEGA-B4YA:Title/special stage color stopper (has problems)

AWXT-CAAY:Rings fly up when hit

AWXT-CABY:1 ring pops out no matter how many you had when hit

AANA-DYJR:No jump for Sonic

AWXT-CACE:When hit,rings are set to 4

AAPT-CDH0:Press down to make end of special stage sound

AANA-DYY2:Jumping makes Sonic face left

AANA-DYHE:Sonic jumps the same height if you tap the button as if you
were to hold the button





AACA-CSJN:Touch any ring to reset

SACA-DJJR:Enemies/shots don`t hurt,No item boxes

4TEA-BPDC:All underwater colors on levels with water



AA7T-BAJ6:Blue/light green



AA7T-BGJ6:Purple/light blue



AA7T-BYJ6:White/blue/light green

AA7T-BAN6:Parts of characters are black


ZA7T-AAA8:Black background,blue knuckles



YA7T-AAA8:Pink sonic/multicolored

XA7T-AAA8:Silver sonic/multicolored


AAJT-ARA8:Shredded title screen

AAGT-ABAC:Slow/no music on title/super auto file selection

AAET-AAAC:Everything`s invisible except land

XA7T-AA04:Invisible black level select menu at level start

AAPT-DBHA:Auto dashing

AA7T-AAP2:Night time

AA7T-AAM2:Better night time

AAJT-ARA0:No buttons on the controller work

AAJT-ARAY:Pushing and letting go of a button counts as a single button press

AAJT-ARAN:Controls are reversed/slow auto right movement

AB9A-CB28:Knuckles jogs in strides while running

AB9A-CAAA:Knuckles runs at a angle on his head

AB9A-CAAW:Knuckles runs at a angle on his feet

AB9A-CAAC:Knuckles is invisible,yet all over the place

AB9A-CAAG:Knuckles punches right while running

AB9A-CAAR:Knuckles punches left while running

42GT-CA50:Can`t move and if you do happen to move and try to stop,you`ll 
slide until you hit something

52GT-CA50:Turbo so fast,the game will never keep up

Z2GT-CA50:Move faster from a standing start

02GT-CA5L:Turbo for everyone

Sonic 2 and Knuckles
AX6D-AAAA:When hit,rings act like and are fans

AACD-AAAA:Screen doesn`t scroll

AAHD-AAAA:C=pause A=nothing B=jump

AALD-AAAC:Scrambled rings/objects

AAJX-AAAJ:Music stops when paused

AAKX-AAAA:Invisible scramble

AAVX-AAAA:Color code (1st zone only)

AAVX-AAAC:Black (mostly) (1st zone only)

AX6D-AAFA:Rings don`t appear when hit

Thats all for now..
there WILL be more stuff like..
1.Codes that make sonic any color you want!
2.Even more codes!
If there`s a code that does not work,or if you don`t understand it`s
description,e-mail me at x977@hotmail.com and i`ll try to help you
Copyright x977(Terrence Myhand)
the next update will be sooner than you think...

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