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Guide and Walkthrough by PsychoBio

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/25/2016


                   __  __           _                     __ 
                  |  \/  |         | |                   / _|
                  | \  / | __ _ ___| |_ ___ _ __    ___ | |_ 
                  | |\/| |/ _` / __| __/ _ \ '__|  / _ \|  _|
                  | |  | | (_| \__ \ ||  __/ |    | (_) | |  
                  |_|  |_|\__,_|___/\__\___|_|     \___/|_|  

                   __  __                 _                
                  |  \/  |               | |               
                  | \  / | ___  _ __  ___| |_ ___ _ __ ___ 
                  | |\/| |/ _ \| '_ \/ __| __/ _ \ '__/ __|
                  | |  | | (_) | | | \__ \ ||  __/ |  \__ \
                  |_|  |_|\___/|_| |_|___/\__\___|_|  |___/


                          Master of Monsters (Genesis)
            FAQ / Walkthrough / Guide by Eduardo Almeida (PsychoBio)
                   Version 1.02, last updated May 25th 2016



Chapter 1: INTRO
1.1) What is Master of Monsters?
1.2) Legal info
1.3) Version history
1.4) Wait! Do you want to test your knowledge?
1.5) Storyline

Chapter 2: GAMEPLAY
2.1) Basic gameplay
2.2) Starting the game
2.3) The game screen
2.4) Game controls
2.5) Terrain
2.5.1) Movement
2.5.2) Terrain protection
2.6) Monsters
2.7) Magic
2.7.1) Common spells
2.7.2) Unique spells
2.8) Strategy
2.8.1) Campaign tips
2.8.2) Single battle tips

3.1) Campaign 1
3.1.A) Campaign 1 “trick”
3.1.B) Building your army
3.1.1) Mission 1: CAMP-1
3.1.2) Mission 2: CIRCLE
3.1.3) Mission 3: MOONLAND
3.1.4) Mission 4: ISLAND
3.1.5) Mission 5: DESERT
3.1.6) Mission 6: HALF
3.1.7) Mission 7: FIRELAND
3.1.8) Mission 8: ICECROSS
3.2) Campaign 2
3.2.A) Campaign 2 “trick”
3.2.B) Building your army
3.2.1) Mission 1: CAMP-2
3.2.2) Mission 2: NEAR
3.2.3) Mission 3: DOUBLE
3.2.4) Mission 4: AROUND
3.2.5) Mission 5: FOURWAR
3.2.6) Mission 6: GREATAXE
3.2.7) Mission 7: DEATHWAR
3.2.8) Mission 8: BIGARROW

4.1) Daimyou
4.1.1) Monsters
4.1.2) Magic and Force
4.1.3) Conclusion
4.2) Wizard
4.2.1) Monsters
4.2.2) Magic and Force
4.2.3) Conclusion
4.3) Sorcerer
4.3.1) Monsters
4.3.2) Magic and Force
4.3.3) Conclusion
4.4) DarkLord
4.4.1) Monsters
4.4.2) Magic and Force
4.4.3) Conclusion
4.5) Summoner
4.5.1) Monsters
4.5.2) Magic and Force
4.5.3) Conclusion

Chapter 5: MORE
5.1) Codes and bugs
5.2) FAQ – Frequently asked questions
5.3) Answers for the test (1.4)
5.3.1) Your knowledge level
5.4) Try my army, share your army
5.5) Contact: help improving this guide
5.6) Acknowledgments

==============================/ Chapter 1: INTRO /=============================

------------------ 1.1) What is Master of Monsters?

Master of Monsters (aka MoM) is a turn based strategy game. Previously launched
for MSX (1989), Master of Monsters also had versions for other old platforms,
like PC98 and TurboGrafx CD. The Sega Genesis version was launched in 1991.
After getting some success on Genesis, the game also got versions for Sega
Saturn and PlayStation. This FAQ / walkthrough / guide only refer to the
Genesis version.

------------------ 1.2) Legal info

Copyright 2014-2016 Eduardo Almeida
All rights reserved.

Only the sites listed below have permission to display this guide:


Previous written permission is required to its exhibition on any other site. If
you see this guide on any site that is not listed above, please e-mail me

This guide must always be shown in full form, and with credit given to the
author. It’s strictly prohibited to alter any part of this guide. It can’t be
used for any profitable purposes. This guide may not be reproduced under any
circumstances, except for personal, private use.

------------------ 1.3) Version history

- 1.0 released April 15th 2014. First version, already a mostly complete guide.

- 1.01 released October 11th 2015. Minor language corrections done. Version
history added. Added my own site (geocities.ws/myoldgames/) to the list of
sites allowed to display my guide. Main reason for updating: my site will also
store my saves for "Try my army, share your army" section. Now it works. Yeah!

- 1.02 released May 25th, 2016. Corrected some minor errors. Added "Code and
bugs" section and some info from the game manual around the guide.

------------------ 1.4) Wait! Do you want to test your knowledge?

Before we proceed, you now just have the chance to show how much you know about
Master of Monsters. It’s just some fun for those that consider themselves
experts at this game. If you aren’t an expert, you may advance to the next
section. Anyway, answers to these questions can be found at section 5.3, so
take note of your own answers.

Q-1: Which of these monsters can’t be seen at the title screen?
A) Angel        B) Minotaur     C) Unicorn      D) Warrior

Q-2: Which elemental Force is a female?
A) Fire         B) Water        C) Air          D) Earth

Q-3: How many weapons a Great Demon uses, according to its picture?
A) One          B) Two          C) Three        D) Four

Q-4: A Taitan’s icon at the map is a lot alike to the icon of which other
A) Colossus     B) Crasher      C) Caeser       D) Crusader

Q-5: If you are playing a campaign and never changed the music, during a
Sorcerer’s turn which music will you hear?
A) BGM02        B) BGM03        C) BGM04        D) BGM05

Q-6: Which map, if played as a single battle, will have the blue castle on a
different place, instead of the coordinates it used to be during Campaign 1?
A) CIRCLE       B) ISLAND       C) HALF         D) FIRELAND

Q-7: Which map, if played as a single battle, will have the yellow master
sitting on a rocky hex instead of the yellow castle?
A) ISLAND       B) DESERT       C) NEAR         D) AROUND

Q-8: (Highest number of turns on a campaign mission) + (Lowest number of turns
on a campaign mission) = ?
A) 55           B) 53           C) 60           D) 58

Q-9: How many level 01 monsters you have available for summoning in both
A) Four         B) Five         C) Six          D) Seven

Q-10: How many monsters AI can summon during campaigns, and are never available
on single battles? 
A) Five         B) Six          C) Seven        D) Ten or more

Q-11: After playing through both campaigns, how many masters of your own type
you have defeated?
A) Two          B) Three        C) Four         D) Six

Q-12: Which monster uses a different attack for long range fights?
A) Gorgon       B) Crasher      C) Sphinx       D) Mage

Q-13: If you sum all four damage resistances (in %), which monster will get a
higher number?
A) Iron Golem   B) Black Wraith C) Sirene       D) Cocoon

Q-14: How many monsters have their HP decreased after leveling up?
A) One          B) Two          C) Three        D) Four

Q-15: A Colossus may cause the highest damage possible for a single hit. How
much damage is it?
A) 38           B) 47           C) 51           D) 55

Q-16: If you summoned a Cyclops, a Demon and a Minotaur, how much MP you just
A) 59           B) 63           C) 66           D) 70

Q-17: Which monster requires the most XP to reach level 03? 
A) Arch Demon   B) Frost Dragon C) Flame Dragon D) Giant

Q-18: Which ones are the unique spells of the Wizard?
A) Quick and Refresh            B) Quick and First
C) Refresh and Typhoon          D) Stone and First

Q-19: Which magic has a different MP cost?
A) Again        B) Reverse      C) Shield       D) Typhoon

Q-20: If all masters decide to create a 1-on-1 league to fight each other
without using monsters, who would be the league winner?
A) Daimyou      B) Wizard       C) Sorcerer     D) DarkLord

------------------ 1.5) Storyline

This is what can be found in the back of the cartridge cover box:

Gaya, king of the Dark World, summoned five of his loyal subjects – a fierce
warlock, a sorcerer with healing powers, an evil wizard, Nechromensa the master
of chaos and confusion, and Samona, who possesses power over all good and evil
subjects. Gaya looked over his five masters of magic and spoke: “The time has
come to choose a new king, but only one of you will reign. You will use your
magical powers to create fighting monsters and ultimately you will live or die.
Whoever remains will conquer and inherit my kingdom. Though you may win or
lose, each of you must fight to the end to be worthy of ruling my kingdom.”

After Gaya spoke, he pointed to a door behind the five masters of magic. “On
the other side of the door, I have created a world of the Master of Monsters,”
roared King Gaya. “Go and fight to your victory!”

In the manual, there is a longer version of, well, like the same story:

It's an eeriey, mystical day in the world of Mana. Gaia, the Prime Master of
Magic summoned the ruling masters of the five magical disciplines: Daimyo,
magician of law; Sorcerer, priest of healing; Wizard, magician of evil;
Darklord, magician of chaos; and Summoner, mistress of neutrality and justice.

Gaia calmly glared around the dimly lit room as the five magicians quietly sat
at the table of Anthrax, ancient forum of diplomacy.

“Why do you call us here Gaia?” Darklord grumbled. “I have no time for these
petty negotiations!” “The time has come...,” Gaia groaned, “to choose a new
Prime Master... I grow weary, and my days are fading...”

“At last,” Wizard blurted, “I will have complete control of Mana!”

“Ha, ha, haaa...” Summoner laughed, “Wizard, you old fool... you could no more
rule your home than you could the world of Mana!!!”

“Silence!!” yelled Gaia. “You will not bicker at this sacred table!! I will not
permit it!!! Now, only one of you can become the new Prime Master, and only one
discipline can reign as the supreme magical discipline. Each of you must enter
the mythical proving ground of the ancient wizard, Anthrax, and duel using your
own magic, intelligence, and power. You must summon your legions of mythical
monsters and do battle for control the castles and towers. The master who
survives the battles and seizes all of them will ascend to the throne of Prime

At the end of his speech, Gaia quietly rose and departed. Afterwards, there was
a rumbling sound, and a gateway opened up where he had been sitting.

“The proving ground of Anthrax awaits you on the other side of the portal, only
the brave and the true of heart can survive there, so be prepared!”

The five magicians slowly pass, one by one through the magical gateway. On the
other side, they find themselves in their ruling towers, but the land outside
their familiar towers looks anything but familiar. Indeed, they find themselves
in the proving grounds of Anthrax, with no easy way back in sight.

============================/ Chapter 2: GAMEPLAY /============================

------------------ 2.1) Basic gameplay

You play as a master, a superior being that has the power to summon and
command a variety of other creatures, from now called monsters. In your
standard turn, you will summon monsters, move your previously existent monsters
and have them to fight enemy monsters, cast a spell (Magic), and invoke a Force
of a natural element (Fire, Water, Air or Earth) to attack an enemy monster.

Masters can’t leave their castles and are immune to Magic and Force, so you
need to use your monsters to attack enemy masters. You win by defeating all
enemy masters (reducing their HP to 0) in the allotted amount of turns. You
lose by having your own master defeated or if you aren’t able to win in the
allotted turns.

It’s worthy mention that this game has NO luck involved. Although some things
look random (like which blows will hit or miss during a fight, or the HP amount
a monster will regain if you use a healing magic), there is no real randomness,
just pseudo-randomness. I mean, for two identical situations, the game will
produce identical results. Do you want a proof? Start any single battle with
all masters being AI controlled. For same conditions (map, masters, etc.), the
game will get same results every time you restart the battle: same summons,
same moves, same attacks hitting and missing during fights. Of course, I don’t
know how the game engine calculates these pseudo-random factors, and the
randomness while playing LOOKS real.

------------------ 2.2) Starting the game

Once you press the start button on the title screen, there is a menu with the
following options (choose using button C):

- CONTINUE : this will allow you to continue a game saved on your cartridge
memory. If you are using an emulator, I strongly suggest you to ignore this and
use emulator save state instead.

- CAMP-1 ; CAMP-2 : these options are used to start the two single player
campaigns. Each campaign has eight missions, and one of the highest points in
the game is that you can use the monsters that finished a mission in the
following one. The two campaigns use different settings for master and monsters
you control, different maps, etc. In general lines, you can assume that
Campaign 1 is easier than Campaign 2.

are used to start single battles. Each of these maps can be played by up four
players, human or AI, in battles that last up to 90 turns. The first seven are
also played in Campaign 1, together with CAMP-1 map, while the last seven are
played in Campaign 2, together with CAMP-2 map. However, note that most of
these maps, when played in a campaign, are slightly different from their single
battle versions: they will usually have fewer castles (there are less masters)
and the terrain can impose attack restrictions, especially to the human player
(less attack routes).

Once you choose your map / campaign, there is another menu (press button C to
select and button B to cancel):

- MASTER : will let you assign a different master for each castle. There are
five possible masters: Daimyou, Wizard, Sorcerer, DarkLord and Summoner. There
is no restriction about a master type being used more than once, so you can
create a single battle of four DarkLords without any problem. NOTE: this option
is not available for campaigns.

- PLAYER : used to choose which masters will be controlled by human players or
by AI. Sadly, there is no way to remove masters, so if you want a single battle
with less than four masters, choose “player” to the master you don’t want and
just finish its turn without playing (it can still be attacked by AI controlled
monsters, though). NOTE: this option is not available for campaigns.

- MAGIC : used to adjust the amount of magic points regenerated for each master
in the end of his / her turn. Possible values are 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100.
NOTE: for campaigns, you can adjust only the magic of your own master.

- MUSIC : allows you to choose one of six background music for each master. You
can change music anytime, even during a campaign mission / single battle. If
you don’t change anything, during campaigns the six music will appear as this:
BGM01 – theme for enemy Daimyou ; BGM02 – theme for enemy Wizard ; BGM03 –
theme for enemy Sorcerer ; BGM04 – theme for enemy DarkLord ; BGM05 – theme for
enemy Summoner ; BGM06 – theme for human player.

- START : as you can possibly predict, this will start your game.

------------------ 2.3) The game screen

When the game starts, a zoomed in area of map occupies the biggest part of your
screen. This is where the game is actually played. The map is formed by a 64x64
grid of hexes, each one containing one and only one terrain type. In the map,
your monsters will move and fight to reach and defeat enemy masters. (More
about terrain types in the Terrain section.)

At the right side, there are 3 squares:

- The upper one shows the entire map where the battle is played. A white square
marks the area zoomed in. If you move your cursor to another area, the white
square will also move accordingly to show the current position.

- The middle one shows information about the game. The info displayed here are:
which master is currently taking its turn and if it is player or AI (computer)
controlled, current turn and total turns allotted, period of the day (sun
rising, sun, moon rising or moon) and current coordinates of the cursor (0,0
being the upper left corner, and 63,63 being the lower right corner). If you
select a monster, information about the monster is also showed here. (More
about monsters in the Monsters section.)

- The lower one just shows the monster picture when a monster is selected.

Also, there is a black area with game info under the zoomed in area. Here, you
can quickly check the amount of magic points (MP), towers (T) and monsters (M)
owned by each army: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. NOTE: masters count as

------------------ 2.4) Game controls

Directional button is used to move the cursor in the zoomed in area of the map
(you can hold button B for fast scrolling), and among options of a menu.

Button C is used to confirm a selection, while button B is used to cancel /
return to previous menu.

Button A calls a main menu with the following options:

SUMMON : used to summon a new monster for your army. This is a valid option
only if the menu is called from a controlled tower / fortress / main fortress
hex adjacent to your master. You also need to meet the tower requirement: your
total number of monsters is, at max, your number of towers plus 2. If you meet
the criteria, another menu will open, showing your monster options and
respective MP cost. The summon succeeds if you have enough MP to pay for your
monster. NOTE: there is also a limit of 30 monsters an army can have, and 56
monsters at max counting all armies.

CALL : not used in single battles, but more used than the summon command in
campaigns. At any campaign mission beyond the first, you can call the monsters
that finished the previous mission. Monsters will be showed at the status they
were at the end of the previous mission, but once called their HP will be
replenished. Calling monsters doesn’t spend MP, but the rest is like the
summon command: the menu needs to be called from a controlled tower / fortress
/ main fortress hex adjacent to your master, and you need to meet the tower
requirement. NOTE: monsters yet not called count for both 30 / army and 56 /
total limits.

MAGIC : this opens a menu of spells which your master can use once per turn.
These cost MP and produce immediate effects (if you have enough MP to pay).
Some magic affect the entire map or a restrict area around a hex. Some,
however, affect a single monster, ally or enemy. If the menu is called from a
hex that doesn’t have one monster of the proper type on it, these magic simply
won’t appear in the list. Masters are never affected by magic. (More about
magic in the Magic section.)

FORCE : this is used to invoke an elemental to attack an enemy monster, and
like magic, can be used once per turn. The menu needs to be called from a hex
with an enemy monster (the one you want to target). Using the Force costs 40
MP. Once used, the elemental fights the target monster like if it was a normal
monster itself: it can kill and be killed. Elementals start with 100 HP, which
looks great initially, but in late campaigns, they can be destroyed in just a
few fights, so choose wisely your targets. They can’t recover any HP during a
mission, but will replenish before the next one if you are playing a campaign.
Each master controls always the same force during any campaign or single
battle: Daimyou controls Fire, Wizard controls Water, Sorcerer controls Air,
DarkLord controls Earth, Summoner controls all four elementals.

TABLE : opens an information table about your army. Here you can check: name,
type (monster characteristic that interferes in movement and terrain protection
– more about this in the Terrain section), coordinates, and if the monster has
been moved this turn (there will be a letter “E” right of the coordinates).
Info and picture about the current monster can be viewed in the squares to the
right. Pressing C will close the table and move the cursor to the selected

HELP : if turned ON, the AI will suggest moves each time you select MOVE on a
monster menu. The AI is not a good strategist, however, so I suggest you turn
this OFF.

SET UP : this calls another menu, with the following options:
- SAVE : used to save your game on the cartridge memory. If you play the game
on an emulator, I suggest you using its save state feature instead.
- PLAYER : during a single battle, you can change which masters are player or
AI controlled.
- SPEED : you can use this to change the speed of battle animations to “slow”,
“real” or “fast”.
- MUSIC : allows you to change the background music of each master, including
your enemies.

END : ends the player turn, and starts the turn of the next master. All turns
are taken in the same order: Blue > Red > Green > Yellow.

In the zoomed in area, you can also put the cursor over a hex with one monster
and use button C to select it. For enemy monsters and monsters you have already
moved this turn, this will just show the monster status. For your monsters you
haven’t yet moved this turn, this also calls the monster menu, with options

If you select FIGHT on the monster menu, the cursor will move to an enemy
monster in an adjacent hex, and the fight conditions (damage per hit, number of
attacks and hit chance) are showed. If there is more than one enemy monster in
adjacent hexes, use directional button to navigate. Press C to select your
target, and if your monster has long ranged attacks, you will choose among
short range (S) and long range (L). At any point, you can press B and cancel
the fight. You will still be able to move your monster or fight.

If you select MOVE on the monster menu, hexes your monster can’t reach will be
grayed, so choose among the normally colored (and unoccupied) hexes where you
will move your monster. Press C and your monster goes to its destination. This
opens another menu: OK is used to confirm your monster move, it won’t fight and
will stay there until your next turn. FIGHT works like we have just explained
above, however, if you decide to cancel the fight, it won’t cancel the move
anymore and you need to wait your next turn to use your monster again. RETURN
sends the monster back to its initial location, and allows you to choose
another destination.

Note that monsters have a zone of control. If a monster enters a hex that has
an adjacent enemy monster, it needs to stop. The game already considers this
when showing the possible new destinations a monster can be moved to.

------------------ 2.5) Terrain

The interaction between monsters and terrains is very important, and needs to
be considered when creating a good strategy. Before we talk about how terrains
influence your monsters, let’s identify the terrain types. These examples are
taken from DEATHWAR single battle map, one of a few that have all types.

- Main Fortress: also called “Castle” in other tutorials you can find on the
net (I can now confirm these hexes are called "Castles" by the game manual.
But...) However, I prefer call castle the group of fortresses and towers a
master lives in. The main fortress is the hex where the masters usually start a
mission / battle. Example: 11, 18.
- Fortress: usually found around a main fortress, can be used to summon / call
monsters. Example: 12, 20.
- Tower: easy to identify. You need these to increase your monster limit. Most
towers start a mission / battle as neutral, having a white and light blue
background. Towers can then be occupied by monsters, with its background
changing accordingly. Towers can be used to summon / call monsters. Also, note
that an injured monster that ends its master’s turn in a tower will have a
small portion of HP healed before next opponent’s turn. Examples: 21, 41
(neutral); 46, 09 (blue); 17, 29 (red); 18, 50 (green); 45, 51 (yellow).
- Grassland: main attack route for land based creatures. Example: 17, 40.
- Forest. Example: 42, 38.
- Dune. Example: 43, 53.
- Mountain. Example: 47, 56.
- Rocky Tracts. Example: 57, 27.
- Swamp. Example: 26, 44.
- Tundra. Example: 18, 29.
- Volcano. Example: 43, 10.
- River (shallow water). Example: 34, 42.
- Ocean (deep water). Example: 34, 37.

Terrains have 2 major influences over monsters: movement and terrain

--------- 2.5.1) Movement:

Monsters have a movement allowance, a max number of hexes they can move per
turn (check “MV” in the monster info). However, depending on the monster
movement type, a hex containing a terrain can be harder to cross, and in this
case it consumes more than 1 from the monster allowance.

There is no cost for leaving a hex. The cost in movement allowance points is
always to enter a hex. When you select MOVE on the monster menu, the game
already considers optimal routes your monster can take, so its reach is

Here are the movement types a monster can have (the code is how it appears in
the in-game table), and respective monsters:
- M (Master): Daimyou, DarkLord, Sorcerer, Summoner, Wizard, Cocoon, Guardian
- SH (High Sky): Loc, Mono Pegasus
- S (Sky): Crusader, Great Angel, Great Demon, Hippo Griffon, Mage, Pegasus,
Sky Gorgon
- SL (Low Sky): Angel, Arch Angel, Arch Demon, Black Wraith, Chimera, Dark
Wraith, Demon, Fighter, Gorgon, Griffin, Valkyrie, Wraith
- SF (Fire Sky): Air Dragon, Phoenix, Sky Dragon, Sphinx
- OB (Big Ocean): Big Serpent, Kraken, Octopus, Serpent
- OS (Small Ocean): Marmaid, Sirene
- LB (Big Land): Colossus, Giant, Golem, Iron Golem, Stone Golem, Troll
- LS (Small Land): Amazon, Attacker, Caeser, Carthago, Crasher, Minotaur,
Musha, Roman, Soldier, Taitan, Tricorn, Unicorn, Warrior 
- LF (Fire Land): Dragon (Daimyou), Dragon (Summoner), Dragon (Wizard), Fire
Dragon, Flame Dragon, Gold Dragon, King Dragon
- I2 (Big Tundra): Cyclops, Firbolg, IceGiant
- I1 (Small Tundra): Dark Dragon, Death Dragon, Dragon (DarkLord), Dragon
(Sorcerer), Frost Dragon, Ice Dragon, Silver Dragon
- LD (Dune): Hydra, Lizard, TwinHead

This table shows how much from its movement allowance a monster uses to enter a
hex. If marked “N”, it means a monster with that movement type can’t enter a
hex of that terrain type (however, Storm magic can place a monster on a hex it
couldn’t otherwise enter).

