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Guide and Walkthrough by DDCecil

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/2001

Mega Turrican for Sega Genesis FAQ/Walkthrough V1.0

By DDCecil (James Tompkins)

1. Introduction/Updates
2. Controls
3. Items
4. Walkthrough
5. Secrets
6. Credits

1. Introduction/Updates
Mega Turrican is one of my most favorite Genesis games, and is a great 
and challenging game! I hope this guide helps you out on it, as it gets 
very difficult in the later levels! BTW, this is my most ambitious FAQ 
to date, so enjoy (and I'll be updating ALL my other FAQs pretty soon, 
too... One of these days :D)

V1.0 - 4-14-2001 - Finished the walkthrough.

2. Controls
At the title screen, choose options to change your controller buttons 
(if you want) I play like this:

A: Fire
B: Jump
C: Rope

If you do not choose options, the game starts out like this:

A: Rope
B: Fire
C: Jump

To use your bombs that clear the screen (You get 3 per life, and once 
you die, you get all 3 back if you used any), press down + (Rope Button) 
or if you have a 6-button controller just press X, Y, or Z to use one.

To use your rope, press and hold the (rope button) to aim it. Then let 
go to shoot out your rope. After attaching to a ceiling, you can swing 
by pressing left and right to swing Turrican back and forth and reach 
new areas!

3. Items
Diamonds and 1-UPs are totaled up at the end of each world.

Diamond - Collect them for bonus points!
Mini Turrican - 1-UP!

Heart - Recovers all your energy.
Green S - Makes you invincible for a few seconds!
Rocket - Gives you a homing option weapon that comes out when you fire 
your weapon.

Green Circle - Gives or Increases Laser Weapon (Up to 3 times)
Red Circle - Gives or Increases Multi-laser Weapon (Up to 3 times)
Blue Circle - Gives or Increases Rebound Weapon (Up to 3 times)

4. Walkthrough
   Start by keeping the game on Normal mode. On Easy mode, once you get 
to the end of World 2, the game ends, so choose Normal (or Hard if you 
want) if you want to see all of the game!

World 1:

Diamonds: 128 (200 if you go through the hidden area.)
1-UPs: 6 (8 if you go through the hidden area.)

Area 1-1:                 

   Start by heading right, and either jump on or shoot the small robots. 
Shoot the 2 boxes for Power-Ups. Continue right and down and jump on the 
flying robots. In this next part, jump on the small box and shoot the 
green flying robot to the right. After defeating him, shoot your rope up 
at the ceiling, start to swing, and jump up to where your rope connects. 
Grab the 5 diamonds that are up there, and use the 2 moving platforms to 
reach the 1-UP in the box. Make sure to shoot the 2 purple orbs on the 
right wall. Now drop down and go right. Go up to where you'll find more 
orbs and 4 diamonds. Once at the top, throw your rope to the suspended 
platform at the far right of the screen to make it to the right side of 
it. Continue to the right, and use your rope to reach the top platform 
where you'll see some diamonds. Grab all these and after you pass the 
area where fire shoots out up and left, use your rope to reach the box 
above the 2 small robots that contains a heart and rocket. Next, jump 
onto the bridge where the 2 robots are and it will collapse. While 
falling, stay to the right to catch a heart power-up. You are now at the 
first boss!

Mini-Boss: Centipede - 5000 pts.

|_______  E |
3           1
|   A       |
2     B     4

E - Is where you come from.

   Jump on the block in the center (B). Shoot to the right as he comes 
out. He'll wrap around and go to the bottom left exit. Next he'll come 
out of the top left exit (3) and wrap around block (A) and go above 
block (B) and head back to the right (4). He'll then start his pattern 
over. Keep shooting him over and over in his head. For an easy win, get 
on the floor between blocks B and C. When he comes by, turn into a ball 
and use your missiles to kill him extremely quick!

Area 1-2:

