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Guide and Walkthrough by hellobatman

Version: Final | Updated: 01/25/2006




Mega Drive/Genesis version


Written 23-25th January 2006


Written by hellobatman for GameFAQs






It seems to me that most peoples' memory of Shadow of the Beast is one 
of the following:

1. "I went down a well, but it didn't go anywhere. Then I died."
2. "I ran into a forest and bats attacked me. Then I died."

Well gosh darn it, there's much more to this game. I noticed that 
there wasn't a single walkthrough for this game online. There are a 
couple available for the Lynx and Master System versions, but it seems 
the game is pretty different on every console. I seem to remember that 
there were hordes of bats that attacked you on the Lynx version, 
whereas on the Mega Drive/Genesis it's just a large single bat that 
attempts to collide with you.

So I make it clear; this walkthrough is for the MEGA DRIVE/GENESIS 
version of Shadow of the Beast. I've heard that the original Amiga 
version is impossible to finish. Impossible being that nobody has ever 
actually beaten the game. Speaking of difficulty...



Shadow of the Beast is notorious for being too hard for words. Even 
words that are really hard themselves, like "rock" and "diamond". And I 
would have to agree, this game is damn tough. I would recommend you try 
and play through the game using this walkthrough. If it's still too 
hard, I would use this cheat:

Play the game and get a high score (basically run either way at the 
beginning and kill one or two enemies, then let yourself die. Enter 
your name as ZQX. Back at the title screen, hold A, B and C together 
and press Start. Now you are invincible! You will lose health but when 
you reach 0 you will just loop back around to 11.

I must say, there's no shame in using the cheat. This game is so hard 
that crazy burnt out Vietnam veterans forget about their war experience 
and start having Beast flashbacks. If you do manage to complete the 
game without using the cheat, I would gladly buy you a burger. If 
you're a vegetarian you just get a handshake.

The reason that this is the first walkthrough for the game is probably 
because the thing is so damn hard. The difficulty comes from the sheer 
number of enemies and the fact that sometimes you just can't avoid them; 
that your punch needs to be timed to perfection to work; that you need 
to get everything in the right order or you lose (if you like this 
aspect, go play the Dizzy games and watch as your stupid egg just keeps 
on smiling as you mess everything up).

It's likely you're playing this game on rom and not on the original 
cartridge. That's okay; I don't consider save states as cheating. In 
fact, after beating this game I think you'd have to be pretty confident 
to attempt the original cartridge without using the cheat. Those who 
manage it get two burgers from me. Those who managed it "back in the 
day" get three.



When this game was first released on the Amiga, it was kind of a 
revolution in graphics and sound. However, combined with the ridiculous 
difficulty level it was cited as somewhat an effort of style over 
substance. I'd agree quite blatantly; the amount of just completely 
random cool stuff in this game is amazing. Here are my favourites:

-the storyline. This game actually had a cool little plot to it. I don't 
remember exactly but it went something like this: you were a human baby, 
stolen from your parents and transformed into a monster to serve an evil 
overlord beast type thing. Your human memories are gone and you do your 
servant thing for many years, until one night you witness your parents 
being executed. This triggers the memories of your human roots, and you 
set out to destroy the beast ruling the land. So a pretty cool little 
mythical revenge story. I'm kinda bored of all the complex storylines we 
get today that are just clich├ęd and dull really. I like simple 
storylines, like the plot to the infamous Bad Dudes on the NES ("The 
president has been kidnapped by ninjas, are you a bad enough dude to 
save him?)

-the music. I don't know if it's the same on the Amiga, but the music 
on the Genesis is awesome. The first in-game piece of music (between the 
well and the tree) and the graveyard music should be regarded as 
classics in videogaming really. Up there with music from Legend of 
Zelda, Metroid, and the Stage 1 theme from Streets of Rage 2 (it's a 

-your environment. Enemies rarely repeat and we're given no explanation 
of their existence. They're just weird monsters. You find a key on the 
corpse of a giant monster; again, no explanation. It's just cool I think. 
My favourite thing by a long long way is where you start. It looks like 
some sort of fantasy land of the past - until a huge great zeppelin 
passes along the background. Ah, the virtues of confusing elements of 
time and space. And such.