Hex \ Move type  M | SH | S | SL | SF | OB | OS | LB | LS | LF | I2 | I1 | LD 
Main Fortress    1 |  1 | 1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 
Fortress         1 |  1 | 1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 
Tower            1 |  1 | 1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 
Dune             N |  1 | 1 |  1 |  1 |  4 |  4 |  3 |  2 |  3 |  3 |  3 |  1 
Forest           N |  1 | 1 |  2 |  1 |  4 |  4 |  2 |  2 |  2 |  2 |  2 |  1 
Grassland        N |  1 | 1 |  1 |  1 |  4 |  4 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  1 
Mountain         N |  1 | 1 |  2 |  1 |  N |  N |  3 |  3 |  3 |  3 |  3 |  2 
Ocean            N |  1 | 1 |  2 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  N |  N |  N |  N |  N |  N 
River            N |  1 | 1 |  1 |  1 |  2 |  1 |  N |  4 |  3 |  N |  3 |  2 
Rocky Tracts     N |  1 | 1 |  2 |  1 |  N |  N |  3 |  3 |  3 |  3 |  3 |  1 
Swamp            N |  1 | 1 |  2 |  1 |  2 |  1 |  N |  4 |  3 |  N |  3 |  2 
Tundra           N |  1 | 1 |  1 |  2 |  3 |  3 |  2 |  3 |  3 |  1 |  1 |  2 
Volcano          N |  2 | N |  N |  1 |  N |  N |  N |  N |  1 |  N |  3 |  N 

--------- 2.5.2) Terrain protection

The terrain a monster is determines how well it can fight. It influences the
hit chance of the opponent monster. This hit chance is 100% minus the
protection the terrain offers to the monster.

Here is the table of terrain protection, which varies for each monster movement

Hex \ Move type  M | SH |  S | SL | SF | OB | OS | LB | LS | LF | I2 | I1 | LD 
Main Fortress   60 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 60 | 40 | 40 | 40 | 60 
Fortress        40 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 60 | 40 | 40 | 40 | 60 
Tower           40 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 60 | 40 | 40 | 40 | 60 
Dune             0 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 25 | 25 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 60 
Forest           0 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 30 | 25 | 40 | 60 | 50 | 40 | 50 | 60 
Grassland        0 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 25 | 25 | 20 | 40 | 30 | 20 | 30 | 40 
Mountain         0 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 10 | 10 | 60 | 50 | 40 | 60 | 40 | 60 
Ocean            0 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 80 | 60 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 
River            0 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 60 | 80 | 10 | 20 | 20 | 10 | 20 | 40 
Rocky Tracts     0 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 10 | 10 | 60 | 50 | 40 | 60 | 40 | 60 
Swamp            0 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 60 | 80 | 20 | 20 | 20 | 20 | 20 | 40 
Tundra           0 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 20 | 20 | 20 | 60 | 70 | 20 
Volcano          0 | 60 | 10 | 10 | 70 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 70 | 10 | 20 | 10 

So, for example, if your monster attacks an enemy Warrior which is in a tundra
hex, your monster will have an 80% hit chance. This because Warrior is a LS
(Small Land) creature, and receives 20% of terrain protection from the tundra.
If you attack an enemy Sirene on a swamp, your hit chance will be 20% (it gets
80% protection from the swamp, being a Small Ocean monster).

- There is an attack type, which I call “magical attacks” that ignores terrain
protection and have always a 65% hit chance. In fact, several monsters use
magical attacks in long range fights.
- Forces always have 30% protection, except when fighting monsters that use
these magical attacks.

------------------ 2.6) Monsters

Monsters have several characteristics. Some of them are written in the monster
info, visible in the middle square of the right side when you select a monster.
Some are not written at all.

The visible information includes:

- Name of the monster. For monsters beyond level 1, part of the name may be
abbreviated (Fire-D instead of Fire Dragon, for example).

- Alignment: showed as a letter right of the name, it can be L (lawful), C
(chaotic) or N (neutral). This gives monsters damage bonuses or penalties
according to the period of the day. Lawful monsters get a 25% damage bonus
during high sun turns, and a 25% damage penalty during high moon turns. For
chaotic monsters, it’s the inverse situation: they get the 25% penalty at high
sun turns and the 25% bonus at high moon turns. Neutral monsters receive no
bonus and no penalty.

- Movement allowance (MV): max number of hexes a monster can move per turn.
(For more info about movement, check the Terrain section.)

- Monster level (LV): level of the monster. The level of the monsters involved
in a fight determines how much experience each monster will receive if
survives. Usually, you can assume that, the higher is the level, more powerful
is the monster. It varies from 01 to 04.

- Hit points (HP): the monster hit points, in “current HP” / “maximum HP”
format. If a monster’s HP reaches 0, it is destroyed, and this always gives a
good experience boost to the surviving monster, if it was killed during a

- Experience (XP): as the hit points, experience is showed in “current XP” /
“maximum XP” format. Experience usually shows the path of a monster to get a
new level. When the monster reaches its maximum XP, it will evolve to its next
level, usually getting bonuses like improved movement, more attacks and higher
damage, beyond new visual and name (there are some exceptions to this rule
which will be mentioned later this section). However, keep in mind that, if the
maximum XP of a monster is 255, it means the monster is already at its highest
level. Also, each 30 XP adds 01 damage to each attack of a monster.

- Fight conditions: there are two fight conditions, for short range fights (S)
and long range fights (L). The format for both is the same: “damage per hit” –
“number of attacks”. All monsters (except elemental forces, which are a mix
between magic and monster) can fight short range. With very few exceptions, all
monsters deal physical damage in short range fights. Some monsters (most of
them level 01), however, don’t have a long range attack, and can’t
counter-attack if attacked in long range. This is noted as “L 00-0”. In long
range fights, each monster uses one of four attack types: physical, magical,
cold or heat.

But, there are also important characteristics you can’t simply check:

- Movement type: as mentioned in the previous section, this is important to
monster movement and terrain protection. You can check the movement type of a
monster using the table you can access from main menu, but just for a monster
in your own army and after summoning it.

-  Attack type: before using a monster, it’s hard to know which attack type it
will use for long range fights. Also, the attack name can trick you: for
example, Carthago’s Spear deals physical damage, while Sirene’s Spear deals
magical damage.

- Damage resistance: a monster can resist part of the damage caused by attacks
of a given type. For example, a Roman has 20% resistance against physical
attacks. This reduces part of the damage it would receive from a physical
attack. Monsters have a separated resistance to each attack type. This varies
from 0 (no resistance, monster receives full damage) to 100% (damage is reduced
to 01 per hit), and is very important to consider while making decisions during
a mission / battle.

The following table presents you every relevant characteristic about all

Name       A  L  MT  MA   HP   XP Promotion  MPC   SR     LR    Ph  Mg  Ht  Cd
Air (F)    N  1   -   -  100  255    -        40     -  15-2 C   0  40   0  40
Air-D      C  3  SF   8   96  255    -       160   9-4   8-4 F  10  20  10   0
Amazon     C  2  LS   6   40  255    -       128  10-3  10-3 P  70  30  30  30
Angel      L  1  SL   6   30   67  Arch-A     36   2-2   6-2 M   0  50   0   0
Arch-A     L  2  SL   7   62   49  Great-A    70   4-2  12-2 M  10  70  20  20
Arch-D     C  2  SL   8   44   57  Great-D    74  10-1   8-3 M  10  50  20  30
Attacker   C  2  LS   5   48   40  Crasher    78  12-2   0-0 -  10   0   0   0
Big-S      N  2  OB   8   83  255    -       152  12-3   0-0 -   0   0  20   0
Black-W    C  3  SL   5   36  255    -        30   8-1  16-2 M  90   0  90  90
Caeser     L  3  LS   6   62  255    -       140  11-3  18-2 P  40  40  10  10
Carthago   L  2  LS   6   44   38  Caeser     78   7-3  10-2 P  30  20   0   0
Chimera    N  1  SL   5   40   40  Sphinx     20   7-2   0-0 -  30  30  30  30
Cocoon     N  1   M   0   50    1  Guardian  (?)  15-2  40-1 M  80  80  80  80
Colossus   L  3  LB   6  110  255    -       220  33-1  38-1 P  10   0   0   0
Crasher    C  3  LS   6   63  250  Taitan    144  20-2  12-1 M  30  20  20  30
Crusader   N  3   S   7   70  255    -       140   9-4   8-3 P  30  20  10   0
Cyclops    C  1  I2   5   46   46  IceGiant   19  15-1   0-0 -   0   0   0   0
Daimyou    L  3   M   3  100  255    -         -   3-3  13-3 M  60  80  60  30
Dark-D     C  2  I1   6   56   60  Death-D    72  15-2   5-3 C  20  20  10  20
Dark-W     C  2  SL   4   24   18  Black-W    20   4-1   8-2 M  80   0  80  80
DarkLord   C  3   M   3  100  255    -         -   5-2  21-2 M  60  30  60  60
Death-D    C  3  I1   6   90  255    -       180  20-2   7-4 C  30  20  20  30
Demon      C  1  SL   7   30   55  Arch-D     34   5-1   4-3 M   0  30   0   0
Dragon-Dy  L  1  LF   5   40   48  Flame-D    26   9-2   8-1 H  10   0  10   0
Dragon-DL  C  1  I1   5   42   48  Dark-D     22  10-2   0-0 -  10   0   0   0
Dragon-So  L  1  I1   5   40   48  Frost-D    26   9-2   8-1 C  10   0   0  10
Dragon-Su  N  1  LF   5   46   78  Silver-D   24   9-2   8-1 H  10   0  10  10
Dragon-W   C  1  LF   6   42   48  Sky-D      22   6-3   0-0 -  10   0   0   0
Earth (F)  N  1   -   -  100  255    -        40     -  10-3 M   0  50  50   0
Fighter    N  2  SL   7   46   35  Crusader   78   5-4   6-3 P  20  10   0   0
Firbolg    C  3  I2   6   86  255    -       190  30-1  16-2 C   0   0  30  50
Fire (F)   N  1   -   -  100  255    -        40     -  10-3 H   0   0  80   0
Fire-D     L  3  LF   6   78  250  King-D    176  16-2  20-2 H  20  20  90   0
Flame-D    L  2  LF   6   51   60  Fire-D    (?)  12-2  13-2 H  10  10  50   0
Frost-D    L  2  I1   6   51   62  Ice-D      78  11-2  12-2 C  10  10   0  50
Giant      L  2  LB   5   75   48  Colossus   92  11-2  16-1 P  10   0   0   0
Gold-D     N  3  LF   7   70   30  Silver-D  (?)  18-2  16-2 H  30  50  60   0
Golem      N  1  LB   4   30   45  Stone-G    20  16-1   0-0 -  20  Im  20  10
Gorgon     C  2  SL   6   45   34  Sky-G      56  11-2   7-3 M  30   0   0   0
Great-A    L  3   S   8   60  255    -       100   9-2  18-2 M  20  90  30  30
Great-D    C  3   S   8   66  255    -       108  15-1  12-3 M  20  70  30  40
Griffin    C  1  SL   6   42   42  Hippo-G    22   8-2   0-0 -  10   0   0   0
Guardian   N  1   M   3   50    2  Cocoon     48   6-4   6-5 M   0   0   0   0
Hippo-G    C  2   S   8   65  255    -        64   8-3   8-2 H  30   0  10   0
Hydra      N  3  LD   5   60  255    -       132  10-3  12-3 H  10   0  Im   0
Ice-D      L  3  I1   6   88  250  King-D    176  10-3  19-2 C  20  20   0  90
IceGiant   C  2  I2   5   68   48  Firbolg    80  23-1  16-1 P   0   0   0   0
Iron-G     N  3  LB   5   40  255    -       130  38-1   0-0 -  80  Im  80  30
King-D     N  4  LF   6  130  255    -       262  18-3  16-3 H  30  30  30  30
Kraken     C  2  OB   7   75  255    -       142   8-4   0-0 -   0   0  20   0
Lizard     N  1  LD   5   30   24  TwinHead   10   4-2   5-1 H  10   0   0   0
Loc        L  1  SH  10   30   36  Phoenix    26   4-3   0-0 -   0   0   0   0
Mage       C  2   S   6   40  255    -        32   3-2  20-2 M  30  80  30  30
Marmaid    L  1  OS   5   26   39  Sirene     13   2-1  10-2 M   0   0  20   0
Minotaur   C  1  LS   5   38   32  Gorgon     17   7-2   0-0 -  20   0   0   0
Mono-P     N  2  SH   9   42  255    -        56   4-6   0-0 -  30  80   0   0
Musha      L  2  LS   7   50  255    -        88  15-3   8-2 P  20  20  20  60
Octopus    C  1  OB   6   65   86  Kraken     74   8-3   0-0 -   0   0  10   0
Pegasus    N  1   S   7   30   36  Mono-P     18   4-3   0-0 -  20  60   0   0
Phoenix    L  2  SF   9   24    1  Phoenix    74   4-4   8-3 H   0   0  Im   0
Roman      L  1  LS   5   33   26  Carthago   12   4-3   0-0 -  20   0   0   0
Serpent    N  1  OB   7   73   98  Big-S      81  12-2   0-0 -   0   0  10   0
Silver-D   N  3  I1   7   70   30  Gold-D    176  12-3  16-2 C  30  50   0  60
Sirene     L  2  OS   6   45  255    -        68   8-3  10-3 M  50  60  50  50
Sky-D      C  2  SF   7   48   53  Air-D      62   7-3   6-3 H  10   0  10   0
Sky-G      C  3   S   7   55  255    -       112  14-2   9-3 M  50   0   0   0
Soldier    N  1  LS   6   34   24  Fighter    12   3-4   0-0 -  10   0   0   0
Sorcerer   L  3   M   3  100  255    -         -   3-3  13-3 M  30  60  60  60
Sphinx     N  2  SF   6   60  255    -        70  11-2   6-2 M  40  40  40  40
Stone-G    N  2  LB   5   35   45  Iron-G     70  26-1   0-0 -  50  Im  50  20
Summoner   N  3   M   3  100  255    -         -  12-1   7-5 M  50  50  50  50
Taitan     N  4  LS   6   70  255    -       (?)  15-3  10-4 M  30  30  20  30
Tricorn    L  2  LS   7   48  255    -        54   7-3   9-2 M   0  60  20  20
Troll      L  1  LB   4   40   46  Giant      18   7-2   0-0 -  10   0   0   0
TwinHead   N  2  LD   5   48   48  Hydra      56   6-2   7-2 H  10   0  Im   0
Unicorn    L  1  LS   6   33   32  Tricorn    20   7-2   0-0 -   0  40   0   0
Valkyrie   C  1  SL   6   40  255    -        30  10-1  18-2 M  30  50  30  30
Warrior    C  1  LS   5   34   30  Attacker   12   6-2   0-0 -   0   0   0   0
Water (F)  N  1   -   -  100  255    -        40     -  15-2 C   0   0   0  80
Wizard     C  3   M   3  100  255    -         -   5-2  21-2 M  60  60  30  60
Wraith     C  1  SL   3   12   18  Dark-W     10   2-1   4-2 M  70   0  70  70

- Name is the monster name. Some names are abbreviated like they appear in
game. (F) marks elemental forces. For level 01 Dragons, some letters are added
to show the respective master: Dy (Daimyou), DL (DarkLord), So (Sorcerer), Su
(Summoner) and W (Wizard).
- There are some monsters that are never available to the human player, nor
while playing campaigns, nor if playing single battles. These monsters can be
used just by AI during campaigns, and include: Amazon, Cocoon, Guardian, Mage,
Musha and Valkyrie.
- A is the monster alignment. C is for chaotic, L for lawful and N for neutral.
- L is the monster level.
- MT is the movement type. Abbreviations are the same you can find at the
previous section, about terrain.
- MA is the monster movement allowance.
- HP is the number of hit points a monster has at full health.
- XP is the maximum XP a monster can accumulate. If this value is 255, the
monster is at its highest level; otherwise it will level up once its XP reaches
the maximum. There are three exceptions to this level up rule. The Phoenix has
a 01 max XP and after each fight, it “evolves” to Phoenix again; in practice,
it gets its HP replenished. The Guardian (an AI campaign monster) has a 02 max
XP and after reaching it, the Guardian evolves to Cocoon (curiously, a level 01
monster like the Guardian); the Cocoon has 01 max XP, and after a fight,
becomes a Guardian again. The Dragon (Summoner), level 01, evolves to a level
03 Silver Dragon, which has 30 max XP and “evolves” to Gold Dragon, another
level 03 monster; the Gold Dragon, after reaching its 30 max XP, turns into a
Silver Dragon again.
- Promotion shows which monster a creature will become after reaching its
maximum XP (in case its value is not 255).
- MPC is the monster MP summoning cost. For elemental forces, it’s the cost for
summoning it for one fight only. For those that aren’t level 01 monsters, the
cost is how much MP AI spends for summoning them during campaigns. (?) means
that the monster MP cost is currently unknown.
- SR shows the fight conditions for short range. This appears in "damage per
hit – number of attacks" format. All monsters deal physical damage at short
range, except Cocoon and Valkyrie, these deal magical damage.
- LR shows fight conditions for long range fights. Again it appears as "damage
per hit – number of attacks". For those monsters that have ranged attacks,
there is a letter that indicates which type of damage those attacks are going
to cause: P for physical, M for magical, H for heat and C for cold damage.
- Last four columns show the monster resistance to each of the damage types:
physical (Ph), magical (Mg), heat (Ht) and cold (Cd). The values are
percentages. “Im” means immunity, all damage from that type is reduced to 01
per hit.

The fight conditions show the base damage. This is used to calculate the real
damage per hit in a fight, this way: take the base damage and apply alignment
bonus or penalty, if it’s the case, rounded down; add +1 for each 30 XP the
monster has earned; subtract the % correspondent to the target resistance to
that attack type, rounded down. Now you have the real damage per hit. When
choosing a fight using the monster menu, this rule is automatically applied,
and the real damage is displayed. 

Another relevant table, about XP gain. Format is “XP gained if target survives”
/ “XP gained if target is killed”.

 | Unit \ Target | Lv01 | Lv02 | Lv03 | Lv04 |
 | Level 01      | 1/16 | 2/32 | 1/64 | 2/32 |
 | Level 02      | 1/08 | 1/16 | 2/32 | 2/32 |
 | Level 03      | 1/04 | 1/08 | 1/16 | 2/32 |
 | Level 04      | 1/08 | 1/08 | 1/08 | 1/16 |

------------------ 2.7) Magic

Each master has 11 spells available in the MAGIC menu. There are nine spells
which are common to all masters, and each master has 2 unique spells. Like said
previously, some options affect a single monster (allied or enemy) and won’t be
available if you don’t call the menu from a hex containing a viable target.

--------- 2.7.1) Common spells:

- Heal: costs 10 MP. Heals an allied monster for a medium amount of HP.

- Heal All: costs 40 MP. Heals all allied monsters, but the HP healed is

- Sleep: costs 20 MP. Targets an enemy monster, which won’t be able to move or
fight at its master next turn. If attacked before its master turn, the affected
monster (which receives an “S” mark) also won’t counter-attack (in fact, this
is the best effect of this magic). The Sleep effect is countered by the Awaken

- Awaken: costs 30 MP. Counters the effect of the Sleep spell, allowing the
affected monster to move and fight at its master turn.

- Warp: costs 30 MP. Teleports an allied monster from a controlled tower to
another controlled tower (the menu needs to be called in a hex containing an
allied monster in a tower). Using Warp won’t change the monster status: it can
move / fight from its new location if it could move / fight from the previous
one, and can’t if it couldn’t from the previous one. It’s possible to
“teleport” your monster to the same tower it already is, so be careful or you
can waste the magic.

- Again: costs 30 MP. Removes the “used” status from an allied monster,
allowing the master to use the monster a second time this turn.

- Mind: costs 30 MP. Causes a good amount of direct damage to an enemy monster.
This is especially useful against monsters that have low HP, but high damage
resistance or terrain protection.

- Meteor: costs 60 MP. This spell causes a meteor shower (10 meteors) around
the current master position. The same hex can be hit more than once. Any
monster, allied or enemy (except masters), in these hexes will receive high
damage and can be destroyed.

- Stream: costs 80 MP. Causes a medium amount of damage for any monster (except
masters) in the selected hex or adjacent hexes, including your allies.

--------- 2.7.2) Unique spells

Daimyou spells:
- Shield: costs 20 MP. Protects an allied monster against enemy magic. The
monster receives a “B” mark and can be targeted, but spells like Mind, Stream
and Sleep won’t have effect. Also, magical attacks have their hit chance
reduced from 65% to 10%. The monster protection lasts until its master next
- Storm: costs 30 MP. Any monster, allied or enemy (except masters), in the
selected hex or adjacent hexes will be transported to a random location up to a
10 hexes radius. This is very useful to transport land creatures to water
(where they won’t have a chance against aquatic creatures), or to move
Guardians to outside of the enemy castle in Campaign 1 (when not in fortress or
tower hexes, non-magical attacks will have 100% hit chance, and they will be
easily defeated). Note that this spell can carry a monster into a tower of
another color (or neutral). The tower will not be captured instantly. If you
move the cursor over the tower, however, the game will check, and the tower
will be captured.

Wizard spells:
- Stone: costs 30 MP. This magic works like Sleep spell. Affected enemy monster
(which will receive a “R” mark) can’t move or fight during its master next
turn, and if attacked before its master turn, it won’t counter-attack. The
single difference is that Stone doesn’t have its effect cancelled by Awaken.
- First: costs 50 MP. Increases the movement allowance of an allied monster to
12 this turn. Affected monster will get an “F” mark. Movement cost and zones of
control don’t change.

Sorcerer spells:
- Quick: costs 20 MP. Adds +1 to the number of attacks an allied monster will
do during its fight this turn (the monster will receive a “Q” mark). For
example, a monster that usually attacks 2x in short range fights and 1x in long
range fights, this turn will be able to attack 3x in short range and 2x in long
range. In fact, this is a useless magic. The effect doesn’t even remain active
until your next turn. For 10 MP more you can use Again, which is a better
- Refresh: costs 40 MP. Completely heals an allied monster. Good magic, it
could be useful in campaigns if available.

DarkLord spells:
- Reverse: costs 30 MP. This magic reverses the flow of time. For example, if
used during a sun rising turn, the next turn will be a moon turn instead of sun
turn. The entire order will be changed: moon, moon rising, sun, sun rising. If
used again, it returns to normal order. The DarkLord uses chaotic creatures,
and this spell can be used to skip all sun turns (which would give a damage
bonus for lawful monsters, and damage penalty for chaotic ones).
- Confuse: costs 70 MP. Gives the user control over an enemy monster this turn.
It will have its color changed, and can move and fight. When changing colors, a
monster that is in a tower won’t capture it for the new master, unless you move
the cursor and put it again over that hex (this will cause the game to check,
and the tower will be captured). If the confused monster ends the turn in
another tower (which it will capture normally), the same situation occurs after
that turn: a monster occupying a tower of different color. Again, move the
cursor over that hex and the tower will be captured. Beyond expensive, this
spell is a bit buggy: strange things happen if the confused monster dies. You
may want to check "Codes and bugs" section.

Summoner spells:
- Typhoon: costs 30 MP. Deals a small amount of damage to all monsters
(including allied monsters) which aren’t in a tower or fortress hex. 
- Heal Area: costs 40 MP. Heals all allied monsters that are in tower hexes for
a medium amount of HP.

------------------ 2.8) Strategy

--------- 2.8.1) Campaign tips

- Know the monsters. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your
monsters, otherwise, you can send your soldiers to death. Knowing the enemy
monsters is also very helpful. It’s a sad experience the first time you send
your Great Angel to attack an Iron Golem.

