Review by JRG08

Reviewed: 08/22/03

One of the best side scrollers ever

In late 1991, Sega released this excellent and much underrated game. Travel around the world with Donald Duck in your search for special items in your search for King Garuzia's treasure.

This game was released about the same time as the mighty Super NES, and it could compete with anything that system had to offer. Some of the best 16-bit graphics ever. The characters are all very detailed and colorful. The bosses are even better. Of course there is the animation of Donald himself when he gets tired of standing in one place for too long. The best thing this game offers in terms of graphics is the backgrounds--which are simply outstanding. Each stage greatly varies from the next, from Egypt to Mexico, to the amazing opening stage in Duckberg.

The sound effects set the stage perfectly, as they change from the energetic tunes from Duckberg to Mexico, to the quiet, eerie sounds of the Mexican pyramid to Transylvania. The sound effects are all right on as well.

A combination of the normal side scroller, run and jump, kill your enemies game with an element of strategy. You have to jump from one stage to another in your search for items such as the red plunger, Sphynx Tear, or Staff of Rah. There are also a few different weapons that can be used in various locations to help Donald maneuver through particular obstacles such as climbing walls or even destroying them. This helps add something that is missing in most normal arcade style action games. Great play control.

Nothing brand new here, but the classic storyline of setting off in search of a hidden treasure (though you'll be surprised to find out what it is). Jumping from one part of the world to another helps, though.

Okay, when you first start playing the game you won't understand. But as you progress further and further you'll see what I mean. The Maharajah level can be tough, but Egypt seems almost impossible. When you reach the final stages with disappearing'll need to take a break to calm down and relieve some frustration.

Fun Factor-10
If you like this classic stuff, it's a blast. That's all that needs to be said.

Replay value-8
After you've beaten the game, you'll definitely want to go back and play it some more, but maybe not all the way's just too tough in the later stages.

Buy or rent-But it! Why not? It's an awesome game you can find used for $5. Even if you don't have a Genesis, but one of those for $15.

Excellent game with astounding graphics and sound, great control, and hours of fun (the only complaint would be the difficulty, but some gamers thrive on that).

Rating: 10

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