[+++] CONTROLS [+++]

D-Pad: Makes your little purple friend run left and right, duck, and 
climb up and down ladders. Also moves him in all directions during the 
jetpack stage.

A: Good lord! He jumps! Look at him jump! Look at him jump into the air! 
Good grief, he can jump! Makes your character jump.

B: Pressing B produces an attack. A punch if on the ground, a kick if 
in the air, although you probably need to use the jump kick once in the 
game. If you get the energy wave, power punch, or gun blaster thing then 
you'll attack with these.

C: Oh sweet Jesus! Look at that effortless bound! What a magnificent 
leap! By Jove what a miracle! Pressing C also makes your character jump.

Start: I would love to say that pushing Start gives you beast powers in 
real life, but that would be lying. This just pauses the game, so you 
can go get some food or empty your bowels or whatever.



-Time your punches. The most common way to die in this game is mistiming 
punches so that your enemy hits you and you lose health. It's very very 
annoying and requires practice but you can get it right eventually.

-Time your jumps. When jumping over gaps, you need to be pixel perfect 
or you'll fall to your dooooom. The same applies for leaping over 
projectiles and the like.

-If you get hit by an enemy whilst running, keep running. Don't stay 
around to kill it, chances are it'll hurt you more and you'll have 
even less health.

-If you put on a hat in real life, your character does the same in the 
game! NOTE: This wasn't actually included in the final game, which is a 
dying shame. All games should have this feature. Especially the 
Splinter Cell series.



Okay, here we go with this tough tough game.


From the start, run left. You will quickly reach lots of trees. A 
bouncing rock type thing will approach from behind, so turn around 
punch it. I have to say that this is one of the reasons the game is so 
hard: the hit detection is pretty bad and often even when you punch 
something you'll lose energy, because you mistimed it by 0.000001 of a 
second. Anyway, once you've punched the rock, run left again and a bat 
will approach you head on. Punch it. Keep running left, you'll be 
attacked by another rock and two more bats. When you reach the tree 
that says "IN", go in (in other versions of the games there is a rock 
pile or something beyond the tree, but here there is nothing whatsoever 
left of the tree).


After a lovely little bit of text, you're inside the tree. Run right, 
but watch out as after a few steps the weird mouth thing on the stairs 
will spit fire at you. Simply stop and jump straight up; if you timed 
it right you'll avoid it. Climb down the ladder, taking care to avoid 
the giant wasp thing. When you're at the bottom, punch it and climb 
down the next ladder. Run right and use ducking punches to kill five 
giant locust type creatures, then climb down the ladder. Go down the 
ladder on your left and keep running, you should avoid the tree branches 
that come down over the bridge if you don't stop. Climb down the ladder 
(yes there's lots of ladders in this game) and run right. Punch five 
slow moving beasts with swords and climb down the next ladder.

Now you should have a ladder to your left and another to your right. Go 
down the one on the right, then down the one directly after that. Then 
run left and drop off the platform. Now run left and do not stop, 
unless you wish to avoid the giant water droplet. Punch three bull type 
things with axes (don't turn around to face the swordy men, you can 
escape them) and then leap over the gap and grab the yellow key. This 
leap must be pixel perfect or you'll fall down the hole. If you do fall 
down, just run right and collect the full health potion if you need it. 
Run across the section where the snakes jump across; I don't think you 
can just avoid them, so time your run so that you can punch the snake 
as it leaps into the air. Climb up the ladder and head left to try and 
get the key again. If you do get the key, just jump back over the gap 
and kill the swordy beasts, or drop down the hole and do the above if 
you need health. Climb all the way up the ladder and up the one on your 
right, then on your left, back to where you were at the start of this 

Now go down the ladder to your left and continue this way until you 
reach a bizarre eagle type thing with a bouncy blue ball in its hand. 
Get up close but be sure to duck to avoid its flame attack. Whenever 
there's no flame to hurt you, jump and kick the bouncy blue ball. Just 
keep doing this until it disappears. You now have the ability to shoot 
a wave of energy! Unfortunately, not for very long. Now run back right 
and see that little object to the right of the ladder? Walk into it and 
you will be teleported to the top of the level.

