• Drive Anywhere

    To drive anywhere on the track, go to Set Options, then press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Right, Left.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Infinite Bullets

    For infinite bullets, enter the Buy Equipment screen, then press Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Infinite Money

    At the main screen showing your racing stats, driver, money etc. Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. $250,000 will be added to your cash. You can do this as many times as you want.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Unlock Inferno in VS Mode

    To unlock this planet in VS Mode, go to Change Planets and press Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right. Inferno will now be available to select.

    Contributed By: aces4839.

  • Unlock Olaf

    To unlock Olaf, at the character select screen, press Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.


  • Codes for any character and powered up cars in any division

    These codes allow you to play with any player including Olaf the Last Viking (hidden character) with a fully powered up car.

    RM20 RS!V XWJ!Rookie - Flea
    8M2H RSYV XWJ!Rookie - Hawk
    RM1H RSKV XWJ!Rookie - Jake
    8M20 RS6V XWJ!Rookie - Katarina
    RM10 RSTV XWJ!Rookie - Olaf
    RM2H RS2V XWJ!Rookie - Snake
    8M1H RSFV XWJ!Rookie - Tarquinn
    HM2W RS!V XWJ!Veteran - Flea
    0M2C RSYV XWJ!Veteran - Hawk
    HM1C RSKV XWJ!Veteran - Jake
    OM2W RS6V XWJ!Veteran - Katarina
    HM1W RSTV XWJ!Veteran - Olaf
    HM2C RS2V XWJ!Veteran - Snake
    0M1C RSFV XWJ!Veteran - Tarquinn
    8M28 RS!V XWJ!Warrior - Flea
    RM2R RSYV XWJ!Warrior - Hawk
    8M1R RSKV XWJ!Warrior - Jake
    RM28 RS6V XWJ!Warrior - Katarina
    8M18 RSTV XWJ!Warrior - Olaf
    8M2R RS2V XWJ!Warrior - Snake
    RM1R RSFV XWJ!Warrior - Tarquinn

    Contributed By: Ko_Enshaku.

  • Passwords for Veteran skill level

    6!!W R429 RJ6Qpart 1 of planet 2
    3KWW C92J RJ6Qpart 1 of planet 3
    4SBW Z52N 8S8Ppart 1 of planet 4
    7!7V 7G1X 8S8Ppart 1 of planet 5
    XFDW S60V WS6Mpart 2 of planet 1
    Y26W M609 RJ6Qpart 2 of planet 2
    WHGW CL0D 8S8Ppart 2 of planet 3
    X0NV MT0N 8S8Ppart 2 of planet 4
    3LLW RGZX 5TF9part 2 of planet 5

    Contributed By: Alekhnovich.

  • Play as Snake, fully loaded car, any difficulty, any planet, any division

    These codes allow you to play as Snake with loads of money and a fully powered up car.

    SPFH 7G2B XWJ!Rookie - Bogmire
    J5YH Z70B XWJ!Rookie - Bogmire, Div A
    Q40H HT23 XWJ!Rookie - Bogmire, Div B
    HQWH T80V XWJ!Rookie - Chem IV, Div A
    G!!H JN03 XWJ!Rookie - Drakonis, Div A
    Q40H HT23 XWJ!Rookie - Drakonis, Div B
    S5YC Z70B XWJ!Veteran - Bogmire, Div A
    JPFC YG2B XWJ!Veteran - Bogmire, Div B
    RQWC T80V XWJ!Veteran - Chem IV, Div A
    Q!!C JN03 XWJ!Veteran - Drakonis, Div A
    G40C HT23 XWJ!Veteran - Drakonis, Div B
    T5YC Z70L XWJ!Veteran - New Mojave, Div A
    K5YC Z72L XWJ!Veteran - New Mojave, Div B
    L5YC Z7ZV XWJ!Veteran - NHO, Div A
    B5YC Z71C XWJ!Veteran - NHO, Div B
    15YR Z70B XWJ!Warrior - Bogmire, Div A
    9PFR 7G2B XWJ!Warrior - Bogmire, Div B
    0QWR T80V XWJ!Warrior - Chem IV, Div A
    Z!!R JN03 XWJ!Warrior - Drakonis, Div A
    740R HT23 XWJ!Warrior - Drakonis, Div B
    W5YR Z723 XWJ!Warrior - Inferno, Div A
    45YR Z713 XWJ!Warrior - Inferno, Div B
    25YR Z70L XWJ!Warrior - New Mojave, Div A
    !5YR Z72L XWJ!Warrior - New Mojave, Div B
    V5YR Z7ZV XWJ!Warrior - NHO, Div A
    35YR 271V XWJ!Warrior - NHO, Div B

    Contributed By: Ko_Enshaku.

  • View ending

    To view the ending of the game, enter the password RG1Y 5HP1 2F!!

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

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