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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ultima_Sonic

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/05/06

______________                            _________
      |               |          |        | 
      |               |          |        |
      |               |          |        |
      |               |__________|        |________
      |               |          |        |
      |               |          |        |
      |               |          |        |
      |               |          |        |________

              ___________          __________      ____________     ___________
             /           \        /          \                /     |
            /             \      /            \              /      |
           /               \    /              \            /       |
          |                 |  |                |          /        |
          |                 |  |                |         /         |__________
          |                 |  |                |        /          |
          |                 |  |                |       /           |
           \               /    \              /       /            |
            \             /      \            /       /             |
             \___________/        \__________/       /____________  |__________


                           Sonic Mega Collection
Company: Sega
Platform: Xbox
Contributor: Ultima_Sonic (Daniel Munoz)
Copyright: 2006
version 1.1

Table of Contents

Contact info----------------------II
	Toxic Dump------------------------VI.1
		Part 1----------------------------VI.1.a
		Part 2----------------------------VI.1.b
		Part 3----------------------------VI.1.c
	Waste Plant-----------------------VI.2
		Part 1----------------------------VI.2.a
		Part 2----------------------------VI.2.b
		Part 3----------------------------VI.2.c
DNA helix review------------------VII
	Toxic Dump-------------------------VII.1
		Part 1----------------------------VII.1.a
		Part 2----------------------------VII.1.b
	Waste Plant------------------------VII.2
		Part 1----------------------------VII.2.a
		Part 2----------------------------VII.2.b


Hello, and welcome to my The Ooze guide. In here, I will explain how to get 
through those tough obstacles, defeat bosses, and the best strategies on how to
beat bosses. The Ooze, with its unique style of gameplay, will take you through
5 different areas of The Corporation. Each area filled with 3 parts, 2 parts of
journeying, and the last part a boss fight. 

I will grant anybody reading this guide permission to post it up at their site, 
but you must give me credit. However, you cannot, by any circumstance, use this
guide to make money in some way. But, you can print it or save it on a word 
processor for you own personal use, if you must. 

II.Contact info

Email - super_xero17@yahoo.com 

AIM - Gray Daze619

AOL - Shadow Dancer E1

With my contact info, you can get in touch with me if you want to give any 
advice, suggestions, or make any corrections of my FAQ. I am open for any
comment. If you happen to have a question with something that might already be
covered in this guide, it's perfectly fine. I have no problem with that. 
However, if you send me an email, make sure you give the subject a title 
related to the game. If you don't, I will assume it is junk mail and I will 
report it as spam.


Dr. Caine, research scientist, was becoming very suspicious of certain behind-
the-scenes research at The Corporation.

After the plant shut down one evening, he decided to surf through The 
Corporation's databases. By hacking into one after another of the classified 
documents, he discovered the awful truth...

The Corporation had succeeded in developing a hybrid plague, a disease so 
dangerous and fast-spreading, it could wipe out humanity in just a few days! 
Only The Corporation had the cure. They planned to unleash this pestilence in 
water supplies around the globe, infecting the entire planet in a single blow. 
Then, they would exert billions of dollars from world governments to supply the 

Suddenly, the office door burst open. Dr. Caine blanched under the swinelike 
gaze of the Director, backed by two huge thugs. They knew he knew. In a flash, 
Caine realized he wasa goner!

The Director barked on order and the two legbreakers jumped on Caine, pinning 
him down. The Director reached into his pocket and pulled out the most enormous 
syringe Caine had ever seen. Its contents glowed a serious green...

"This won't hurt a bit," hissed the Director as he jammed the needle into the 
terrified doctor's arm. Caine heard himself screaming as the glowing goo pulsed
through his veins...

In a nightmare, Caine dreamed he was floating in a hot green sea, made of some 
kind of thick liquid. When the liquid moved, he moved with it. And when he 
moved, the liquid followed. It was as if he WAS the liquid. He opened his eyes 
and stretched up his neck to look around.

"I'm awake...I'm alive...what have they done to me? WHAT AM I?"

