Review by Larcen Tyler

Reviewed: 04/19/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

A great game hampered by poor sounds

Pro Moves Soccer is a great game that just about every soccer fan should enjoy, thanks to the simple controls and the ability to make your own team. Despite the cheesy voices, the rest of the game puts that offside and makes it into an otherwise great game!

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are well drawn for a Genesis game, even if animation is somewhat stiff. You see players performing sliding tackles, head shots, rainbow kicks, and even getting taken down. Referees call players over and hold up the corresponding card that they have been issued. You even get a close up shot of penalty kicks. If a player goes down hard, he may need medical attention, at which the medics will arrive on the field to treat him.

Sounds: 4/10
A high, scratchy male's voice calls out what goes on, such as the kickoff, offside, fouls, cards, and penalties. Fortunately, you can turn him off. The crowd doesn't make much noise unless there's a shot on someone's goal. The menu music is alright, but it could be better. Even then, you'll still enjoy the game even if you must turn the sound off.

Controls: 8/10
A six button control pad is recommended, but a three button will work too, just you need to pull off two button combos for some functions. Either way, the players move smoothly, and you can pull off things like speed bursts, sliding tackles, elbows/holding, rainbow kicks, headers, passes, shots, GOALS! (OK, so that last one has to be done with some skill and luck involved! :) )

Replay: 8/10
You can build your own team and send them to the world cup. However, you must use money to buy and sell players. Too bad there isn't a player edit feature. Either way, you can play exhibition or tournament modes. Something for everyone, one might say. You can also disable or enable fouls as well as offsides, and even set the time limit. On the subject of fouls, this is the only game where you can trip the referee (but you will be sent off for it!)

Overall: 8/10
A great soccer game that every sports fanatic should own. Team management, exhibitions and tournaments, customizable options, and all the other stuff make this a classic game!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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