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FAQ/Walkthrough by Tybalt

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/02/01

| Mazin Saga FAQ/Walkthrough   |
| Created By Chaos2000         |
| E-Mail: pedrogm64@hotmail.com|
| Date: Friday, March 2, 2001  |
| Version 1.1                  |

2)Version Review
10)Legal Info


This is my first review, so if anything's wrong with this, e-mail me at
pedrogm64@hotmail.com. Thank You.

 I was looking at the FAQ request area and I found this game was on it, so I
ecided to make an FAQ on it. This is a game that possibly no one would play in
a million years, but I decided to make one for the hell of it. Mazin Saga is an
action game for the Sega Genesis. It consists of three playing types:
A Streets Of Rage-type brawling mode, a Street Fighter-type fighting mode, and
a mode where you have to run from a certain danger.

|---|_\Version Review/_|---|

Version 1.0- Febuary 28, 2001/7:30 PM

My first version. Includes everything that I can remember. A new version will
come soon!

Version 1.1- March 2, 2001/12:08 AM

Added Walkthrough for Level 1 and the Story. Level 2 coming soon!


(From the game)

It's the year 1999...
 The Bio-Beast force lead by Godkaiser Hell attacked the Earth and dominated
the people of Earth in only a few days.
 The Earth has been demolished and polluted by the weapons they used and the
out of control ecosystem has shown the effect of the aftermath.
 The survivors of the holocaust escaped underground, living in fear of the
attacks by the Steelmask force.
 But, even with fear and despair among many, Doctor Kabuto has secretly
succeded in creating th Mazinger-Z.



 In Brawling stages:

D-Pad: Move

D-Pad Left or Right twice: Dash

C Button: Jump

B Button: Attack

B Button(repeatedly): Rapid-Slash

A Button: Super Attack(will take away health)

Jump + Attack: Air Slash

Jump + Attack(while moving): Jump Kick

Jump + Attack(while dashing): Spinning Slash

 In Fighting stages:

D-Pad Left/Right: Move Left/Right

D-Pad Down: Duck

A Button: Block

B Button: Attack

C Button: Jump

Up + Attack: Sword Uppercut

Back + Attack: Sword Slash

Down + Attack: Foot Jab

(While Jumping)
Up + Attack: Sword Uppercut

Back + Attack: Sword Jab

Down + Attack: Foot Jab


Blue Crystal: Gives you 5000 points.

Turkey Thing: Gives you 1000 Points. I think it's a turkey...

Blue Dude: Makes you invincible for about 15 seconds.

Black Atom: Refills some of your life.

Mazinger-Z Head: Extra Life.


|Green Soldiers|
 Your regular infantry.

Difficulty: 1/5

Description: Green Pants, White skin.

Attacks: Punches, Jump Kick

Notes: When he jump-kicks, hit him when he lands. Very easy.

|Green Swordsman|
A green soldier, except with a sword.

Difficulty: 2/5

Description: Green Pants, White skin, White sword

Attacks: Sword Slash

Notes: Don't get too close to him, just enough to hit him.

|Dog Soldiers|
Freakish muscular monsters that have a pitbull's face.

Difficulty: 1/5

Description: Brown Fists, Purple/Grey armour, Pitbull head

Attacks: Strong Punch

Notes: Way too easy, just hit him quick and fast. Don't let him hit you.

|White Beetles|
They look like overgrown white bugs.

Difficulty: 2/5

Description: White back, they look like those bugs, you know, the ones that
roll up into balls when they're scared...

Attacks: Wheel Tackle, Punches

Notes: When it does a wheel tackle, jump-kick him. Any-time else, just hit     

|Red Ninjas  |
Red ninjas with claws.

Difficulty: 3/5

Description: Red outfit, hard to explain.

Attacks: Slash, Jump Slash

Notes: Don't get too close to him, just enough to hit him.

|Flamethrower Soldiers|
Sporting a big gas canister on his back, this soldier is trigger-happy with
that flamethrower.