Caine's body had turned into the toxic green slime that the director had pumped
into his arm. He was positive they had meant to kill him. But something had
gone wrong!

Caine had changed into a swirling, oozing monster! As a chilling terror coursed
through his gooey being, he also felt a strange power, like the force of a
tidal wave.

Caine was enraged! They would pay for this. The Corporation must be destroyed, 
along with all its goons and mad scientists. The plague must be stopped! And 
the Director? Caine would save the best for him. When the screaming finally 
faded away, The Corporation - and the Director - would be nothing but a grease 
spot. And Caine would gaine back his humanity, no matter what the cost!

Just this once, the good guy is a slime!


D-pad/LEFT THUMBSTICK = Move the Ooze in all directions
                        Aim punchers and spit attacks
X = Punch
A = Spit
B = not used
Y = not used
BLACK = not used
WHITE = pause menu
LEFT TRIGGER = not used
RIGHT TRIGGER = not used
START = pause game
BACK = not used


Don't go down the drain or slip off ramps. The Ooze may not have HP, but losing 
too much of his ooze mass will cause him to die.

Learn to control your punch and guide it around corners. 

Protect your head. Remember, the Ooze will die if he takes a direct shot to the 

Explore everything. There are many discoveries to be made.

Hug every bush, wall, or obstacle from the north side. If you're lucky, you
will get teleported to secret areas. 

Find bonus rounds that will allow you to get more ooze. You will also be able
to earn a DNA helix.

Keep your eyes open for road signs. They will give you the heads up on what 
will be coming your way.

Take advantage of the saving feature. With this version, you are allowed to 
save in any part of the level whenever you please.


			    *VI.1. Toxic Dump*

*VI.1.a. Part 1*

DNA helixes-5

When you start off, head right, and you will see a mutated snail. Attack it 
using your punch. Once you kill it, it will leave behind a portion of ooze.
Pick it up. Continue until you reach a pool. On the right side, there should be
more enemies, some ooze, andan item that will temporarily increase your speed. 
On the other side of that brownish-colored structure, should be 2 exploding
barrels and fire breathing holes. Get the barrels out of your way by spitting 
at them from long range. Careful with the holes. Just worry more about your 
head. Time it properly, and you should be able to get through justfine. 
Somewhere to the right side of the holes, you will see the 1st DNA helix of 
this stage. Pick it up. Watch out for incoming enemies. Keep heading right, and
shortly, you will reach an end. Now, you must go down. Kill any enemies around 
you and press those 2glowing lights. The orange barrels should now explode and 
the way is clear. Pick up the waypoint, which is that sphere with the spiral
arrow on it. If you die, you will restart from this point. Take out the snail
that is near by. Continue heading down and watchout for the pyro thug. 
Further down, there will be more enemies and toxic barrels. Try not to hit this
barrels at close range, for they will damage you when they blow up. You will
get to a point where you will see a saucer shooting fire at you. Kill it using 
your punch from behind the wall. That way, you will not get hit by the fire he 
shoots at you. After that, go right and collect DNA helix #2. Now head left, 
trying not to get too close to that pool, for it will suck you in, and watching
out for enemies above and below you. You will then reach some green bushes that
seem to have an "L" shape. It should look something like this

