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Reviewed: 10/01/00 | Updated: 10/01/00

What's all this about Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck makes good games too!

When I first saw this game, I immediately assumed that it wasn't something I'd like to play. All it took was my friend to play it in front of me and soon I was grabbing the controller to play. I was amazed at how fun this game is along with the visual and audio greatness that comes with it. I'm glad I played this game in the past, it proves that trying new things pays off.

Onto the praises:

Storyline (9)
Donald's adventure begins when he finds a treasure map in Uncle Scrooge's office at the money bin. He decides to go treasure hunting but is secretly followed by members of Pete's gang. Donald eludes his unwanted company and gathers his nephews Huey, Louie, and Dewey along with a plane to travel the world. All goes well until Daisy Duck rampages onto the scene and angrily demands to know why Donald is late to eat dinner at her place. Donald explains to her that something has come up and he takes off with his nephews. Daisy explodes and shouts to high heaven as Donald flies away. Pete and his gang are drawn to the area by Daisy's angry shouting and they too take off in a plane and follow Donald. Will Donald reach the treasure before Pete and his gang? Will Donald solve the confusing puzzles that await him in his search? And will Donald get his neck broken by Daisy when he returns? I dunno, but the chase is on!

Graphics and visuals (10)
The graphics are very well done in this game. The characters are nicely rendered and with good animation. They are dressed nicely with colored clothing. Even the members in Pete's gang sport turbans in the desert stages. The backgrounds are superbly constructed. They are one of the best points in the entire game. Nicely colored and detailed stages are common in this game especially those of Translyvania and Mexico. Wonderful job in this category.

Sound and music (9)
The sounds are very clear; everything from the plunger shots to moving walls and floors. The music for each stage fits very well. These tunes are quite catchy; Translyvania and Egypt being the most memorable for me. But at any rate, all sounds and music for the game work exceptionally well.

Gameplay (9)
This is a high spot for the game since it's s'darn fun. This isn't your typical walk through platform side scroller. There are things you *must* get to advance in the game. You must also use your head when playing. There are puzzles to solve and secret paths to find. The Maharaja stage is one of the most baffling brain teasers on the game. The enemies and bosses offer good challenges. One thing I truly like about this game is the power line ride in Duckburg; that's so fun to do. The stages themselves are hard to negotiate; Egypt is one of the more difficult areas of the game. You can count on this! The gameplay is endured with a smile.

Replay value (8)
After beating this game, you might give it a rest...and with all good reason. It'll take a few days to play it over again but the fun will always be there.

Cast and Characters (10)
The characters in this game are easily recognized even if you're not into Disney that much. Special appearances include;
Donald- (the star of the game)
Goofy- (Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie and plenty of Disney cartoon shorts)
Daisy- (Quackpack and Disney cartoon shorts)
Huey, Louie and Dewey- (Ducktales, Ducktales the Movie, and Disney cartoon shorts)
Pete- (Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie and Disney cartoon shorts)
Uncle Scrooge- (Ducktales, Ducktales the Movie, and Disney cartoon shorts)
Gyro Gearloose- (Ducktales, and Ducktales the Movie)
--Other cameos include---
Sweet Senorita
Pip the Explorer
The Duck of Maharaja
Erik the Viking

Overall (9)
I love this game. The gameplay, audio, visual and replay values are high. And that's what makes a great game.

Rating: 9

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