Difficulty: 3/5

Description: Red Jumper, White Backpack

Attacks: Fire Spray

Notes: These guys are probably the most annoying soldiers in the game. The best
way to kill these guys is to jump-kick them or to walk up or down to approach
him, then kill him. He can only shoot left and right.

|Red Gunners|
Weird robots that have guns for hands.

Difficulty: 3/5

Description: Red faces, Red/White outfits.

Attacks: Gun Shot, Grenade Toss

Notes: Another annoying enemy. The best way to kill these guys is to jump-kick
them or to walk up or down to approach him, then kill him. He can only shoot
left and right. Move fast to avoid their bullets and grenades.

|Clay People|
A grey enemy from the India Stage.

Difficulty: 4/5

Description: Pure brown

Attacks: Mud tackle

Notes: Another annoying enemy, you can attack him by approaching him up or
down, he can only attack left or right.

|Biker Soldier|
A soldier that tries to run you down.

Difficulty: 1/5

Description: Same as the Flamethrower Soldier, except with a hoverbike and no

Attacks: Bike Ram

Notes: The only way to kill him, jump-kick him.

|Evil Monk|
Another character from India.

Difficulty: 3/5

Description: Brown cloak, Pale skin

Attacks: Blade Slash, Shuriken Shot

Notes: Attack him when he removes his blade from his cloak. In the later
levels, he'll start to throw shurikens, so jump-kick him.

|Green Fly|
A mutated green fly, appears in New York.

Difficulty: 0.5/5

Description: A Green Fly

Attacks: Tackle

Notes: Jump-kick it, so easy it's a joke.

|Female Soldier|
A female soldier, appears in Egypt.

Difficulty: 4/5

Description: Looks like the old Pink Ranger from Power Rangers.

Attacks: Punches, Kicks

Notes: Take her down as quick as you can.


NOTE: The Walkthrough is for the Hard setting. You may find this Walkthrough a
bit off if you're playing this on Medium or Easy.

         IN TOKYO 1999 JUL.

Stage 1-1: Plaza

 You'll start of with a Green Soldier and a Turkey on the screen. Get rid of
the Soldier, then go for the turkey. When you go for the turkey, you'll see
another Green Soldier. Kill him, then Proceed.

 As you continue, a Green Soldier will be in the middle of its Jump-Kick. Kill
it and proceed. Now, you'll run into a Green Swordsman. Get rid of him and
proceed as you run into two more. Now, two or three Green Soldiers will come
from the left, as well as a Dog Soldier. Kill the Green Soldiers, and another
Dog Soldier will come. Kill everyone that's left and proceed. Keep going right
until you get to...

Mini-Boss: Skeleton Foot
Difficulty: 2/10
Hits To Kill: 15

 It'll try to step on you, so run around until it lands, then attack it's heel
'til it dies. When it dies, it'll start flashing and leave the screen.

 Proceed and you'll see two turkeys, as well as a Dog Soldier. Grab the Turkeys
and kill the Dog Soldier, then continue until a Green Swordsman and a Dog
Soldier appear on the right, and two Green Soldiers, one Green Swordsman, and a
Dog Soldier appears on the left. Kill them all and two White Beetles will
appear on the left and right, as well as a Green Swordsman on the right. Kill
them all and you've beaten this round.

Stage 1-1 Complete!

Stage 1-2: Parking Lot

 When you start, a Dog Soldier will immediately appear, so kill him. Keep going
and you'll run into two White Beetles and a Green Swordsman. Kill them.

 Now, you'll have to jump over this gap, because if you don't, you'll lose a
life, regardless of how much health you have. A Green Soldier will be on the
next side, so kill him by attacking him or by throwing him in the gap. Keep
running and you'll have to fight two White Beetles, a Green Swordsman, and a
Dog Soldier. Three Dog Soldiers, a White Beetle, and a Green Soldier will join
the party soon. Kill them all.

 Grab the turkey and kill the White Beetle with the Green Soldier. You'll now
get to a longer gap with a small bridge to get across. There will be a White
Beetle on the other side, so just wait on your side until the White Beetle
kills himself. Now go on the brodge and get ready, because three Green Soldiers
and a White Beetle will start to kick your ass, so you better stop them.