              |__     __
              |X  ___/

The X represents where you should have the ooze's head hug the bush. Place his 
head in that part of the bush, and press down. You will see him get smaller and
smaller. This means that he is teleporting somewhere. As the camera moves to 
the next area, you will see 2 DNA helixes. The ooze will appear next to one. 
So, once you have control of himget the DNA helix, and head up, collecting the 
waypoint. In this area, there will be 3 pyro thugs, so kill them all, and 
head right to collect the speed, which makes the ooze move faster for a short 
amount of time. Head back left, and then up. Kill the saucer from a safe spot. 
Move upper in to the area, watching out for more saucers and snails, and 
staying away from those orange barrels. Hit the orange glowing switch to blow 
up the barrels, and killing every enemy in the area, and hopefully not you. 
Continue heading up and then to the right. Once you get to the end, you will 
encounter a pyro thugs. Kill him and go down. Follow the path downward until
you reach a pool the is surrounding a life. If you want to get it, stand on the
left part of the pool, and shoot your punch at the life. Don't try to go for it
yourself, for the opened part of the pool will suck you in. Below the pool is 
the 4th DNA helix, get it, and in that same spot where the helix was, press 
down, walking toward to border of that bigger pool. The ooze should teleport 
back to where the "L" shape bush is at. From here, go up and to the left, 
killing every enemy you see. A short way up, you will see the exit, however, 
there is still one more DNA helix to get. So, head down and somewhere below the
"L" shaped bush should be another smaller bush, with two "U" shaped parts. The 
hidden bunny games is in the right "U" shaped part. So get inside of it, and 
press down. You will see the ooze get smaller again. Now you're in the bunny 
killing mini game. Kill every bunny in the area, and you will be rewarded with 
the final DNA helix for this part of the level. Once all the bunnies are 
killed, get the DNA helix, and get out through the opening on the right. DO NOT
GET THE HELIX. Once you are back in the Toxic Dump, head back up to the exit, 
hit the orange switch and the exit will be opened.

*VI.1.b. Part 2*

DNA helixes-5

When you start off, spit to the left to destroy the barrels and collect DNA 
helix #6. Now head down killing a slug, and you will get to a place with some
torch like things. Use them to get across dangerous places. IF you want some 
extra ooze, head right and you will see a sign with a little figure on it and 
a torch. Send your punch at the torch, and the ooze will used it like a hook 
shot. Pick up the extra ooze, and go back using the other torch. Now head left.
Kill the snails, then head up. When you come to the open area, watch out for 
the fire breathing hole and enemies. 2 paths will be blocked off, so head up. 
Follow this path to reach another open area with extra ooze and enemies. Watch
enemies coming from above, as they can pass through the bushes. Head left and 
press the red switch, turning it green. Go back to the area that had 2 blocked 
paths. The left path will now be opened. Folow it, kill the snail, and collect 
the waypoint. Now, you're at a fork. Go down, killing enemies, then left, into 
a small area with 1 enemy. In this small area, hug the left "U" shaped section.
You will be teleported to the bunny killing mini game. Here, you will get DNA 
helix #7. Back in Toxic Dump, go to the previous fork and head up. Take care of
the saucer and pyro thug. On the upper left side of this area is a switch 
you need to hit. There will also be some ooze on the right. Go bck to the area
where the bottom path was blocked, which is now open, and take it. Now, you're
in the area with a torch and 3 paths, 1 that is blocked. Take the left path, 
watching out for the fire breathing hole as you approach it. In this path, 
first go down, kill the snail, and collect DNA helix #8. Get back on the palth 
and head left. You wlil reach another fork, so go down, if you want some ooze. 
But use the torches if you do. IF not, then head up on the fork. Follow this 
path to a switch, hit it and go back to the room with 4 paths. Take the bottom 
path, which is now open. Kill some snails and pyro thug, then head left. 
Collect the waypoint, and continue heading left to get DNA helix #9. Now go 
down where you got the waypoint. Kill enemies, then left using the torches. To
the far left will bee a switch. Hit it and go all the way back to the 4 way 
room. Go right, and you wil see the path heading down is open. Take it. Follow 
this path all the way until you reach some barrels. In this part, destroy the 
saucer and any remaining enemies, and go elft to collect the last DNA helix. 
Now go all the way to the right, killing every enemy and open the exit.

*VI.1.c Part 3*

Boss time! But you must reach him first. If you want a life, go left all the 
way, then up. Watchout for 2 fire breathing holes. Hugging the left wall, go 
down to get speed, then right and kill the pyro thug. Then, enter the 
building (you will see an opening on the souther face of a wall). So go down, 
left, and then up. Kill the slug and hit the switch that you see through the 
vents. Go out through where the barriers used to be onto an open area. If you 
want, kill every enemy in the area and explore a bit. If not, go left. Pick up 
the itme with the little figure. It's called Industrial Strengh Toxin  (IST). 
With this, you turn invulnerable and can kill enemies just by coming into 
physical contact with them. Continue heading left. Go up through the spacing 
between the bolders and then left to collect extra ooze. Go up, kill enemies 
and prepare to meet your first boss.