   After defeating the Centipede, take the top left path and continue 
onwards. You'll come back to the bottom left path pretty soon. Head 
upwards. Killing the robots and getting the 2 power-up boxes. Go up as 
far as possible, and head right for some diamonds and a 1-UP. Use your 
rope to escape from this room and go left. Get onto the small elevator 
and let it take you downwards. Once it reaches the bottom, jump on it 
and hurry to the left so it goes back up the screen, and allows you to 
drop down below it. Stay to the left wall and you'll enter a small area 
with a few diamonds and a 1-UP. Jump out of this area and head right. 
Use your rope and swing to reach where the diamonds and a 1-UP in a box 
are. This is the trickiest 1-UP in this area to get, so be careful and 
watch out for the "garbage" that drops when you swing. Afterwards, go 
back left and get off of the first small elevator and head left. Grab 
which power-ups you want and continue left, killing a green robot in the 
process. Grab the diamonds at the end of this area, and jump on the 
platforms moving up and down and avoid the pillar flames. Get on the 
elevator at the end. Shoot the power-up box and fall down the shaft, 
staying to the left to grab some diamonds. At the very bottom, grab the 
group of diamonds and kill the green robot. Go right, and use your rope 
to reach a 1-UP in a box. Kill the green robot below it. Now check your 
score. If you have a "00" in your main score (not the 001020 at the 
beginning of this sample score, but like this: 009500 or 010050...) 
after passing this next area you'll be in a hidden area (Also, you must 
have found all 1-UPs and diamonds in the area.) If you are a first time 
player, you might as well skip the hidden area, as it is pretty 
challenging. Once on the elevator, bad guys will come out of the middle 
of the screen and start dropping on you. If you are aiming for the 
hidden area, avoid them all you can by staying to the extreme left or 
right of the screen! Don't use your wheel power either (or your score 
will increase)! Afterwards you'll either be in a new area or the 
remainder of the normal area...

Area 1 Hidden Level:

   If you go right, and the first thing you see is a box, you're in the 
hidden area! Head right and drop down to get the 2 diamonds. Go right 
and down. Hold left to reach the area below the starting point. Grab the 
diamonds, then use the rope to exit where you came in. Head right, 
passing the 3 flame pillars, and enter the wall where the top of the 3rd 
pillar comes up. Go left and get the diamonds at the end. Exit this area 
and go upward. Continue going up and right and blast a box for a heart 
and shield. Go left, passing a green rolling creature, and you'll 
approach a hole. Fall down it while hugging to the right wall. Get the 
diamonds and heart inside, and leave this area. Get back to the hole. 
Use your rope to cross the pit and keep going left. At the end of this 
passageway, go up and stay to the left. At the top you'll find an 
elevator. Jump on it to reach a 1-UP. After falling back down to where 
the elevator starts at. Use your rope to enter the area just right of 
where the fire comes from (right below 5 diamonds) to reach an area with 
2 more diamonds (+ the 5). Exit this area and go right. You'll soon 
reach an area of flames and platforms. Pass this area, and you'll reach 
an area where garbage falls from the top of the screen. Use your rope to 
pass this area. Get the contents in the box (a shield!) and pass another 
garbage dumping area. Afterwards, you'll see a box up high. Use your 
rope to reach it (a 1-UP) and 3 diamonds. Drop down, and follow the path 
to the end.

Area 1-3:

   If you just came out of the hidden area, you'll probably have very 
little time to complete the level. You might as well rush to the boss! 
Anyways, once you reach this area. Head right skipping the area w/ 
diamonds above your head (you'll be back soon), and climb up the shaft. 
Once you reach the area with 2 elevators, step onto the 1st elevator to 
go downwards. Go right and collect the power-ups and diamonds at the 
end. Head left and climb to the top of the shaft. At the very top, use 
your wheel power to squeeze in the left passageway and go left for some 
diamonds and a weak enemy which you'll kill. Drop down the shaft and 
you'll land on a platform w/ a box containing a 1-UP. Drop down and 
gather the diamonds. Head back up the shaft and head right at the top. 
You'll reach the first real boss of the game!

Boss of World 1: Goop Monster

   Once you enter the room, jump onto the rightmost platform. Once the 
boss stops dropping from the ceiling, wait until you see a group of 
eyeballs appear in the goop. You must destroy 3 of these to beat the 
boss. The eyeball group will most always appear opposite the screen 
where you are. Use your rope to hook on to the ceiling, and swing across 
and shoot the eyeballs. Afterwards, you'll get points for your diamonds 
and enter World 2!

World 2:


Area 2-1:

   Once you start the level head right and kill the crab before jumping 
to the platform. Get the power-ups. Before going onward, doesn't the 
area above the entrance look sort of strange? Use your rope on the left 
wall and swing into the hidden area and use your wheel to grab a hidden 
1-UP! Now use your rope to pass the gap or jump up onto the block on 
your right. See that next box? The platform which it lays on will flip 
around if you stand on it long enough, so be careful. Continue right, 
and soon you'll reach 2 of those rotating platforms suspended over a 
pit! Not to mention waterfalls crashing down! Be careful and time your 
jumps. Soon, you'll reach another rotating platform with another 
waterfall crashing down, and make sure you jump to the next platform 
from the far right of the one you are standing on, or otherwise you'll 
fall down to your death 9 times out of 10! Anyways, keep going right. 
Soon, water will rise at the bottom of the screen. Welcome to 2-2!

