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Reviewed: 09/29/10

Elephants are supposed to be stable

Rolo To The Rescue is a Platform game developed by Vectordean. I can remember only one tiny mention of this game in a Disney magazine I’ve bought when I was veeeeeery young. The concept of the game was good but what I liked most back then, (god I’m old), was its cute, cartoonish look. I’m glad I’ve never paid to play it back then because I’ve found out through emulation that the game unfortunately sucks…

Story: N/A

Rolo the elephant escaped the circus and now wants to rescue his animal buddies. Whaaat?!? Did you expect an epical quest or something?

Gameplay: 3/10
Replay Value: 1/10

The concept of Rolo To The Rescue is simple but it is supposed to be fun. You must rescue as many animals as possible in each stage in order to unlock the exit. You can also swap between the various animals you’ve saved in order to reach some secret areas or just move on with the game. The rabbit for example can jump really high, the mole can dig and so on. So where does the game fail? In 3 major sections: First of all the game has no save or password feature and since it is a relatively big exploration game where you can replay levels in order to find secrets it makes me wonder about the developers sanity. 2nd problem, the levels become more and more boring and repetitive after a while since it is just a matter of jump from that platform to the other one and nothing more. And finally the main problem of the game… its very, very, very, bad and very-very-very-very-very-very slippery controls and when I say slippery I mean that your elephant feels like he is ice-skating.

Graphics: 6.8/10
Design: 6.8/10
Sound: 5.5/10
Music: 5/10

Rolo looks quite good in its cartoon-for-5-year-old’s kind of way. All spites have nice design although unoriginal. I mean why bother with simple forest animals when you can play videogames filled with aliens, monsters, etc. Besides the small nitpicking though, Rolo is a good-looking game. Now the sound effects and the music are nothing special… apart from the fact that the music is a tad more cute and repetitive than I can handle, nothing really bad, (of good), that I can thing off.

-err… nice concept???
-Good graphics

-Very bad controls
-Somewhat boring levels
-A game that NEEDS a save feature

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Overall: 4.7/10

Final Verdict: There are tons of better games out there so why bother with this one?

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Rolo to the Rescue (US, 12/31/92)

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