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FAQ by Greenmouse

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/05/2001

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  SSS      SS    SS   SS        SS SS      SS          SS
    SSS    SS    SS   SS        SSSS       SSSSS       SS
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  SS   SS  SS    SS   SS   SS   SS  SS     SS          SS
------------------Time Dominator--------------------------

------Socket for Genenis-----
---------Version 1.4---------
----By Greg Blachut A.K.A.---

1. Introduction

2. Boss, Level, and Enemy guide.  

3. Faq

4. Version History

5. Legal Stuff

6. Credits


1. Introduction

Socket, an old game, but still a loveable one.  It is a platform 
gameThe plot is that 
you are a time traveling duck and you have to go through time 
and save the universe from this flying fox guy. Your weapon: the 
ability to "kick" boltz of lightning at an enemy. This faq is a 
boss and level guide to the game.(Note: The ways I take are my 
personal favorites but you don't have to take them) The levels 
are divided into two parts, a athletic round and a labrinth 
round, with a time trail at the beggining. I didn't include the 
time trails because only a dummy trying to kill themselves 
would die.  Still, if you are a dummy I might include a 
walkthrough on them, IF I recieve mail asking how to beat them.  
There are seven rounds, though I only have five listed.  I can't 
remember how to beat number six, so I can't oviously write about it.  

Why Socket?? To be honest the only reason I did it was because 
it was the only game that I had that wouldn't have competion 
with other FAQs.  It really is a cool game for Genesis.  It 
was in the time of the great sonic era, so most people never 
new it existed.  By the way, this is my first Faq so cut me some 

         |go in to doors
 Go left | 
    -----------          [A]  [B]   [C]
         | go right    jump   kick  jump


2. Boss, Level, and Enemy Guide.  

------------------------Emerld Forest-----------------------

-Athletic- Go right then fall.  Go left once you've fallen and
get the shield and boltz. Go right for a while.  THen when you
reach a place with spikes in the way, jump over the spikes.
Keep doing this this while going right,  When you reach a 
place with a moving platform, jump on it.  When it gets to the 
top, jump. You will be in an area that reimds me of a halfpipe.
Go to the top of one of the ends, then jump toards the center.
This might take a while but when you get on tower, jump and 
get the OK. If you die you'll be teleported here. Then fall
right.  Go to right and when you're at the top fall right. 
Walk right and you'll meat a pit of spikes with moving platforms
over it.  Jump on the first one, then jump on the second one.
The third one moves up and down so be careful when you jump 
on it because you could fall into the spikes.  When you're 
on the third one jump onto the unmoving platform at the right
and use your kicking power to get the life.  Fall right then 
walk right.  After a while you'll be climbing a hill, then 
there will be some bumps.  Keep going right showing no mercy 
and you'll reach the end of the first round, and in my opinion
one of the most challenging.   

-Labrynth-For a shortcut at the beggining of the second round, 
go right.  Jump over the first hole. Keep on going right. 
Jump over the area with the balloons.  There is a place with 
a wall.  Jump into the wall.  Go right and you will go down.  
When you get to the bottom, go left.  There should be 
another wall.  Go in it the same as last time.  Go left and
watch out for the spikes. Then fall down, go right. You should 
drop a huge distance while seeing all the other things in the 
level you missed.  Go right and there is a door that leads to 
the boss. 

9 hits to beat him, pretty easy.
This guy is pretty easy.  Nails fall at you, but they are easy
to dodge.  He has this kind of saws surrounding him, watch out, 
they hurt.  Just jump up and hit him while watching out for the 
saws.  If you stay in place for too long, he will dive at you 
and you will be hurt.

---------------------Treasure castle---------------------------

-Athletic- Go right.  You'll reach a wall. Use the blocks to get
to the open space on the right.  There will be spinning spikes.
There will also be an annoying wind that pushes you left.  Go
right through the obstacles, to where a pit is. Go on the first
block on the left, when it goes to the top of its trip jump on
the one moving left and right.  Watch the block on the right.  
When it goes as far down as its going to go, jump on it.  Then
jump on the one closer to the left.  Then jump left to the 
platform.  Watch out for a cannon.  Walk left.  Go on the block
and jump roght while watching out for the cannon.  Then walk onto
the block moving left and right.  When you're on the other side,
get on the block which goes up.  Go left.  Keep pressing left 
and jump over the holes.  There are two so watch out.  Get the
bunny shield and show no merc as you go left, killing all the 
bad guys.  Then jump on the blocks to go up.  When you're at 
the top, go right and get to the top of the small hill.  Go 
left and jump onto the platform.  Use the blocks to go up. 
When you're at the top jump and get the shield, then jump
right to the slanted place.  Go right and use the blocks to 
get across the hole.  Get the life and go right.  Again, use the
blocks to get across this hole.  Once you cross the hole go 
right.  You will fall some.  At the right end there is a 
block.  Jump on it.  This may be tricky, but with practice
you'll be able to do it.  Go left once you reach the top, and
use the blocks to get to the top. Go left to reach the end.       

