How Do You Be Tails In S&K?

  1. I’m Usually Having Trouble Beating. THE Game With Kunckles. Maybe Tails Would Do Better But I Can’t Select Tails. How Do I Be Tails?

    User Info: Ededdneddy

    Ededdneddy - 4 months ago


  1. Without hacking, it isn't possible to play as Miles 'Tails' Prower in Sonic & Knuckles. If however, you REALLY need to play as 'Tails' in Sonic & Knuckles, use the PAR code FFFF09:02 in Sonic & Knuckles, then 'Tails' will be usable, but just about every sprite of his, except the transformation sprite, will be missing, basically rendering him invisible. A savestate for 'Tails' in Sonic & Knuckles is also available from Sonic Retro's 'Game Secrets: Sonic & Knuckles' Page.

    User Info: BootlegSh-t

    BootlegSh-t - 4 months ago 1   0
  2. If you have the physical cartridge for both Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, you can select Tails and play through the Sonic & Knuckles levels once you beat Launch Base zone.

    User Info: CyanRouge

    CyanRouge - 4 months ago 1   0
  3. You don't. You just... don't. In Sonic & Knuckles standalone at least you just don't.

    User Info: Arbi323

    Arbi323 - 3 days ago 0   0

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