- Mix your options. You will want some agile, flying monsters to attack the
enemy towers and flank the enemy army. But flying monsters usually have low
terrain protection and can be hit easily, so they will need support when
fighting. Terrestrial monsters are not that agile, but can receive great
terrain protection if positioned in the right hex. Aquatic monsters, although
can be useless in some maps, are unbeatable in their environment. So have a
good mix of “Air Force, Army and Navy”. If possible, also try to have more than
one long range attack type: have, for example, monsters that deal magical
damage combined with monsters that deal heat damage. Variety is good.

- Go for the best. Don’t invest MP and XP from dead enemies in a monster that
is weak at its maximum level, otherwise you will regret it later. You will have
lots of unspent MP after some missions, and you can farm enemy monsters to get
all XP you need, so choose the most powerful ones, because your real limit is
the 30 monsters per army thing.

- Leveling up is a priority. Besides defeating the opponent Masters, your main
goal should be creating a strong army. Keep your monsters evolving. To make it
easier, combine monsters of different levels: the higher ones can reduce
enemies’ HP so the lower ones can receive the kill XP bonus and level up.

- Keep your army healthy. This is pretty obvious, but after investing MP and XP
into creating a strong monster, you won’t want it dead. If possible, keep your
monsters over 50% of their maximum HP, and remember your opponents can use
their forces against your monsters. Removing an injured monster from the front
to have it resting in a tower for a few turns is usually a good idea (its HP
slowly replenishes). Also, you should never send your monsters to fights they
can’t win (except for some level 1 cannon fodder, of course).

- Terrain matters a lot. Avoid attacking enemies in terrains they have high
protection. Usually, you want to attack your enemy first, but sometimes it’s
even worthy to be attacked first. You can lure a strong enemy monster to attack
from a hex where it will have little terrain protection, so you can defeat it
easily. “Why would I attack that enemy Hydra on a forest hex? Come and attack
my monster from that grassland hex, Hydra, so I will crush you my next turn.” 

- Have mercy... for a while. If an enemy monster is destroyed, AI will summon
another monster if it meets the tower and MP requirements. If the enemy army
has already max number of monsters (because of towers, for example), don’t kill
those heavily injured monsters immediately in case you need some turns to heal
your army. AI won’t use them to attack, and can’t summon more monsters, so
enjoy your time.

- Look for minimal damage. This is also obvious, but, abuse of fights which
will result in no damage (or very low damage) for your monsters. Attack
creatures which can’t counter-attack in long range fights. Attack enemy
monsters which will counter-attack with an attack type your monsters have high
resistance. Attack from hexes that give your monsters high protection (60% or

- Use your MP wisely. Ideally you should use Force and Magic every turn. In the
beginning of a campaig, however, most of your MP will be spent on summoning
monsters. Sometimes you can need even to save MP for an expensive monster.
Don’t waste your MP and plan ahead the best way to use it, and even more if you
are in a MP shortage. At other hand, if you have plenty of MP, don’t forget
about using your friend Force (just find a good fight for it, so it won’t
receive high damage) and a good spell per turn. Some spells can really have a
great impact on the battle.

--------- 2.8.2) Single battle tips

Most tips in the lines above are also useful for single battles, but for these,
we can do some extra considerations.

Something you should realize about single battles is that enemy masters, as
you, can only summon level 01 creatures. So a bunch of level 02 monsters is
usually enough to control the fight against an enemy master. In this context,
having some level 02 creatures quickly may be more helpful than to create a
powerful level 03. The XP amount needed to level up is something to consider
while summoning your monsters in a single battle.

As always, you shouldn’t try to save all your monsters. Your priorities are to
have your monsters leveling up AND to prevent your enemies from leveling their
monsters up. If you have to sacrifice a monster, it’s ok, but do it using a low
XP monster, and then have the enemy that got the kill as a target to be
eliminated (a lot of level 01 monsters level up after getting two kills, so
better be careful about it). Removing injured monsters from the front is also a
good strategy (too bad for the AI it doesn’t use it, and just abandons the
injured monsters near yours).

As you will deal with level 01 monsters most times, and these usually don’t
have ranged attacks available, monsters that have long range attacks are useful
for weaken the enemies, while also getting free XP. Magical attacks are usually
better than others: they ignore terrain protection, and level 01 monsters
usually have low resistances anyway. About resistances, realize that physical
resistance is the most important, because your creatures will be attacked in
short range most times.

You will also need to kill the enemy masters, and usually this is not a job for
level 02 monsters. Be patient and have some monsters leveling up to level 03
before attacking the masters. If possible use monsters that have good
resistance to magical damage. Other options to weaken a master are to use Again
magic to remove your monster (so it won’t be attacked during enemy turn), or,
in case your own castle is near the enemy castle, send a bunch of cannon fodder
monsters, and don’t care about some casualties.

======================/ Chapter 3: CAMPAIGNS WALKTHROUGH /=====================

- Some guides around the net mention that, if you load the game from its
cartridge battery, hit chance for the very first fight will be 100%. Well, I
think that some pseudo-randomness about blows hitting or missing is part of the
game. I have accepted all fight results while playing these campaigns. If a
fight result may put your strategy on risk, you probably should choose not to

- The single thing that forced me to load a saved state and try something
different is the Meteor spell. Do you know why? Because it’s insanely over
powered in the campaign context. The damage a meteor causes looks like
something around 10 to 50. So yeah, a lot of level 02 monsters (like Fighters
or Gorgons) can be destroyed by a single meteor, even if at full HP. Also, more
than one meteor can hit the same hex. I don’t know exactly the magic mechanics,
I don’t know, for example, if a second hit causes increased damage, but it
looks so, because the single monster I saw to survive two meteors at same turn
was a Colossus, and it had around 15 HP remaining. Now, the campaigns are
already hard, you need to build a powerful army from a few MP and a lot of
strategy, and you need to deal with this? You will lose your Fire Dragon that
is almost turning to a King Dragon, and just because your opponent got lucky at
the meteor lottery? No way. In my opinion, this magic is very unbalanced. I
could tolerate it if could cause a max damage, let’s say, 35, and couldn’t hit
the same hex more than once per use. The way it is, yeah, I load the state if I
get a monster killed by being hit more than once, or if a single meteor kills a
monster by causing more than 40 damage. But simply loading the state using your
emulator won’t change the meteors targets. What to do? This usually happens at
turns I already have enemies under control, so I save my magic, and if
something like this happens, I just use Again spell and move a monster.
Cheating? Maybe, but I feel cheated when a single spell kills a powerful level
03 monster of my army.

- Talking about cheating, I still have no evidence that AI can use any magic
other than Heal All and Meteor. Wouldn’t be unfair to use your other spells?
When playing single battles, well, it’s not unfair, but it decreases the
challenge a lot, so I can think about playing at same conditions of my
opponents. When playing the campaigns, I think it’s completely fair. First, I
consider Meteor as their unique spell (seriously, if you are cornered at your
castle at any given moment of a campaign, believe me, you can concede and
restart the game). AI masters also have the option to summon monsters of levels
02, 03 or even 04. They have unique monsters we can’t use. They have incredibly
high initial MP (of course, I admit their monsters are expensive), and usually
they start a mission in great tower / terrain advantage. Oh, and I won’t forget
to mention that you need beat them, while you are defeated if they just survive
all turns (in fact, the game manual says it's a tie, but you will receive a
Game Over screen, so yes, this tie is a loss). So, I can take it as a challenge
for single battles, but not the campaigns.

- Both campaigns I played while writing this walkthrough had MP regeneration
rate = 80 / turn. It’s enough to use a Force and a magic most turns, so more
than this is not really necessary. Less than 70 / turn, however, can be really
harsh, and even more on initial missions, when you also spend MP summoning

------------------ 3.1) Campaign 1

Campaign 1 is the easiest single player campaign. It includes missions on these

The human player plays as a blue Daimyou. He uses the same spells and Force
(Fire) the Daimyou uses for single battles. However, the monsters are not the
same. As a Daimyou, you can summon the following level 01 monsters during a
single battle: Dragon (Daimyou), Roman, Loc, Troll, Marmaid, Serpent and
Chimera. But in Campaign 1, these are your options: Dragon (Daimyou), Angel,
Roman, Troll, Pegasus, Chimera, Lizard, Minotaur, Serpent and Marmaid.

--------- 3.1.A) Campaign 1 “trick”

Each campaign has a “trick”, an extremely difficult situation for the Player
army. Knowing the “trick” previously is very helpful. In Campaign 1, the
“trick” is the 7th level, FIRELAND. At this level you will face an enemy master
(Wizard) which has its castle completely surrounded by volcanoes. You can use
your monsters that are able to pass through volcanoes to defeat the enemy, and
the rest of your army will be almost useless.

Your creatures that can pass through the volcanoes barrier are: Mono Pegasus
(with reduced mobility, because entering a volcano hex costs two from movement
allowance), Sphinx and Dragons (all of them, from level 01 to the mighty King
Dragon). As Mono Pegasus and Sphinx are weak monsters, to counter the “trick” I
suggest having a good amount of Dragons in your army, at least six, but
possibly more Fire Dragons or King Dragons. As Dragons are powerful monsters,
investing on some can even be considered something natural, but knowing about
this “trick” should convince you to have a few more. I recommend eight.

NOTE: you can also consider level 4 as a “mini-trick”, because you will have
little use for land based monsters. You will need your flying and aquatic
monsters to beat the Summoner in the ISLAND map. As a suggested counter, have
good amounts of Great Angels and Big Serpents in your army (should also be
something normal, these monsters are great).

--------- 3.1.B) Building your army

Let’s start analyzing your options. As you shouldn’t choose a monster based on
what its level 01 is, but on what its maximum level is (remember, in later
missions you will fight up to three enemy masters with lots of powerful
monsters), comments just consider max level monsters. I’m also not considering
MP cost for summoning, or XP necessary for evolving the monsters. Believe me,
these resources are abundant enough.

- Fire Dragon (Fire-D): I know, it can evolve to the level 04 King Dragon, but
considering you will need to use the level 03 a lot (and some of your Fire
Dragons probably won’t get there), I will comment about this one. Movement is
06, normal for land based monsters. Type is Fire Land, so volcanoes are not
only easy, but give a high protection. Damage is good: 16-2 for short range,
20-2 (heat) for long range. Medium to high HP (78), with very high resistance
(90%) against heat, and some (20%) against physical and magical damage. Very
solid monster and your answer to the “trick”.
VEREDICT: good monster, and can still evolve to level 04. You will need some of
these for mission 7.

- King Dragon (King-D): 130 HP, the highest HP in the game, plus 30% resistance
against all damage. The highest damage, too: 18-3 for short range, 16-3 (heat)
for long range. Movement allowance 06, and Fire Land move type, it can pass
through volcanoes. Needed to say something else?
VEREDICT: most powerful monster of the game. Evolve to this all your Fire
Dragons if you can.
RECOMMENDED: the more, the better.

- Hydra: the Hydra has good advantages, but some heavy disadvantages. First,
its movement type is Dune. It can easily go through Dunes, Rocky Tracts and
Forests, while receiving high protection. Interesting, like an “all-terrain-
vehicle”. But, the movement allowance is 05, which eliminates part of the gain
from the movement type. Ok damage for short range (10-3) and good for long
range (12-3, heat). Medium HP (60), and oh, it’s immune to heat. But, it has
little resistance to physical (10%) and NO resistance against magical or cold.
It needs to take advantage from terrain protection, otherwise it can die.
VEREDICT: sorry, Hydra, but the Fire Dragon is less unstable, less conditional.

- Colossus: 110 HP, highest in the game after the King Dragon. The high HP
compensates for almost no resistances (it has just 10% to physical) and the Big
Land move type, which makes it easy to hit. Movement allowance is 06, ok. Its
damage is high: 33-1 for short range, and 38-1 (physical) for long range. Note
that the “all-or-nothing” damage can be used to your advantage: attack
creatures that don’t have high terrain protection to increase your hit chance.
The Colossus is also very good against enemy Forces, sometimes you can call
just some Colossus at turn 01, to let enemy Forces to target them.
VEREDICT: Colossus is your tank, have some of them leading your land troops.

- Caeser: Small Land monster (harder to hit than the Colossus), move allowance
06. Good damage: 11-3 for short range, 18-2 (physical) for long range. Medium
HP (62), with 40% resistance to physical and magical and 10% to heat and cold.
A solid monster.
VEREDICT: Caeser is a useful monster, but relies a bit on terrain protection. I
prefer the Colossus.

- Great Angel (Great-A): by far, your best flying monster (and my favorite
level 03 monster). It causes low short range damage (09-2), and has medium HP
(60). But is very agile, having 08 movement allowance, Sky type (can enter all
hexes for cost one, except volcanoes). The better part: causes high damage in
long range (18-2, magical) AND has 90% resistance vs. magical attacks (most
common damage type for long range). Also, it has some resistance against the
rest: 20% (physical), or 30% (heat and cold). Great Angels own a lot of
monsters, including enemy masters. A must have.
VEREDICT: you will want a lot of these.

- Sky Gorgon (Sky-G): its damage is not so good for both short range (14-2) and
long range (09-3, magical). Low HP (55). 50% physical resistance and NO
resistance to other attack types (this makes it a good target for enemy Forces,
for example). 07 movement, Sky type is good, but the Great Angel is faster. 
VEREDICT: adds nothing to your army, except for a nice picture. Want to support
your Angels for short range fights? Have a Colossus or a Big Serpent instead of
the Gorgon.

- Mono Pegasus (Mono-P): Low short range damage (04-6), and NO long range
attacks. Very low HP (42). It has a great magical resistance (80%) and some
physical resistance (30%), but no resistance to heat or cold, and it’s another
juicy target for enemy Forces. Its advantage is its movement: allowance 09,
High Sky type. It can even pass through volcanoes. Surely, this monster purpose
is to work as a tower taker. Ok, if you invest a lot of XP on a Mono Pegasus,
it will have an incredibly high damage, but still low HP, so it’s not that
great even then.
VEREDICT: seriously, 01 move more than the Great Angel? Use your Angels to take
the damn towers.
RECOMMENDED: 0, but you can have 2-3 level 1 Pegasus in your army during the
early Campaign, it means, while you evolve your Angels. Later, send them to
their death.

- Sphinx: yeah, the Sphinx can fly, did you know? It can pass through volcanoes
because its movement type is Fire Sky. But the allowance is 06, not so agile.
It has 40% resistance to all damage types, and 60 HP, just ok. Ready to know
the worst part? It causes a negligible damage, considering it’s a max level
creature: 11-2 for short range, and even worse, 06-2 (magical) for long range.
VEREDICT: man, this monster sucks. Its damage is too low.

- Big Serpent (Big-S): usually, monsters that have level 02 as their cap are
weak. But the Big Serpent is a nice exception, it’s tough like a level 03. Its
main problem is the lack of long range attacks. For short range its damage is
good: 12-3. Little protection to heat (20%), nothing to the rest, but this is
compensated by high HP (83), and very high terrain protection in Swamp, River
and Ocean hexes. Beyond that, having a movement allowance of 08 (type Big
Ocean) will let the Big Serpent attack first most times.
VEREDICT: very useful. Combine with Great Angels for fantastic results.

- Sirene: Small Ocean monster, it fights better in Swamps and Rivers than in
Ocean. Its HP is very low (45), but, beyond good protection when fighting from
a good terrain, it has 60% resistance against magical damage, and 50% vs. other
types. Short range damage is low (08-3), and the long range damage is ok (10-3,
magical). Movement allowance is 06, its biggest problem. Big Serpent and Great
Angel have more mobility, and cause more damage, respectively, in short and
long range fights.
VEREDICT: sadly, the Sirene, although it’s not a bad monster, adds nothing to
your army. Other monsters are better.

Use Great Angels to take towers, and to deal magical damage while flanking the
enemy army, or attacking enemy Masters. Colossus are your tanks, use them to
attract enemies to the position you want, and to weaken them with high “all-or-
nothing” physical damage. Fire Dragons cause heat damage and evolve to powerful
King Dragons. Dragons also beat the Campaign 1 “trick”. Big Serpents support
your Angels in their environment. Hydra and Caeser are viable, but not
necessary. Forget about the others.

I would suggest as balanced army: 1x Daimyou (necessary, of course), 7x Big
Serpents, 4x Colossus, 8x Fire Dragons / King Dragons; 10x Great Angels. In the
Campaign I played while writing this guide, my army was: 1x Daimyou, 8x Big
Serpent, 5x Colossus, 6x Fire Dragons / King Dragons and 10x Great Angel.

--------- 3.1.1) Mission 1: CAMP-1

Battleground: a medium island, with some small islands (some of them with
towers) around it. The eastern area of the main island has some hard terrain,
mainly forests and mountains, and some rocky tracts in the coast. The western
side has forests, but also grasslands to serve as attack route, and some dunes
and rocky tracts in the coast. The Player castle lies on a southwest peninsula,
while the red DarkLord’s castle is in the northeast area of the island.

Max number of turns: 30.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 19, 40
Starting towers: 3
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red DarkLord
Coordinates: 39,16
Starting towers: 6
MP: 400 (initial) + 70 / turn
Monsters: Demon (rare), Dragon (Wizard), Griffon, Loc, Minotaur, Octopus,
Unicorn, Warrior

Create 2x Pegasus, one to take towers near the grassland attack route,
including the towers on that small northwest island, and another one to take
towers in the eastern area. Also create your main force, especially Angels,
Trolls and Dragons, and put it marching against the enemy. Create more Dragons
than Angels and Trolls, because the Dragon is your best level 01 monster, and
you can use some of them as cannon fodder.

Advance the maximum you can before the first fights, which will occur around
turn 05 or 06. Fight around your own towers and use them to heal your monsters.
Also, use forests for terrain protection. Use the Force or Mind spell to weak
your enemies and eliminate them using your monsters. Abuse of the long range
attacks from your Dragons and Angels, it’s free XP receiving no damage. Enemy
monsters will be replaced by the DarkLord, but look at them as more XP for your
army. If you have injured creatures, remove them from the front and have them
resting on towers. Sacrifice some low XP Dragons if needed. If necessary, keep
some heavily injured enemies (don’t kill them!), and just use your ranged
attacks to keep their health low, so they won’t attack nor be replaced.

If you play it well, soon you will have lots of level 02 creatures, and the
fight will be under your control. Keep a safe distance from the enemy castle
(so DarkLord won’t use his Meteor spell) up to turn 22-23, but have your
Pegasus and Arch Angels positioned to take enemy towers to the north (don’t
come to close, however, or they will attract the enemy creatures, instead of
your main army). When time comes, take his towers and attack him with your Arch
Angels (you should have 3 at least), which are very effective against the
DarkLord, and even more during sun turns. Once he’s almost dead, remove injured
monsters from the castle area (because of meteors), but use the others to kill
more monsters he will summon and get XP.

When, during the mission, you don’t need your spells or Force, save some MP.
Before the mission end, use the accumulated MP to create your Serpents. This
way, you won’t spend your MP to summon them next mission (a Serpent costs 81
MP, is the most expensive monster you have available, so believe me, this is a
good thing).

Kill the DarkLord at turn 30, giving his kill bonus to a monster that can use
all the XP, like a fresh Angel.

Real result:
Player: 2x Dragon
DarkLord: 7x Dragon, 9x Griffon, 5x Loc, 8x Minotaur, 4x Octopus, 12x Unicorn,
12x Warrior

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 1x Angel (66 XP), 2x Dragon (XP: 47, 0), 2x Pegasus (both 2 XP), 8x
Serpent (all 0 XP), 5x Arch Angel (XP: 22, 17, 11, 6, 4), 4x Flame Dragon (XP:
15, 9, 0, 0), 5x Giant (XP: 23, 16, 8, 4, 3)

--------- 3.1.2) Mission 2: CIRCLE

Battleground: this mission is played in a large island. Most of the island
terrain is composed by forests and rocky tracts, with some towers, around
grassland paths. Player castle can be found on the central area, among two
lakes of deep waters and some grasslands and swamps. The red Sorcerer has his
castle to the east, with tundra, mountains and forests around it. The castle of
the green Summoner is to the west, in an area full of forests and rocky

Max number of turns: 25.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 30, 31
Starting towers: 4
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red Sorcerer
Coordinates: 49, 28
Starting towers: 8
MP: 500 (initial) + 80 / turn
Monsters: Cyclops, IceGiant, Loc, Musha (rare), Warrior

Green Summoner
Coordinates: 13, 32
Starting towers: 6
MP: 500 (initial) + 80 / turn
Monsters: Giant, Hippo Griffon, Troll, Warrior

The enemy masters start with a good 500 MP, but level 02 creatures are
expensive, so they can’t summon too many of them, and soon your army will
control the situation.

Send a good troop against the Sorcerer, something like three Arch Angels, two
Flame Dragons, two Giants, and maybe a few level 01 creatures. Don’t worry too
much about towers, instead, have your army in a good defensive position while
you eliminate level 02 creatures. Attract your enemies out of the castle, and
have your dragons in forests to increase the chance of the IceGiant to miss its
single attack, while your Angels wait for a good chance to attack at a safe
distance. Use your Dragons and Giants in long range against the Cyclops,
because these are easy to hit. Warriors have good terrain protection, except
in grassland hexes, but the Arch Angels can kill them. Locs are too weak to be
a threat. Be cautious and don’t risk your monsters while the Sorcerer’s Force
of Air is alive! He will use it against a monster that is almost dead, so keep
your creatures healthy.

Ok, now let’s think about the Summoner. You got some towers while going to the
east, but now we need some more. Use any Pegasus you have from Mission 1 (the
sadistic Summoner probably will use her Force of Air against them, but its ok
even if they die), and Arch Angels you still have available. Call some
Serpents, move them to the lake west of your castle, and watch green monsters
come like crazy. Hippo Griffons, solid level 02 monsters, will be the first
ones to arrive. Hippo Griffons’ long range attack is a fireball. It does very
low damage against your Flame Dragons, AND against your Force. Use them or have
your Serpents, with terrain protection, fight them and reduce their HP, so your
Angels, Giants and Dragons can level up (don’t worry about leveling Serpents at
this mission). Now, the Giants will arrive. They have high HP, so be careful,
because they can be attacked and still fight during their master turn. Best
option seems to use Serpents, even if they need attack from river or swamp
hexes. Serpents will still have decent protection, have high HP, and if one
Serpent is lost, you will just need MP to replace it. When the Giants are weak,
use other creatures to level up.

At this point, you will have enough towers to call or summon more monsters, so
send your troops to Summoner’s castle, defeating Warriors and Trolls. After
initial MP of enemy masters is gone, they will create level 01 monsters which
you can defeat easily. Sorcerer’s favorite is Cyclops, while the Summoner will
summon many, many, MANY Warriors. Cyclops and Trolls are easy to hit, so use
them for leveling up Dragons and Giants. Warriors have decent protection in the
castle, so use Angels. Keep killing all enemy monsters, while decrease HP of
enemy masters using your Angels. Kill Sorcerer and Summoner at turn 25.

Real result:
Player: 1x Angel, 2x Pegasus
Sorcerer: 11x Cyclops, 5x Loc, 6x IceGiant, 4x Warrior, Air Elemental
Summoner: 3x Giant, 6x Hippo Griffon, 1x Troll, 16x Warrior

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 1x Angel (66 XP), 8x Serpent (XP: 20, 14, 13, 4, 3, 0, 0, 0), 5x
Arch Angel (XP: 43, 42, 11, 10, 6), 6x Flame Dragon (XP: 57, 54, 48, 36, 13,
0), 2x Giant (XP: 14, 3), 3x Colossus (XP: 6, 4, 1), 4x Great Angel (XP: 30,
10, 1, 0)

--------- 3.1.3) Mission 3: MOONLAND

Battleground: a coastal portion of a continent. Land areas occur to south,
east, and part of the north. Some small islands with towers form a line from
southwestern area to central north area, so the entire map remembers the aspect
of a capital letter “D”. The map borders, if there is land, is formed by pure
forests, with no towers. Then, there is a vast grassland area with towers which
connects the three castles: Player’s castle, near a river in southwestern area,
red Daimyou’s castle, north of the map, and green Sorcerer’s castle, in a
peninsula near the map center. Beyond the grasslands is the coast, with dunes
(beaches?) and shallow waters.