Area 2-2:

   Now you'll start finding 1-UPs and diamonds! Head right and you'll 
pass under an area with some diamonds. Once you reach the 1st floating 
yellow raft (Do this next part fast or it'll sink!), throw your rope up 
and left at the ceiling and swing through the wall to reach the area. 
Jump onto the yellow barrels and use your wheel power to reach the 
diamonds and a 1-UP in the box. Jump through the left wall and continue 
right. Past the 3 rafts and you'll find a power-up box, containing a 
shield! It might get hidden behind part of the foreground, so grab it,  
and swim right. Keep going and a blue dragon will leap out of the water 
and over your head. Keep going right, and the dragon will pop out again. 
Continue right and pass 2 eels. Make sure to jump out of the water when 
they light up or you'll loose energy! You'll find a 1-UP in a box 
between 2 waterfalls. Grab this and continue right. Soon you'll see a 
box and then 3 diamonds. Get onto the raised platform to the right of 
these diamonds, and throw your rope and swing to enter the small area 
below the 3 diamonds. Grab the box for a 1-UP. Go right. Under the 
raised platform is a box containing a 1-UP and a rebound weapon. Want to 
do Secret #6 listed in the secret section of this FAQ? Grab the 1-UP and 
Rebound weapon and fall off the screen and die. You'll start right where 
the 1-UP and rebound weapon are! Keep doing this over and over (More or 
less a waste of time) to increase the 1-UP total after beating World 2! 
Afterwards, head right. Soon, the water will rise and you'll fall to 2-

Area 2-3:

   Start by heading right and getting the power-up boxes. Continue to 
the right and grab the diamonds you find (4 on the platform, then 2 
below it.) Now make your way to the extreme right of the area and drop 
down and grab the diamonds. Now see a box and diamonds to the left 
behind a wall? Swim upwards and go a little to the left. See that yellow 
pipe down there? Enter it to reach that area and get the diamonds and a 
1-UP. Now swim out and head back to the left, falling into the pit. Fall 
down it, and go all the way right to find some diamonds and a Power-up 
box. Go far left and swim upwards and then go right to get some 
diamonds. Next. go left out of this area, and as you are falling, hold 
right and enter a yellow pipe to reach a hidden area with a 1-UP. Now 
leave this area, and go down. After passing the first passageway you 
came from, go right in the next passageway. Now check 2 alcoves to find 
a 1-UP in one of them, and some power-ups in the next. Continue right 
and swim between 2 beams that are on the ceiling to enter a tiny hidden 
area with a Power-Up. Get out of the area, and head right. At the first 
gap in the ceiling, go up and collect all the diamonds. Now swim out of 
this area, and go right and fall down. Walk behind the stack of barrels 
for a 1-UP! Now walk to the far left, collecting some diamonds, and fall 
down to the bottom of the area. Now, head right and collect 2 Power-Up 
boxes and soon you'll reach the boss!

Boss of World 2: Octopus

   Once you enter and the boss forms, start shooting it repeatedly in 
the eye! Soon, it'll start to move. As it goes near the top of the 
screen. get between its 2 bottom tentacles. Now once it lifts them, head 
to the right, swim upwards shooting it some more, and make your way to 
the top-left of the screen. Now shoot it repeatedly when it moves its 
tentacles away from its face. Afterwards, it will repeat the pattern 
from when it entered the room! After shooting it a ton, its skin will 
fly off around his eyeball (it's not as gross as it sounds). Shoot him 1 
or 2 more times and he's finished!

World 3:

Diamonds: 25
1-UPs: Says 3 (But you can get 6)

Area 3-1:

   Once you start the world, you'll be on a girder that a flying car is 
carrying and it is going right. Stand on the far right of the girder, 
and once you see the next car, jump onto its girder! This car will go 
down-right and then up-right. once you see car #3, jump to it! Car #3 
will go downwards. Stay on the far left side of the girder and when you 
see car #4, jump to it! Car #4 will go down-left, then up-left. Stay to 
the far left and jump when you see the next car! Car #5 will go straight 
down. Stay to the right of the girder and jump when you see the next 
car. On car #6, go past 2 cars and jump on the 3rd one to complete this 

Area 3-2:

   Once you start this area, grab the power-up box, head right and 
collect the diamonds, and if you are very familiar with the Turrican 
series, this next boss battle should be a breeze!

Mini-Boss: Fist

   Hey its the first boss of Super Turrican (SNES)! Start by jumping and 
shooting it, and when it goes above your head, walk simply to the left 
or right to avoid it. It takes a lot of shots, but if you are careful, 
you won't take any damage!