NOTE: You can actually get the wave attack before getting the yellow 
key, but you will probably lose the wave attack when fighting the axe 
carrying monsters, thus rendering you useless for the next battle. Like 
I said, you need to do things in the right order.

At your new location, climb up the ladder to your left, run right, and 
prepare for a (very easy) fight. After running right for a while, a 
large evil ship type thing will appear. Shoot the crap out of it with 
your wave attack, but be sure not to let it touch you. Run back to the 
left to avoid it, don't worry about the giant wall that has magically 
appeared, the ship doesn't come close enough to harm you. Just keep 
shooting it and eventually it will die in a cloud of lovely sparkly 

Unfortunately you have now lost your wave attack. But that's okay, 
persevere and later on you get to use an awesome gun thing. Anyway, 
run right. Don't stop except to punch six axe wielding men, then climb 
up the first ladder you see. Run all the way left, punching four axe 
creatures along the way, then punch the lever at the end. I'm not 
actually sure what the lever does, as I'm not willing to play through 
the game without hitting it. I imagine it lowers a bridge or something. 
Anyway, run back right - you'll have to punch about nine swordy beasts - 
and climb the first ladder up. To your right is a full health potion; 
grab it now if you need it, otherwise wait until you've done the next 
bit. Head left and run under each eyeball, standing safely between each 
one before running under the next. After getting past three eyes, a red 
demon thing will fly towards you, so punch it. After another five 
eyeballs, another red demon appears so punch that too. Keep going left 
after the eyes and pick up the silver key from the corpse of the dead 
creature (which is really immensely cool, I think). Run back right to 
the ladder and climb down, repeating the whole eye dodging demon 
punching routine you just went through. Climb down the ladder on your 

NOTE: I should point out I don't actually know what the silver key does. 
I think you need it to get to the jetpack level after the castle (yes, 
there's a jetpack level later) but I really don't know. You might not 
need it at all. Then again, both keys you collect are shown as being 
silver in the top right of the screen, so maybe it's the yellow key's 
use that eludes me. Basically, if you want to you might want to try not 
doing the whole silver key bit.

Head right and climb up the ladder, timing it so you don't emerge and 
get hit by the snail. When you're up, duck and punch it and head down 
the ladder on the right. Start left, but watch out as a blue shadowy 
winged thing will leap out. Punch him, as he will just become an 
annoyance if you don't. Duck the fireballs spat out by the dragon heads 
and make your way through them, standing between each head for safety. 
Another blue shadow winged thing will jump down after four or so heads 
so watch out. Past the dragon heads, run under the Psygnosis logos (was 
that meant to be a challenge?) and head down the ladder. You need to 
time this right because you can't duck and punch the fast moving slug, 
so you'll need to climb down, jump over it and then climb down the next 
ladder, hopefully without getting hit. From here, run right and punch 
the wasp, trying not to get scared by the skulls flying overhead. Move 
further right and the skulls will fly towards you, along with a wasp. 
There's not much you can do but keep punching, inevitably you will lose 
some health here. But that's okay, because further right there's a full 
health potion! Climb down the ladder, duck and punch the weird jelly 
slinky thing, down the next ladder and kill the other jelly slinky 
thing (this one likes to hop on the spot).