Max number of turns: 34.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 16, 58
Starting towers: 2
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red Daimyou
Coordinates: 40, 01
Starting towers: 9
MP: 700 (initial) + 80 / turn
Monsters: Arch Demon, Attacker, Dark Dragon, Dark Wraith, Hippo Griffon,
Octopus, TwinHead

Green Sorcerer
Coordinates: 43, 43
Starting towers: 5
MP: 500 (initial) + 90 / turn
Monsters: Arch Demon, Big Serpent, Hippo Griffon, Mage, Mono Pegasus (rare),
Serpent, TwinHead

This is a very good mission to level up your creatures. Enemies have level 02
monsters, which can’t stand against your level 03 creatures.

Take immediately the towers near your castle and start advancing to the
Sorcerer’s castle. Don’t send just level 03 monsters, send like a welcome
Colossus, two Great Angels, and creatures that still need XP, like Arch Angels,
Flame Dragons and Giants. Your troops will soon meet the Sorcerer’s fast
creatures, like Hippo Griffons, Arch Demons and Mages. Demons and Mages cause
good magical damage in long range fights, but have low HP and will be useless
once you attack them in short range. Also, they can’t hurt your Angels. Against
Hippo Griffons, use the long range attack of Flame Dragons, Fire Dragons and
your Force. Remember, Griffons’ fireball will cause low damage to these. If he
has Serpents or Big Serpents, don’t worry. He uses them to guard towers, so use
an “Angel Blitzkrieg” and you can defeat them one-by-one.

By turn 10 you probably called already your monsters that need XP. Now start
calling your Serpents, and send the entire Serpent group, supported by Great
Angels, to the island line (don’t use Arch Angels, because their move type is
Low Sky, and ocean hexes will cost two to enter). This will attract Daimyou
troops to the coast, where your Serpents will finally receive their XP.

Your land army is at this time reaching the Sorcerer’s castle, and defeating
monsters like Mages and TwinHeads. TwinHeads cause low damage, so they don’t
cause many problems, but please note that they are immune to heat attacks (all
damage from these attacks is reduce to 1 per hit). Anyway, its long range
attack is also a fireball. If you have more MP than you need, and does not have
a good target to your Force, use it against a TwinHead. Damage will be almost
nothing, but your Force will receive 2 XP.

Reduce the Sorcerer HP, but don’t kill him. Move some troops (including levels
02 and 03) to the road against the Daimyou, and let other monsters around the
Sorcerer, to kill the monsters he will summon and receive XP. Worthy mention
that, if in a group of monsters you have no more creatures to reach level 03
(or level 02 for the Serpents), start investing on a Fire Dragon, so later it
can become a King Dragon.

Land army you sent to north will fight against red monsters. Arch Demons and
Hippo Griffons, which you already know, and probably Dark Dragons. Dark Dragons
are dangerous, they cause a lot of damage in short range. Use Colossus to
reduce their HP, or your Force (it’s not so effective as against Hippo
Griffons, but still effective). 

Your Serpents group will also face some opponents. Octopus? Let it take a
tower, and it can be easily hit by your Serpents, or use multiple Angels
against it to reduce its HP. Arch Demons and Dark Wraiths can hit your
Serpents, they have magical long range attacks. So, attack them first. In fact,
you can also call Wraiths as “free XP to my Angels”. Oh, and there are Hippo
Griffons. Trouble against them yet? I guess not. After defeating these flying
monsters, your Serpents will arrive to those shallow waters south of Daimyou’s
castle full of juicy creatures, like TwinHeads and Dark Dragons. Feed your
Serpents, yum-yum! Now they will level up, and that’s very good because you
will use them next mission.

The troops you sent by land are also arriving to the Daimyou’s castle. Kill any
remaining troops, reduce the master HP, and keep getting XP from both enemies
until turn 34. Then, let them “rest”.

Real result:
Player: -
Daimyou: 3x Arch Demon, 1x Attacker, 6x Dark Dragon, 2x Dark Wraith, 6x Hippo
Griffon, 5x Octopus, 8x TwinHead
Sorcerer: 1x Arch Demon, 1x Big Serpent, 2x Hippo Griffon, 16x Mage, 2x
Serpent, 12x TwinHead

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 3x Serpent (XP: 78, 22, 4), 5x Big Serpent (XP: 5, 0, 0, 0, 0), 5x
Colossus (XP: 14, 4, 3, 3, 1), 6x Fire Dragon (XP: 82, 79, 13, 4, 4, 1), 10x
Great Angel (XP: 71, 22, 17, 11, 9, 7, 4, 3, 1, 0)

--------- 3.1.4) Mission 4: ISLAND

Battleground: an archipelago. This map is formed by several small portions of
land, some of them connected by shallow waters, like they were reefs. However,
ocean hexes isolate some islands from the others, and there is no possible
route for your land troops to reach the enemy castle (unless you use the Warp
spell). It’s a battle for your aerial and aquatic monsters, in fact, the
campaign “mini-trick”. Player’s castle can be found in the western portion of
the archipelago, in an island with some forests and mountains, and a few
towers. There are some towers in small islands to east and northeast of your
initial position, but most of them are in the map central area, in two islands
connected by shallow waters (the biggest one, to the north, has two twin
volcanoes).  To northeast of these islands, connected by “reefs”, there is a
small island where you will find the red Summoner’s castle.

Max number of turns: 22.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 13, 43
Starting towers: 1
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red Summoner
Coordinates: 46, 18
Starting towers: 6
MP: 1200 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Arch Angel, Big Serpent, Kraken, Mage, Marmaid, Phoenix

After Mission 1, for the first time you will face a single master. Obviously,
you don’t need to split your army, but you will have a very limited use of your
land based monsters. However, there is no need to worry: if you have a good
amount of Great Angels and Big Serpents, this mission will be incredibly easy.

In the beginning, you will need to take some towers. Call some Great Angels and
use Again spell to make it faster. After some turns, you will have called all
your aerial and aquatic monsters and, around turn 05 or 06, you will have to
fight. Probably, first enemies to come are Phoenixes, because these ones are
really fast. This is a tricky monster, if you don’t destroy it in one fight,
its HP will be completely replenished after the fight. Note that it’s also
immune to heat damage, so your Force can’t help you. The best way to eliminate
them is using Big Serpents: 2 out of their 3 attacks are enough to kill a
Phoenix. Great Angels can be used, but they usually need to hit twice, unless
they have at least 60 XP and attack during a sun turn. Another option, but the
worst one, is using the Mind spell (you can use your magic to waste the Phoenix
XP, a very bad choice). 

About other enemy monsters, Arch Angel, Mage and Marmaid are completely useless
against Great Angels, being inferior in both short range and long range fights.
Your Big Serpents can also deal with them, just use Serpents high movement to
attack first, and you will be ok. These monsters are really weak in short range
fights. The enemy master will also summon some Big Serpents and Krakens, but
these have reduced mobility in shallow waters, and usually are used to defend
towers. As in the previous mission, you can use your Force, several Angels
against the same target, or even your aquatic monsters attacking from a better

During this mission, you should have all your remaining level 01 Serpents
evolving to level 02. Also, you can start thinking about your first King
Dragon. Take your Fire Dragon with higher XP, and use Warp to send it to the
island with the twin volcanoes. With Angels support, it can easily kill any
aquatic monsters guarding towers in that island.

After reaching and surrounding Summoner’s castle, use your Great Angels to
reduce her HP. She probably has used almost completely her MP, and will summon
cheap monsters, especially Mage and Marmaid. Just more XP for your Angels,
Serpents, and even your wanna-be King Dragon. Kill the Summoner at turn 22.

Real result:
Player: -
Summoner: 4x Arch Angel, 3x Big Serpent, 3x Kraken, 9x Mage, 13x Marmaid, 3x

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 8x Big Serpent (XP: 12, 12, 6, 4, 2, 2, 1, 0), 5x Colossus (XP: 14,
4, 3, 3, 1), 6x Fire Dragon (XP: 196, 79, 13, 4, 4, 1), 10x Great Angel (XP:
105, 37, 35, 30, 25, 23, 18, 11, 7, 3)

--------- 3.1.5) Mission 5: DESERT

Battleground: this battle takes place in a very singular portion of a
continent. Look at the mini map and, beyond the ocean (south), you will see
three concentric “rings”. The outer ring is green, an area formed by grassland
and forests. There, near the coast, you can find the Player’s castle. The inner
ring is brown, and in fact, it’s formed by two smaller rings: the darker one,
with rocky tracts, and the lighter one, with mountains. In this area full of
mountains, in the central northern portion of the map, can be found the red
DarkLord’s castle. Between the green and the brown rings, there is a yellow
area, formed mostly by dunes: a desert, like said in the map name. A river
(shallow waters) connects your enemy’s castle to the southern part of the map,
and can be used as attack route for aquatic monsters. This river bifurcates,
and your initial position is, in fact, in an island between two river arms.
Your terrestrial troops, at other hand, need to use a grassland path to
northwest of your initial position to reach the DarkLord’s castle. Note that
almost all towers in this map concentrate around the river, in areas of hard
locomotion for land based monsters. You will need aerial monsters to take your
towers in this map.

Max number of turns: 25.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 30, 49
Starting towers: 2
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red DarkLord
Coordinates: 28, 06
Starting towers: 16
MP: 1500 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Amazon, Colossus, Crasher, Death Dragon, Giant, Guardian, Loc,

Another mission against a single master. And, this time, you will face the
power of level 03 monsters. In fact, this mission could be a very difficult
one. Look, Colossus, Giant and Death Dragon have high HP and deal physical or
cold damage during long range fights (you don’t have monsters with high
resistance against these attacks). Amazon also deals physical damage and,
although it doesn’t have high HP, it has great terrain protection and
resistance to physical damage. But, these monsters are very expensive in terms
of MP, so after a strong wave of monsters, the DarkLord will only produce
Guardians and Locs, making the mission end something simple.

Start calling three Great Angels, use Again on one of them, take a tower and
call another one. Four Great Angels: this is what you need to get your towers.
Also, plan their moves carefully, because sometimes the nearest tower is not
the best target for an Angel (it could let another Angel without a tower to
take). Every turn, move your Daimyou to west. You can call four monsters at
maximum each turn, two before and two after moving your master, but this is
still better than calling all your monsters from your initial position. This
way, your army will reach the grassland route in a more compact formation. When
passing over the “bridge” (your own castle over the river), you can call your
Serpents, but in fact, they have limited use this mission, and I recommend you
to keep calling Angels and land monsters.

DarkLord’s troops will concentrate near the river, to south of his castle.
Except for the Locs, which like taking towers and troubling your Angels. Of
course, your Great Angels can kill Locs easily, but they need use 1-2 turns
doing that, which they could use taking more towers. In fact, I suggest you use
your Force to kill some Locs. If your Fire Elemental has already more than 150
XP (mine had 169 XP at the start of this mission), just 2 hits are necessary to
kill a Loc, so it’s the XP your Force still needs.

It’s not necessary, but you can use your Angels to attract some enemies to the
east side of the DarkLord’s castle, making your invasion easier. When facing
the DarkLord’s main army, your goal is to reduce his monsters HP, so they won’t
attack at their master’s turn. Use all you got, Colossus and Fire Dragons from
the front, Angels attacking from the flanks (once they don’t come to a risky
position), Force (while it has a safe amount of HP) and damage spells, like
Mind and Stream (these are very useful against low HP monsters, like Amazons).
To kill level 03 monsters, prefer your future King Dragon. It’s possible to
complete your first King Dragon during this mission.

If still there are red creatures at towers near the river, it’s probably
something your Great Angels can deal with. Now, the DarkLord will create just
two little level 01 pests: Locs (no trouble, I guess), and Guardians. As level
01 creatures, these can add 04 XP to a level 03 monster (future King Dragon?)
or a good 08 XP to a level 04 monster. So, if you have already a mighty King
Dragon, it’s not a bad idea feed him using these enemies. It’s up to you.

The Guardian is worthy some words: it has 50 HP, no resistance, but it needs
just 2 XP to turn into a Cocoon (this means, it will evolve after two fights
against monsters levels 01 or 03, or one fight against monsters levels 02 or
04). The Cocoon, at other hand, has very high resistance to all damage, deals
high magical damage, and once it gains 1 XP, it turns into a Guardian again.
The Cocoon is almost indestructible, believe me: it can only be destroyed if
damaged by magic (Mind, or DarkLord’s Meteor, for example). Needless to say,
it’s a bad thing having your monsters to take damage from a Guardian, and from
a Cocoon, just to have a refreshed Guardian in your path. How to deal with
Guardians? Normally, you can kill them making them fight twice against level 03
monsters (don’t use level 02 monsters, or they will evolve in one fight!). I
usually send a Great Angel and choose long range: Guardian’s long range attacks
are magical, and won’t hurt the Angel. If the Angel hits twice, any level 03
monster will usually be able to kill it; if hits once, I send another Angel
because, if it fails, Cocoon’s damage is also magical (for both ranges!), and
there is no problem. There are other options, however. One of them is based at
Cocoon’s lack of movement. If the Guardian evolves at DarkLord’s turn (or you
use Again spell to remove your monster from the adjacent hex), the Cocoon will
simply stand there, because its movement allowance is zero. Another option is
use the Storm spell on Guardians. A Guardian has the Master movement type, and
carried by this spell to an hex that is not tower or fortress (or have one of
these in an adjacent hex), it simply can’t move anymore, and won’t get any
terrain protection (all non-magical attacks will have 100% hit chance – showed
as 00%), so use Colossus and Dragons to eliminate it.

Well, once you crush the enemy army, your Great Angels can kill the DarkLord
even in a single turn. As always, I recommend keeping it alive up to the last
turn, so your monsters can get some free XP.

Real result:
Player: -
DarkLord: 1x Amazon, 1x Crasher, 4x Death Dragon, 3x Giant, 10x Guardian, 25x
Loc, Earth Elemental
My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 8x Big Serpent (XP: 14, 14, 8, 4, 2, 2, 1, 0), 5x Colossus (XP: 25,
10, 7, 7, 3), 5x Fire Dragon (XP: 154, 26, 10, 4, 1), 10x Great Angel (XP: 148,
55, 48, 41, 40, 37, 35, 17, 16, 8), 1x King Dragon (XP: 33)

--------- 3.1.6) Mission 6: HALF

Battleground: this mission is played at a coastal portion of a continent. The
continent itself occupies the biggest part of the map, except for its central
and northeastern areas. It has lots of mountains and forests in a sterile
ground at the map edges. Player’s castle is located in an area like this,
southwest of the map. From there, there are two grassland roads, to north,
among dunes (beaches?), and to east, among forests. These roads concentrate
most towers present in the continent body (beyond these, there are some at the
coast), with two tower clusters in their ends. The green Wizard’s castle can be
found in the northwestern area of the map, among mountains. In the central area
of the map, and to northeast, there is a group of islands. In the biggest
island, the one with lots of tundra hexes, you will find the red Summoner’s
castle, and her 34 (!) towers.

Max number of turns: 35.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 12, 52
Starting towers: 1
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red Summoner
Coordinates: 45, 26
Starting towers: 34
MP: 1500 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Firbolg, Frost Dragon, Hippo Griffon, Kraken, Loc, Mage, Phoenix,
Stone Golem

Green Wizard
Coordinates: 05, 03
Starting towers: 6
MP: 1400 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Air Dragon, Crusader (rare), Fire Dragon, Great Demon, Hydra, Lizard,

In the beginning of this mission, you will have a very little amount of towers.
Your initial position sucks so hard that, when playing this map as a single
battle, the blue castle will be moved to a more reasonable position. If a Great
Angel moves from a tower it just took your last turn, usually it won’t be able
to take another tower. The Again spell may be used to help, but pay attention
to your Angels’ health, especially while the Wizard’s Force is alive. Heal your
Angel if its health goes under 40, or it can be lost.

Call only Angels initially, and once you get a tower at the coast, and don’t
need another magic this turn, call and Warp a Big Serpent. Repeat if possible.
Ignore land monsters for now, because your first goal is to capture the small
island with 6 neutral towers to southwest of Summoner’s island. You will
probably fight against Hippo Griffons and Phoenixes. We already did that in
previous missions. Use a Big Serpent against a Phoenix (or a Great Angel with
60+ XP at a sun turn). It’s not recommended fight a Phoenix in need of hit all
attacks, because, if one attack miss your monster will receive free damage and
will be attacked during the opponent turn. Hippo Griffons are superb targets to
your Force, and Serpents can fight against them too. Mages and Locs shouldn’t
trouble you, either.

Once you capture these towers, and 2 more towers from small islands to east and
north, you can call some land monsters and invade the Summoner’s island. I
recommend the tower at coordinates 35, 22 as a good disembark point for your
troops, at least two Colossus and two Fire Dragons (one wanna-be King Dragon).
Use Angel support to establish your troops there.

From Summoner’s terrestrial monsters, the most dangerous is the Firbolg. If a
Firbolg is at the coast, try use Serpents to attack, because he will probably
receive damage and still miss its single short range attack. Otherwise, put
your Colossus and Dragons in action, attacking from forests. Against Krakens
guarding towers, use several Angels or long range attacks from other monsters.
Against a Stone Golem, however, never send an Angel. Your land monsters and
Force can deal with Golems. What more can the Summoner throw at you? Mages?
Just attack them first in short range or use Angels. Maybe more Phoenixes? Your
Colossus will kill them easily. Frost Dragons? Send Fire Dragons, if possible
with terrain protection. Soon, the situation will be controlled. Oh, usually
the Summoner sends some monsters to that tower cluster at central eastern area.
Hippo Griffons, Phoenixes, maybe a Kraken. After taking the towers, they will
return, so have some Serpents and Angels waiting for them.

While you battle the Summoner, the Wizard sends his troops usually to east, to
take towers at the north coast. Soon or later, these monsters will be attracted
by the fight around Summoner’s castle. Air Dragons and Great Demons can fly so,
if possible, have some Serpents prepared to fight. Great Demons can hit the
Serpents using their magical attacks, so these are priority targets. Angels can
also fight them, they are stronger than the Demons. But don’t let Air Dragons
to attack your Angels. Air Dragons, however, are very good targets to your
Force. Once you beat all flying creatures, there can be some Fire Dragons and
Hydras. Attract these to the coast and kill them using Serpents.

Once you take enough towers in the Summoner’s island, call the rest of your
land army, and send King Dragons, Fire Dragons and Colossus (plus the Angels
you don’t need to fight vs. the Summoner) against the Wizard. His initial
troops are probably dead already, but the 56 / total monsters limit forced him
to save some MP, so prepare yourself for another wave of level 03 creatures. It
will intercept your army half way to Wizard’s castle. Air Dragons will be easy,
they are easy to hit, and have great disadvantage against your Force or Fire
Dragons in long range fights. Great Demons are also easy, they will be done
once you attack them in short range. Most dangerous ones are Fire Dragons and
Hydras. Try attracting them so they will fight from grassland hexes, especially
the Hydras, which will have high terrain protection otherwise. Angels can help,
but the Hydra damage is high enough to put an Angel in risk, in case it can be
attacked by another powerful monster or Force. Usually it’s better to rely on
land monsters, and move the injured ones away from the front.
After you beat this Wizard’s wave of strong monsters, he will have little MP,
and will produce lots of Lizards and TwinHeads. These have good mobility and
terrain protection almost everywhere, but cause little damage, so your problems
are over. You can even use your Angels, at least the healthy ones. Crush these
pests (you can use almost anything you want, except for the Force and Fire
Dragons in long range fights against TwinHeads, these are immune to heat
damage), and, as always, try to feed your future King Dragons.

Around turn 30, have your Angels surrounding the Wizard’s castle for a great
attack. Reduce Wizard’s HP and the HP of any monster he may have. This will
allow your land troops to quickly reach his castle (in case Lizards and
TwinHeads are delaying them). At this point, the Summoner is also just feeding
your troops with level 02 creatures, and using Meteor spell. Kill them at turn
35 and advance to Mission 7.

Real result:
Player: -
Summoner: 2x Firbolg, 5x Frost Dragon, 9x Hippo Griffon, 3x Kraken, 8x Mage, 4x
Phoenix, 5x Stone Golem, Air Elemental
Wizard: 3x Air Dragon, 4x Fire Dragon, 4x Great Demon, 1x Hydra, 27x Lizard,
12x TwinHead, Water Elemental

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 8x Big Serpent (XP: 77, 72, 72, 43, 38, 8, 1, 0), 5x Colossus (XP:
33, 32, 14, 14, 9), 4x Fire Dragon (XP: 161, 89, 22, 11), 10x Great Angel (XP:
196, 94, 90, 86, 80, 76, 53, 52, 43, 41), 2x King Dragon (XP: 134, 35)

--------- 3.1.7) Mission 7: FIRELAND

Battleground: a small volcanic island. There is a grassland path around the
island, but no way to pass through a chain of volcanoes which occupies most of
the island territory. Player’s castle is out of this volcanic area, southwest
of the island. The red Wizard’s castle can be found to northeast, among some
mountains, and protected by the volcanoes. At the center, there is a volcano
surrounded by a ring of six towers, all belonging to your enemy. This map has
only 15 towers.

Max number of turns: 18.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 20, 40
Starting towers: 0
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red Wizard
Coordinates: 30, 27
Starting towers: 07
MP: 2000 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Amazon, Colossus, Death Dragon, Fire Dragon, Guardian, Phoenix (rare)

There are at least two distinct ways to win this mission. The “right” way is
defeating the enemy army. To do this, you need a good number of monsters that
are able to pass through the volcanic barrier. Remember, this mission is the
campaign “trick”, and you need to be prepared. Your monsters that can reach the
enemy castle (unless you use a Warp strategy) are: Mono Pegasus, Sphinx, and
all your Dragons, from level 01 to level 04 King Dragon. Of course, Mono
Pegasus and Sphinx suck, so, rely on your Dragons.

Your first two turns, use Again spell, and you will be able to call five
Dragons. With some luck, your King Dragons will also soon eliminate the enemy’s
Force. Move your Dragons to the ring of towers around that volcano. One of them
can also attract enemies to that tower west of Wizard’s castle. As Amazons and
Colossus can’t pass through volcanoes, you will possibly fight one monster at a
time there.

Important: try always attack from volcanoes, these will give superb protection
to your dragons. Also, DO NOT invade the Wizard’s castle before you manage to
take his towers. For now, consider each Guardian as a creature unable to defend
the towers. Main resistance will come from Fire Dragons (try have better
terrain protection against them) and Amazons (Mind spell comes in... mind).
Colossus won’t create much trouble, they will probably miss if your Dragons are
in volcano hexes. 

Every time you kill an enemy creature, take a tower, and soon all that stands
are the Wizard and his Guardians. Remember to fight the Guardians using Fire
Dragons (if you use King Dragons, they can evolve after the first fight). Also,
remember that Dragons are less effective than Angels against masters, so start
damaging the Wizard some turns earlier (unless, of course, you Warp some
Angels). According to the power of your available army, you may let him have a
tower (so he can produce two monsters per turn to feed your Dragons), or no
towers (he will summon just one monster each turn). Kill the Wizard to move to
the last battle.

By the way, I should mention the other way to win, the “wrong” one. Put your
cursor over the Wizard at turns 02 and 03, and use the Storm spell. Done, now
this mission is a cakewalk. Most of his monsters will be moved to ocean, and
can’t move or fight anymore (the Wizard has no flying monsters in this
mission). Call some Serpents and feed them, if you like. Guardians moved to out
of the castle will also be easy targets. Yeah, some monsters can be lucky and
land on hexes that still allow them to move and fight, but the resistance you
face is like a quarter than you would find playing the “right” way.

