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Reviewed: 11/24/02 | Updated: 11/24/02

Well, it's... different.

Meet another one of the Genesis' overlooked games--The Ooze. What is 'The Ooze?' Well, it's weird... it is a somewhat good game. But not a very spectacular one. In fact, there are some flaws that run this game down, and there are some good points that make this game interesting too.

In the Ooze, you play Dr. Caine, who is working with some toxic experiment in a dump of a toxic waste factory for some unknown reason (I say unknown because I don't possess the Instruction Manual) and your boss, while you are working on the experiment, takes it and injects it into your bloodstream, which then turns you in a blob of ooze. Your boss, thinking that you are dead, washes you down the sink, and, washed outside, you are to make your way back in and stop your boss from perhaps taking over the world with your own experiment!

The game takes place from a birds-eye view similar to that of RPGs. Except you're controlling a big blob of green ooze. Fortunately, your experiment hasn't fully ''oozified'' you--your skull and your rock-hard fist are what remains somewhat solid. But you will need to be careful and protect your skull from taking any hits, as since it is partly effected by your experiment, it is very suspectible to taking physical damage, and one hit will kill you. Also, losing way too much of your mass of ooze will kill you. You can throw out your fist, which you can also control (with some difficulty at times). It's essential that you control it because there will be some puzzles requiring you to stretch out and touch a switch or so. You can also spit deadly ooze loogies, at the cost of some of your own ooze, which does more damage. And there are several power ups along the way, like more ooze, speed, and others. But you need to watch how big of a mass you are... the larger your mass, the bigger a target you are. And, you can collect DNA strands (another power up that I suspect is for the end of the game) which are hidden (or not) in every level. I'm not really sure what happens in the end if you get all 50 of them, because I haven't been able to get to them all yet, nor have I been able to beat the game yet...

The control is pretty much okay for the most part. The game requires you to use your punch and mass effectively in order to make it through the challenges this game provides you with. The graphics are pretty good, and fitting for the game, as is the music. The sound is pretty okay as well. So all these don't present too much of a problem.

But what brings this game's score down is the challenge. At times, this game can be way too hard, and it's possible to be stuck forever in a certain level. Some secret places you can hardly even get to, and I don't see WHY Sega put them there when you can't get to them. Or maybe its because I'm not exploring the levels thoroughly enough. But whatever the reason, this game's level design could have been done better, and some of the enemies can become extremely irritating to run into.

The Ooze is an okay game to play never the less though, but you may get tired of it and play something else after a while. It's still worth a try though, until you get stuck. Someone needs to write a FAQ for this game, because I'm stuck on one of the levels and don't know how to get out. But the game is worth renting first before you make the decision to go out and buy it.

Graphics - 8
Music - 8
Sound - 7
Control - 7
Gameplay - 7
Overall - 7

Rating: 7

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