 When they're all dead, cross the bridge and kill the Dog Soldier. Keep going
and you'll see two Green Soldiers and a Black Atom Ball. Kill the soldiers,
then get the Black Atom Ball. You'll have to face two Green Soldiers and two
White Beetles. A Dog Soldier and two more White Beetles will join in the fight
soon. Kill them all to complete the level.

Stage 1-2 Complete!
Stage 1-3: Rooftop

 Start by killing the Green Soldier that appears when you start, then proceed.
Beat the Dog Soldier that comes after it. Proceed and you'll have a short
one-on-one fight with a Green Swordsman, and make it short.

 Proceed and a Red Ninja will come for you, so kill it. Kill the two Red
Ninjas, and get as far as you can until you meet up with a Dog Soldier, a Green
Soldier and a Green Swordsman. Soon, four Red Ninjas and a Dog Soldier will
come and try to kill you. Kill them all and proceed.

 Kill the Dog Soldier that you first see. Continue and you'll have to fight
three Red Ninjas and two White Beetles. They'll soon be assisted by a Dog
Soldier and two White Beetles. Kill them all and proceed.

 Kill the White Beetle before you get the Black Atom Ball in front of you.
Another Beetle will try to guard it from you, so kill him, too. You'll now have
to fight a Red Ninja and a White Beetle, who will be assisted with two Green
Soldiers and a Red Ninja. Kill them and proceed until you see a skeleton's head
appear in the background, which will now force you to fight...

Mini-Boss: Skeleton Arm
Difficulty: 7/10
Hits To Kill: ???

 This is a toughie. Okay, the side that you're closest to is the side that the
hand is most likely to attack. To avoid the hand without attacking it, just
stay at the top. Do jumping attacks and your super-slash attacks to kill it.
When it dies, the skeleton will start to flash and vanish.

Stage 1-3 Complete!

Difficulty: 6/10
Weapon: Battle Axe
Special: Fireball
Description: A skeleton with horns, a tail and a face on his chest.

Tips: -Always keep your guard up!
      -Do Jump Attacks!
      -Do the special attacks whenever possible!
      -If you knocked him down, do the Sword Swing when he gets up!
      -Be Carewful!


          VS SLUG HEAD
(Under Construction)

           VS DINO-BEAST
(Under Construction)

          VS BUSTER CLAW
(Under Construction)

(Under Construction)



There's only one code in this game, that's the only one that I've found.

Boss Fight:

 At the main screen, go to the Option screen, highlight Sound Test and select
sound 18. Now highlight Sound Effects Test and select sound 72. Now exit the
Options screen and press Start. This will now make you fight each boss, one
after another without playing the other stages.


Well, the only people that I have to thank are:

Twig: My best friend, he gave me this game. By the way, Twig is his nickname.

CJayC: For making this outstanding website. When I was young, I dreamed of a
website like this one, so I thank him big time.

You, the reader: If you're reading this, thank you.

That's about it.

|---|_\Legal Info/_|---|

-Don't steal my work, or I will take legal action.
-Don't alter my work in any way.

-Post it on your website if you e-mail me and I say yes. Plus, you must give me
full credit for my work.

|What I will accept|

-Letters asking for help

-Compliments about me and/or my work

-Thanks and Praise

|What I won't accept|

-Chain Mail

-Sarcasm about me and/or my work. I might e-mail you back and insult you, then
I'll block you from sending me any more messages.

-Letters I can't understand, like "i dont kno how to kil dis one bos becawse
hes to harde." I will delete them.

By the way, it meant "I don't know how to kill this one Boss because he's too

-Crap that doesn't have anything to do with this FAQ.


Here's all the places to contact me:

E-Mail:------------------------------------ pedrogm64@hotmail.com
GameFAQs Message Boards:------------------- Chaos2000
Alien Adoption Agency(web-docent.com):----- The K
Vagabond's Quest(Netdragons.com):---------- The_X_123



Well, that's it. I'll have the walkthrough up very soon, so don't worry!

-Mazin Saga Copyright © 1993

-GameFAQs Copyright © 1995-2001

-This FAQ Copyright © 2001-20??

The name of the segment says it all...


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