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Reviewed: 12/03/00 | Updated: 01/13/01

A game that is still fun.

Nowadays, when gaming is built towards the fastest and the most powerful, we forget about the old classics that shaped it to be. Luckilly, there is a disney one in the mix there as well. But, it ain't Mickey, it's donald, in...DUM, DUN-DUN DUM! Quackshot! Starring...DONALD DUCK!

Story: 7/10
Well, it's not that great, but better than some movies. The story is: Donald stumbles upon a map leading to peetes treasure. He has to decide whether to be with his date, daisy, or go around the world in search of the Treasure. He chooses the latter. Hewey, Dewey, and Lewey, also come along with their really weird plane.

Graphics: 8/10 (For a Genesis Game)

The graphics in this game are suprisingly good. there are no flaws, the backround moves ever so fluently with the character, and the only real downlet is that some of the environments are fairly bland in design. But, they have no flaws, so that's pretty good!

Gameplay: 9/10

This is some GOOD stuff! Donald travels all over the world with his sons to different locales like Maharaja, Egypt, and Mexico. From these locales, you will get certain objects that help you on your journey, and new weapons. Your basic weapon, a plunger, will become a popcorn shooter, and a bubble gum shooter! Of course, there will be pete and his lackeys to slow you down, and other beings, like boxing turtles, and Cacti (Yikes!). There is also the occaisonal boss fight. Also, if Donald gets 5 chili peppers, he will go bonanza, and become invincible for about 8 seconds. The only downlet is that little kids might not be able ot solve some of these puzzles, and the target age group is around 7-12. But, other than that, GREAT!

Difficulty: 8/10
This game has just the right amount of difficulty to keep your mind in check. Like I said, though, it may be a bit too difficult for the target age group.

Fun Factor: 9/10
It is really fun to play all through the game, and there is even a bit of strategy. But, unfortunately, by the time you get to the last stage, it'll start to get a bit tedious

Sound and Music: 7/10
Just your basic music, not much special about it. It's just different variations of keyboard music, and it can get your foot thumpin. But, it gets just plain annoying after awhile.

Replay Value: 7/10
You'll want to keep playing this. It is so fun, and it is a good game to play if you have a good chunk of time (It takes about 1-1.5 hours to beat it) to waste at home. Unfourtunately, you'll get nothing back but the satisfaction of winning.

Overall: 8/10
It is one of the classics. An overall fun game, worth taking time out for, and one for the ages.

Rating: 8

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