-Labrynth- Go right.  When you see blocks use them to climb up.
At the top, go right using the blocks to get across.  Go right
and cross the hole.  After you've crossed the hole, fall into 
the one you meet next.  Go left.  There will be things 
trying to smash you, after you got by both of them, fall 
the hole provided.  Go left and watch out for things that 
Fall into the next hole and continue going left.  There 
will be
another hole.  Go in and fight the guy and jump out of the
hole.  Go left and fall when the opportunity comes up.  Go 
right and you'll see two doors.  Go into the one on the 
Go right and you'll meet more smashy guys.  Socket should 
come upon a grey brick wall.  Knock it down with your 
go right and fall.  After a while you'll come to a fork in 
the road. Take the bottom way.  After falling go right and 
watchout for for the cannons.  Fall and go left. Fall 
and go right. There will be a huge brick wall. Knock it 
Go right fall, go left fall.  Go right to get the life, 
continue going left.  Jump over the cannons, and go left 
fall.  Then go right and watch out for the thing that 
smashes.  Keep on going right until you reach a door in 
front of a castle.  Go inside to fight Mr. Fox.  

10 hits to beat him,  still easy
This guy has a treasure chest that falls on you.  Try to 
avoid it.  While his chest is down hit him like crazy.  The 
floor under you moves too, and the spikes hurt too. 

---------------------------Olien cavern---------------------
This level has by far the most secrets.

-Athletic- Go right.  You'll reach a place with a wagon 
elavator.  Don't go on it, instead jump onto the platform
that holds up the bell thing.  Continue going right. Jump 
the three pits with spikes.  After that, don't jump on the 
just go right.   Jump over the spikes.  Go right.  Now you 
should come to an elvator thing you missed earlier.  Jump
to hit the purple bell thing.  Then jump into the wagon.  It
should be transported somewhere.  Jump out  of the wagon, 
go right.  Do the same thing you did to the other elavator.  
When it get's to the top, jump out.  Use the bouncy thing
to bounce you to the top.  If you didn't make it the first 
time just jump again.  Jump over the wall and go left.  Fall
and take the wagon.  Jump with the spring just one level, 
if you over due it go left and fall.  Go right.  Jump onto 
the platform with the spring and jump to the one in the 
left.  Then jump again to the right.  Go right and you'll 
pass the level.      

-Labrynth- First, get on the wagon.  Just as it's about to 
jump and you'll be standing in the wall.  Go right, then 
Nice short-cut, right? Anywho, go left onto the wagon so
you'll go up.  Go inside the door.  Now jump up and land on 
the stairs.  Go left to right while watching out for fire 
until you reach the top.  When you reappear jump all the way
to the top and go left.  When you're under the spikes jump 
and you'll get hit, but you'll be where the spikes are.  
Jump again to the right.  Jump onto the rocket.  When you 
up, go left onton the wagon so it'll bring you up.  When you 
reach the top, jump up to the right, then using the 
bounce back left, then go left.  Jump to the right, then 
jump to the left.  Go on the wagon. Then bounce right, go 
right and go into the door to face the boss.  

11 hits to beat him, still easy
Your in a boat.  The fox will start to throw fire.  NOTE: 
he will always shoot the fire first left, then right, then 
straight down. This can be important to beating him.  Out 
of your boat water shoots out and you can put out the fires 
with this.

------------------------Stone Age---------------------------
-Athletic- First, go right using the TV's that pop out of 
lava.  Watch out for annoying geysers.  After that, jump on 
the bounce things til you reach the platform.  Go left, but 
don't go on the bridge, seeing how you would fall. Jump 
watch out for the geysers. Then fall down the hill. Use the 
TV's to get across the lava pit. Then you'll come to this 
half-pipe thing. Don't go in it, get a running start and 
Go right, then jump onto the moving platform, then jump 
again. Then, using the same technique used earlier, jump 
the two half-pipes. Go right and down the hill. After you 
go right and then cross the lava pit.  (Note: If you get the 
rabbit ears you can just walk across the lava.  If not, you 
should be good enough by now, right?)  Then go right and 
up, go left then over the lava.  Go left, jump over the 
pipes, then jump up twice. Go right, over the lava, then 
Go down the three hills, and over the lava.  Go right, jump
right, then left, etc. till you reach the top.  Then you go 
right and finsih.  

