Review by STEVEW

Reviewed: 01/07/04

One Of The Great Adventure Classics!

This game may have come out a long time ago, But, It's a great game with some good graphics and a wonderful storyline. A storyline which sees Donald Duck Travel across a variety of different lands to reach the Treasure, after Scrooge finds an old map in a book. Accompanied by Hewie Dewey and Louie they fly to different locations. There are some bosses which can be hard at times. And it also includes some appearances by some other Disney characters.

The game is filled with alot of troublesome enemies, how do you take them out? With a Plunger Gun of course! You can also climb walls with it as well. You do use other weapons as well, (but not too many).What is pretty cool that In The game Donald collects peppers (I think they are peppers) And when he gets some, he gets angry and charges, being invincible for a short period of time. It is 2d but the graphics are very well done for Genesis, They are very clear and you can get into the game without graphics being a problem.


This game has great gameplay, The screen moves as you move, revealing more screen for you to move, enimies could be there as well. There are a lot of different areas, and tasks to do, which makes this game very fun but challenging. You can use your weapons in more ways than one which is great. I must say, that with The Genesis not having many games like this, It really is great.


Of Course with it being Genesis, You can't expect PS2 graphics but they don't look all that bad, The backgrounds look quite well done, I think that most of them stand out. When you hit an enemy, there is a hit animation, which stuns them for a few seconds. Overall, good graphics for a Genesis game.


As I explained before, the Storyline is excellent, taking Donald all around the map that he gets, trying to find ancient treasure, It is a wonderful storyline backed up with the great gameplay and graphics.

Rent Or Buy? Well I guess, today, you probably couldn't do either, It's a shame because I think that this game should be brought, or even rented, because it is a classic adventure game, If You can, you should really have a go with this game, because there aren't many adventure games like this! Have Fun Playing It!

Rating: 10

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