   Afterwards, go right. You soon encounter the most annoying enemy of 
this world, the bouncing balls! The best way to deal with these little 
buggers is to have the multi-laser weapon full-powered and get close to 
one and fire away! Soon, you'll climb a small hill. Watch out for robots 
that will fall onto you! Get the power-up box and you'll face your next 

Mini-Boss: Searchlight Robot

   Isn't this guy on Contra 3 for SNES? Anyways, stay on the left side 
of the screen and shoot him repeatedly, When he comes your way, get to 
the right side of him and jump and shoot him. Use your wheel power if he 
won't stay away from you, but if you want some 1-UPs later on, make sure 
to keep a little bit of wheel power. He isn't very hard and dies after 
taking a few shots!

   Afterwards, head right, and fall down to find the rest of the 
diamonds of the level and a 1-UP in a box! Head right and you'll face 
more of those bouncing balls! Keep going right and up the hill. At the 
top is a box containing power-ups. Go right and you'll face another 

Mini-Boss: Destroyed Robot

   Another boss from Super Turrican, and like the other 2 mini-bosses, 
this guy is easy. Stay in the middle of the screen, and go under him 
when he leaps into the air, and then turn around and fire at his head. 
Do this a couple of times, and boom! He's gone!

   Afterwards, head right and up the hill, watching out for more 
bouncing balls, get the power-up box at the top of the screen. Go right 
and down the hill and you'll find a box containing a 1-UP. Next, jump 
off the hill. Now, see that robot pacing back and forth on a ledge that 
looks like a dead-end? If you want 4 1-Ups, ignore that place, as you'll 
come back soon enough. Head right, watching out for the wrecking ball 
and the bouncing balls that suddenly appear. Keep going right, passing 
another wrecking ball and a ton of bouncing balls! Climb the hill and 
you'll find 2 boxes, one contains a 1-UP! Now head right and fall off 
the hill and you'll see a ledge like the one earlier with a robot 
walking back and forth on it. Use your rope to reach that area, kill the 
robot, and walk left and through the wall. Make your way through the 
simple maze, and you'll come to an area with a wrecking ball and some 
more of those annoying bouncing balls. Walk to the far right of the room 
to reach a 1-UP. Now head left, and go against the wall and use your 
wheel power. You'll go through the wall and reach an area with a 1-UP. 
Now head left, shooting the millions of bouncing balls that inhabit this 
room, and you'll come to a power-up box containing a laser and heart. 
Keep going left, and at the end of the room you'll find the 4th 1-UP! 
Now work your way up and out of this room, and you'll be at the first 
ledge again. Now head to the far right of this area, and you'll reach 3-

Area 3-3:

   Once you begin, turn around and get the power-up box. Now head right 
for another boss!

Mini-Boss: Tank

   Another wimpy boss! Jump onto the tank, and shoot repeatedly at the 
eyeball. When its "arm" comes down, roll to the left and then get back 
onto the tank. You should be able to defeat before it can get back to 
where it started!   

   Once again, keep going right, go up the hill getting a power-up box 
and facing some more bouncing balls. Soon you'll reach the boss...

Mini-Boss: Searchlight Robot Part 2

   He's back and follows the same pattern as before...

   After that, fall down and head right. Watch out for the wrecking ball 
and more of those bouncing balls! When you reach the power-up box, try 
and grab the rebound weapon, as it works great on this next boss!

Boss of World 3: Crane

   After all that, were you expecting a hard boss? This guy is even 
easier than all of World 3's mini-bosses combined! Once you reach him, 
just stay to the extreme left of the screen firing to the right when the 
green balls appear, and if you have the rebound weapon, the rebound 
shots will kill the crane rather quickly! If you have the normal laser, 
just keep jumping and shooting at the crane, and kill any green balls 
that appear from the right! If you play your cards right, you won't 
receive any damage!

World 4:

Diamonds: 650(!)
1-UPs: 16

Area 4-1: 

