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Reviewed: 12/02/00 | Updated: 12/02/00

This game is actually pretty fun..

I remember a couple of years ago (or maybe it was just one year ago?), I was looking for some games to rent for the Sega Genesis. A local video store here actually does have a good amount of Genesis games. But anyways, I couldn't figure out what to rent. I kept looking at the back of the boxes (I always do that before renting something), and I think I narrowed it down to just a few games. For some reason, I rented a copy of Quackshot, a Donald Duck game. It turns out that Quackshot is a very fun side scrolling platform game (there are lots of those on the Genesis). I finally got to play the game again a week or so ago, so I figured I would give it a review. So, just how good is this Donald Duck game? Keep on reading to find out..

First of all, let me bring up the graphics. The graphics are very good looking, especially the backgrounds. I love the desert level's background, it just looks so cool. The characters look detailed enough and almost everything is very colorful. The animations are good, with no problems at all. Overall, good job done on the graphics.

Moving on to the gameplay section, Quackshot (weird name, huh?) has some great gameplay and controls. During the game, you will get some cool new weapons to use (if you can call bubblegum and plungers cool weapons), and you will meet up with a bunch of characters. There are some Disney characters like Goofy to be found and each character will give you a tidbit of information. You can only hear this information once, though, if I remember right. Oh well. Anyways, once you get to a certain part of the level, Donald Duck himself will plant a flag in the ground so you can call an airplane to pick you up. It is Huey, Dewey, and Louie flying the airplane to take you on your journey to get a treasure map for Daisy Duck. You can get flown (?) to the stage of your choice like Transylvania, the South Pole, and Egypt.

The weapons you get to use in Quackshot include a yellow plunger to temporarily knock out enemies, a red plunger to climb walls and to also temporarily knock out enemies, popcorn to kill enemies, and bubble gum to break bricks and kill enemies. They are, uh, interesting.

One thing I *almost* forgot to mention is that at the end of each stage or whatever you are doing, you will probably meet up with a character. The character will be different each time (If I remember right). One of them (I forget the name), will restock your supply of bubblegum ammo if you are running low. Cool.

Wondering how the sound is? Well, it is actually quite good. The music seems original, and each city has its own music. Plus, each thing of music fits that area perfectly. It's great stuff. Now as for the sound effects, I never really noticed many except for like shooting plungers and stuff. For what there is, I suppose it is good enough.

Should you rent or buy Quackshot? If you can find it for around $5 or less, then by all means buy it if you like these types of games. I suggest atleast giving this game a rent if you are not sure of buying. You (hopefully) won't be disappointed.

Shady's Final Analysis:

There are sooooo many side scrolling platform games on the Sega Genesis, so you are probably wondering if good ol' Quackshot is worth playing. In a word - yes. Give it a try, even if you have played many of the other hundreds of ''side scrolling platform games''. Overall, Quackshot gets an 8 out of 10 from me, Shady. Booyah.

Rating: 8

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