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Reviewed: 10/08/01 | Updated: 10/08/01

Far better than the PC Engine, Saturn and PSX versions

Master of Monsters is a deep strategy game with incredible graphics and music score. It's a board game - turn based - and it can be played by 4 players (humans and computer players together). You control a master of magic that can create monsters. In your turn you need to move your monsters and make your strategy to defeat the enemy masters.

You move your monsters in hexagon cells in a board. Each cell has a texture, representing the type of ground. Each ground will affect the attack and defense attributes of each monster.

There are a lot of monsters in this game. You can create from sea monsters to giants and cyclops. Monsters of the goodness, neutral monsters and evil monsters. Each one with different attack weapons and exclusive graphic design.

Your master of magic can make magic to attack the enemies or to protect / heal the monsters. There are a couple of different masters to choose from, each one with different monsters to create, and with different magic powers.

Here are the strong points of the game:
1. All your monsters can gain experience and can evolve to another levels - with totally different designs and attacks.
2. The enemy AI is very high - the game will really challenge you!
3. The music is cool and you can choose the soundtrack for your master and for the other players.
4. There are 2 different battery slots to save your campaign.
5. The combat statistics in this game are perfect.
6. In the campaign mode, after you defeat the enemies, you will face another scenery and you can recall all the monsters of the last scenery.
7. The game graphics are great, and the combat scenes are very interesting to see.

Graphics - 10. The monsters are very well animated in the combat scenes and when evolve to a higher level.
Strategy - 10. Deep! The enemy AI is very high and there are a limited number of rounds to defeat the enemies. You have many strategy options to choose from in each round.
Music - 10. There are a couple of soundtracks to choose from for each player.

This is the best board game that I ever played in my entire life. I strongly recommend it to players looking for a intelligent and deep game. Avoid the other versions of this game. The statistics of these other versions are not very well balanced, and the graphics and music are too simplistic.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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