*Note* This is where things can get a bit complicated for the storyline of this
game. You see that there are 3 different exits (each is a tube where one of the
snakes come out from). Each a of those exits lead onto a different part of the 
next level. In other words, level 2 has 3 parts just like this level. However, 
Part 1 of level 2 is divided in to 3 different sections. You don't have to play
all 3 sections of Part 1. Each section will still have 5 DNA Helixes each, so 
if you're planning on getting all DNA Helixes in  the game, you don't have to 
worry about missing any due to the splits in paths.

Boss- 3 Mutated Snakes

Having great mass should be useful. Since you don't have to destroy all 3 heads
inorder to move on, just pick on,and focus only on that one. I think the middle
head is a bit more difficult becauze you must place yourself right in fron of 
the structure where pesky slugs keep spawning from. However, you dont 
necessarily have place yourself there. You can get at an angle where you can 
shoot your punch diagonally and hit the snake, but you will have to know what 
is the EXACT spot where to be placed. Stay at a distance where the snake's 
tounge wont hit you. Get your punch ready, and the moment you see its head 
stick out, punch it. If you see some ooze splatter, that means that the hit was
sucessful. That ooze that you saw was the blood the snake spilled. If you're 
too close, you might want to run back a bit, because it will whip you with its 
tounge. If you're running low on ooze, wait for the slugs to appear and kill 
them for ooze. Each snake takes 10 hits to kill. Depending on what exit you 
took, skip down to either left/middle/right entrance on the following section.

			    *VI.2. Waste Plant*

*VI.2.a. Part 1*

DNA Helixes-15 (5 in each section)

Left Entrance-Go down, then left. Watch out for the tractor and press the 
lever. You can destroy the tractor by spitting. The door should open to the
next area. Watch the tractors moving up and down. Don't punch them, or you will
get hurt. If you go down a little bit, you will see DNA Helix #11. Best get it
with your punch because it is set right on a trap that sucks you in. Go up to 
the left hand corner. You will see a lever. Hit it. A little bit left of that
will be DNA Helix #12. Use your punch to get it, because if you go for it 
yourself, you will slide down the slop, onto a drain, and it's bye bye. Go 
through the recently oened door, and watch out for the gas that the yellow 
nozzle spits. Go down, use the corner to kill the pyro thug. You will
see a vent on the left. Get in it, and hug the wall to the left. You will be
taken to the bunny mini game for DNA Helix #13. Farther down, you will be at a
4 way intersection. Take the right path. Kill the pyro thug and use your 
punch to hit the lever and get the speed. Try not to let your punch hit the 
drains. Go down though a vent. Get the extra ooze and DNA Helix #14. Go back to
the 4 way intersection. The left path is just to get extra ooze. Take it if you
want. So heading through the bottom path, used the torch to get by the gas 
trap. Continue heading down until you see 2 torches. Use the right torch to get
across. Since you're so close to the tractor, try not to destroy it. Wait until
it goes up. Then you go down, punch the lever, and quickly get back up. Use the
left torch to get across and go down. Take the newly opened path. At the 3 way
intersection, go left, kill the pyro thug, and hit the switch on the other
side. Go down, into a room full of torches. Continue heading down, toward the 
bottom wall. Once you are hugging it, go all the way right to get DNA Helix
#15. Still hugging the wall, get under the bottom left drain and go down 
through the wall. You will press a switch. Get back to the torch that is 
surrounded by 4 drains. You can get extra ooze by punching the far left torch
and going through the left wall. Make your way to the right using the torches.
Once out of this room, guide your punch to kill the pyro thug. Get close to
the gas nozzle and press down. You should be able to go around it. Go up and 
kill the pyro thug and hit the lever under the vent. Take the pipe below
that room. In this last room, where all 3 paths meet, are blue jellies. Kill 
them if you want, and take the exit at the bottom.