   Now the real game begins! If you thought World 1 through 3 were easy, 
get ready for a real challenge! There are 650 diamonds to find and 16 1-
UPs to add to your cache! Anyways, head right and an alien will pop out 
of the egg. How cute! NOT! This little face-hugging jerk will be the 
reason you lose so many lives in this area! There are a ton of them 
through out this world. But what happens when one gets onto you? Press 
left and right repeatedly to get it off of you. Once this happens, they 
are very vulnerable, so blast it and then its egg (The egg cannot be 
killed unless the alien hatches, also the egg can't hurt you)! Now, head 
to the far left for a box containing power-ups and a 1-UP! By the way, 
if you happen to get lost in this level, just follow the yellow-bri 
err... I mean the red exit arrows (The exit is in the top left corner of 
this entire area)! Anyways, after grabbing the 1-UP, walk back to the 
right and use your rope to reach the platform with some diamonds on it. 
Next, walk to the left of this platform and latch onto the next 
platform, wait until the mid-sized alien goes back to the left, reach 
the platform and destroy it. Go left, and drop down, grab some diamonds, 
and head left. You should see an exit-arrow. Go upwards, latching onto 
any alien heads you can't reach by jumping, and at the top of this part, 
jump into the pillar separating the alien heads for some power-ups and a 
1-UP! Now return to the area left of this pillar. Go upwards grabbing 4 
diamonds (2 on each platform), and head right, turning into a ball 
rolling down the hill, squishing alien eggs! Once at the bottom, grab 
the heart and start going up the slanted platforms, grabbing diamonds 
and power-ups. Once you have grabbed everything you want, go to where 
you found the 1-UP and go up and left, watch out for the 2 mouths on the 
ground that spits out projectiles, and grab the diamonds surrounding 
each one. Continue left and you'll reach a heart. Grab the lone diamond 
above your head, and any other diamonds in this area you haven't got 
yet. Work your way to a box containing a homing option. Grab it and 
shoot your rope upwards. Reach that platform, and you'll be confronted 
with a gigantic bee! Rebound works the best on him. After defeating him, 
go left. Grab all the diamonds, and you'll have to drop into 4 pillar 
logs to grab all the items in this area. Once you think you have found 
everything, drop where there is a red exit arrow pointing downwards. 
Once at the bottom, roll past the bee and keep going left to reach a 
diamond and a heart. Now drop down and go down the slope getting the 
diamonds. Grab the heart at the bottom and work your way through this 
passageway. Once you see a red exit arrow pointing to the right, you can 
jump out of this passageway and follow the arrow towards the exit, but 
if you want some diamonds and some power-ups, keep following the 
passageway to the bottom of the area and collect these, then get back to 
the arrow. Jump onto the platform above and to the right of the arrow 
and walk into the wall for some weapons and some diamonds. Go upwards 
and hook onto the alien platform. Grab the 5 diamonds and kill the bee. 
To the left of you is the top of the wall you walked through earlier. 
Use your rope to get on top of the wall. Walk to the left and you'll 
fall down grabbing some more diamonds. Now make your way back up to 
where the bee was, and go up and left. Keep going upwards and you should 
see a heart to your left, and a passageway to the up-right of you. Grab 
the heart and use your rope to get up tot he passageway. Watch out for 
the rolling alien and keep going up-right. Enter the 2 right passageways 
you'll find up this hill for some diamonds in each one. At the very top 
of the hill, you'll encounter a bee (Not to mention a red-exit arrow 
pointing left). Kill it, and if you don't have a lot of time left, you 
might as well go left and make it to the exit. But if you want more 
diamonds, go right! Go down the hill collecting some diamonds. Drop down 
in the pit to reach an area you only saw before, but could never get to. 
Grab the pyramid of diamonds to the left of you and go right, passing a 
long pillar above you. Search this area for diamonds, and make your way 
to the top right of the pillar. To reach the top of this pillar, see the 
platform to the right of it that goes diagonal up and right? Get to the 
far right of this platform and jump to scroll the screen up a little 
bit. Now use your rope and attack it to the pink platform above you. Now 
swing to the right a bit and left and try to land on top of this pillar. 
If you are successful, you will land on it and drop down through it and 
collect more diamonds! After this, work your way back to the top of the 
pillar again, but be careful not to fall down the middle of it again! 
From the top of the pillar, jump to the right and collect the lone 
diamond if you haven't already. Now use your rope on the ceiling above 
you and get on to this platform you hooked your rope onto. Go right for 
some diamonds, a Multiple Laser Weapon, and a Heart in the box at the 
end. Now get back to where you first got onto this platform, and jump 
far to the left. You should be back at the hill going slanted down and 
left. Now go up and hook onto the suspended platform that is carrying a 
lone alien egg. get up onto this platform and work your way to the other 
small platforms carrying diamonds, and then go right into a passageway 
that has some aliens and a 1-UP! Now go back to the far left, passing 
the red-exit arrow pointing left. Next, jump onto the pillars and grab 
the heart and the diamonds at the end of this small passageway. Drop 
down the pillar right next to these diamonds to find a couple more. Go 
down and left, getting more diamonds, and at the end you should see a 
red-exit arrow pointing upwards. Go up and right, grabbing some 
diamonds, and killing a bee. Next, go left, killing some more alien 
eggs. At the end of this passageway, jump to the right, passing some 
alien eggs and grabbing diamonds. At the end of this small ramp you come 
to, you'll encounter two bees! Defeat them both (Rebound works great 
here!) Now jump and head left and pass a bee, some alien eggs, and a 
mid-sized alien, and you'll find a box containg a heart, shield, homing 
option (not to mention a lone diamond.) Now go left and you'll finally 
end this level!
(Quick Note: I had 120 sec. left after I found all 1-Ups and Diamonds in 
this area. )

Area 4-2:

   This area is a scrolling level connecting by organic trains. Before 
starting this area, look below to know what is on each of the trains 
before proceeding.