12 hits to beat him, getting harder
You are fighting Mr. Fox in a mouth of a dinosaur.  He will 
shoot bones at you.  Dodge them and try to kick them.  From 
time to time the dinosaur closes his mouth.  Go to the end 
opposite of where the fox is, and duck when he closes his 


13 hits to beat, better get a pro out here
Boy, these get hard fast!! The cannons on either side shoot 
little balls, just kick them and they will explode.  The 
under you appears to be alive. Under it there are spikes so 
careful when it moves.  This time the fox has no protection, 
but all the other things don't make it matter. Try to stay 
one side of the cannons, and destroy the balls when they 
come by, 
and hit the fox when he pays a visit. You mite die the first 
but after a while you should get the hang of it.

Coming soon!!!

6 hits the first time, 8 the secound
Man this guy is easy!!!.  There is a one legged
Frankenstien monster with a spinning ball.  Stay at one side
and hit the ball when it comes by.  After the monster dies,
the ball makes blue spheres that after a while explode 
stuff flying.  Hit the ball again to finish him off.

--------------------------Time Castle-----------------------
coming soon!!!

7 for the fox, 12 for the cat, ??? for speed guy.
To kill the Fox just hit him.  I could stay in one place and 
finish him off.  This time, note that instead flying off 
screen,  he fades away.  It means that he is dead for ever.  

(Note: These are only my names givin to the creatures you'll 

Robo Dog- A metalic dog looking creature,  
Hits to kill- 1
Attack- Electric breath
Locations- 1-7

Takatiki- A green dude with a shield that runs around.  
Hits to kill- 1
Attack- Runs around
Locations- 1-5

Watsit- A thing that flies.  Nothing else to say. 
Hits to kill-1
Attack- flies around
Locations- 1-7

Scorpian- A red scorpian.  Pretty noticable.  
Hits to kill- 1
Attack- Shoots something out of its tail
Locations- 4-5

Stack-O-Card- A thign that justs runs around.  Kinda looks 
a card stack.  
Hits to kill- 1
Attack- runs around
Locations- 4-6

Turtle- A big turtle thats activated once you step on him.  
Hits to kill-3
Attack- walk


3. Faq

Q: I'm just walking around when loud music starts playing, 
and then I die.  What happened???

A: Your electricity level went out. At the bottom of the 
there is a bar that shows your electricity level.  It goes 
down when you jump, kick, get hit, or just walk.  Reload by 
getting electric boltz that are around.  

Q: I see a door, and I can't get into it, how do I?

A: Just go in front of it and press up.

Q: Is Socket's tail really a plug?

A: Yes it is.   

Q: Are there any cheats in Socket?

A: To my knowledge there are none, if someone has some 
please E-mail them to me and I'll put your name in the credits.  

Q: Right before each main round there is a smaller round. It 
isn't hard at all, but it's strange it isn't in this Faq.

A: Those are the time trails.  I didn't include them because
there so easy.  I thinlk they represent Socket going through

Q: Do you have a website?

A: No I do not.

Q: What is your message board name?

A: OmegaGreen.  


4. Version History

{1.0} (sub version)- got all the bosses down.
{1.1} Added info on the rounds, started a Faq part. 
{1.2} Added a lot more info on the rounds, updated the boss
part, updated the Faq. Changed the top.  Fixed some spelling
{1.3} Updated the rounds and Faq. fixed more spelling.   
{1.4} Added a few things to make it look better.  Worked on 
th Faq and walkthrough. About then 4/7 done:) Added an enemy
part to the guide and credits.   


5. Legal stuff

You shall not reproduce this in any way, manual or electrical.
If you want to put this on your site, complain about things, 
or just contact me you should e-mail me @ Brainguy310@hotmail.com
(my AIM screen name is brainguy310) The following sites have 
my permission to use this Faq without changing even one word:


If you find this anywhere else, please email me.  This document
is protected by international copyright law.

Copyright© 2001 Greg Blachut.


6. Credits

My Aunt and Uncle- For getting me my genisis.

My parents- For buying me Socket.

My cousin- For showing interest in my Faqs.

Vic Tokai Inc.- For making the game.

Me- For making this walkthrough/faq (couldn't resist)

***********************END OF FAQ*****************************

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