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Move List by shinkuu_nage

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/20/06

     ______ __             ____                 _        __
    /_  __// /_   ___     / __ \ __  __ ____   (_)_____ / /_   ___   _____
     / /  / __ \ / _ \   / /_/ // / / // __ \ / // ___// __ \ / _ \ / ___/
    / /  / / / //  __/  / ____// /_/ // / / // /(__  )/ / / //  __// /
   /_/  /_/ /_/ \___/  /_/     \__,_//_/ /_//_//____//_/ /_/ \___//_/

                 Command List and Move Analysis FAQ v 1.1
                      for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive
                             by Alex Stroheim



01 : Introduction
02 : Revision History
03 : Key
04 : Quick Reference
05 : Move Analysis
06 : Most Powerful Combos
07 : Home and Arcade Version Differences
08 : Help Wanted
09 : Credits
10 : Contact Details
11 : Disclaimer

01 : Introduction

This guide shows each move available to the player. There is a quick reference 
section for those that need to know how the moves are performed, followed by 
more in-depth move analysis that describes each move and gives you more 

Note that both the Punisher and Nick Fury share the same commands for their 
moves (eg qcf + A will execute a Heavy Attack with either character). In most 
cases the only differences are in the animation. Where the moves are 
different, I have included either <P:> or <N:> to signify the Punisher's or 
Nick Fury's version of a move.

This FAQ was written using the Genesis/Mega Drive port of the Punisher, 
however most of the information should also apply to the arcade version. 
Hopefully this guide will be of use to someone. 

02 : Revision History

Version 1.1 (20 Sep 06) :
- Added Section 07 : Home and Arcade Version Differences.
- Changed some move names to the official ones listed on the flyer.
- Added some missing moves listed in Naru2000's Punisher Arcade FAQ.
- Some formatting changes.

Version 1.0 (19 Aug 06) :
- FAQ written and submitted to C Jay C.

03 : Key

A             : Attack
J             : Jump
S             : Special Move
b             : Back (ie opposite direction you are facing)
f             : Forward (ie same direction you are facing)
u             : Up
d             : Down
+             : Do commands simultaneously
qcf           : Roll d-pad d,df,f
d-pad         : Any direction
far           : Outside strike range of opponent
_             : Or/alternate command
*             : Desperation move (costs energy when it connects with a target)
#             : Uses up 1 bomb stock
<P:>          : Punisher only
<N:>          : Nick Fury only

04 : Quick Reference

Sure-Killing Technique *      : S
Hit The Deck #                : S (when life bar is almost empty)
Heavy Attack                  : qcf + A

Jab                           : A
Double Jab                    : after Jab, A
Dashing Straight Punch        : after Double Jab, d-pad + A
                                _ after Straight Punch, d-pad + A
Straight Punch                : after Double Jab, A
Roundhouse Kick               : after Straight Punch, A

Ground Roll                   : u, u _ d, d _ b, b _ f, f 
                                (hold direction to roll further)
Dashing Attack                : during Ground Roll, A
Long Jump                     : during Ground Roll, J

Jumping Side Kick             : J, A
                                _ during Long Jump, A
Hand Grenade #                : J, S

Pick Up Item                  : while standing over item, A
Item Attack                   : while holding item, A
Throw Item                    : while holding an item, J, A
Throw Knife                   : far, while holding knife, A _ f + A 
Shoot Handgun                 : far, while handgun is equipped, A

Tie-Up                        : while touching enemy, f
                                (use d-pad to move while carrying opponent)
Tie-Up Attack 1               : during Tie-Up, A
Tie-Up Attack 2               : after Tie-Up Attack 1, A
Tie-Up Attack 3               : after Tie-Up Attack 2, A
Tie-Up Attack 4               : after Tie-Up Attack 3, A
Shoulder Throw                : during Tie-Up, d + A _ u + A _ f + A 
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 1, d + A _ u + A _ f + A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 2, d + A _ u + A _ f + A
Reverse Shoulder Throw        : during Tie-Up, b + A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 1, b + A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 2, b + A
Hell Swing *                  : during Tie-Up, S
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 1, S
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 2, S
Jumping Shoulder Throw        : during Tie-Up, J, A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 1, J, A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 2, J, A
Izuna Fall                    : during Tie-Up, J, d + A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 1, J, d + A
                                _ after Tie-Up Attack 2, J, d + A

