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Reviewed: 06/29/01 | Updated: 06/29/01

An amazing platformer!!

Rolo to the Rescue has very colorful and bright graphics, which suits this type of game very well. The levels all vary in color and this makes the game attractive. The characters are all well animated and their different attacks are all done especially well. It is 2D so there is very little slowdown even when there are numerous enemies on the screen.
The music in the game is as you would expect from a 2D platformer. It is very catchy, slightly repetitive but not annoying. This is what makes the music so good, as you don’t need to put a CD on in the background. The sound effects are also very good. You get some very good quality sound effects when the special attacks are used.
Game play
Although this is a 2D platformer there is still innovation made in the game play. I thought when I heard that it was a platformer that it would be a Mario clone, but this game surprised me. As Rolo it is your job to rescue the animals from the evil circus ringleader. So you walk around as Rolo and get different animals to join your team. These then perform different moves, like the rabbit can jump really high and Rolo can suck objects and spit them out. Unfortunately EA decided against making a new way to kill the enemies and resorted to making you jump on their head that was the only disappointment for me.
Level design
This is good but not great. The look of the levels is good but sometimes you will end up getting lost and not knowing what you have to do. There are lots of secrets hidden around which can only be accessed with different animals and this adds to the game.
The difficulty of the game seems to vary which is good, but it seems to go to extremes rather than getting it right. Sometimes you will find yourself rushing through a level and wondering where it happened but then you will find yourself with levels that you just get annoyed at as you have to try and do the same series of jumps several times. Overall though the difficulty is good, if you look past the annoying levels.
I think that this game lacks the replay value of some other platformers around. But this game is huge; the map is very large and will take a long time to complete. I find myself playing Rolo to the Rescue today just to see what the game is like, and I still find it immensely playable.
This is a hidden gem for the Genesis, as its large map and great playability put it down for a classic status. The graphics and audio are good and most importantly it is fun to play!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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