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You think you're pretty good, eh kid? Well, if you think you can stand any chance against the Pool Legend, you've got another thing coming. To be the undisputed master of the game takes skill, finesse and talent. You've got to be the expert at all the games from 9-ball to Rotation. You've got to get your English down and know the difference between masse and follow. Defeat the pros from 6 different pool halls in Story Mode, and win the chance to challenge the Pool Legend - Minnesota Fats!

Remember, if you don't play, you can't win, so rack 'em up and get rolling!

- Eight Ball
- Nine Ball
- Rotation
- 14-1 Rack
- One Pocket
- Three Ball
- Cut Throat

Beat the opponents Minnesota Fats selects and you'll get to take on the Pool Legend!
Watch the Pool Legend carefully learn his techniques and use them to your advantage!
Keep your mind on the game she's only there to capture your concentration.

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