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Build Early Math Skills With Your Favorite Sesame Street Characters!

The fun begins when Grover takes an order from the customer at the Counting Cafe. Help him fill the order by guiding him through the kitchen - counting, climbing, and jumping while collecting food items.

Your favorite Sesame Street characters add, subtract or magically change the food you've collected. Grover gets a star for each correct order. Be careful of Bert will toss an egg onto Grover's tray and alter the order!

Watch out! A mischievous monkey steals Grover's star. Help Grover jump, walk and climb to get his star back!

A Kid's Action Game Combining Early Math Skills And Fun
- Designed especially for 3 to 6 year old by Children's Television Workshop
- Develop math and problem solving skills
- 15 Sesame Street characters
- 36 progressively challenging levels of play
- Two games in one: both math and action activities

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