Run right, past the bizarre statue. A giant wasp will drop sparkly 
things on you as a flaming slug or something run along the ground. 
No matter what I do here, I can't seem to get past without getting 
hit so you might as well just run through it. If you want to try 
jumping and avoiding the sparkles and the flamy thing, then give it a 
shot, but you'll still probably lose a hit. Go down the ladder at the 
end, timing it so you avoid the red thing on the ceiling. Punch it then 
head down the ladder. To the right is the boss of the tree (yes, you're 
nearly at the end of this section!) but head up the ladder on the left, 
then down the next one again being careful to avoid the ghost. Once on 
the ground punch the ghost and head up the big ladder on the left. At 
the top you will receive a power punch potion - this is what you need to 
beat the boss. Head back down the ladder, all the way to the bottom. Go 
left and stand under the first overhead engine thing. When the flame 
under the second goes out, run and stand under the third. Flames will 
appear under the second and fourth engines, and sometimes they hit you 
for no reason (highlighting the unfairness of the game; flames can hit 
you when you're not touching them but your punch won't work unless you 
time it to perfection). Once the flames are out, head right and prepare 
for the boss.

Follow the spikes as they rise and fall in their pattern, ducking to 
avoid the boss' short range fire attack. When the final spike has gone 
down, stand where it was, duck and punch the crap out of the boss. 
There are then two different methods of killing this guy:

i) Time it perfectly so that when the spike behind you falls, you move 
left to safety without getting hit by the spike you were standing above, 
then moving back and punching the boss again.

ii) Just ducking and punching. You'll lose no more than three health 
points or so from the spike and he dies before the spike comes around a 
second time.

Once he's beaten, your beast automatically runs into the next door 
(using one of the keys) and you can climb up the well.

NOTE: So that's what the well is for! As I said at the beginning of 
this, most people who play this game remember going down a well and 
then not being able to go any further. That's certainly my memory of 
playing this around fifteen years ago. Well howdy doody, all it is is 
an exit from the tree.


Now get ready for the game to get properly difficult. This whole 
section is just enemy after enemy and it's where most people die, so 
prepare to be frustrated if you're not using the invincibility cheat or 
save states.

Head right and the music will change. Quickly a large green man will 
jump towards you; you can punch him and kill him without actually 
touching him so no need to get close. Keep going right and kill the 
meatball-bat hybrid, followed by the blue monster with its arms in the 
air. Punch the rock pile to get two extra health points, followed by 
two more rock piles and two more blue flaily arm monsters. Keep heading 
right and some pulsating orbs will begin circling around you. Move 
right so that you can punch them as they come down without getting hit. 
When they're gone, move right and the ones you didn't punch will come 
at you head on; punch them and take care to avoid the veiny pokey 
things that come from the ground. Keep heading right into an area with 
trees, punching the hedgehog thing that drops down.

Run right out of the tree area and you'll get to a foreboding looking 
statue. Just punch it open and punch the thing that comes out before - 
you guessed it - heading right. Duck and punch the spider thing, then 
continue right, being careful to avoid the big yellow thorn things (two 
more spider things will crawl along the floor too). Avoiding these 
things that come out of the ground is very difficult, so don't be 
annoyed if they hit you lots. Keep heading right, and a bat will 
approach from behind at an annoying height (i.e. you can't duck it but 
can't punch it either). Turn and jump kick it, although be warned it's 
hard to time it right. Punch the three piles of rocks for two extra 
health points each, and keep heading right.

You'll encounter another set of pulsating orbs and veiny pokey things, 
except this time the orbs are purple. Further right is a large grid of 
eyes that seem to grow and shrink in and out of existence. Move across 
when the eyes are gone and stand in the safe gaps to avoid being hit. 
Two hedgehog things will run towards you while you're doing this, so 
punch them. Move right still, past a couple of trees and punch a weird 
green plant-tuba creature, then another one a bit more to the right. 
Keep moving until a large red dragon appears and drops a bomb (with bat 
wings?) while a flying demon attacks from the left. Turn and jump kick 
the demon, then wait for the bomb to explode before continuing right. 