Middle Entrance-Head down all the way and you will hear a noise. It's a lever
that shuts off gas nozzles. Go left and kill the pyro thug. As you go down,
spit at the tractor. Get right next to the bottom gas nozzle and press left, to
go in the room with ooze. Continue heading down to get DNA Helix #11. Go right
and spit at the other tractor. Go up, get the extra ooze, and hug that broken
pipe from the north. This takes you to the bunny mini game and DNA Helix #12.
Now go down, take the tractor out, and hug the bottom wall and press left. You
will hear the sound of a lever and get the extra ooze in that small room. Make
your way to the far right, moving around the fans. Hit the lever, which opens a
path heading down. Before taking this path, hug the upper wall and go right.
When you reach the end, you will e teleported to a small room with a life and 
waypoint. Hug the pipe from the north to go back. Now go down the path you 
opened up. Head left and you will see DNA Helix #13 above you. Get into that 
small room, and send your punch at it. Go down, watching out for that gas 
nozzle in the middle. Get the extra ooze to the left. Use that torch you see to
get by. Hit the lever on the bottom left. Now place yourself in the EXACT 
middle of the 2 bottom torches, and press down. You will go through the bottom
wall, hitting a lever. Now get back up and go lef. Go up a slope, pass gas
nozzle, and continue heading left. Kill the pyro thug and spit at the tractor.
Go left from the top drain and you will see a tractor and DNA Helix #14 under
its path. Go back and head down, spitting at 2 tractors. Go right into a room
covered by a vent and get everything in there. Now go left into another small
room with a lever. Hit it with a punch. A door opens and you can go down. Kill
the 2 pyro thugs in this room and go left. You will see a tractor under a vent.
So clear the way and get DNA Helix #15. To the far right is a gas nozzle. Time
your punch and send it at the torch, then hit the switch. Go back left, then up
and right. Get the extra ooze and time your punch again to that other torch. 
Kill the pyro thug, get the extra ooze, and down onto the room where the 
different paths meet. Take out the jellies, if you want, and head for the exit.

Right Entrance-Go down, then right, and slid down a slope. From here, guide
your punch to destroy both tractors and then use the torch to get through. Go
right and up a slope to an area with gas traps. Time your punch to get DNA 
Helix #11. Use the torch to go up and then left, down a slope. Use your punch
to activate a lever. Now go up. Kill the pyro thug and go right to a room with
another pyro thug, and DNA Helix #12. Now go all the way left. Destroy the 2
tractors and nget DNA Helix #13 with your punch. Continue on the path to the 
left and then down. With the path branches in 2, the left path is for extra
ooze, so continue heading down. Head left, making your way around the pools of
toxic waste. Destroy the tractor and go down then left. Go down, then right, 
kill the pyro thug and activate the lever. Go down, destroy the tractors, and
continue through the vents. When you're under a long, horizontal vent, go left,
destroy the tractor moving up and down, then go up. Get under that small vent 
at the very upper right hand corner, and hug the right wall and you will go to
the bunny mini game. From here, go down until you can't any more. Then go right
all the way. Get into the room with all the pyro thugs. Take them all out. Make
your way to the bottom left hand corner. Once out of the vents, destroy the 
tractor moving up and down and hit the lever. Go around that wall that sort of
makes an "E" shape and hit that other lever in the thick pipe. Now go all the
way to the lower right corner and get out. Destroy the tractor, and go under
that right vent. Go down, onto a path that leads left. Destroy everything 
there, and activate the 2 levers. Now get out of here. Right above that first
torch you see, is a small, thin room with DNA Helix #15. Make your way left 
using the torches. Now you will be in the final room, where all 3 paths meet,
and the exit to the bottom.

