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Reviewed: 12/30/01 | Updated: 12/30/01

Hehehe...You can whack Pacman as many times as you want...Hehehe... Hit 'em again...Hehehe

Probably the second most crazy game I've played (behind Tomba). You see, you don't exactly control Pacman, you only tell him what to do. You can tell him to do things like ''Go Right'', or ''Go Left'', or ''Look Up''. Also, you can whack him with your slingshot (hehehe). Well, besides being incredibly addictive, this game has one of the most original ideas I've seen this side of Bushido Blade. Let's Begin!

The graphics in this game are colorful and cheery, but colorful and cheery don't always mean good. They are cleary something on a Sega Genesis, and they are pretty aged. The sound is something you'd probably expect from a Pac-Man game, which means that they are as annoying as hell.

The fun part about this game is, like I said before, it's gameplay. Along with all the things I explained, Pac-Man has emotions. For example, it's really fun to sit there and whack Pac-Man with your slingshot, but that will make him angry, and he will start to listen to you less. If you make him do something that he doesn't like, for example late in the game if you hit a spinning chair with your slingshot, Pac-Man will think it's fun and start to spin, but then he will get dizzy and get angry at you. But if you tell him to, I don't know, smell a rose, he will get happy and do exactly what you tell him to do. Anyway, the point of the game is to defeat the evil witch who controls the ghosts that are classically Pac-Man's big enemies, and you must help him do this. Rounding the game's play out is the arcade on one of the streets, which allows you to play old-school Pac-Man. Believe me, I bet I spent just as much time in the game's arcade as I did actually trying to beat the real game.

Replay value in this game is virtually nonexistant, because once you beat the game it starts to get old and bland. It's fun on the first go, but once you come out of the daze this game puts you in, you start to get annoyed by it. Either way, games like this are known for getting really annoying after navigating the annoying plot one time through. Should you rent it or buy it? If you think it might just be fun, go ahead, be my guest. You'll need the Internet, but this game is pretty fun and addictive for the first couple hours.

Either way, this game was fun and original for a while. After that, it was a different story, but you didn't expect this game to be gold, did you? It provides a breath of fresh air on the stale world of 3-D platformers, but it comes with it's fair share of problems, too. In this world of pirated games, it's easy to get a hold of these classics, but still, it's good to remember way back when, when we could only get 1 game a month, and that game had to be a classic or we were screwed. Anyways, these are not those days, and some games just get looked over. Oh, well, I can still dust off that old NES and take a two-hour trip back in time, where RPG's were hard and platformers didn't need a good plot. No, wait, scratch that, I think I'll just go play Grand Theft Auto 3. But it was nice to think about it, eh?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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