Real result:
Player: -
Wizard: 6x Amazon, 1x Colossus, 1x Death Dragon, 6x Fire Dragon, 4x Guardian,
Water Elemental

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 8x Big Serpent (XP: 77, 72, 72, 43, 38, 8, 1, 0), 5x Colossus (XP:
33, 32, 14, 14, 9), 3x Fire Dragon (XP: 149, 31, 19), 10x Great Angel (XP: 196,
94, 90, 86, 80, 76, 53, 52, 43, 41), 3x King Dragon (XP: 168, 68, 9)

--------- 3.1.8) Mission 8: ICECROSS

Battleground: a portion of a big continent. Player’s castle is in the map
center, surrounded by lakes of both deep and shallow waters. From these lakes,
we find four rivers, directed to all four map corners, in a shape alike to an
“X” letter. To south and east of your castle, Tundra is the most frequent
terrain. There is a grassland road with towers to east, connecting northeastern
and southeastern areas, and a grassland cluster with towers to south, but other
than those, almost entirely Tundra, and just a few towers. To west, there is a
region with very rough terrain, mainly rocky tracts, mountains and volcanoes.
This landscape continues to northern and northeastern areas, except for a
grassland path with towers and forests near the north edge and to northwest.
Red DarkLord’s castle can be found to west of your castle, among mountains and
volcanoes. Green Sorcerer’s castle is at northeast area, surrounded by
mountains. Finally, the yellow Summoner’s castle lies to southeast, between the
abundant Tundra and the river.

Max number of turns: 40.

Player (blue Daimyou): 
Coordinates: 31, 32
Starting towers: 3
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Red DarkLord
Coordinates: 02, 36
Starting towers: 13
MP: 3000 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Colossus, Death Dragon, Guardian, Hydra, Phoenix (rare)

Green Sorcerer
Coordinates: 59, 04
Starting towers: 7
MP: 2200 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Air Dragon, Big Serpent, Black Wraith, Crusader, Great Demon, Iron
Golem, Valkyrie

Yellow Summoner
Coordinates: 59, 57
Starting towers: 12
MP: 2500 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Big Serpent, Black Wraith, Firbolg, Ice Dragon, IceGiant, Kraken,
Mage, Silver Dragon

Ok, so this is the last mission of Campaign 1. You will fight three enemy
masters and their level 03 monsters. The red army is a nightmare. The red
castle is far from your other enemies, and although the DarkLord can send some
monsters to fight against green monsters in the grassland area to north, most
of his firepower will be directed against you. We are talking about monsters
with high HP (Colossus and Death Dragons) or good terrain protection (Hydra),
and that cause damage from types your Angels don’t have a strong resistance
(physical, cold and heat). The green army is the weakest one. Not only the
Sorcerer has less initial MP, it has some creatures that can’t stand a fight
against your Great Angels, like Great Demons, Valkyries and Black Wraiths.
Also, he usually begins the mission splitting his army, sending some monsters
to west through the grassland path, and some to south. The yellow army has some
creatures that won’t trouble you, like Mages and Krakens, but also lots of land
creatures that cause cold damage and can be dangerous. The Summoner also has
all four elemental forces. Surely, it’s a difficult mission, and the best thing
you can do to make it easier is to eliminate one of your enemies quickly.

Start calling your Angels, as always, to take towers. DarkLord’s Earth
Elemental is useless against Angels, but other forces may cause heavy damage,
so use Heal magic on your Angels if necessary, especially if the Sorcerer’s Air
Elemental is still alive. You can soon call a King Dragon or a Colossus,
because sometimes enemy masters look for something more “challenging” to fight
their forces. Take the towers in the lakes, in the grassland small area to east
of your castle, and send like two Angels to the tundra to south.

You can try another strategy, but I recommend killing the Summoner first. Her
army can be dangerous, but the 56 total monsters limit will probably let her
have 5 or 6 minions at max. Also, when you kill one of her monsters, other
masters will summon before she have a chance to replace it, so she is the
easiest target. Usually, her land monsters start marching to north, like if
they were going to fight Sorcerer’s troops, while her Serpents, Krakens and
Mages stay around the river. You can kill these with your Angels before the
land monsters come to help. After you reach the Summoner with 3 or 4 Great
Angels, you will need just two turns to eliminate her. I managed to kill her at
turn 10.

So, when you have the chance to call more monsters, my advice is: call some
land monsters, to start a defensive line against the red army, have like two or
three Big Serpents and two Angels to defend against any green monsters, and
send the rest, like four Serpents and four Angels against the Summoner. Angels
kill Mages, Wraiths, and aquatic monsters that don’t counter-attack in long
range. Serpents, if necessary, can fight against land troops using deep waters
land protection. Soon, the Summoner will fall.

About the green army, have some monsters to defend against Air Dragons and
Great Demons which the Sorcerer may send against you. Your Force and Serpents
with terrain protection can defeat the Dragons, while Angels, and if you can
attack first, your Serpents, can kill Demons. The Sorcerer will possibly send
some troops to the grassland path north of the map, but some of these can be
attracted by this fight. Valkyries or Crusaders aren’t much of a problem. The
worst monster the Sorcerer has is the Iron Golem, which has high resistance
against all damage types, except cold (your army doesn’t have cold damage).
Golems are immune to magical damage, so they are the worst match up possible
for your Angels. You need some Serpents, combined with your Force (which will
cause low damage anyway), or the Mind spell (as Golems have low HP) to
eliminate each Golem. If you cause low damage, towers and Sorcerer’s magic will
heal them, so you can just avoid the fight if you don’t have enough Serpents
(soon the ones you sent against the Summoner will be back).

The fight against the DarkLord’s army will cause high damage on your creatures.
Try at all costs having your monsters fighting from good terrain, like
mountains and rocky tracts. To this, don’t delay too much putting your land
army to march west. Try attract enemies to attack your monsters from grassland
hexes, and remove your injured monsters from the front when necessary,
replacing them for healthy ones. Take even more care if enemy forces are alive.
Angels can act (I had like three helping the land creatures), but under
protection of your other monsters, and against enemies that have low HP and
won’t attack at DarkLord’s turn. Once DarkLord’s initial MP is gone, he will
create lots of Guardians, which can’t leave the castle, so take a breath and
heal your monsters, while you take his towers. There can be over a dozen
Guardians in the castle, so there is no need to attack immediately.

If there is a fight of enemy armies in the grassland to north (in my game, a
Colossus and a Hydra defeated an Air Dragon and a Valkyrie, but the Colossus
were heavily damaged and I killed it using my Force), wait it to end and act
fast to kill survivors and take towers there (I dispatched 3 Angels to kill the
Hydra, it was secure because all enemy elementals were dead already). At this
point, with the red army going weak, maybe the Sorcerer will be able to summon
some more monsters (he possibly saved some MP due to the 56 total monsters
limit). If you have your Angels and Serpents well positioned, only Iron Golems,
like said, will be a problem. If several Golems come at a time, retreat for a
moment, so Serpents fight from the water, or use Storm magic to split them
(they are slow and shouldn’t return to the fight so quickly). Once Sorcerer’s
MP are gone, he will produce Wraiths most times, and these are free XP for

Soon, your enemies won’t invoke more monsters, because you will take their
towers. As always, killing masters is easy when you have Angels against them.
For the last attack against the DarkLord, you can use the Storm spell, so their
Guardians will be carried to random positions and become useless. You can kill
them easily, or just ignore them.

I could kill the Sorcerer around turn 25 and the DarkLord around turn 30, but I
couldn’t resist and had them at a free torture session until the last turn.
Although it was unnecessary, I had my monsters gaining more XP, and even got
another King Dragon, yay! Time for the game credits...

Real result:
Player: -
DarkLord: 5x Colossus, 9x Death Dragon, 16x Guardian, 8x Hydra, Earth Elemental
Sorcerer: 8x Air Dragon, 4x Big Serpent, 13x Black Wraith, 1x Crusader, 3x
Great Demon, 6x Iron Golem, 4x Valkyrie, Air Elemental
Summoner: 2x Firbolg, 1x Kraken, 2x Mage, Water Elemental

My army after this battle:
1x Daimyou, 8x Big Serpent (XP: 198, 160, 143, 117, 108, 89, 83, 56), 5x
Colossus (XP: 57, 37, 37, 27, 21), 2x Fire Dragon (XP: 84, 69), 10x Great Angel
(XP: 243, 171, 168, 133, 131, 121, 104, 96, 95, 71), 4x King Dragon (XP: 209,
91, 34, 8)

------------------ 3.2) Campaign 2

Campaign 2 is the hardest single player campaign. It includes missions on these

The human player plays as a red Summoner. She uses the same spells she has for
single battles, and has all four elementals available. However, the monsters
are not the same. As a Summoner, you can summon the following level 01 monsters
during a single battle: Angel, Demon, Dragon (Summoner), Lizard, Pegasus,
Golem and Serpent. In Campaign 2, these are your options: Dragon (Summoner),
Dragon (DarkLord), Angel, Demon, Pegasus, Chimera, Soldier, Warrior, Troll,
Minotaur, Marmaid and Wraith.

--------- 3.2.A) Campaign 2 “trick”

Remember, each campaign has a “trick”, an extremely difficult situation for the
Player army. In Campaign 2, the “trick” is even worse than in Campaign 1. The
trick this time is the 6th level, GREATAXE. At this level you will face an
enemy master (Wizard) which has its castle not only completely surrounded by
volcanoes, but also located in a small island separated from the main continent
by deep waters. Luckily, you have a couple of towers there. You have two ways
to beat that Wizard: with monsters that are able to pass through both deep
water and volcanoes (Mono Pegasus and Sphinx being your only options), or using
a “Warp-a-lot” strategy.

When I played this game for the first time years ago (and at that time, I
didn’t know how useful is the Warp magic), I had a little Sphinx army, like six
of them. Each turn I moved a Sphinx to fight the Wizard, and after the fight, I
used Again spell to remove it from the enemy castle. Still, a Sphinx would
receive great damage if the fight was at long range, so I had it fighting at
short range. The Sphinx can cause 05 damage per hit, and attacks twice each
turn, with a 40% hit chance. Most turns it would cause no damage, or 5 damage,
so near the battle end, I had to have all my Sphinxes attacking. Yeah, it
works, but at which cost? Five or six precious slots in my army.

At that time, I used to think that a Mono Pegasus was just an agile monster,
not designed to fight. You know, it even doesn’t have long range attacks. Then
I realized a Mono Pegasus can deal more damage than a Sphinx. Strange, but
true. Look, during ten turns, a Sphinx would attack 20 times, and is supposed
to hit eight times, causing 40 damage. A Mono Pegasus would attack 60 times,
and is supposed to hit 24 times, causing 48 damage (02 per hit). But this is
not all. You can increase the damage giving XP to your monster (01 per hit for
each 30 XP). More hits, more damage. Considering the Wizard has 60% resistance
against physical damage, 120 XP is enough to have your Mono Pegasus dealing 04
damage per hit (100% increase), while the same 120 XP would have your Sphinx
dealing 06 damage per blow (20% increase). There is no doubt: a trained Mono
Pegasus is way better than a Sphinx to kill that Wizard. Dealing 04 damage per
hit, you will probably need attack him 11 turns (and may need a few more to
heal your Mono Pegasus in case it can’t rest at a tower each turn end), so it
is possible.

This is what I suggest you in case you decide to use creatures that pass
through the barrier: have a Pegasus leveling up to Mono Pegasus at mission 1 or
2. Then give it at least 120 XP during missions 4 and 5. Usually, a Mono
Pegasus can be used to take towers, but this one has this specific mission, so
better not risk it. Don’t have your Mono Pegasus out unless all Air, Fire and
Water elementals are dead already. Once these are killed, you can have it
together to your army, waiting for the chance to get the needed XP. At mission
6, put it to fight the Wizard as soon as possible (it means, call it once the
Wizard’s Water elemental is dead, and warp it immediately to that tower at
coordinates 26, 30 - which your other monsters should have been protecting
already). Each turn, after attacking the Wizard, use Again spell to remove your
Mono Pegasus and put it resting on that tower, if you can. Healing from towers
is usually enough for the low damage the Wizard will cause, but, in case you
can’t use a tower, attack until the Mono Pegasus is almost dead, then have it
resting at a tower AND use Heal spell. Usually two turns are enough to have it
at full HP again (you need skip attacking these turns, though), so you can

Or, you may opt for a “Warp-a-lot” strategy. Every turn at the mission
beginning, use the Warp magic and send a monster to one of your towers in the
Wizard’s island. You can’t do it without, at least, two Black Wraiths (monsters
that have no resistance to magical damage, but 90% resistance against
everything else). At turn 01, call a Black Wraith to your tower adjacent to
your main fortress, warp it to the Wizard’s island, and call the second Wraith
to the same tower. Call more monsters as you wish. At turn 02, move the first
Wraith to that mountain hex at coordinates 24, 37. Warp the second Wraith. The
trick is, at that position, your Black Wraith will be attacked by just one
enemy per turn, and will receive little damage. When its HP is around 25, move
it to a tower, and posit the second Wraith to block the enemies. A Colossus,
for example, can’t do this job. It would receive high damage, and the tower
wouldn’t be able to heal it in time to be used again.

Each turn, have a new monster prepared to be warped. What your Wraiths are
doing is getting you enough time to form an army there. When you have like ten
monsters there, you may fight against the yellow army and make your path to the
Wizard. Are the Wraiths in danger? Well, the DarkLord has an Earth elemental,
very dangerous to Wraiths, but I didn’t had any problem about it being used
against me. About the yellow army itself, the single creatures that cause
magical damage (beyond the master, of course) are Wizard’s Black Wraiths. Pay
attention during the enemy turn, to know which monster in attack range is the
first Wizard controls (it’s the monster he probably will use to attack). If
needed, you can also use your Earth force, or Mind spell to prevent enemy
Wraiths from attacking. Except for the Wraiths and the DarkLord’s force, your
Wraiths can take everything else easily, even those pesky Amazons.

I wasn’t sure about myself having those towers in the island (I didn’t remember
the map so well), and wasn’t sure about if the Warp strategy would work, too.
I have tested and developed it while creating this guide. So, although I have
used it, I had a trained Mono Pegasus also prepared to kill that Wizard.

--------- 3.2.B) Building your army

Let’s analyze your options. As said for Campaign 1, these comments don’t
consider the monster power at level 01, MP cost for summoning, or XP necessary
for leveling up. They consider the monster power at its maximum level.

- Silver Dragon (Silver-D) / Gold Dragon (Gold-D): it’s worthy mention that
Dragon (Summoner) does not follow the normal promotion rule. The level 01
Dragon evolves directly to a level 03 Silver Dragon. Then each 30 XP it will
alternate between the Silver Dragon and the Gold Dragon forms. The Silver
Dragon has medium HP (70), and is agile, with movement allowance 07, Small
Tundra type. It causes good damage, 12-3 for short range, 16-2 (cold) for long
range, and also has some resistances, 30% against physical damage, 50% against
magical damage and 60% against cold damage. The Gold Dragon is similar in some
aspects, but its movement type is Fire Land, its damage is a bit different
(18-2 for short range, 16-2 heat type damage for long range), and it has 60%
resistance against heat damage, instead of cold. As you can see, it’s a
versatile monster: the Silver-D form is better at icy terrain, is resistant to
cold damage, and also uses a cold breath, while the Gold-D form fights well in
volcanoes, is resistant to heat damage and uses a fire breath. This versatility
has a price: it can’t have its damage increased by accumulating XP.
VEREDICT: it is a solid monster, and versatility is a good thing, but sometimes
it’s hard to control its XP to have it in the more useful form. Anyway, the
Gold Dragon is your single monster able to deal heat damage, so there is no
problem having some, but avoid giving these monsters XP bonuses from kills,
unless you need it changing its form. Better to increase the damage of other

- Death Dragon (Death-D): high HP (90), with some low resistances: 30% to
physical and cold damage, 20% to magical and heat damage. Movement allowance is
06, normal for level 03 monsters, and its move type is Small Tundra. Its short
range damage is very good, 20-2, but the long range damage is not that great,
07-4. Still, it’s a good thing having several attacks, because its damage can
become superb in case you give it a lot of XP.
VEREDICT: a very good monster. You will want invest lots of XP in some of
these, creating beasts for long range fights.

- Colossus: as described for Campaign 1, Colossus has 110 HP, highest in the
game after the King Dragon. The high HP compensates for almost no resistances
(it has just 10% to physical) and the Big Land move type, which makes it easy
to hit. Movement allowance is 06. High damage (33-1 for short range, and 38-1
physical damage for long range), “all-or-nothing” style, very useful against
some monsters, especially the flying ones and elementals. 
VEREDICT: Colossus is your tank, have some of them leading your land troops.

- Crasher: the Crasher can reach the level 04 and become a Taitan, but as you
would need use the level 03 a lot, I will comment about it. Its HP is just
medium (63). Its movement allowance is 06, Small Land type. Short range damage
is good, 20-2, but the long range damage is pathetic, 12-1, magical type. The
Crasher has some low resistances: 30% against physical and cold damage, 20%
against magical and heat damage. 
VEREDICT: a Death Dragon can cause the same damage in short range, and the
resistances are also identical. Although the Crasher will have better
protection in most terrain types, its HP is much smaller, and its long range
damage is ridiculous for a level 03. Just have a Crasher if you intend to have
a Taitan, but even then, investing XP on Death Dragons may be better.

- Taitan: your level 04 weapon for Campaign 2. The Taitan also has medium HP,
70. Its movement allowance is 06, and its movement type is Small Land. Its
damage is great (would you expect low damage from a level 04 monster?), 15-3
for short range, and 10-4 (magical) for long range. Curiously enough, a monster
that has no long range attacks at level 02, and has a single weak attack at
level 03, will cause a good amount of damage in long range fights at level 04.
The Taitan has 20% resistance against heat damage, and 30% against all the
VEREDICT: of course it’s a powerful monster, but with medium HP and low
resistances, it’s a bit less than what I would expect for level 04. If you
invest XP on a Death Dragon, with 240 XP it will cause 15-4 for long range.
RECOMMENDED: evolve to this all your Crashers if possible.

- Black Wraith (Black-W): in fact, the Black Wraith can fly, its move type is
Low Sky, but its allowance is 05. As a slow monster, and that has reduced
mobility over ocean hexes, a Wraith will surely follow your land army. The
Black Wraith’s HP is very low, 36. The good news, however, are its resistances,
90% against physical, heat and cold damage. Yeah, a Black Wraith can fight a
King Dragon and will not be heavily injured. However, it has no resistance
against magical damage, and will be easily destroyed by Angels, or other
creatures with this type of damage. An Earth Elemental is also dangerous. Black
Wraith’s damage is ridiculous for short range, 08-1, and ok for long range,
16-2, magical type.
VEREDICT: this monster is useful to block heavy hitters of the enemy army, once
they don’t cause magical damage. Its low HP also makes easy to heal it. Protect
him from creatures that cause magical damage and masters, and be careful if an
enemy has a live Earth Force.

- Great Angel (Great-A): as in Campaign 1, your best flying monster (and my
favorite level 03 monster). It causes low short range damage (09-2), and has
medium HP (60). But is very agile, having 08 movement allowance, Sky type (can
enter all hexes for cost one, except volcanoes). The better part: causes high
damage in long range (18-2, magical) AND has 90% resistance vs. magical attacks
(most common damage type for long range). Also, it has some resistance against
the rest: 20% (physical), or 30% (heat or cold). Great Angels own a lot of
monsters, including enemy masters. 
VEREDICT: You will want a lot of these.

- Great Demon (Great-D): the Great Demon is like a chaotic and slightly weaker
version of the Great Angel. As the Angel, it has 08 movement allowance, Sky
type. It’s a shame Demons are faster than Angels at levels 01 and 02, but have
the same allowance at level 03. Great Demons also have medium HP (66), a bit
more than Great Angels. Damage is similar: 15-1 for short range, 12-3 (magical)
for long range. In fact, having three attacks is an advantage sometimes, like
when fighting a Phoenix. The main difference, which makes the Demons weaker, is
the magical damage resistance: 70%, while Angels have 90%. This means Demons
will always take more damage. They also have 20% resistance to physical damage,
30% to heat, and 40% to cold damage (Angels have 30% to cold).
VEREDICT: Great Demons are very good monsters to have, they are very strong. No
problem about using some, but Angels are even stronger.

- Mono Pegasus (Mono-P): Another monster you know from Campaign 1. Low short
range damage (04-6), and no long range attacks. Very low HP (42). Great magical
resistance (80%) and some physical resistance (30%), but no resistance to heat
or cold, making this a juicy target for enemy forces. Its advantage is its
movement: allowance 09, High Sky type. It can even pass through volcanoes. 
VEREDICT: you know, Great Angels or Great Demons can take towers with almost
the same efficiency, and can also fight. But you may need a well-trained Mono
Pegasus against the Campaign “trick”.
RECOMMENDED: 1, to counter the “trick”, in case you opt for using it. During
early missions, while you level your Angels and Demons up, you can have some
level 1 Pegasus to attack enemy towers, too.

- Sphinx: the Sphinx, with its Fire Sky movement type, is the other option
against the Campaign “trick”. Its move allowance is 06, not so agile. It has
40% resistance to all damage types, and 60 HP, just ok. But it causes very low
damage: 11-2 for short range, and even worse, 06-2 (magical) for long range.
VEREDICT: have this just if you choose using it against the “trick” (a very bad
idea, indeed). Otherwise, it’s not worthy.

- Crusader: this monster has medium HP (70). It has a good mobility, its
movement allowance is 07, Sky type. Crusader’s damage is low at long range
(08-3, physical type), but is good at short range (09-4). A bad thing about the
Crusader is its low resistance to damage: 30% to physical, 20% to magical, 10%
to heat, no resistance to cold. This, considering it’s a flying monster, and so
has low terrain protection, is a weak point. 
VEREDICT: if this Campaign had Big Serpents available like the first one, this
monster would be completely unnecessary. But, as you don’t have Serpents to
use, Crusaders can give Angels and Demons some support where your land
creatures can’t go.

- Sky Gorgon (Sky-G): its damage is not so good for both short range (14-2) and
long range (09-3, magical). Low HP (55). 50% physical resistance and NO
resistance to other attack types (this makes it a good target for enemy
forces). 07 movement, Sky type is good, but the Great Angels and Demons are
VEREDICT: adds nothing to your army, except for a nice picture. Want to support
Angels and Demons for short range fights? Even the Crusader is a better option.

- Sirene: Small Ocean monster, it fights well in swamp, river and ocean hexes.
Its HP is very low (45), but, beyond good protection when fighting from a good
terrain, it has 60% resistance against magical damage, and 50% vs. other types.
Short range damage is low (08-3), and the long range damage is ok (10-3,
magical). Movement allowance is 06, not good for an aquatic monster. 
VEREDICT: the Sirene it’s not a bad monster, but Crusader and Great Angel are
better options to fight at short range and long range, respectively.

Use Great Angels and Great Demons, as in the first campaign, to take towers,
and to deal magical damage while flanking the enemy army, or attacking enemy
Masters. Crusaders also have good mobility and can take towers, or support
Angels and Demons. Colossus are your tanks, use them to attract enemies to the
position you want, and to weaken them with high “all-or-nothing” physical
damage. Silver Dragons / Gold Dragons are versatile and can deal both heat and
cold damage. Death Dragons are also good hitters and cause lots of cold damage
after getting some XP. If protected from creatures that deal magical damage,
Black Wraiths can block dangerous creatures from enemy armies. The Crasher is
not that useful, but can evolve to the powerful Taitan. A Mono Pegasus can be
used to counter to the Campaign “trick”. Forget about the other monsters.