*VI.2.b. Part 2*

DNA Helixes-15 (5 in each section)

So much for paths meeting up. In this part, they go their seperate ways again.
But dont worry, all 3 paths will take you to the same Part 3 of this level. 
From this first room, choose whatever path you want to take, then skip down
to the corresponding section.

Left Path-Get the extra and go down. Get the waypoint, and where the path 
branches, go diagonally up. Kill the spider, and at the 4 way intersection, 
take the path that goes diagonally up-right into the small room with the lever.
Punch it. At the 4 way intersection go up-left until the end, then follow it as
it goes down-left into another room. In this small room is a lever you need to
hit and DNA Helix #16. Now go to the room locanted directly below this one. 
Kill the pyro thugs and make your way around the pools to collect DNA Helixes
#17 and #18 and hit the lever. There are 2 paths that lead into this room. Take
the bottom path. At the 4 way intersection, go down-right. At the "T"
intersection, go down-left, then up-left. At the end, go down-left into a room
with 2 extra ooze. Now go to the room directly below this one. In this room, go
all the way left into a smaller room with DNA Helix #19, a blue jelly, and the 
exit. Before you get out, look for a small, thin pipe and hug it. Once you're
done with the mini game, get out.

Middle Path-Go down, try keeping your head in the very middle of the slopes, 
and move slowly. Right as you collect the waypoint, destroy the tractor. 
Hugging that upper wall, and staying as far away as possible from the gas
nozzles, go right. You should be able to go through the wall. Get right under
that upper torch. You should see 2 torches below you and 1 to the right. Guide
your punch to that right torch, keeping it as close as you can to that upper 
wall. Go right, get the extra ooze, and go to that torch on the far right. 
Guide your punch straight up to that other torch. Hit the lever and get DNA
Helix #16. Go back to the room with all the gas nozzles. The top 3 should be
shut off. Just like you did with the right wall, go through the left wall. Go
down, then left, into that very thin corner. Hug the left wall, and you will go
to the bunny mini game. Go down, get DNA Helix #18, hit the lever, and get the 
extra ooze. Go back to where all the gas nozzles were, and go down. Get the 
speed and continue down into a room with jellies. Make your way to the far 
left, collecting extra ooze, hit the lever and get DNA Helix #19. Go back to
the right. The door is now opened. Send your punch at the torch to get by the
drains. Now send your punch at the lever, then move down a bit, and send it to
that torch on the right. On the next side of this room should be the last DNA
Helix for this level. Get out of this room to the right using a torch, onto
another room with a bunch of pools. Hug the very bottom wall, wait for all the
pools to close, then race straight toward the exit.

Right Path-In the pipe, go down and get the waypoint. Make your way to the far
right, trying not to get your head caught in between the opening and closing
blades, and take out all the tractors. On the top path, all the way to the 
right, should be a lever 2 extra oozes, and DNA Helix #16. Hit the lever, get
bottom path and continue right. when the path leads down, go passed the first 4
way intersection, and make a left at the second 4 way intersection. In here, 
you will get DNA Helix #17. Exactly from here, go straight to the right and hug
the right wall. You will be taken to the bunny mini game. Once you're done, 
continue heading down. When you're in the room with 3 jellies, get DNA Helix 
#19 on the left. Go down 1 room, where the tractor is, and get DNA Helix #20 on
the right. Now go down again, kill the jelly, and go right toward the exit.

*VI.2.c. Part 3*

Kill the gas thug and go right. Kill 2 more gas thugs. Here the path branches.
One goes straight down, and the other goes right then down. So go right to the
end, kill the gas thug and go down all the way. Get the speed, hit the lever,
and go back up. Take the remaining path heading down. kill the gas thugs and 
make your way to the far left. Then go up and meet the second boss.