A wasp will fly at you so punch it. Make your way through more things 
that come up from the ground - this time they're giant grasping hands. 
A wasp might attack you while you're doing this. After the hands, keep 
moving right, and a rocket will shoot from behind; just duck it. Moving 
further right, another rocket will approach whilst a large green man 
will come at you from the other direction. Stand still, jump the rocket 
(again, timing is critical) and just keep hitting punch, hopefully the 
green man won't hit you. Another two green men will attack as you keep 
running right. Then a green man AND a plant-tuba man will attack, 
followed by another green man. Punch punch punch. More heading right 
and a wasp will approach. Punch it. Keep running right, duck another 
rocket, punch another plant-tuba and you will be at a large pillar with 
a gargoyle on top. Well done - you have reached the castle and are safe 
for now. Move right past the castle door and jump to collect the torch 
on the wall. There's nothing beyond here so head back to the door and 
go in.


NOTE: If you have the invincibility cheat on, you might as well go and 
get the gun straight away. It just makes this whole level much more 
fun if you can shoot everything.

I know I said prepare for the game to get properly difficult at the 
beginning of the last section, but really, the toughness starts here. 
After the lovely text, head left and up the ladder. The best thing you 
can do here is to keep running right. A lot of times in this level you 
are going to get hit and there's nothing you do. So keep running right, 
if the laser beams dropped by the craft are going to zap you jump to 
avoid them. You will have to punch about two jumpy blue things and 
three or four rolling skulls before you reach the ladder at the end. 
Climb down when the green snake thing jumps to the right, then punch it 
when it jumps back. Climb up the ladder and drop off to the left, 
collecting the full health potion before continuing left. Some swords 
will fall from above, stand still in the middle of them to avoid them. 
Keep going left, punching two jumping stone things whilst avoiding the 
giant black droplets. Further left, jump over the little trapdoor guys 
and their projectiles and punch the green dudes (or drop kick them); 
it's kinda hard to do this part without getting hit.

Climb up the ladder and when the creature jumps to its highest point on 
the left, quickly climb up past it. Up top, head right. Edge forward 
slowly at first, and when you encounter a bouncing black ball turn 
around and punch the pink ghost that floats your way. Run under the 
black ball and punch the archer in the chest. Run further right, 
punching two axes on the way, then on to a tricky bit. You can time it 
so you run past the little dudes with crucifixes in their heads, only 
punching one or two along with the flying red demon that appears, but 
it's likely you will get hit. Further right, punch the axe, followed by 
the two black leg bones and collect the spanner/wrench at the end.

Run back left, all you'll have to deal with again is the red demon and 
two axes (turn around to punch them) and the pink ghost back near the 
ladder you came up. Run left past the ladder you came up, punching the 
two leaping green snakes, and go down the ladder at the end. Go right, 
almost immediately punch a red flying demon, followed by three flying 
axes and then down the ladder. There's absolutely nothing to left so 
jump kick the red guy on the ceiling and head right. Drop down a couple 
of times and you'll be back at the first ladder you climbed in the 

Now it's time to get a gun that'll (briefly) make things much easier. 
Go left, timing it so you run under the spiders with space to jump over 
the creepy crawly on the floor - you may want to jump kick over the 
creepy crawly as a barrel will fly towards you. Keep heading left, 
punch the next barrel and climb down the ladder. Head right, and just 
stop to punch anything that comes your way. A couple of barrels will 
attack from behind, two huge headless bodies will jump at you along 
with a couple of axes, and two red demons will fly towards you before 
you get to the ladder and climb down it. Head left, punch the mustardy 
guy hanging from the ceiling, then two barrels, then pick up the gun - 
hoorah! Now head back right, turning around to shoot the barrels that 
roll at you from behind a couple of times.

When you see the ladder you came down, STOP. Get ready for some rapid 
firing, as when you go further right a swarm of wasps will attack, with 
four of them directly headed at you. Shoot them all down. In fact, it's 
probably a good idea to shoot non-stop. When you get to the machine 
next to the electricity beam, duck to turn it off - that's why you need 
to get the spanner/wrench before you get the gun (those using the cheat 
can just walk straight through the beam). Go up the ladder. Go left, 
drop off the edge, shoot the barrel and go up the next ladder. You'll 
now be just to the right of the castle entrance.

