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Reviewed: 04/07/00 | Updated: 04/07/00

It's Donald Duck as the name says.

Out comes the quacking duck that is going on to his adventure, armed with a lame sticky arrow to shoot enemies who are disturbing him on his way, Donald Duck.

Graphics – 9
The graphics are quite beautiful, with bright colours that the game used mostly red and yellow. Certain stages are quite dull as if in a labyrinth, dark and blue. The backgrounds are quite detailed and moving, together with the fast, rapid animations that make this game look good. There are also different sceneries in the game like in the Egypt or palace or in the normal town’s street.

Music – 9
The background music throughout the game is a bit ‘ducky’, in my humble opinion. Sounds like another duck theme but some can be quite eerie. The sound effects like the shooting of Donald Duck’s weapons are quite good.

Gameplay – 8
Another action game but it’s a bit like an RPG since you need to take items to unlock stages. It can be a bit annoying since you have to go to the same stage over again just to collect an item. Donald has only one weapon that you use mostly throughout the game and it is a sticky arrow. Some are bubbles to destroy bricks (surprising, isn’t it?) and others are red arrow to climb walls and more.

If you don’t have certain item or don’t know what to do, you’ll probably be stuck at that particular stage forever unless you do something. Goofy will appear at the end of certain stages to tell you what to do. The enemies on the way can get literally annoying. Other than that, the bosses are even harder!

Story – 7
Why must Donald Duck go all the way for an adventure? Well, Donald found a treasure map and he wanted to give it as a present to Daisy. The bad guy heard him and wanted to get it too and always appeared in the stages. Donald’s faithful nephews wanted to follow too and four of them set off in an aeroplane.

Replayability – 6
There are nothing to do once you finish the whole game. Just replay it for the sake of fun and boredom.

Overall – 8
It’s nice but can be a bit hard. This game should be a little easier. You may want to give this game a try.

Rating: 8

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