Boss-3 Eyes

THe only way to attack is by spitting. There are 2 places where you can stay to
attack. One is on the left of the pool. This spot should be to focus mostly on
the left eye. The second place is below the pool, which focuses more on the 
middle and right eyes. You have to kill all 3 eyes inorder to move on. The 
bubbles they shoot have a random way of bursting. You can't really tell when
they will burst, so try to keep moving. Each eye takes left of the pool, and
take out the left eye. Try not to get too close, for you will slide down the 
slope and get killed by the toxic waste. The fan is meant to help you. If you 
get close while it's spinning, it will cut a portion of your ooze, and shoot it
straight to the right. I prefer to use the fan that is below the pool, so try
to rely more on your spit attack for the left eye. After you are done with the
left eye, move below the pool, and finish off the 2 other eyes. If you are 
running low on ooze, go find some extra. At the bottom of this room is a small
area with slugs coming out. Kill them for their ooze. Once all 3 eyes are out,
head to the exit on the upper left.

VII.DNA helix review

			    *VII.1. Toxic Dump*

*VII.1.a. Part 1*

1. On the right side of the first set of fire breathing holes.

2. Shortly after getting the first waypoint, in the lower area, to the right of
   the first saucer.

3. After teleporting throught that "L" shaped bush, the ooze will appear right 
   next to it.

4. Under the pool that is surrounding the life.

5. Beating the bunny mini game, which you can access by hugging the small bush 
   that lies under the "L" shaped bush.

*VII.1.b. Part 2*

6.  At the very beginning of the stage, to the left. 

7.  After the 1st fork, heading down and then left, hug a "U" shaped wall, you
    will be taken to the bunny killing mini game.

8.  Shortly after the bunny mini game, taking a path that leads left should 
    also be a path that branches down. There should be a fire breathing hole
    in the middle of both paths. The helix is there with a slug.

9.  Right when you get second waypoint, it should be all the way to the left.

10. At the very end of the level, all the way to the left.

			    *VII.2. Waste Plant*

*VII.2.a. Part 1*

Left Entrance

11. In the first room, under the path of the left tractor.

12. In the same room as #11, on the upper left hand corner. Use your punch to
    get it.

13. In the bunny mini game under a vent, shortly after #s 11 and 12.

14. At the 4 way intersection, after the bunny mini game, take the right path
    and go down through a vent. It should be on the left.

15. In a room with 4 torches and 5 drains. It is hidden between 3 walls.

Middle Entrance

11. Under the path where the first tractor was.

12. Right after #11, all the way to the right should be a pipe that takes you
    to the bunny mini game.

13. In a small room guarded by a gas nozzle.

14. Shortly after #13, under the path of a moving tractor.

15. Hidden behind a wall with its path blocked by a tractor. The tractor is 
    moving under a vent.

Right Entrance

11. In the corner of a large room. It's guarded by 2 gas nozzles.

12. In a room with a pyro thug, gas trap and 2 torches.

13. From #12, all the way to the left on a slope that falls to some toxic 

14. In the large room covered up by vents, the bunny mini game is accessed by
    hugging the right wall of a small room located on the upper left corner.

15. After you get out of the large room covered up by vents, there should be a
    smaller room below it, and a torch below that small room. You can see the 
    DNA Helix covered by the lower wall.

*VII.2.b. Part 2*

Left Path

16. In a small room to the far left of the level. There are 2 pools of toxic
    waste and a lever.

17. In the room located under #16.

18. In the room located under #16.

19. In the very last room with a jelly.

20. Accessing the bunny mini game in the very last room. Hug the pipe.

Middle Path

16. In a maze-like room with a lot of torches. It is next to a lever.

17. The bunny mini game is accessed by hugging a wall to the left in a small
    corner. It should be to the left of where all the gas nozzles are.

18. In the same room where the mini game is accessed.

19. In another maze-like room with a bunch of jellies. All the way to the left.

20. In a room with 3 torches making a triangle and a lever in the middle.

Right Path

16. When you first enter the pipe at the beginning, go all the way to the
    right. It should be next to some extra ooze and a lever.

17. At the second 4 way intersection, on the left.

18. At the second 4 way intersection, hug the wall to the right to access the
    bunny mini game. 

19. In the small room with 3 jellies.

20. In the small room directly below #19.


The Ooze Sega Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

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