Now run right, firing your gun. You will shoot a couple of mini 
hedgehog things and hopefully avoid all the stuff falling from the 
ceiling. You can try to stop and turn to shoot the little flying pink 
guys that appear (three of them in total) but in my experience I 
usually get hit by one, and even if I shoot all three of them I get hit 
by something else while I'm doing it. Climb down the ladder at the end. 
Head left, shooting continuously. You will take out two pink guys, and 
at the end is a swarm of giant bullets like the swarm of wasps you 
encountered earlier. Climb down the ladder and get ready for the 
incredibly difficult castle boss.

Head right and you'll see the Hydra-type dragon. It shoots fireballs in 
three directions, all of them aimed at where you want to stand. You 
need to stand in the alcove created by the dragon heads so that the 
little orange spot is visible onscreen, then shoot it to bits. You can 
do this by ducking in and out during gaps between fireballs, but it's 
difficult. If you have the health, you can do it by another method; 
simply jump into the alcove after the horizontal fireball, duck and 
keep firing. You will get hit no more than four times before the boss 
dies. Yup, it's kind of cheaty and non-tactical, but a game this 
difficult deserves it. Head right once the boss is yet another lovely 
sparkly mist and you will enter the next level. And it's even harder 
than this one...


There's not a lot I can really say to help you here. I'd imagine most 
hardcore fans that played this when it was first released got to this 
level every time they played. I would think they could do everything up 
to this point, maybe once or twice they got to the boss of this section 
or even the graveyard, but it was the damn jetpac level that they 
always died on. All I can do is offer you general tips. So good luck. 

-Never stop shooting. Shoot shoot shoot.

-Keep moving right, unless you come to and enemy that is going to hit 
you. Then move back or up and down to kill it shoot it. Lots of groups 
of things attack you during this level so it can be difficult. Duh.

-The larvae things on the ceiling shoot out three projectiles. You 
should try and avoid this whilst continuing to move right past them.

-The little pot things on the ground can be shot to get health potions. 
However, when they explode they fire off projectiles that can hurt you. 
Grab the healthy anyway - they give you two extra health points, so 
even if you get hit you're still gaining one health point.

-Despite the little pot things being on the ground, don't move along 
the bottom of the level. There are a couple of parts where you can get 
trapped (some orange stars fire in an arc, a couple of pot things don't 
have health but fire projectiles)

-Move past the grid of eyes in the same way you did when approaching 
the castle.

When the tunnel ends and you move into an unbordered area, prepare for 
an excruciatingly annoying boss. Basically, the two mouths fire 
alternately whilst an eye on the end of a tentacle thing moves up and 
down. When the bottom mouth fires, the eye covers it, when the top 
mouth fire, the eye moves up to cover that. What you have to do is move 
right until you're right up again the mouth that isn't firing WHILST 
shooting your gun, then back off, hopefully avoiding the eye and the 
next mouth projectile. You can't move to where you want to be, fire, 
then back off. You need to shoot as you pass the eye - by moving right, 
you make the screen scroll along, exposing the weak point of the boss, 
meaning your shot hits it. This boss is annoying and overly tough (like 
the rest of the game really) but with patience you'll beat it. It too 
becomes a mist of sparkly stuff, so move right and prepare for the 
final level.


This level has awesome music. So there. It's now dark and this section 
is essentially a harder version of approaching the castle. Actually it 
might be easier. Regardless, you need to be quick and on your toes in 
order to finish the game, as the key to this section is punching things 

Head right. Immediately a white ghost will attack, so punch it. Notice 
how much faster it was? Everything is that fast on this level. Continue 
right. Punch a flying green demon (the awesome music should being about 
now), followed by another as you punch the first tombstone for two 
extra health points. DO NOT punch the second tombstone, it takes away 
two health points. A pink guy will fly at you when you get to the 
second tombstone, so the best thing to do is to stop a few steps before 
the tombstone to punch him and avoid exposing the bad pickup. Punch the 
third tombstone for another two health points - but again, stop a 
couple of steps before it, turn and punch the white flying thing. 
Continue right.