(Fire Pillar A and B mean this: A     B )
(                                _____  )
(The line means the beginning and end of each train)

Train #1 (Where you begin) - 2 Mulitple Laser Power-Ups
Train #2 - 1 Mid-Sized Alien, 10 Diamonds, 1 Laser
Train #3 - 1 Diamond, Laser, 1 rolling creature, 1 Fire Pillar A and B
Train #4 - 15 Diamonds, Laser, 1 Mid-sized alien, 1 Fire Pillar B
Train #5 - 11 Diamonds, 1 Mid-sized alien, 1 laser, 1 rolling creature
Train #6 - 3 Diamonds, 2 Mid-sized aliens, 1 laser

(To get to train #7, jump on the mouth that appears from the middle 
right of the screen.)

Train #7 - 1 Multiple Laser, 1 vertical Fire Pillar

(At this train, 3 mouths will appear. Jump over the 1st one, duck the 
2nd one, and jump on the next one to reach train #8)

Train #8 - 2 Mid-sized aliens, 1 Vertical fire pillar
Train #9 - 1 Diamond
Train #10 - 2 Diamonds, 2 Mid-sized aliens, 1 vertical Fire Pillar
Train #11 - 2 Lasers, 1 rolling creature, 1 Fire Pillar A, 1 vertical 
Fire Pillar
Train #12 - 2 Mid-sized Alien, 3 vertical Fire Pillars

(Next, jump on 2 mouths to reach train #13.)

Train #13 - 1 rolling creature, 1 mid-sized alien, 3 diamonds, 2 lasers, 
1 heart

(Next, you must jump on mouths repeatedly, getting 4 lasers on the way 
to Train #14)

Train #14 - Nothing
Train #15 - 7 diamonds, 1 Heart

(Next, you must jump repeatedly on mouths again, collecting a laser and 
heart on the way to train #16)

Train #16 - 10 diamonds, laser

(Next, jump on 2 mouths to reach train #17)

Train #17 - 9 Diamonds, Mid-sized alien, laser

(Again, jump on 2 mouths to reach train #18)

Train #18 - 6 Diamonds, laser

(Jump on 3 mouths to reach the final train!)

Train #19 - laser, box containing heart and 1-UP, the boss!)

Mini-Boss: Eyeball

   Stay on the left side of the screen, and jump the green balls it 
throws at you. After the ones circling him are gone, it'll make more 
surround it, and throw them at you again. Once these are gone, just jump 
and shoot it, while avoiding the small projectiles. Afterwards, it's 
back into another alien area!

Area 4-3:

