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It's a left, it's a right - you floor him with a combination and he's down for good. The crowd goes insane as the ref counts him out and you strut around the ring shouting,
"Who's the Heavyweight Champion of the world?"

Now you'll finally get your chance to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee as "The Greatest" himself in Muhammad Ali's Heavyweight Boxing. Muhammad says "knock you out" in this down-n-dirty fight to the finish for the Heavyweight title.

- 360 degree revolving ring rotates to pull you right into the action/
- Over 30 Jumbo-sized bruisers just aching to strip you of your title.
- Training option - make yourself a lean, mean boxing machine with weight training, skipping rope, punching bags and sparring practice.
- Programmable killer combinations - serve up teeth-rattling four-punch combo with just the press of a button.
- Power meter shows how much damage you've taken as well as how much you've dished out.

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