Death Lift                    : Tie-Up with heavy opponent/object 
                                _ while near fallen enemy, A
                                (use d-pad to move while carrying opponent)
Overhead Throw                : during Death Lift, A
Jumping Overhead Throw        : during Death Lift, J, A

05 : Move Analysis

Sure-Killing Technique * <P : Foot Sweep> <N : Belt Spin>
The Sure-Killing Technique or desperation move hits enemies on all sides. Use 
it when surrounded to knock down enemies and give yourself some breathing 
room. Note that this will drain a small amount of your energy if it hits 
something. So only use it when you have to. Punisher will floor enemies with a 
funky looking Foot Sweep, while good ol' Nick uses his belt to whip some 
sense into his opponents. Your character will automatically do a Sure-Killing 
Technique after he loses a life.

Hit The Deck #
Your character will duck for cover, while at the same time triggering one of 
their grenades. This is the most powerful move in the game and unlike the 
normal hand grenade, this affects the whole playing area. Note that this uses 
up one bomb stock and can only be activated if your life bar is pretty much 
down to zero. Whether or not you'll even get to use this is very unlikely; if 
you can meet the steep requirements, then you're probably only one hit away 
from dying anyway.

Heavy Attack <P : Roundhouse Kick> <N : Standing Somersault Kick>
The Heavy Attack is a special move that will knock down almost all enemies in 
front of you. There are no energy losses from using this compared to the 360 
Attack, so it is very useful. Just make sure there's no one attacking you from 
behind when performing it as there is a small delay. Punisher uses a 
roundhouse, while Nick uses a modified version of Guile's and Charlie's 
patented Flash Kick/Somersault Shell.

A quick head-high punch useable by both heroes. It has low damage but high 
priority so you can use this to stop knives that are thrown at you as well as 
interrupting an enemy's slower attacks. If this connects, you can follow up 
with a...

Double Jab                   
Essentially identical to the Jab, this is the second string of the combo.

Dashing Straight Punch
This can be done early, by performing it after the Double Jab, or it can be 
delayed till after the Straight Punch. Either way, this is a useful attack 
that will end the combo and knock down most opponents. The punch can also be 
directed, so you can hit people that are behind you or slighty above or below. 
Due to its range and versatility, this is infinitely more useful than the 
regular Roundhouse Kick.

Straight Punch               
Similar to the Dashing Straight Punch, except your character doesn't dash and 
this attack can only hit opponents in front of you. This leads onto the...

Roundhouse Kick            
This will floor most enemies. The problem is that the range isn't very good, 
so this attack will sometimes miss. Forget about this and stick with the 
Dashing Straight Punch instead.

Ground Roll                  
Use this to avoid high attacks (eg enemies using flamethrowers). You can hold 
the second tap of the d-pad to travel further or release it to stop rolling

Dashing Attack <P : Dashing Side Kick> <N : Dashing Roundhouse Kick>
This will cancel the Ground Roll and hit enemies with a knock down 
attack. Punisher will hit enemies with a Side Kick, while Fury will attack 
with a Roundhouse Kick. The Dashing Attack has good range and recovery. This 
is the best move to use against enemies carrying the flamethrower.

Long Jump                    
This is useful if you need to get somewhere in a hurry. Your character will 
cover a lot more distance compared to a normal jump.

Jumping Side Kick            
The Jumping Side Kick will knock down most opponents. If you do this while 
jumping straight up, your character will be travel forward slightly. This 
will be your bread and butter move against most bosses and tough enemies. It 
is very useful in hit-and-run situations. As far as I know, this is the only 
jumping attack you can do in the whole game (apart from using the Hand 
Grenade). It would have been nice if Capcom added a "soft" jump attack 
(J, d + A) common in most brawlers.