Punch the pink flying thing then stop a few steps in front of the 
skeletal guys so that another pink flying thing appears and punch it. 
Progress right, punching the skeletal guys and several pink flying 
things. Continue right. Stop a few steps before the first tombstone to 
punch another pink flying thing, then punch the tombstone for two 
health points. As you do so a white guy will fly from behind so turn 
and punch it. Again, the second tombstone contains a pickup that will 
take away two health points, so move just past it and a pink flying 
thing will approach. Punch it. Sorry if I'm being repetitive or obvious 
with telling you to punch things, but I think the only way to beat this 
game is to know where every enemy is. That's how we used to finish 
really hard games back in "the day"; memorise where every enemy is.

Anyway, stop just before the third tombstone and a green winged demon 
will fly at you, punch it and then the tombstone for two extra health 
points. Continue right. Punch another green winged demon, followed by a 
white flying thing that comes from behind, then a pink flying thing 
that attacks head on. Keep going right. Some guys with crucifixes in 
their heads will jump in pattern like they did in the castle - I find 
it best just to keep going right, punching them. Go right more. Punch a 
ghost. Further right. Stand still when the giant wasp goes overhead and 
stand inbetween the sparkly things it drops to avoid them. Move right 
again. The wasp will do the same thing twice more. Go right again. You 
need to jump onto the spiked area when the spikes are still up, so that 
you land just as they go into the ground, then jump again over to the 
other side. Timing is crucial here and I've only gotten across them 
once unscathed (it was a fluke). Now head further right, punching a 
flying pink thing and about six green snakes on the way. Head right and 
get ready for the big boss of the game, the Beast himself.

NOTE: Actually, I'm not sure whether he's the Beast or if you're the 
Beast. I assume you've been living in the SHADOW of the BEAST, so I 
assume he's the Beast. Or maybe because you're really human, you've 
been living in the SHADOW of the BEAST. I don't know. It's far too good 
an idea to be in a game like this.

Surprisingly, the final boss is easy easy easy. He has a giant club 
which he uses to try and smash you as you punch his toe into 
submission. You're supposed to punch his toe and then move to avoid his 
club. But because the game is so unfair, it's completely random and 
you'll probably get smushed anyway. So if you have the health, use the 
same tactic I suggested for the castle boss; stand by the toe and punch 
away. You will get hit ONCE.

And that's it. You've just beaten one of the most notoriously 
impossible games ever created. Strange how the final boss is such a 
pushover and wouldn't even pass for a first level boss in other games, 
but the rest of the game is so nefariously hard. Oh well. Maybe someday 
someone will finish the Amiga version and they will gain Highlander-type 
mystical powers.


[+++] ABOUT THE AUTHOR [+++]

My name is Mike Foster. I am a film student in the city of Cambridge, 
in England. I remember Shadow of the Beast. I remember how difficult it 
is. I saw there were no walkthroughs. I saw a chance to make a 
contribution to society. I made the walkthrough. I became a king 
amongst men. And also women.

If you would like to email me, please do so. I love emails from random 
strangers, especially those familiar with Shadow of the Beast. My email 
address is:

mikes_secret_toast "at" hotmail "dot" com

Use your local World War 2 decoder to work out what "at" and "dot" 
might really mean. I'd love to hear from you if you just want to say 
thanks for writing this walkthrough, talk about memories of Shadow of 
the Beast from fifteen or so years ago, or if you've completed the 
Amiga version and want to tell me what's different.

I would like to thank my parents, without whom I wouldn't be possible. 
Ergo this FAQ wouldn't exist, you wouldn't be reading it right now. In 
another time stream on a parallel dimension or reality, I don't exist, 
and you're doing something else right now. Isn't that scary? Answer: No.

Shadow of the Beast is copyright of whoever made it for the Genesis, 
Psygnosis or whatever. Even though I don't think they even exist 
anymore, they probably got bought up by Sony or were owned by Sony in 
the first place. Sony owns everything now. Even the dreams of small 

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