I would suggest as balanced army: 1x Summoner (necessary, of course), 2x Black
Wraiths, 3x Colossus, 2x Crusaders, 7x Death Dragons, 9x Great Angels, 2x Great
Demons, 1x Mono Pegasus and 3x Silver Dragons / Gold Dragons. In the Campaign I
played while writing this guide, my army was: 1x Summoner, 2x Black Wraiths, 3x
Colossus, 1x Crasher / Taitan, 2x Crusaders, 6x Death Dragons, 8x Great Angels,
2x Great Demons, 1x Mono Pegasus and 4x Silver Dragons / Gold Dragons.

--------- 3.2.1) Mission 1: CAMP-2

Battleground: a medium sized island, which is shaped like a comma. Player’s
castle is at island’s southwestern area. From there, there is a narrow path to
northeast, but the terrain is very hard: beyond some grassland, forests,
swamps, rocks, a lot of dunes and just a few towers. Following this path, your
troops will reach a small area of grassland and forests, near the yellow
DarkLord’s castle, in the map’s northern area. To southwest of the DarkLord’s
castle, north of your initial position, there is another part of the island,
like the “comma’s head”, with mountains, volcanoes, rocky tracts, and a few
more towers. Your flying creatures can reach this area passing over some ocean
hexes. This map has 22 towers only, and ten of them are concentrated around
your enemy’s castle.

Max number of turns: 25.

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 20, 47
Starting towers: 2
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Yellow DarkLord
Coordinates: 29, 24
Starting towers: 4
MP: 250 (initial) + 70 / turn
Monsters: Demon, Dragon (Daimyou) (rare), Golem, Griffon, Minotaur, Octopus,
Warrior, Wraith

This mission is much more difficult than Mission 1 of Campaign 1. Not only
because there are less towers and they are concentrated around the DarkLord’s
castle, but also because of the hard terrain in the single land path available.
Moving through Dunes costs three from movement allowance of monsters like
Trolls (Big Land type) and your Dragons (Fire Land and Small Tundra types).
Some turns they will be able to move a single hex. This makes hard to maneuver
during the fights, and this is even worse having just a few towers to heal

Towers, like said, are another problem. Normally, if you just advance through
the land path, you will lose your tower near the volcanoes, and will secure
just like seven towers before meeting the yellow army at the battlefield. So, I
suggest you use your “attractive power”. At the first turn, create a Pegasus
and send it immediately through the land path using Again magic. When it can
take any of two towers, go for the furthest one. At turn 5, your Pegasus should
reach that tower at coordinates 37, 26, the first one out of that rough
terrain. It should attract all the enemy army, and with some luck, they will
forget about your tower near the volcanoes. At turn 01, and when you have more
towers (use the Summoner to take towers at turns 01 and 02), also create some
agile creatures to follow your Pegasus, like some Angels and Soldiers. As soon
as possible, summon a flying creature (I used an Angel) to sneak into that area
with volcanoes, and take that tower to west (later, when your army is closer to
the enemy castle, it will also take those twin towers to southeast). This way,
you should have at least 11 towers, half of all towers in this map.

Your Pegasus will soon be attacked by enemies, possibly Griffons first, then
anything else. Remove it from the tower and warp a Dragon to it (if it was
summoned on a previous turn, you can still attack using it). I prefer the
Summoner’s Dragon, because it has a ranged attack. Ok, a Dragon is still not
enough. Use your Force (I recommend Air, unless it’s a monster with high
terrain protection, in this case I recommend Earth) to damage enemies, so they
won’t attack during DarkLord’s turn. Next turn, remove the Dragon, and warp
another one. Have at least 3-4 Dragons using Warp spell. Soon your other troops
will arrive. If you lose that tower, warp monsters to the tower at 37, 31.

Remember, your goal is not save all your monsters, nor defend that tower. Your
goal is have your creatures leveling up. Once you have some level 02 creatures
(like Arch Angels, or Fighters, which require low XP), or even 1-2 Silver
Dragons, this battle is won. To achieve this, protect at all costs your
creatures that are “hunting XP”, monsters that, if possible, should kill an
enemy per turn until level up. Angels have very low HP, and require four enemy
kills to reach level 02. Be patient and don’t expose them, especially to enemy

Keep killing enemy monsters like hell. The Mind spell can also be used to
weaken enemy monsters and get an easy kill, if you don’t have another use for
your magic. Once you beat the enemy army, have your monsters positioned at
grasslands and forests to east of enemy castle (flying creatures can wait for a
chance in the dunes). As more monsters come, quickly serve them death. Try to
have at least three Ach Angels, and more powerful monsters, before the final
attack. Arch Angels can reduce DarkLord’s HP quickly. Around turn 19, start
taking enemy towers while defeating his monsters. If there are Octopuses at the
towers to east of DarkLord’s castle, have them weak already by using your
Force. Soon, you will have your long ranged monsters attacking minions the
DarkLord just summoned. Having these under control, use Arch Angels against the

Important tip: because of Meteor spell, it’s not safe having monsters with low
HP hunting XP during the last attack. A meteor will destroy a level 01 Angel or
Demon most times. At least, have Dragons hunting XP, I have seen Dragons being
destroyed by one hit, but it’s harder. If you need level 01 Angels just to
attack unguarded towers, use ones without XP.

Two little things you shouldn’t forget. First, at turns 24 and 25, use your
remaining MP to summon more level 01 creatures to use next mission. Prefer the
expensive ones, like Angels and Dragons, if possible. You know, calling
monsters don’t use your MP, so you can save some. Second, use a fresh Angel (or
something that will use all XP) to kill that DarkLord.

Oh, by the way, I have tried to warp a Dragon to that tower to north at turn
01. This has an effect so attractive that enemy monsters will skip even to
take those towers around the DarkLord. I used Warp spell some more times, and
sent some Angels over the ocean. A Pegasus can easily take the towers at the
land path. The enemy army, using this strategy, will have like six monsters,
and the fight is a breeze. However, less monsters killed means less XP. My army
was significantly weaker at the mission end playing this way. So, I guess I
shouldn’t recommend it.

Real result:
Player: 1x Dragon (Summoner), 1x Angel
DarkLord: 6x Demon, 7x Golem, 7x Griffon, 6x Minotaur, 3x Octopus, 4x Warrior,
9x Wraith.

My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 3x Angel (All 0 XP), 1x Demon (0 XP), 2x Dragon (DarkLord) (Both 0
XP), 3x Dragon (Summoner) (XP: 75, 18, 0), 1x Troll (1 XP), 4x Arch Angel (XP:
21, 20, 12, 0), 3x Dark Dragon (XP: 22, 18, 0), 2x Fighter (Both 12 XP), 1x
Mono Pegasus (1 XP), 1x Silver Dragon (2 XP)

--------- 3.2.2) Mission 2: NEAR

Battleground: this mission is played at a small island, with some other islands
around it, most of them connected by shallow waters. This map is pretty unique.
There are no main fortress hexes. You start at the island’s northeastern area,
while the blue Daimyou starts at the southwestern area. There are fortress
hexes connecting both masters, the main island of this map is like a big castle
for both masters. To the island’s southeast, the fortresses involve a cluster
of 21 towers placed around a volcano. Some of the tiny islands around the main
island also have towers. You start this mission at a great tower disadvantage.
The Daimyou has three from start, and simply by moving to the tower cluster, he
will get three more, one per turn, not counting the ones his monsters can take.
You have no towers from start, and your master is far from reaching any towers.

Max number of turns: 15.

Blue Daimyou
Coordinates: 24, 38
Starting towers: 3
MP: 600 (initial) + 70 / turn
Monsters: Arch Angel, Carthago, Frost Dragon, Serpent, Troll, Unicorn, Valkyrie

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 36, 19
Starting towers: 0
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

As said, you start this mission at great tower disadvantage, and should be
thirsty for towers at initial turns. At turn 01, move your master, call an Arch
Angel (prefer an experienced one) and use Again magic to have it taking a
tower.  Call another Arch Angel. At turn 02, use the first Angel to get another
tower, and use Again at the second Angel, so it can take a tower at that little
island northeast of the tower cluster. Continue moving your master and call two
strong monsters, like Silver Dragons.

Your first Arch Angel may have to fight against an enemy Arch Angel, Valkyrie
or Serpent (if a Serpent comes, start causing damage to it immediately with the
Earth Force, because its HP is high and it could attack your Angel) for those
towers it just took. If needed, have another Angel or a Fighter / Crusader
helping it as soon as possible. Your second Arch Angel should take more towers,
and you can still use Again on it if needed. Take towers at the eastern part of
the tower cluster. Your land monsters should have their path to south blocked
to north of the tower cluster. You have to pass through the Daimyou’s land
monsters (probably including a Carthago or Frost Dragon) at all costs. Use
forces, if needed, and even have them taking heavy damage, just be sure they
won’t die. Call more monsters and invest against these enemies blocking your

Once your land troops break the enemy barrier and reach the tower cluster, you
can call all monsters you need (just keep taking some towers per turn), and the
battle will soon be at your control. The Daimyou will still create some level
02 monsters (Carthago is the worst he has because of terrain protection, you
can use Angels and Earth Force to hit it; Dragons and Arch Angels are, at
least, easier to hit) but once his initial MP is gone, he will just create
Unicorns, Trolls and Valkyries. If he is at a tower at western portion of the
cluster, he will soon be surrounded and towers won’t matter anymore. You can
take his towers to west, but it’s not necessary.

Have some monsters killing his creatures to get XP. Valkyries are easy to hit
and weak in short range, Trolls are also easy to hit and have no ranged attack.
Unicorns have high protection from towers or fortresses, so you can have some
Arch Angels or Great Angels (which you may have already) weakening them.
Against the Daimyou himself, you can use a healthy Silver Dragon. It has a good
resistance against his magical attacks, and this time it will have a 60% hit
chance (the Daimyou is not at a main fortress hex, remember?). Angels of levels
02 or 03 can also be used, although the Daimyou has high resistance against
magical damage.

Meteor spell the enemy will cast is again a pain, your troops are clustered.
Avoid having low health monsters around, like Wraiths and level 01 Angels or
Demons. Trolls and Dragons can hunt for some XP, or you can level up some level
02 monsters to level 03, like your Fighters.

At turn 15, eliminate the Daimyou. At end of this mission, better having some
powerful monsters, and the kill bonus of a master is always welcome. Before
doing it, again you can summons some monsters, if there are still available
slots in your army.

Real result:
Player: 2x Wraith
Daimyou: 2x Arch Angel, 2x Carthago, 2x Frost Dragon, 1x Serpent, 3x Troll, 3x
Unicorn, 5x Valkyrie, Fire Elemental

My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 4x Angel (All 0 XP), 2x Demon (Both 0 XP), 3x Dragon (DarkLord)
(All 0 XP), 1x Dragon (Summoner) (0 XP), 1x Troll (0 XP); 2x Arch Angel (XP:
15, 8), 1x Attacker (0 XP), 2x Dark Dragon (XP: 18, 14), 1x Dark Wraith (0 XP),
2x Fighter (XP: 14, 12), 2x Giant (XP: 18, 0), 1x Mono Pegasus (1 XP), 1x Death
Dragon (0 XP), 2x Great Angel (XP: 4, 0), 3x Silver Dragon (XP: 15, 3, 3)

--------- 3.2.3) Mission 3: DOUBLE

Battleground: a big island, with most of its coast formed by mountains and
volcanoes, except to west, where there are some dunes, rocky tracts, forests
and grasslands. Players’s castle is at central northern area, next to some
mountains and volcanoes. Just a few grassland hexes to southeast, you can find
the blue Summoner’s castle. The green Wizard’s castle is much further, to
southwest of your initial position, among forests and shallow waters. Your
troops can reach it passing through two grassland paths around a chain of

Max number of turns: 25.

Blue Summoner
Coordinates: 49, 35
Starting towers: 3
MP: 1000 (initial) + 90 / turn
Monsters: Fighter, Giant (rare), Gorgon, Stone Golem, Tricorn

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 39, 20
Starting towers: 1
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Green Wizard
Coordinates: 13, 50
Starting towers: 3
MP: 1100 (initial) + 80 / turn
Monsters: Attacker, Iron Golem, Loc, Musha, Sky Dragon, TwinHead

Now, this mission is HARD. Do you remember that second mission of Campaign 1
(at CIRCLE map)? Again, you have enemies coming from two sides and 25 turns to
beat them. That time, we sent part of the army to east, got some towers, and
used a few Serpents to defend against enemies from west while deployed the rest
of our army to crush them. Sounds like a plan? Sadly, it won’t work now. Why? –
you can ask.

Because this time our army is not that much superior when compared to the
enemies. Also, we have just a few towers at our disposal. Beyond your initial
tower, and the one at your castle, you can count with three towers to west,
coordinates: (24, 25), (30, 23) and (32, 29). There is a tower to south of your
castle, which the blue army can fight for. All other towers are at “blue
territory” or “green territory”. If the fight against the blue Summoner takes
too much time, the green army will reach you and you are done. You won’t have
Serpents with terrain protection to save you.

What to do? We need beat the Summoner quickly. I hate it, I would prefer having
my monsters getting XP while I beat the Wizard. Not possible. If you have a
good portion of your army (let’s say, five monsters, which is almost half of
your available army due to the lack of towers) farming XP from Summoner
monsters, you will have a lot of trouble against the green army and those
terrible Mushas. Also, the Summoner can use her elementals to kill any injured
monster you get at the fight against the Wizard. Better killing her, and fast.

Turn 01: call a Great Angel (if you have at least two) to the hex southwest of
your main fortress (if you don’t have two Great Angels, call an Arch Angel
instead). This one will take those towers to west. Move the Summoner and take 
that tower. Now, the real trick: call another Great Angel to the hex to east of
that tower, use Again on it, and take a tower from the Summoner’s castle (45,
29). Use a Force against one of the monsters that can attack the Angel. If it’s
heavily injured, the Wizard can also use his Force and kill it (this is not the
goal, though; the goal is just make it weak). Call more agile monsters near
your master, maybe a Silver Dragon and a Dark Dragon (you also want something
to evolve, don’t you?).

Turn 02: if possible, take the other tower there. If it’s already taken or the
Angel has low HP, move it and take the tower at 39, 31 (from there, you will
take the blue tower at 43, 39). Also, move the master to an hex adjacent to
that tower at your castle, call to it a heavy hitter (I recommend a Colossus or
a Death Dragon) and Warp it to that tower at 39, 31. Use the Force (to kill an
enemy, if possible: better it getting XP than the Wizard’s one) and move your

As you see, your goal is to take and defend that tower, take the twin tower as
soon as possible, and have your Angel also taking other towers. Your Angel that
went to west will also take towers there, so call some more creatures that may
level up (like Giants and Arch Angels) and send to the blue castle.

Take the remaining blue towers at Summoner’s castle, and don’t forget that one
at 52, 24. Try to kill the Summoner quickly, you can even use other monsters
(like a Colossus) if they are healthy. I managed to kill her at turn 10. Once
the battle is over, move the monsters back to your own castle, because the
green army is coming.

After getting the Summoner’s towers, you should control 12. Call all monsters
you can before losing any towers to the Wizard. If you have a Black Wraith
available, call it, because it’s the best monster to block those Mushas. The
Wizard’s army has no magical damage (beyond the master, of course), so Wraiths
are very useful.

Some Locs should reach the area around your castle while you are regrouping 
your troops. No problem. Then, the real green army arrives. TwinHeads cause low
damage and aren’t a problem for your Angels. Attackers have no long range
attack. Sky Dragons have low HP and are easy to hit. Mushas are your real
problems. These solid monsters cause low damage at long range, but have very
high resistance to cold damage, and the worst part, cause a super high damage
at short range (15-3). Also, they are Small Land type (good terrain protection)
and have movement allowance 07. While you fight, probably some monsters will
be exposed to more incoming Mushas, and this is very dangerous. If you can’t
have a Wraith to block them, use all you have to decrease its HP to a “safe”
level. Use your forces (Fire and Earth recommended) or even the Mind spell.
Luckily, at this point, Wizard’s Water Elemental should be dead (or he won’t
use it because of low MP), so you can safely have some injured monsters removed
from the front.

Don’t worry if at turn 14-15 you are still fighting the green army around those
towers your first Angel took in the beginning of the mission. You are just in
time. After winning this battle, probably you will have just a few monsters to
defeat. You should meet these around the southern part of that chain of
mountains. Once low on MP, the Wizard will still create some Locs, which you
will kill easily. Again, in the end towers won’t be important, because MP will
limit what the Wizard can do, but you can take some and Warp some more monsters
that need XP. Kill the Wizard at turn 25 and move to the fourth mission.

Real result:
Player: -
Summoner: 3x Fighter, 4x Stone Golem, 4x Tricorn
Wizard: 5x Attacker, 2x Stone Golem, 10x Loc, 7x Musha, 6x TwinHead

My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 4x Angel (XP: 65, 0, 0, 0), 2x Dragon (DarkLord) (Both 0 XP), 1x
Dragon (Summoner) (0 XP), 1x Arch Demon (0 XP), 1x Dark Dragon (16 XP), 2x Dark
Wraith (Both 0 XP), 1x Fighter (12 XP), 2x Giant (Both 0 XP), 1x Mono Pegasus
(1 XP), 1x Colossus (13 XP), 1x Crasher (11 XP), 1x Crusader (16 XP), 3x Death
Dragon (XP: 22, 6, 6), 4x Great Angel (XP: 24, 18, 8, 6), 1x Great Demon (2
XP), 3x Silver Dragon (XP: 18, 15, 3)

--------- 3.2.4) Mission 4: AROUND

Battleground: a medium sized island. Player’s castle is at its southeastern
area, while the blue Daimyou’s castle can be found at island’s northern area,
maybe a bit to northeast. In fact, both castles are near each other, some
flying monsters, without opposition, could reach the enemy master in two turns.
But, for land based monsters, the island’s terrain is not that friendly. A
chain of mountains and volcanoes is exactly between those castles, and it is
surrounded by deep waters and tundra. Tundra, in fact, is the perfect terrain
for your Dark Dragons, Death Dragons and Silver Dragons, but the way it is
mixed to other terrains, including water hexes that your dragons can’t enter,
makes it difficult to maneuver. There is another attack route, a grassland path
to west, among rocks, mountains and dunes. This looks a better option, and even
more because you can take those blue towers around the island. Most of them are
concentrated at the west side, surrounded by rough terrain. Curiously, there
are no neutral towers in this map.

Max number of turns: 16.

Blue Daimyou
Coordinates: 33, 22
Starting towers: 12
MP: 1400 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Hippo Griffon, IceGiant, Kraken, Musha, Phoenix, Sphinx, TwinHead

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 39, 36
Starting towers: 3
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

After that hard Mission 3, you will face a cakewalk Mission 4. Yeah, it’s easy.
At turn 01, call a Great Angel to the fortress hex west of your master. Use
Again magic and move it to 34, 31 coordinates. This is the northernmost hex
from where you can take the tower at 30, 42 next turn. Also, call three more
monsters, at least a heavy hitter (like a Colossus) and something that can
evolve (a Giant or a Dark Dragon, maybe a level 01 Dragon). Again, Black
Wraiths are very useful, the single monster Daimyou has that causes magical
damage is the Sphinx, and its damage is low. Calling a Wraith is also
recommended. Use your Force against one of the Daimyou’s flying creatures.

At the enemy’s turn, that Great Angel will attract the enemy army, and possibly
also the enemy Force. Flying creatures can come through the water, but land
based monsters and even Krakens should stay around the dunes to southwest of
the enemy’s castle. At your next turn, move your Angel and take two towers
(using Again spell), and move your other monsters to the position where your
Angel was to still attract the enemies. Call more monsters, and use your Force
against a flying monster.

That’s it. Your Angel will continue taking the blue towers to west. You don’t
have to use Again always, but try not allowing your enemy to replace dead
monsters. As your attraction strategy served to split his army, just a few
flying creatures won’t be trouble for you, and you can have some lower level
creatures leveling up. A few TwinHeads can also come through the dunes, but
your Angels or Wraiths can deal with them. Worthy to mention that you can
destroy Phoenixes easily using a Great Demon, a Colossus, a Crusader, or maybe
a Death Dragon during a moon turn. Forces or other creatures may be used, but
usually they will need to hit all attacks, so you can have your monsters
receiving free damage.

After defeating Daimyou’s flying monsters and a few TwinHeads, you can probably
move easily through that grassland road. The enemy probably has just a few
Mushas, IceGiants and Krakens around the castle. Try attract them to west of
the castle. Let them attack a Wraith, or a high HP monster, like a Colossus, to
have them at grassland hexes, so you can attack them from the forests. Forces
may also be used to cause damage, and, as the enemy army at this point will
have just a few monsters, you can move some injured monsters from the front,
without any problem.

The Daimyou, having an excess of MP, will invoke his Fire Elemental every turn.
Soon or later, it will die, so you can call your Mono Pegasus to have some XP,
too, in case you intend to use one against the campaign “trick”. Remember, you
will need it at Mission 6, so getting XP, and even killing the enemy master are
good ideas. If necessary to beat the enemy master (which is resistant to
magical damage) in time, after taking the last towers you can also call more
Great Angels, these can reach and fight the Daimyou in two turns. You can move
any injured monsters (monsters hit by meteors, for example) and still have more
to fight him.

Of course, killing more enemy monsters is also appreciated. I recommend letting
the hex at 32, 23 free, so the enemy can create a monster per turn to give your
monsters more XP. This hex is recommended because you can easily have some land
monsters around it to weaken and kill enemies, while your Angels and Demons
attack the enemy master.

Real result:
Player: -
Daimyou: 2x Hippo Griffon, 4x IceGiant, 2x Kraken, 2x Musha, 1x Phoenix, 1x
Sphinx, 3x TwinHead, Fire Elemental

My army after this battle: 
1x Summoner, 2x Angel (Both 0 XP), 1x Dragon (DarkLord) (0 XP), 1x Dragon
(Summoner) (0 XP), 2x Arch Angel (XP: 24, 6) 2x Dark Dragon (XP: 51, 0), 2x
Giant (XP: 18, 0), 1x Mono Pegasus (33 XP), 2x Black Wraith (XP: 7, 3), 1x
Colossus (20 XP), 1x Crasher (11 XP), 2x Crusader (XP: 16, 0), 3x Death Dragon
(XP: 33, 6, 6), 4x Great Angel (XP: 28, 20, 9, 6), 2x Great Demon (XP: 5, 2),
3x Silver Dragon (XP: 18, 15, 3)

--------- 3.2.5) Mission 5: FOURWAR

Battleground: this mission is played at a curious archipelago. There is a big
central island where both castles can be found: Player’s castle at its
southwest, and blue DarkLord’s castle at its northeast. There is a lake of deep
waters connecting both castles to the island’s south and east, and near the
lake there is also a land path, with grassland and forest hexes. To north of
this land path, there are dunes, rocks, mountains, and some volcanoes. The most
interesting fact: the entire island (except something that seems like an
“escape route” near the DarkLord’s castle) is surrounded by volcanoes. This
prevents most creatures from reaching the blue towers, these are in the smaller
islands, in the four map corners (there is a single blue tower at eastern
portion of the biggest island, but also out of the volcano barrier). Like the
last mission, there are no neutral towers in this map. All towers inside the
volcano barrier are red, all towers outside it are blue.

Max number of turns: 20.