Hand Grenade #
The second most powerful move in the game, the grenade will create multiple 
explosions to severely any enemies caught in the blast radius. Note that you 
need to have a bomb in stock to be able to use this. Save this for boss 
encounters or when your life is too low to use the Sure-Killing Technique. 
Used in the right place, the explosions can also blow up bits of scenery to 
reveal power-ups (eg blowing up the bed when fighting the level 2 boss will 
reveal life-up items).

Pick Up Item                 
You will need this to pick up food, weapons and other items. Note that picking 
up items also adds to your score at the end of each level, so pick up as many 
items as you can.

Item Attack                  
Once you have picked up a weapon or object you can use it to attack. In most 
cases, weapons will do more damage compared to your regular attacks however 
they can only be used a certain number of times before disappearing. Weapons 
can be knocked out of your hands if you are attacked. The most common weapons 
are the axe, knife and baseball bat. Occasionally, you can also get swords, 
lead pipes, shuriken, firearms and a flamethrower.

Throw Item                   
Use this if you are carrying a weapon you don't like or you want to switch to 
another weapon. This will do minor damage to enemies.

Throw Knife                  
This can only be done when you are carrying a knife. The damage inflicted is 
pretty good as is the range. Your character will throw the knife horizontally, 
where it will continue to travel until it hits something or goes outside the 
screen boundary. Once a knife is thrown, it disappears. Many enemies will 
throw knives at you so make sure you dodge or punch the knife before it hits.

Shoot Handgun                
You can only use the handgun in certain areas of the game. There should be a 
red crosshair on one of the enemies which will let you know that your 
character is in gun mode. The handgun is capable of firing repeatedly, so most 
enemies should not be able to attack you unless they carry firearms of their 
own. Note that your character will automatically switch to hand-to-hand combat 
mode if an enemy gets close enough.

This will initiate Tie-Up or Grapple mode which will allow you to use holds 
and throws. Note that you can move around while holding something. After a few 
seconds, the enemy will automatically escape if you don't do any follow up 

Tie-Up Attack 1~4 
<P : Knee Lift x 3, Roundhouse Kick> 
<N: Head Butt x 3, Roundhouse Kick>
These are repeated strikes used by your character when he has grabbed an 
enemy, either repeated knee attacks by the Punisher or head butts by Nick. 
Attacks 1 and 2 can be interrupted by any of the throw moves. Note that the 
tie-up attacks technically end on the third strike so the Roundhouse Kick 
does not actually hit the enemy you are holding. However, it can used to hit 
any other enemies in range.  

Shoulder Throw               
Use this to throw a grabbed enemy forward. You can use the thrown enemy as a 
projectile to knock down any enemies in range. Note that you are invincible 
while throwing an enemy. 

Reverse Shoulder Throw       
As above, only this time the enemy is thrown behind you.

Hell Swing *
You character will do a Reverse Shoulder Throw, another Reverse Shoulder 
Throw followed by a Jumping Shoulder Throw. Needless to say, this does 
extreme damage to the grabbed enemy as well as minor damage to any enemies 
that are hit during any of the three throws. The only downside is that it 
consumes life energy each time you use it. Use the Hell Swing when you need to 
kill an enemy quickly or against opponents with a long energy bar.

Jumping Shoulder Throw       
This will make your character throw the grabbed enemy from midair. Note that 
you are vulnerable while landing from the throw.

Izuna Fall                   
The Izuna Fall will cause the grabbed enemy to be slammed head first to the 
ground. This does a decent amount of damage. Unless you have energy to spare 
for the Hell Swing, this should be used instead of the other throws.

Death Lift               
This is the tie-up move for heavier enemies. Instead of holding the enemy, 
your character lifts them above their head. As with the normal tie-up, you can 
move around while lifting something.

Overhead Throw
The Overhead Throw hurls the enemy in the direction you are facing.

