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Reviewed: 12/19/05

Very memorable

A game based of the Fox box office hit, Pagemaster. Most games that have been created from a movie are terrible. Only a few I can think of were any good. This one however does a decent job of keeping things fun.

The game itself reminds me of Aladdin. Bright visuals, nice special effects, decent platforming, just an overall fun game.

Visuals 9

The visuals on this game are very good. I've played this game years ago, and with the changes in graphics and visuals today, this game still stands pretty strong, for it being an old 2D Genesis game. It's just as good as other great 2D games. The colors are lush, in some places very vibrant, and in some, dark and gritty. The special effects of enemies after their defeated is very well done. They explode into a puff of smoke, kinda like things found in Aladdin. And what also helps is the zooming of the camera, it gives the visuals a "wow" factor. And sometimes their are lots of things and effects on the screen and the game does not slow down at all. Small things like glitter sparkles that illuminate from items you pick up and things that fly around on screen are just icing on the cake. Good visuals all around.

Sound 7

Sounds are pretty good. Sounds of the slime, the eyeballs being thrown, sound of swords slashing, all the way to the sound of jumps, voice bits and things of that nature. All decent. I personally enjoy the sound of "my library card!" when you run into. The sounds of enemies being defeated are nice as well. You get a nice, soft "boom" when you stomp, slash, or shoot an enemy with eyeballs. The music itself is ok, sampled from the movie, but the Genesis conversion of sound isn't as strong as newer consoles, the music sounds kinda muffed. The music is pretty accurate though, just not as sharp as it could to be due to the limitations of the Genesis hardware.

Control 7

The controls are a mixed bag. Initially everything is great. Movement is easy, ony 2 action buttons Jump and Attack. You may think that everything is good. But once you leave your feet, things get a little weird. Jumping is the games main problem. When you jump, it feels good, but you fly around all weird when you take off. I think it's jue to the zoom of the camera in some cases. But the main problem is latching on to chain and things that you have to latch on to in mid jump. You have to be dead on to grab something to hang on to other than ceilings. It's like the games detection is very precise. It can hurt you on some levels, but nothing to hurt the game's control overall. Sometimes navigating to an enemy while trying to jump on it is difficult because of the way to fly when you jump, but most of the time it's not a big problem. Other than that, navigating pit jump and such isn't a problem at all. Other than the flying all over when jumping, the control is pretty solid.

Gameplay 9

This is what makes and breaks a game. And it makes this game. The game kinda rips Aladdin, but it's not a bad thing. The game adds it's own twist as well. I mean you can jump on enemies to defeat them, get a sword power up, get slime, throw eyeballs. And that's just the attacks. You can wall jump, ala Ninja Gaiden, Strider, PoP, Batman, but it's more like Batman on the NES with the wall jumping. You can hang from walls and traverse. Hang from suspended chains and ropes. Many secrets to find, a very un original flying book bonus stage (ala Aladdin's carpet ride) but it's done from a 3rd person going towards the screen rather than going from left to right. Overall this game is a blast to play. The only thing that could bother some people is the difficulty. The game itself isn't very hard, but the control at certain parts can make this game challenging. Overall though, the gameplay is on the same level as Disney's Aladdin.

Overall 8

This is a nice nostalgic classic. If you can find it, give it a try, it has nice quality as a whole. Just the visuals and gameplay alone makes this an ideal platformer despite it's short coming in the game's jumping, but in no way does it kill the experience, it's something that you'll easily adjust to. If you like games like Aladdin, Lion King, Aero the Acrobat, then you'll want to give this game a run, it's very memorable.

Rating: 8

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