Blue DarkLord
Coordinates: 39, 23
Starting towers: 20
MP: 1500 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Arch Angel, Big Serpent, Gorgon, Iron Golem, Phoenix, TwinHead

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 22, 42
Starting towers: 10
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

There are some things you should realize before playing this mission. First,
the DarkLord will soon start taking your towers, possibly at turn 02. Second,
luckily you have enough space at your castle to call, at turn 01, all monsters
you are allowed: just call six monsters, move the Summoner two hexes to east,
and call five more monsters. Third, if you don’t call a Mono Pegasus or Sphinx
(in case you have any) at turn 01, you won’t be able to call any monsters for
the rest of the mission, unless one of your monsters gets killed (and you meet
tower requirements, which should occur just in the mission end, when you are
able to retake your towers).

If you intend using a Mono Pegasus against the Wizard at Mission 6, I recommend
calling your Mono Pegasus at turn 01. Don’t worry, DarkLord’s Earth Force is
useless against it. Send it to take those towers at the small island to
southwest, and after doing it the Mono Pegasus can return and kill some enemies
to get XP. Other monsters to call: two heavy hitters (like a Colossus and a
Death Dragon), a Great Demon or Crusader to kill Phoenixes (I prefer the Demon,
it is also effective against Gorgons), 1-2 Great Angels, and creatures to level
up, like Dark Dragons, Giants, Arch Angels, even 1-2 level 01 creatures (you
should still have some in your army, because in Campaign 2 you usually can’t
have all your army fighting most missions). Ok, this mission would be much
easier if you call a bunch of level 03 monsters, but having your monsters
leveling up is always great, so mix monsters of all levels.

That’s it. After calling monsters at turn 01, you possibly won’t have any
reinforcements for a long time. Unless you can prevent your enemy from taking
your towers for a while, of course. A Phoenix is really fast and may take a
tower at turn 02, but may be killed by any Force except Fire (I recommend Air
or Water). If you succeed, and use Again spell twice on your Mono Pegasus, you
can take a tower at turn 02, and call another monster (your army will be
outnumbered so, believe me, it counts). In my game, I did it. And I lost a
tower at turn 03, but used Again once more and took two towers at my turn 03,
being able to call one more monster, for a total 14 (including the Summoner).

The DarkLord, at other hand, won’t have any tower limit during this mission. He
will use all his MP to create monsters, especially Gorgons and Arch Angels (so,
you know your Wraiths aren’t going help you this time). Your army will be
heavily outnumbered, and because of this, you can’t call all your weaker
monsters to the battlefield, you will need some level 03 minions. As usual, it
can be necessary to remove injured monsters from the front. Luckily, the
DarkLord will use his Earth Force just a few times (spending a lot of MP on
monsters, he probably will be on a budget at turn 04-05). Also, don’t worry too
much about the XP kill bonus. Of course you should try to level up your
monsters, but it’s ok having some enemies killed by your forces, or level 03

Try to create a defensive line at forest hexes. Yes, I said line. This will
expose your monsters much less. See, for example, if a monster has an ally in
the hex to its northwest and another one to its southeast, it can be attack by
two positions only: northeast and east (considering where enemies are coming
from at this map). With so many enemies, an exposed monster can be easily
attacked by 4 enemies, and be in serious danger, because it can’t simply leave
at your next turn (monsters have zones of control, remember?).

While fighting, the top priority is to eliminate Phoenixes. In fact, if you
have a Colossus leading the army, some of them will develop suicidal
tendencies, not bad at all. Eliminate the rest using your Great Demon if
possible. Even using forces is ok. Use Angels and Demons against Gorgons, and
Dragons and Giants in short range against Arch Angels. Injured Arch Angels are
also good targets for your Mono Pegasus. TwinHeads are not a problem, except
for their terrain protection. Angels can weaken them. Iron Golems are
dangerous, use Air or Water elementals against them before they can attack your
monsters. Dark / Death / Silver Dragons in long range can also damage them.
(Tip: keeping an injured enemy Iron Golem is a great way to level up Giants or
Arch Angels that need just a few more XP; your monsters get 2 XP for no damage,
just to reduce the Iron Golem HP again after the DarkLord uses Heal All magic).
If a Big Serpent comes from the swamps, concentrate some ranged firepower on
it. Even fighting from the land, where it can be easily hit, a Big Serpent can
cause high damage.

Once DarkLord’s MP are gone, his army will start losing its power. When your
healthy monsters outnumber the blue army, the battle is won. After retaking
your towers, you should call more monsters to level up, and maybe some Great
Angels to help fighting the DarkLord himself. He may still create at least one
monster most turns, so feed your army. Kill the blue master at turn 20, and if
your Pegasus is in need of XP, use it to get the kill bonus.

Real result:
Player: -
DarkLord: 11x Arch Angel, 1x Big Serpent, 9x Gorgon, 2x Iron Golem, 4x Phoenix,
6x TwinHead
My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 1x Arch Angel (16 XP) 3x Dark Dragon (XP: 56, 51, 35), 1x Giant
(46 XP), 1x Mono Pegasus (121 XP), 2x Black Wraith (XP: 7, 3), 2x Colossus (XP:
35, 0), 1x Crasher (11 XP), 2x Crusader (XP: 16, 0), 3x Death Dragon (XP: 45,
6, 6), 7x Great Angel (XP: 49, 20, 9, 6, 6, 3, 0), 2x Great Demon (XP: 26, 2),
4x Silver Dragon (XP: 18, 15, 4, 3)

--------- 3.2.6) Mission 6: GREATAXE

Battleground: this is the single mission of Campaign 2 that is played at a
coastal portion of a continent. Player’s castle is at northwestern area, among
some grassland and mountain hexes, and includes a cluster of six (initially
neutral) towers. To east of your castle, there is a land portion with two more
neutral towers, and to southeast of this area, in the map central area, you
will find the yellow Wizard’s castle, at his island, completely surrounded by
both deep waters AND volcanoes (the campaign “trick”). To south of your initial
position, there is a lot of forest hexes and some towers, beyond some dunes and
shallow waters at the coast. You will also find a grassland path to the
southern portion of the map. After reaching the south, you can follow another
grassland path to east, to find the blue DarkLord’s castle, at the southeastern
part of the map. From the DarkLord’s castle, there are two roads leading to
north, and around these you will find the blue towers, near two chains of
mountains and volcanoes.

Max number of turns: 30.

Blue DarkLord
Coordinates: 58, 57
Starting towers: 9
MP: 1800 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Caeser (rare), Crasher, Hippo Griffon, Mage, Sky Gorgon, Tricorn

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 02, 20
Starting towers: 3
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Yellow Wizard
Coordinates: 29, 37
Starting towers: 9
MP: 1800 (initial) + 80 / turn
Monsters: Amazon, Black Wraith, Giant, Iron Golem, Kraken, Phoenix (rare)

Looking at the blue army, you will soon realize that most creatures, like Sky
Gorgons, Mages, Tricorns and Crashers, simply aren’t a match for your Great
Angels in long range fights. Their long range attacks being magical give your
Angels a great environment in this mission. Hippo Griffons have heat attacks
for long range, but the damage they cause is low, and the dangerous Caeser is
not used frequently. Yes, the blue army is weak. The point in this mission is
to beat the Campaign “trick”, killing the Wizard which lives on an island
surrounded by both deep waters AND volcanoes.

If you choose the Warp strategy (which I did, after realizing it could be
viable), you will need at least two Black Wraiths blocking yellow creatures
while you warp more monsters to the Wizard’s island. Warp the first Wraith at
turn 01. At turn 02, move it to coordinates 24, 37, and warp the second Wraith.
When the blocking Wraith has its HP around 25 (or earlier), move it to a tower,
and have the other Wraith blocking your enemies.

Also call two Great Angels. Have one quickly taking towers to east, and after
it takes the towers there, including the ones north of the Wizard’s island,
send it directly to east, to also attack the blue towers. The other Angel
should go to south, also taking towers. The Summoner herself can take most
towers in the little cluster at her castle. Each turn, have another monster
prepared to be warped to the Wizard’s island. These monsters can also take
towers from the cluster while they are neutral (the monster status, if it has
been moved this turn or not, doesn’t interfere with the Warp spell).

Continue using the Warp magic until you have like ten monsters in the Wizard’s
island. You can also warp some creatures that need XP to level up, like Giants
or Dark Dragons. With the exceeding towers, call more monsters. You can have a
little land army moving to south, but try to call all your flying monsters,
too, the fight against the blue army will probably happen over the ocean. This
happens because after taking some towers in the map southern area, DarkLord’s
army will be attracted by the Wizard’s castle: land creatures will stay around
the continent coast, while flying monsters fly to the island, being blocked by
the volcanoes.

Even if you call your army slowly because of the monsters you warp, don’t
worry. You will have enough time to regroup your Angels, Demons and Crusaders
and crush DarkLord’s monsters like bugs. Your Angels and Demons can ignore
Mages and attack Sky Gorgons and Hippo Griffons. Crusaders may attack Mages, if
they aren’t on risk of being attacked by other enemies. Crashers and Tricorns
will wait for you to decimate other monsters, heal your monsters if needed, and
regroup before attacking them. At this point, your land troops and the Angel
you sent to east probably took most blue towers. If the DarkLord manages to
summon more monsters, he will just be sending more minions to death.

About the battle on the island, keep checking the Wizard turn, so you know
which monster he will send against your Wraiths next, in case you intend to
kill the enemy next to your Wraith. In fact, it’s a good thing eliminating some
Amazons and Golems, if possible; if the Wizard has more Giants and Krakens when
you start your invasion, your life will be easier (these are easier to hit and
cause no to average damage in long range). Beware of enemy Black Wraiths,
mirror matches are bad for your Wraiths. You can even use the Mind magic (if
available) and your Earth force, if needed, to prevent enemy Wraiths from
attacking. By the way, the DarkLord’s EarthForce is also very dangerous to
Wraiths. Although I had no problem about it being used against my Wraiths, try
do not concede it free XP (in fact, during this mission I have increased the XP
of my own elementals a lot).

Do not invade the yellow castle before having both enemy elementals dead. Once
you attack (I have used 3x Dark Dragons / Death Dragons, 2x Giant / Colossus,
2x Great Angel and 1x Great Demon, beyond my two Wraiths), remember that
Amazons and Iron Golems, like Black Wraiths, have low HP and can be weakened by
force or magic. Against the Golems, use Air or Water elementals, and the
Wraiths are the best match up against Amazons (beware of meteors, however).
Your Angels or Demons can deal with enemy Wraiths. Giants and Krakens are easy
to hit and shouldn’t trouble you too much. Just use some heavy hitters (like
Colossus and Death Dragons).

Now, if you are going to use a trained Mono Pegasus against the “trick”, call
some Great Angels and start taking towers (even because you will lose your
towers at the island). Send them, as usual to east and south. But this time,
concentrate on calling your flying monsters. Again, you can fight against
DarkLord’s troops as usual. When Wizard’s Water force dies, call the Mono
Pegasus and warp it to the tower at coordinates 26, 30 (should be yours
already, and its position shouldn’t be in danger of DarkLord’s army attacks).
While your troops, including land monsters you have called, corner the blue
army, have some monsters attracting the yellow monsters from outside of the
volcanic barrier. Try to have a free route to attack the Wizard with your
Pegasus while starting its turn at that tower (26, 30).

You probably will eliminate the Wizard after 10-12 turns attacking with the
Pegasus. During these turns, you should use Again magic, so you could put the
Pegasus at the tower again at end of your turn. If you can do it, you probably
won’t need any healing for your Mono Pegasus. If you can’t attack from the
tower, attack from anywhere else, just have in mind that at least once you will
need to replenish the Pegasus HP. When this time comes (probably after like 6
fights), have it resting at a tower and use Heal spell, this is probably enough
to completely heal your Mono Pegasus in two turns, so it will soon be attacking
the Wizard again.

By the way, this mission is the last one you will use level 02 creatures
(except for the Mono Pegasus, of course). Now you probably have your creatures
at max level, except for Crashers. You can give exceeding XP for Crashers
(trying to level up to Taitans), Death Dragons, Great Angels / Demons, but at
this point you can also have your forces gaining XP. A level 02 or 03 enemy
killed means just a little XP gain for your level 03 monster, but will surely
increase the damage of your elementals. Each force needs just a few kills, so
you can think about it. 

Kill both enemy masters at turn 30 (except the Wizard, of course, if you have
opted by the trained Mono Pegasus strategy), and prepare yourself to Mission 7.

NOTE: I have experienced a bug at this mission. In previous versions of my
guide, I have said it was related to the tower at coordinates 10, 63. This is
not correct. The tower is just there, but the bug is caused by monsters in
these coordinates. I suggest you ignore this tower. You may check "Codes and
bugs" section (5.1) for a complete explanation.

Real result:
Player: -
DarkLord: 1x Caeser, 3x Crasher, 7x Hippo Griffon, 8x Mage, 8x Sky Gorgon, 4x
Tricorn, Earth Elemental
Wizard: 4x Amazon, 10x Black Wraith, 3x Giant, 4x Iron Golem, 3x Kraken, 1x
Phoenix, Water Elemental

My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 1x Mono Pegasus (139 XP), 2x Black Wraith (XP: 45, 18), 3x
Colossus (XP: 48, 8, 3), 1x Crasher (155 XP), 2x Crusader (XP: 27, 3), 6x Death
Dragon (XP: 53, 45, 19, 19, 6, 4), 8x Great Angel (XP: 96, 55, 43, 33, 23, 23,
17, 14), 2x Great Demon (XP: 61, 39), 4x Silver Dragon (XP: 18, 15, 6, 4)

--------- 3.2.7) Mission 7: DEATHWAR

Battleground: this mission is played at a very big island. Player’s castle is
at its northwestern area, among tundra and grassland hexes and near a lake of
deep waters. Blue Wizard’s castle is at the northeastern area, among tundra and
shallow water hexes, and near some volcanoes and mountains. The north of the
island is formed by mostly tundra, and the “tundra path” connects player’s
castle to the Wizard’s castle. Green DarkLord’s castle can be found at the
island’s southwestern portion, among grassland hexes. If your monsters move to
south from your castle, after the tundra they will find this grassland area
that can be used to reach the DarkLord’s castle. Finally, the yellow Sorcerer
has his castle at the island’s southeast, among dunes, forests and mountains.
From this castle, to both north (path to Wizard’s castle) and west (path to
DarkLord’s castle), the terrain is very hard, with lots of dunes, forests, and
shallow waters. The central portion of the island is occupied by a big lake, of
both deep and shallow waters, with lots of swamps and forests around.

Max number of turns: 30.

Blue Wizard
Coordinates: 49, 06
Starting towers: 1
MP: 2000 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Big Serpent, Black Wraith, Firbolg (rare), Frost Dragon, Great Demon
(rare), Kraken

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 11, 18
Starting towers: 6
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Green DarkLord
Coordinates: 16, 52
Starting towers: 0
MP: 2000 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Hydra, Iron Golem, Mage, Phoenix, Valkyrie

Yellow Sorcerer
Coordinates: 47, 53
Starting towers: 0
MP: 2000 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Big Serpent, Crasher, Hydra, Kraken, Sirene, TwinHead

Despite the name, this mission is not that difficult. The reason? The Wizard
and the Sorcerer both have a strange preference for big ocean monsters (it
means, Krakens and Big Serpents), which have low mobility and low protection in
the hard terrain, and can’t counter-attack when attacked in long range. This,
plus the fact your enemies start this mission with almost no towers, make this
a really simple mission if well played. The DarkLord’s army is the single one
with agile creatures (it could even outnumber and destroy the yellow army if
you don’t interfere), but it isn’t so strong either, and I suggest it as your
first target.

Start, as always, calling your Great Angels, they will get you the towers you
need. For first turn, I suggest five Angels, and two Colossus. These are to let
your enemies have something more “challenging” to send their elementals
against, but there is another advantage: they will be able to engage the fight
against the green army at the right time. Your Death / Silver Dragons are Small
Tundra creatures, and won’t have any trouble to reach that grassland path to
south of your castle, so you can send your Colossus some turns earlier.

Send your Angels to the central lake area and start taking towers like hell.
Call more Angels or Demons, and also some Death / Silver Dragons, and send
against the DarkLord. Your initial Angels can still take towers around the
lake. They can even face some enemy monsters, like a green Mage, or a yellow
Sirene, but nothing they can’t deal with. After, while your army defeats the
DarkLord’s army, use some of these Angels to take the green towers. You can
also have 1-2 Angels taking towers at the central eastern portion of the
island, there are lots of towers between the blue territory and the yellow
territory, and like said, most of their monsters are aquatic and shouldn’t
trouble you.

The fight against the DarkLord’s forces shouldn’t be hard. The Hydra is the
worst monster he has, but without terrain protection, it can’t do much. Against
Iron Golems, use Air or Water force, and the ranged attack of your dragons.
Demons, Crusaders, Colossus and a trained Crasher (if you have any) are good
options to kill Phoenixes. Mages and Valkyries are good targets for short range
fights, and aren’t a problem. Soon, you can use your Angels against the
DarkLord himself and weaken him. I kept him alive, providing some XP to my
monsters while I sent more monsters against the other masters.

Once you have enough monsters to deal with the green army, you can send to
east, through that tundra path, other monsters you call, mostly Death / Silver
Dragons and your Wraiths. These will attack the Wizard’s castle. Your dragons
can deal easily with Krakens and Serpents. The Wraiths are useful against Frost
Dragons or an eventual Firbolg, these have high protection at tundra hexes.
Have two Angels with your monsters, in case the Wizard summons Black Wraiths.

After controlling the green army, send exceeding Angels, Demons, Crusaders, and
even some land monsters you have there to east too, against the Sorcerer.
Again, a Hydra can be dangerous. Use an Angel blitzkrieg against it if you
need. Your Earth force, in fact, is also very useful against Hydras. None of
the Sorcerer’s other monsters can really harm your Angels in long range fights,
so, yeah, an aerial attack is recommended. TwinHeads are too weak to worry
about, and Crashers and big ocean monsters probably will just wait for death in
small groups around the towers. The Sirene requires some patience, because it
has high magical resistance, and may have a great part of his low HP healed by
the Sorcerer’s magic and towers, but that’s it.

Against the Wizard and the Sorcerer, just take unguarded towers, and the towers
occupied by the monsters you just killed. Their armies will soon lose power and
you can attack / weaken the masters. Again, you can keep them alive, so they
summon more monsters to feed your army. It’s up to you. Kill all enemy masters
when you are ready and let’s move to the last battle.

Real result:
Player: -
Wizard: 3x Big Serpent, 2x Black Wraith, 6x Frost Dragon, 7x Kraken, Water
DarkLord: 2x Hydra, 4x Iron Golem, 9x Mage, 9x Phoenix, 3x Valkyrie, Earth
Sorcerer: 3x Big Serpent, 3x Crasher, 1x Hydra, 5x Kraken, 6x Sirene, 4x
TwinHead, Air Elemental

My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 1x Mono Pegasus (203 XP), 2x Black Wraith (XP: 91, 32), 3x
Colossus (XP: 63, 15, 12), 2x Crusader (XP: 30, 6), 6x Death Dragon (XP: 106,
88, 49, 38, 22, 11), 8x Great Angel (XP: 192, 93, 65, 54, 46, 37, 32, 31), 2x
Great Demon (XP: 146, 62), 4x Silver Dragon (XP: 29, 24, 17, 8), 1x Taitan (8

--------- 3.2.8) Mission 8: BIGARROW

Battleground: the last mission of Campaign 2 is played at a group of islands
which shape seems a bit the letter “T”. Curiously, except for the green castle,
there is nothing alike to an “arrow”. Player’s castle can be found in the
central northern area of the main island, among some grassland and mountains.
The blue Daimyou’s castle is just a few hexes to south, with dunes and towers
around it. To east of your castle, there is a path of grassland and forest
hexes, and following it you will reach the green DarkLord’s castle, in the
easternmost area of the main island. To west of your castle, there is a narrow
path of grassland, swamps, mountains and forests, surrounded by water.
Following it, in the western area, you will find the yellow Wizard’s castle,
lying at a small island, connected to the main island by shallow waters. There
are other islands in this portion of the map, including a narrow island with
six towers to south of the Wizard’s castle.

Max number of turns: 38.

Blue Daimyou
Coordinates: 27, 43
Starting towers: 11
MP: 5000 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Amazon, Colossus, Guardian, Hydra, Ice Dragon, Iron Golem, King

Player (red Summoner): 
Coordinates: 31, 29
Starting towers: 6
MP: 200 (initial) + x / turn

Green DarkLord
Coordinates: 50, 25
Starting towers: 11
MP: 2500 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Crasher, Fire Dragon (rare), Great Angel, Great Demon, Tricorn

Yellow Wizard
Coordinates: 12, 28
Starting towers: 11
MP: 2500 (initial) + 100 / turn
Monsters: Big Serpent, Black Wraith, Kraken, Mono Pegasus, Phoenix, Sky Gorgon

Ok, this is the last mission. And good news, it’s not the hardest one. Looking
at the blue army, yeah, you can see it has dangerous monsters: the mighty King
Dragon (the strongest monster in the game), plus Amazon (good damage and
resistance to physical damage), Colossus (high HP, high all-or-nothing physical
damage), Hydra (heat damage and terrain protection), Ice Dragon (cold damage,
high HP), Iron Golem (high physical damage, high resistance to everything
except cold). Good monster selection (except for the Guardians, of course), and
5000 MP, this Daimyou guy is powerful. The green army has some creatures with
high resistance to magical damage, but weak in short range, like Great Angels
and Great Demons, and Crashers, which, at other hand, are good for short range
fights, and ridiculous for long range. Tricorns are resistant to magical damage
too, but are inferior level 02 monsters. The yellow army is by far the weakest
one, it has creatures with no magical resistance, and which cause no to little
damage if attacked by your Angels and Demons. In fact, Mono Pegasus have high
resistance to magical damage, but there is no problem, a trained Air or Water
force can kill a Mono Pegasus in one fight, while receiving no damage.

As you can realize, the Daimyou is your most dangerous opponent, and it’s very
near to your castle. However, I suggest killing the Wizard first. At turn 01,
plan how to take the maximum number of towers at turn 02. Using Again magic
twice (turns 01 and 02), you can have 15 towers at end of turn 02, even if you
lose the tower at coordinates 26, 38 (you probably will). To do this, you need
to call mostly Angels at turn 01, as usual, but I recommend a Black Wraith to
take the tower at 27, 33, and a heavy hitter, possibly a Colossus, to 30, 33.
At turn 02, continue calling your flying monsters, but also call some more
Wraiths / hitters.

Well, you will just defend yourself against the blue army at the beginning. To
do this, have your Wraiths defending the tower at 27, 33. Use Heal spell if
needed, although the tower healing will be enough most times. Also, have your
hitters, Colossus and Death Dragons, at those forest hexes near the “Wraith
tower”. They will be injured, but you will remove them from the front and send
other monsters to guard the position. There is no need to kill any enemy
monster, unless the 56 limit (and other masters summoning monsters) prevents
the Daimyou from summoning more.

Send your flying monsters (like eight Angels and Demons, maybe Crusaders) to
west and fight the yellow army. Use your elementals against Mono Pegasus, and
kill anything else using magical damage. This battle is easy. Soon, you will
control the situation there and take all those valuable towers. I killed the
Wizard himself at turn 08.

To east, take up to the tower at coordinates 40, 26, then send like two Angels
to south flanking the blue territory. Soon, they will take those towers to
south of the blue castle. When the Daimyou doesn’t have enough towers to
summon, kill his monsters and use these Angels to take that group of three
towers to northwest of his castle. At this point, your Angels and Demons should
be returning from the war against the Wizard, and can also help against
Guardians and the master himself. As he can always summon a dangerous monster
(like a King Dragon, argh!), I suggest you use your monsters to surround the
Daimyou. I managed to kill the Daimyou at turn 11. After turn 02, he was never
allowed to summon anything.