Jumping Overhead Throw       
Similar to the above, only this time from a jumping position. As in the 
Jumping Shoulder Throw, watch out for attacks while landing from the throw.

06 : Most Powerful Combos

Jab x 2, Tie-Up Attack x 2, Izuna Fall       : A, A, A, Tie-Up, A, A, J, d + A
Jab x 2, Tie-Up Attack x 2, Hell Swing       : A, A, A, Tie-Up, A, A, S

07 : Home and Arcade Version Differences

Overall, the home port of the Punisher is mighty impressive. Most of the 
arcade version's content has made it intact apart from a few changes. These 
are the differences that I could find:

- The home version has smaller sprites and less colour.
- The ninja ladies are censored for the home version and wear full-body black 
  jumpsuits. In the arcade version their outfits are much skimpier.
- Cut scenes are also censored. For example, after beating Scully on the bus 
  your character will execute a tie-up and talk to him, before shooting him 
  with the pistol. In the home version, your character will throw Scully 
  instead of using the gun.
- A few moves are cut from the home version. The Wall Kick and Flame Kick 
  listed in Naru2000's arcade FAQ don't appear to be available.
- The command for the Heavy Attack is different. This is done using a d, u + A
  motion in the arcade version, while in the home version it is executed using 
  a Hadouken motion (qcf + A).
- The Hell Swing is completely changed. In the arcade version, the character 
  actually grabs the enemy by the feet and executes a Giant Swing. In the home 
  version, the character does two Reverse Shoulder Throws followed by a 
  Jumping Shoulder Throw.

08 : Help Wanted

Anyone who has the following information:

- Official move names
- Any moves/strategies not covered by this document
- Whether or not the Wall Kick or Flame Kick can be used in the home version
- Information you feel would be useful in this FAQ

Please see below for my contact details.

09 : Credits

This FAQ would not be possible without the assistance of:

- C Jay C : For hosting this document on GameFAQs.
- Kao Megura (R.I.P.) : For inspiration in writing this FAQ as well as using 
  his FAQs as a guide when writing this one (particularly the convention used 
  in Section 3).
- Dan Simpson (Icewind Dale & Heart of Winter FAQ/Walkthrough), R Bryant 
  (Icewind Dale 2 Cleric Spell List), Terence Fergusson (Final Fantasy Advance
  Mechanics Guide), Chris Zawada (Batman Forever FAQ/Walkthrough) : I have 
  used your FAQs as a guide in writing parts of this one, in regards to format 
  and layout as well as the disclaimer and introduction.
- Paul Burton : For creating FIGWin to generate the ASCII art in this FAQ.
- The Arcade Flyer Archive : For hosting the Punisher flyers which I used for 
- Naru2000 : For your Punisher Complete Strategy Walkthough FAQ which I used 
  as reference.
- Alexander Davidson : For creating Metapad which I used to create to create 
  this FAQ.
- Capcom : For creating the Punisher video game.
- Any one else I have missed or forgot to add : Please email me so I can give
  you proper credit.

10 : Contact Details

If you need to contact me regarding this FAQ for any reason, you can reach me 
via email. Any contributions will be credited. Make sure you put in 
"Punisher FAQ" as the subject line or your email will be deleted.

- Email address : alexspoint-alternate at yahoo dot com dot au

11 : Disclaimer

I am not affiliated in any way with Marvel, Capcom or any other parties or 
individuals involved in the creation of this game. 

You may post this FAQ on any website as long as:

- Nothing is modified 
- You inform me (via email) that you intend to post it and receive a 
  subsequent reply from me, granting permission

Do not:

- Sell this FAQ 
- Attempt to profit from this document

Below is a list of the only websites who should be hosting this FAQ:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/

The Punisher TM and copyright 1993, 1994 Marvel Entertainment Group Inc
The Punisher video game is copyright Capcom Co Ltd and Capcom USA Inc 1994
This document is copyright 2006 by Alex Stroheim

                               "If you're guilty, you're dead." - The Punisher

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