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Reviewed: 08/08/03

This is no ordinary platformer ! This is a must !

This game starring Donald Duck has a very \'\'Indiana Jones\'\' feel so why not Indiana Duck ?


Donald finds a map indicating the location of an old treasure. Donald wants to find it to be richer than Uncle Scrooge, making a surprise to Daisy. He leaves in plane with his 3 nephews on a big adventure around the world ! But Big Bad Pete is also hunting for the treasure... The ending is surprisingly good...

Graphics -8/10

The graphics are nice-looking, nothing breathtaking but nothing bad either. Donald and the other characters are very well done and the enemies too. Each level is pretty representative, if you\'re in Transylvania, you really feel like you\'re in Transylvania. If you\'re in Mexico, it really looks like Mexico, etc. I really enjoyed some of the little details that were put into the graphics like for example, in the Transylvania Castle, the paintings on the walls... the eyes of the guy on the paintings were really moving !

Music/Sounds -8/10

The music is just fine. It fits perfectly and nothing ever seems out of place. It\'s good music, but nothing will stick into your head. The sounds are nice too, they sound good and aren\'t annoying.

Gameplay -9/10

Quackshot has a pretty good gameplay. You play as Donald Duck, searching for an ancient treasure in a hunt around the world. Donald doesn\'t visit every country but does visit some interesting ones like; Duckburg (somewhere in the States..), Mexico (Aztec ruins), Transylvania (Dracula castle), Viking GhostShip, South Pole, Maharaja\'s Palace, Egypt and a mysterious island... At the start of the game, 3 countries are available to go by plane but for certain, you\'ll need a specific item to continue. Like in Transylvania, you cannot go further until you get the BubbleGum Shooter and in Mexico, you cannot go further until you get a special key. The interesting element in this game are obviously the collectible items. You\'ll need to get items to get further into the game and you choose from 3 different weapons which you have to collect. You start off with the Yellow Plunger, which freezes your enemies for a short time but further in the game, you can use the BubbleGum Shooter and the PopCorn Shooter. You can also get the Red Plunger, which allow you to climb up walls in a very interesting way that is hard to describe here. Sometimes, the enemies will drop items, like food (for recovering your life meter), money (to make more points) and others. You can check up your items and use them (switch items, look, use..) via a window when you press Start. You can also collect Red Hot Chili Pepper and when your temper meter is full, Donald has a Quack Attack and becomes invincible. Donald is really funny in these occasions. So you go through a level, collect a special item and can then access the next country. There are sometimes bosses after certain levels, too. The game is a side-scrolling platformer so when you\'re not collecting items, you jump from platform to platform, over the pits and avoid the enemies and obstacles like in any other platformer. The game can sometimes be hard but a good thing is that you can get out of lives, but never out of continues. When you get Game Over, you can continue the adventure as many times as you wish. You start back at the start of the level you were in though. At certain places in a level, Donald will put up a flag into the ground so you can call the plane to go in another country at any time. I don\'t know what\'s so special about the game but it really has a little something that makes you unable to stop playing.

Overall -9/10

Genesis owners, get this game now.

Rating: 9

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