   Start by shooting the box for a 1-UP and other power-ups. Drop down 
to the next slope and kill the alien egg. Drop down and go right. If you 
are still in the collecting mood, go up above the 'red exit arrow 
pointing downwards' using your rope to reach the slope and head up and 
right, getting a lot of diamonds and a box containing some power-ups at 
the end of this passageway. Now come back to the beginning of the level 
where the arrow is. See the slope full of diamonds above you (below the 
other passage you just came from)? Go up that. (You'll get a 1-UP on the 
way up.) head right, passing some more bees, and go down the slope to 
the very bottom.  Now go back up the slope, checking each alcove above 
your head for some diamonds (and a 1-UP in one of them.) Now get back to 
the very beginning of the area. Go down the slope and you'll see a red 
exit arrow pointing upwards. Skip this and continue going down the 
slope, running into many alien eggs. At the bottom, go up the next slope 
that has an alien egg on it.  Continue up it and head to the far left. 
At the end, you will see a place where you can drop down. Before going 
down, jump on the alien head and then use your rope to reach the alien 
head above you and shoot the box for a 1-UP and other power-ups. Drop 
down the drop and grab the 7 diamonds on the way down. Once at the 
bottom, go down the slope, and you'll then go up a slope back to where 
the slope you went up earlier. Take the passage right under the slope 
(It's a pink blob platform) and you'll be in an area with a ton of alien 
eggs. Head left, and you'll find a 1-UP above one of the eggs. Latch 
onto the platform above where you got the 1-UP, and make your way to the 
top left corner for a diamond and a heart. Now drop down and go left, 
and you'll be back at the drop off point (where you got the 7 diamonds.) 
go back down this slope, then go up the other slope, going up each 
alcove for diamonds. Once you have explored this area get back to the 
beginning of the area where the 'red exit pointing upwards' is... Follow 
it and go down the slope. While going downward, you'll see a bunch of 
diamonds on platforms. Explore this area and you'll find a 1-UP in a 
box. After getting everything, keep going right, and you'll see an exit 
arrow pointing downwards. Ignore it and go upwards instead. Go left and 
you'll find 2 diamonds on a small suspended platform and a box 
containing power-ups. Go back right, and go up one more floor. Continue 
left up the slope and grab the diamonds in this area and a 1-UP on a 
suspended platform at the end. Head back right and drop down, passing 
the 2 'red exit arrows pointing downwards'. Go left down the slope and 
fall into the first hole. make your way to the bottom getting some 
diamonds and a heart at the end. Make your way back to the top of this 
pit. Continue left down the slope. Jump the next 'pit' that has a 'red 
exit arrow pointing downwards' and below that a 'red exit arrow pointing 
right'. Go down this slope and get all the diamonds at the end. Now get 
on the middle slope and jump left intot he wall. Make your way through 
the wall, grabbing some diamonds and a 1-UP too! Now go up the hill, 
grabbing diamonds and passing alien eggs (If you ahve any rolling power 
left, use it here!). At the top you'll see 2 'red exit arrows', one 
pointing left and right. Grab the 2 diamonds above them, and head right, 
going down the slope to an area with some diamonds and a heart. You can 
also see the boss' head from this area! get out of this area, and head 
back left to the 2 exit arrows. Drop down and go left. Shoot the box for 
power-ups and a 1-UP. Go right, and make sure to grab the diamonds on 
the suspended platforms. Go down the slope, and head left. You'll pass 3 
bees. Drop down, and head right. Be careful in this area, as there is a 
lot of enemies! At the end of this passageway, you'll finally be at the 

Boss of World 4: Alien Queen

   FYI, This is the same as the final boss on the SNES version. This 
boss fight is very easy! Stay on her tail, just to the right of the 
spike, jumping and shooting at her head, jumping any balls that roll 
towards you. Not hard at all. It is nice to take a breather after 
beating the pain that was World 4, eh? Once you defeat her, it's time 
for the final area! 

World 5:

Diamonds: 131
1-UPs: 9 (I only found 8)

Area 5-1:

   Oh yes! The final world! This level isn't as long as World 4, but it 
is just as hard! Conveyors, Moving Platforms, and some tough to find 
items (There is still a 1-UP I have yet to find, and I've looked 
everywhere!) make this place a challenge! 

   Start by going right, and jump the pit and jump intot he right wall. 
Use your wheel power to squeeze through the wall and grab the diamonds 
and the ower-up box. Fall through the floor, kill the big machines, and 
head to the far left for a 1-UP. Now go right, passing 3 Pillars. If you 
get squished, you lose a life, no matter what, so be careful! At the end 
of this part, you'll see a platform above and to the right of you. Use 
your rope to attach onto it and get on top of it. Watch out for the 
small robots that fly over it. Attach your rope straight up to the 
ceiling (to the right of the middle of the platform you are on) and jump 
through the middle of this ceiling, and go right for a power-up box. 
Next, drop down and go left, watching out for the missiles that pop out 
fo the ground. Soon, you'll find a heart. Grab it, and the screen will 
forcefully scroll you to the mini-boss!

Mini-Boss: 2 Swirling Orb Turrets

   Stand on the middle platform and shoot at the turrets when they are 
to the left or right of you. Jump or walk barely to the left or right to 
avoid any projectiles they throw at you. They go down failry quickly, 
and afterwards, you will begin 5-2.

Area 5-2:

   From the mini-boss, continue to go left. Kill the big robot and grab 
the power-up box. Jump on the first moving bolt platform as it goes 
upwards. Jump to make the ceiling visible. Then attach your rope, and 
swing to the right to grab the 1-UP. Now go left and upwards, to reach 
an area with diamonds. Jump through the ceiling, and go right for some 
more diamonds and a box containg power-ups and a 1-UP at the end. Now go 
back to the left, drop through the ceiling and go back right. Jump onto 
the suspended platform, and drop down to the conveyor belt-suspended 
platform. Go drop while holding left to land on a moving bolt platform. 
Go left, and use the moving bolt platform to reach a small area with 3 
diamonds, a giant robot, and a box containing a 1-Up and other power-
ups. Get out of this area, and make your way to the right wall, where a 
moving bolt platform goes up and down. Jump onto this bolt and use your 
wheel power to go through the middle of the wall to reach a crucial 
secret area! Keep going right to collect a ton of diamonds! Once you 
reach as far as possible, jump to make the screen scroll upwards a bit. 
Now jump up and go left, and keep doing that, then you can go left 
without jumping. You'll collect some more diamonds, and then you'll 
fall. Keep going left and you'll see an enclosed area with a box and a 
1-UP. To reach this area, go a little to the left of the enclosed area 
and shoot your rope upwards, and jump to the right to reach the 1-UP and 
a box containing some power-ups and another 1-UP. Drop down and go 
through the wall to return to the main area. Drop to the very bottom and 
you'll find a box containing power-ups and a 1-UP. Now head right and 
you'll face another mini-boss!

