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Reviewed: 07/13/07

The best game based on a water dwelling bird to date

Many moon ago, Walt Disney created a character in the form of an anthropomorphic duck named Donald. It really was a long time ago too. He has been a mainstay of children's entertainment ever since. In 1991, Quackshot was released for the Genesis, and platform gaming was never the same again.

Actually, that's a complete lie. Quackshot is a very formulaic, very simple 2-d platform game, but that doesn't stop it being hella fun compared to some of the other stuff that was released around that time.

The story is as follows: Donald is browsing Uncle Scrooge's library one day and finds a treasure map that once belonged to King Garuzia, of the old Duck Kingdom. Donald intends to find this treasure, but Big Bad Pete overhears Donald, and hopes to get their first. Donald hops in his little plane with his three nephews (Duey, Gooie and Ptooie, if my memory serves me right) and sets out to beat Pete to the prize awaiting them at the end.

The gameplay is standard of most platformers. It's side-scrolling, and you can run, jump and fire a rudimentary projectile. The projectile in question here is a plunger. The plunger only stuns enemies to be fair, allowing you to bypass them without harm to Donald. You can get different weapons though. You can fire popcorn and bubblegum through your pistol too, which actually does kill your foes. Later on in the game, your plunger gets upgraded. First, so that it sticks to walls, and you can climb up them with it, and then again so that it sticks to birds, and you can cling to the handle as the bird takes you places. Good eh?

There are several levels over the game, each in different locations around the world, and each looking pretty good. The graphics don't let the machine down, and the music is kind of catchy. Nothing worth writing home over though.

Most levels have some kind of requirement to finish. For example, you need a key to enter the latter stages of the Mexico level, or you need the Bubblegum ammo to break down a wall in a castle (yeah, you read that right). This almost puzzle element is good, as it adds a little extra life to the game. It's certainly a tad more sophisticated than a great deal of the other platform games of the time.

That said though, it doesn't stand up to the likes of the Sonic games and the Donkey Kong Country games, but it is a little harsh to compare what is in essence a lighthearted attempt to the two best series' of the genre.

If you say this game going for cheap somewhere, pick it up. It's worth a few hours of your time, and will keep you coming back for more with it's challenge and addictive gameplay.

Rating: 8

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