Mini-Boss: Walking Robot

   Start by getting to the right side of the screen and jump up onto the 
robot's back. Now shoot its weak point all you can! Once little 
projectiles come from the back of the robot, jump off, and get back on 
and shoot it again once the projectiles leave. Also, use your bombs if 
you have any left to make short work of it.

Area 5-3:

   Head right, and blast the small robots. Now you will begin a vertical 
climb! What makes this area tough is the cannons shooting out cannon 
balls from the walls. If you can attach your rope to a wall and swing to 
where the cannons are, and blast them, it will make your climb much 
easier. The only platforms you'll probably have problems reaching are 
the 4th and 7th platforms. You need to swing to get enough momentum to 
reach these platforms. For the final hidden area of the game, at the 
very top of the climb, attach your rope to the ceiling and swing left, 
and enter the wall below the top-most cannon. You'll fall down a shaft 
getting the remaining diamonds and a 1-UP. You'll then have to reclimb 
the shaft though. At the top, choose what power-up you want (I suggest 
the Laser Weapon) and get ready for the finale!

Boss of World 5: Skeleton

   If you have any wheel power remaining, wait until the skeleton's head 
appears and use 1 missile. 1 hit and boom, he's dead! If you are out of 
wheel power, just stay to the left of the screen and shoot him when his 
head appears, watching for falling debris!

Final Boss: Machine!

Phase 1: Head

   Here we go! Feel free to stand on the left or right platform and fire 
away! His first attack is a Double Laser that rebounds of the wall 4 
times and disappears. It is easily avoidable. After that, he throws out 
2 big spinning projectiles that will follow you and explode after a 
short while. Runa round the room until they disappear, and then finish 
him off!

Phase 2: 

   Once the head is destroyed, it's time for a 1 on 1 battle! He will 
appear on the left platform. He has 2 attacks, a plasma shot that he 
aims directly at you, and a ball that bounces around the room and 
explodes. He can appear on the elft platform, right platform, or in the 
middle fo the room. Keep firing at him and don't let up! You are so 
close to your goal! BTW, if you have any wheel power left, wait until he 
appears in the middle of the room, and use your missiles to kill him 

   Afterwards, watch the ending (which I won't spoil for you).

5. Secrets
There are plenty of codes and secrets for this game (The first 5 
courtesy of the unknown contributor at GameSages.com):

*1 Go forward 1 World:

Pause the game and press:

Right, Left, Down, Right (Fire Button)

Unpause and you should be at the next World. Sometimes the code doesn't 
want to work, and sometimes it freezes the game if used on World 4-1! So 
be careful!

*2 Go back 1 World

Do the above code, but press (Rope Button) instead of (Fire Button).

*3 Konami Man says...

Pause the game and do the konami code (Whaaa? You don't know it? Shame 
on you!) and end the directional arrows with (Rope Button) (Fire Button) 
to reverse the game controls! Now try and beat the game! On hard even! 
Mwa ha ha...

*4 Invincibility!

Pause the game and press (Rope Button) x 3, (Fire Button) x 3, and (Rope 
Button) x 3 and unpause to become invincible! You also have infinite 
wheel power. But you don't get any points for killing enemies, but that 
might be a good thing (read secret #5...)

Now for some true secrets!

*5 Hidden Level in World 1.

To reach the hidden area, make sure you get all 1-Ups and Diamonds 
before proceeding to the elevator near the end of the area. Make sure 
you have double zeros in your score, also. Afterwards, go down the 
elevator and avoid all enemies (So you don't change your score) and 
you'll be in a new zone once the elevator stops!

In this area you can find 72 Diamonds and 2 1-Ups! After beating this 
area, you will be warped to the final area of world 1 (With not much 
time remaining!) Check the walkthrough for more details...

*6 Increase your 1-Up total at the end of World 2!

Look in the walkthrough for details on how to do this trick.

That's all the secrets for now...

6. Credits

Thanks to everyone at GameFaqs (especially krustster at the message 
boards, because he also thinks this game is very underrated) and you for 
looking at this!

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