What about the green army? Yes, I ignored it for a bit. The DarkLord’s army
reached a maximum of 12 monsters, he also had some towers to west. With the
battle against the Daimyou under my control, and all the towers I got in the
west, I put my Colossus and Dragons at forests or mountains just east of my
castle. Some of my monsters were damaged, but I replaced them for healthy ones.
At this point the DarkLord had seven towers, and I had all my army on the

Against the DarkLord alone, you will have no problem. You shouldn’t use your
Wraiths, but any other of your monsters can attack Crashers in long range and
Angels or Demons in short range (I have even used my trained Mono Pegasus!),
these fights will cause low damage to your monsters. After some waves of green
monsters, and now with the support of your Angels (that just killed the
Daimyou) you will soon reach the green castle.

I could have killed the DarkLord at turn 14, but I decided to torture him for
my amusement up to the last turn. This way I killed some extra monsters, too
(3 Crashers, 1 Fire Dragon, 4 Great Angels, 4 Great Demons, and 4 Tricorns).
You know, my monsters just love XP. And again, it’s time for the game credits!

Real result:
Player: -
Daimyou: 1x Amazon, 1x Colossus, 2x Guardian, 2x Hydra, 3x Ice Dragon, Fire
DarkLord: 9x Crasher, 1x Fire Dragon, 6x Great Angel, 6x Great Demon, 10x
Tricorn, Earth Elemental
Wizard: 1x Black Wraith, 1x Kraken, 3x Mono Pegasus, 5x Sky Gorgon, Water

My army after this battle:
1x Summoner, 1x Mono Pegasus (253 XP), 2x Black Wraith (XP: 100, 96), 3x
Colossus (XP: 66, 34, 22), 2x Crusader (XP: 64, 24), 6x Death Dragon (XP: 126,
100, 82, 81, 80, 26), 2x Gold Dragon (XP: 2, 0), 8x Great Angel (XP: 250, 154,
105, 99, 79, 65, 63, 44), 2x Great Demon (XP: 154, 101), 2x Silver Dragon (XP:
27, 19), 1x Taitan (55 XP)

====================/ Chapter 4: SINGLE BATTLES – MASTERS /====================

When playing the campaigns, you aren’t able to choose which master you are
going to use. However, if you are going to play single battles, you should
consider strong and weak points of each master.

There is not much to consider about the masters as monsters themselves. All
masters are level 03 creatures, have 100 HP, cause low physical damage during
short range fights, but high magical damage at long range, are immune to magic
and forces. All masters have movement allowance 03, Master type. Each master,
except for the Summoner, which has 50% resistance to all damage, is more
vulnerable to a specific damage type: Daimyou to cold, Wizard to heat, Sorcerer
to physical and DarkLord to magical damage. 

What really makes the difference is which monsters / force / spells a master
has available. This is what we will consider in this section. But before doing
it, I will share the criteria I have used to classify the monsters:

 |Criteria \ Monster Lv | Lv 01 | Lv 02 | Lv 03 |
 |              Low     | 12-36 | 24-45 | 36-59 |
 |HP            Medium  | 37-44 | 46-60 | 60-79 |
 |              HigH    | 45-73 | 61-83 | 80-110|
 |              Low     | 02-14 | 04-21 | 08-30 |
 |Total Damage  Medium  | 15-19 | 22-27 | 31-35 |
 |              High    | 20-24 | 28-36 | 36-40 |
 |              Low     | 00-20 | 00-30 | 00-40 |
 |Resistances   Medium  | 30-40 | 40-50 | 50-60 |
 |              High    | 50-Im | 60-Im | 70-Im |

- The criteria expressed on the table above are personal, and are based on my
game experience, as on comparisons of monsters of same level as a group. For
this comparison exercise, I didn’t consider forces, masters and AI exclusive
monsters (these are supposed to be more powerful than other monsters of same
level). Level 04 monsters were also ignored (it’s a waste of time creating a
class for two monsters only).
- Although there is no “science” on these numbers, I tried to create some
“valid data”. As most monsters aren’t supposed to be equally efficient for both
ranges, I got just the highest "damage per hit x number of hits" value of each
monster and created a medium damage value for each level. Medium damage is
15.13 for level 01 monsters, 23.91 for level 02, and 36.12 for level 03.
- Yes, medium value should be at medium class for an attribute, but still, most
level 01 should be weak, while most level 03 should be strong, in my opinion.
- Total damage considers "damage per hit x number of hits" for any given
monster, at any range.
- About damage, level 03 is much more homogenous than other levels, and not
only because it has less monsters. A lot of monsters are around the medium
value or slightly higher, while a few (like Sky Gorgon and Firbolg) bring the
stat down.
- I have also calculated medium HP value: for level 01, it’s 37.75; for level
02, the value is 51.61; for level 03, it’s 70.59.
- About resistances, “Im” means immunity (all damage reduced to 01 per hit).

------------------ 4.1) Daimyou

--------- 4.1.1) Monsters

Dragon (Daimyou) > Flame Dragon > Fire Dragon > King Dragon
Dragons are usually good level 01 monsters, and because of this, they are more
expensive them most monsters. Daimyou’s Dragon costs 26 MP. 40 HP and 05
movement allowance (Fire Land type) is just ok, but damage they cause is higher
than most level 01, and they also have a ranged attack, being able to gain XP
for no damage against several enemies. They need 48 XP, three kills, to level
up. The Flame Dragon is a good monster, it has ok HP (51) HP, medium to high
damage for both short range and long range, 06 movement allowance and good
resistance to heat damage. 60 XP needed to have it evolving again is surely a
lot, but the Fire Dragon is a powerful monster, as we can say after playing the
first campaign: medium to high HP, great damage and high resistance to heat. I
really doubt you are able to have a Dragon leveling up to level 04 on a single
battle, but anyway, the King Dragon is the most powerful monster in the game.

Roman > Carthago > Caeser
The Roman is a weak, generic level 01 monster. Low HP, low damage, 05 movement
allowance, Small Land type. It costs 12 MP. The good point is that it requires
just 26 XP to evolve, so two kills are enough. The Carthago is also not that
great, its damage a bit low, as its HP (44) and resistances, but again, it
requires just 38 XP to evolve. It also has 06 movement allowance. The Caeser is
a much better monster: medium HP (62), 40% resistance to physical and magical
damage, good damage, and terrain protection of Small Land monsters.

Loc > Phoenix
The Loc is another weak monster, low damage and HP, but being a High Sky
monster with a 10 movement allowance (fastest monster in the game) makes it a
very efficient tower taker. It costs 26 MP, and requires 36 XP to evolve, two
kills plus some fights. Evolving, it becomes a Phoenix, creature of Fire Sky
type (can pass through volcanoes), with 09 movement allowance. The damage the
Phoenix causes is low for short range and just ok for long range, but hey, it’s
free damage! Every time it survives a fight, it will get its low HP (24)
replenished, and this is enough for never get the Phoenix killed by most level
01 monsters, and a lot of level 02. The Phoenix is also immune to heat damage.
Although a Phoenix may cause havoc among enemy level 01 monsters, it’s
important to mention that it can be killed by elementals (except Fire) or level
03 monsters easily most times. Phoenixes are useless against masters, for

Troll > Giant > Colossus
The Troll is another weak, generic level 01 monster. 40 HP is ok, but the
damage is low, the movement allowance is 04, and the type is Big Land, making
it easier to hit. It costs 18 MP, and requires 46 XP (three kills) to evolve to
Giant. The Giant is an ok monster, easy to hit, but with a very good HP amount
for level 02 (75 HP), 05 movement allowance and ok damage for short range, a
bit low for long range. It needs 48 XP to evolve to Colossus. The Colossus is a
very good monster, still easy to hit and almost no damage resistance to damage,
but 06 movement allowance, a very high HP (110), and great damage, all-or-
nothing style. 

Marmaid > Sirene
The Marmaid is an expendable monster, a good cannon fodder if you have enough
water hexes to use it. Marmaid costs 13 MP, and is a Small Ocean monster, with
05 movement allowance. The good point is the long range attack, which causes
great damage, considering it’s a level 01 cheap monster. Bad part: very low HP
(26), almost no resistances, and negligible damage for short range. It needs 39
XP to evolve (two kills and some fights, or three kills). The Sirene, level 02,
has more HP (45), 50-60% resistance to all damage types, and causes more
damage, beyond having 06 movement allowance.

Serpent > Big Serpent
The Serpent is the most expensive level 01 creature, it costs 81 MP. It’s more
expensive than several level 02 monsters AI uses in the campaigns. The reason:
the Serpent is strong like a level 02. Surely, no ranged attacks, but good
damage for short range, very high HP for a level 01, and good mobility in deep
water hexes, beyond superb terrain protection in these hexes. It needs 98 XP to
evolve to Big Serpent, six kills and a couple of fights, but considering that
it is easier to get XP at level 01, it would correspond to like 50 XP if it was
a real level 02, so it’s ok. The level 02 Big Serpent has HP and damage
compared to level 03 monsters, and 08 movement allowance. These monsters are
great, if you are in need of aquatic monsters.

Chimera > Sphinx
The Chimera is another generic level 01 monster, and costs 20 MP. Ok HP, low
damage, 05 movement allowance, Low Sky type (easy to hit). It has, however, 30%
resistance to all damage. Once it gets 40 XP (two to three kills), it evolves
to a Sphinx. The Sphinx has 40% resistance to all damage, 06 movement
allowance, Fire Sky type. Its HP is ok (60), as its damage for short range, but
its damage for long range fights is very low.

--------- 4.1.2) Magic and Force

The Shield magic doesn’t seem that useful, but it is, in fact. Not that much
for the Campaign 1, there you have monsters (Great Angels) that can be used to
kill enemy masters easily, and your enemies also don’t use spells like Mind on
your monsters. But for single battles it is useful. If you are playing against
the AI, it can be used to protect your monster against the enemy master it is
attacking, because his hit chance will drop to 10%. Note that you don’t have in
your army a monster with a very high magical resistance (like a Great Angel or
Great Demon), and the highest you have, the Sirene, has a very low HP. But this
magic may be even more useful if you are playing a multiplayer battle. A human
player can use negative spells on your monsters, like Mind or Sleep, so
protecting one of them against these can be the better use for your magic.
The Storm magic is more useful in the campaign, you can use it to remove those
pesky Guardians form the enemy castle, or to transform the 7th mission in a
cakewalk, for example. For single battles, it’s still useful, and even more on
small maps like FIRELAND and NEAR. Move those land monsters to the ocean, where
they can do nothing. Even if the monsters don’t fall in the ocean, the enemy
army will need time to regroup, and lonely monsters will make good targets for
your troops. You can also open your path to the enemy master, when going for a
kill, or just storm any enemies coming to your own master.

The Daimyou controls the Fire Force. It causes heat damage, and is very
resistant to heat damage. It has no resistance to other damage types. Good
targets are monsters with low terrain protection (like land monsters on
grassland hexes and flying monsters), low heat resistance and that don’t
counter-attack, or do it using heat attacks. Examples of good targets: Mono
Pegasus, Hippo Griffon, Sky Dragon, Air Dragon.

--------- 4.1.3) Conclusion

The manual calls him "Warlock, a law master symbolizing law and order, and
armed with the most balanced fighting capability of land, sea and sky". I guess
it's wrong, as he is the single master that can’t use Angels or Demons. To me,
this is a serious disadvantage, once these are the best monsters to kill enemy
masters, beyond being very strong and fast monsters.

His tower taker, the Loc, is better than the Pegasus in both levels 01 (it’s
faster) and 02 (it can be used to fight against lots of enemies without any
need of healing). He also has two options of aquatic monsters: the cheap and
expendable Marmaid (can even be used in great numbers to weaken enemy masters),
and the expensive Serpent, which is faster than the Octopus.

Daimyou’s army has good heat damage sources, Fire Dragons, Phoenixes (the
damage is not that great, but they cause free damage to weak enemies), beyond
the Fire Force. High physical damage is available too, with Serpents by the
ocean, Caesers and Colossus by the land, beyond the Fire Dragon, for short
range only. Magical damage is a weak point, his best monster is the Sirene, but
it has limited use on some maps, as an aquatic monster, while the Sphinx deals
low damage. Daimyou’s troops have no source of cold damage.

About damage resistance, Fire Dragons and Phoenixes, as the Force, have high
resistance to heat, but there are not truly resistant monsters to physical,
magical or cold damage. The Sirene has some resistance to all, but this just
helps to compensate its low HP and, like said, this monster is aquatic and is
useful in specific situations.

The Storm magic is a beast, but the Shield magic just decreases the problem
created by the lack of Angels (unless you are playing a multiplayer battle).
The Fire Force is not the most versatile, too.

As you see, Daimyou’s army lacks diversity. This problem would be much smaller
if he was able to use Angels, at least.

------------------ 4.2) Wizard

--------- 4.2.1) Monsters

Demon > Arch Demon > Great Demon
The Demon costs 34 MP. It has low damage and low HP, and some magical
resistance. Its movement type is Low Sky, and as an agile monster (move
allowance 07), it can even be used to take towers (some terrain types, like
tundra, shallow waters and dunes won’t be a problem). Easy to hit, but this
problem is reduced by the fact it will be used for long range fights, and won’t
be counter-attacked against most level 01 enemies. It requires 55 XP to level
up (three to four kills). As Arch Demon, its move allowance increases to 08,
and its damage is doubled. For long range, it’s a ok damage. Its resistances
also increase, but the low HP (44) remains as a weak point. Again, a lot of XP
is needed to level up (57). The level 03 Great Demon becomes a Sky creature,
and is able to move more easily. It also has increased damage (low for short
range, good for long range), medium HP (66) and some resistances, including a
good 70% resistance to magical damage. An excellent monster.

Dragon (Wizard) > Sky Dragon > Air Dragon
Wizard’s Dragon is, as usual, a good level 01 monster, with damage above
average, but no ranged attack. Ok HP (42), and move allowance 06, Fire Land
type. The Dragon needs 48 XP, three enemy kills, to level up. The level 02 Sky
Dragon, as its name suggests, can fly. It’s a Fire Sky creature, with movement
allowance 07. Agile, but not that strong. Its damage is a bit low, as its
resistances and HP (48), even worse for a monster which can be hit easily. With
53 XP, it becomes an Air Dragon, 08 movement allowance, high damage for both
short and long ranges, high HP (96), but still easy to hit, and having low
damage resistance.

Warrior > Attacker  > Crasher > Taitan
The Warrior costs 12 MP, and is a generic, weak level 01 monster: low damage,
HP and no resistances, plus 05 move allowance, Small Land type. However, it
levels up easily, just two kills are needed to become an Attacker. The Attacker
is also not that powerful, ok damage for short range, but no attacks for long
range, HP just ok (48), and still move allowance 05. The Attacker will turn
into a Crasher after getting 40 XP. Not that great. Good damage for short
range, but very  low damage for long range, ok HP (63) and low resistances. At
least, the movement is increased to 06. I really don’t imagine myself having a
Taitan at a single battle, it’s a lot of XP.

Pegasus > Mono Pegasus
The Pegasus is a tower taker worse than the Loc. It fights equally bad, but
it’s much slower, having movement allowance 07, Sky type. Its HP is low, but,
as a small advantage, it has 60% magical resistance. It costs 18 MP, and
requires 36 XP to level up (like the Loc), so, two kills and some fights. As a
Mono Pegasus, it’s a better tower taker, as it has allowance 09, High Sky type,
but still worse than a Phoenix: the damage is ok for short range, but no
attacks for long range fights, and just 42 HP, without the Phoenix’s
auto-healing. Good 80% magical resistance, but this isn’t really that helpful,
because the Mono Pegasus can’t attack enemies in long range, so this serves for
merely defensive purposes. Something positive is its high number of attacks:
with enough XP, it can cause really high damage.

Cyclops > IceGiant > Firbolg
The Cyclops, as its level 02 and 03, is a Big Tundra monster, easy to hit at
most terrain types. It has 46 HP and no damage resistance. Its damage is ok for
level 01, all-or-nothing style, and its move allowance is 05. It costs 19 MP,
and needs 46 XP, three level 01 kills, to level up. The IceGiant is very alike
to the normal Giant, good HP (68), 05 movement allowance, ok damage for short
range,  a bit low damage for long range, 48 XP needed to reach level 03. The
level 03 Firbolg is a good monster, high HP (86), ok damage (cold damage for
long range), movement 06 and some resistance to heat and cold.

Wraith > Dark Wraith > Black Wraith
The Wraiths are some of the most useful monsters. The level 01 is crappy, costs
10 MP, but very low damage, HP (12), and even movement allowance (03, Low Sky
type). Good points are very low XP required to level up (18 XP, one kill plus
two fights), and 70% resistance to all damage except magical (this helps it to
survive, most hits from level 01 monsters will cause 03 damage). Level 02, for
one kill, has double HP (24), double damage, 04 movement allowance, and 80%
resistance to all damage, except magical. Again, just 18 XP required to level
up, so for three level 01 kills and some fights, you can have your level 03
monster. Level 03 has 36 HP, still low, but 90% resistance to all damage,
except magical (most non-magical hits it receive will cause 01 or 02 damage).
Its damage is ok for long range, magical type, and it has 05 movement
allowance. Surely, a great blocker for enemy creatures.

Octopus > Kraken
The Octopus is pretty much another version for the Serpent, and so it’s strong
like a level 02. Also a Big Ocean monster, it also has good HP (65), good
damage for short range (no ranged attacks), and requires a lot of XP to make it
to level 02 (86 XP, five to six kills). It costs 74 MP, being also expensive,
and its real disadvantage when compared to the Serpent is the movement
allowance, 06 (Serpents have 07). The Kraken, level 02, is also very alike to
the Big Serpent, but has a bit smaller damage, a bit smaller HP (75), and a
movement allowance 07 (Big Serpents have 08).

Griffon > Hippo Griffon
The Griffon is a bit better than the average level 01 monster. Ok damage for
level 01, ok HP (42), and some agility: 06 movement allowance, Low Sky type. It
costs 22 MP, and requires 42 XP to level up, three kills. The Hippo Griffon is
a solid monster for level 02. 65 HP is good, as 08 movement allowance, Sky
type. It has some resistance to physical damage (30%), and its damage is ok for
short range (a bit low, heat type, for long range fights).

--------- 4.2.2) Magic and Force

The Stone magic is completely useless if you are playing a single player
battle. Against the AI, you can use the Sleep magic, which costs 10 MP less
than Stone, because the AI will never use the Awaken spell. Even for a
multiplayer battle, Stone is almost useless. This because the best effect of
Sleep / Stone is not preventing the master from moving its monster, but making
the monster unable to counter-attack. If the Sleep is countered by Awaken, the
master can use the monster, but it was already attacked during enemy turns, and
couldn’t counter-attack.

The First magic may have its uses, like allow and injured monster to escape
from enemies, or help your monster to reach a tower before the enemy, allowing
it to get tower healing while fighting. However, it’s not a very important

The Wizard controls the Water Force. It causes cold damage, and is very
resistant to cold, but has no resistance against other damage types. Its
perfect target is a monster that doesn’t have high terrain protection, nor cold
resistance, and that can’t counter-attack, or use cold attacks to do it.
Examples of good targets: Mono Pegasus, Dark Dragon, Death Dragon, Iron Golem.

--------- 4.2.3) Conclusion

According to the manual, the Wizard is "a chaos master symbolizing evil and
disorder. He has tremendous striking powerand controls monsters which grow to
befearful, such as the Griffon and Dragon."

Although his tower taker, the Pegasus, is worse than the Loc, and his aquatic
monster, the Octopus, is also a bit worse than the Serpent, the Wizard’s troops
are much more versatile than Daimyou’s ones.

For long range fights, the Wizard has creatures that deal ok / good magical
damage (Great Demon, Black Wraith), as heat damage (Air Dragon) and cold damage
(Firbolg, Water Force). Physical damage, however, is high only at short range
(Air Dragon, Crasher, Firbolg, Kraken).

Blocking enemy attacks is also possible. The Black Wraith is the best blocker
in game, as you can check playing the 2nd campaign. Beyond being easy to get
(very low XP required), it can block three types of damage without any problem,
and has magical attacks itself, being able to hit enemies which have terrain
protection. Wraiths can’t stand against magical damage, but the Wizard has
Demons available, which have high magical resistance and can be used to kill
enemy masters. Mono Pegasus also have high magical resistance, while the Water
Force is resistant to cold.

It’s worth mentioning that even the Griffon can be used, the level 02 Hippo
Griffon is a good and fighting tower taker, if you manage to have it.

Wizard’s spells aren’t that great, Stone being a dead magic, and First being
situational. The Water Force, like Fire, is also not that versatile.

The Wizard’s army has much more variety than Daimyou’s, and is able to deal all
damage types efficiently. It has Demons, good against masters, and Wraiths,
very powerful monsters for single battles, and even more due to the low XP
necessary to get it to level 03.

------------------ 4.3) Sorcerer

--------- 4.3.1) Monsters

Angel > Arch Angel > Great Angel
The Angel costs 36 MP, has low damage and HP (30), 06 movement allowance, Low
Sky type. Good points, ranged attacks and 50% resistance to magical damage. It
needs 67 XP to evolve, four kills and some fights. The necessary XP is high,
but the Arch Angel is a very good monster: good HP (62), ok damage for long
range, 07 movement allowance, and higher resistances. It needs 49 XP to reach
level 03, and then it becomes a Great Angel, one of most useful monsters in
game. With 08 movement, Sky type, it can be used to take towers, but usually it
will be used to fight, as it has high long range damage and a superb 90%
resistance to magical damage. Great Angels can defeat masters without a
problem, as you can realize playing the campaigns. However, it has just ok HP
(60), and low resistance to other damage types.

Dragon (Sorcerer) > Frost Dragon > Ice Dragon > King Dragon
The Ice Dragon lineage is very alike to the Fire Dragon lineage, with three
major differences: their movement type is Small Tundra instead of Fire Land;
they cause cold damage instead of heat in long range fights; they are resistant
to cold instead of heat. So, the level 01 Dragon is better than most level 01
monsters, causing a bit higher damage and having a long range attack. The level
02 Frost Dragon is a solid monster for its level, having ok HP (51), damage for
both ranges and cold resistance. Finally, the level 03 Ice Dragon is a cold
beast: high HP (88), ok damage for short range, great damage for long range,
and superb cold resistance. There is also the chance of evolving to a mighty
King Dragon, but this is unlikely, during a single battle.

Soldier > Fighter > Crusader
The Soldier costs 12 MP and is another generic level 01, low HP (34), damage,
resistances, but is a bit faster: 06 movement allowance, Small Land type. It
needs just 24 XP to level up, so two kills are enough. The Fighter has ok HP
(46), but its damage is a bit low. However, it’s an even faster monster, 07
movement allowance, Low Sky type. The XP required to level up is 35, not that
high, and it will become a Crusader. Again, fast (it has now Sky movement type)
but not that powerful. Medium HP (70) and low resistances for a flying (easy to
hit) monster. Short range damage is good, but for long range is low. Can work
as a fighting tower taker.

Loc > Phoenix
Described at section 4.1.1. Both Loc and Phoenix are very fast flying monsters,
and can be used to take towers. The Phoenix can also fight, as its auto-healing
makes it invincible for several enemies.

Troll > Giant > Colossus
Described at section 4.1.1. The troll is slow and weak. The Giant is ok and has
a lot of HP, and ok damage for short range fights. The Colossus has even more
HP and causes massive damage for both short range and long range, a great tank,
despite low resistances.

Marmaid > Sirene
Described at section 4.1.1. Aquatic monsters. The Marmaid is cheap and can be
used as cannon fodder, having great long range damage for a level 01. The
Sirene is a solid monster, has ok damage for long range, and good resistances
that compensate the low HP, but I usually would prefer the Serpents.

Serpent > Big Serpent
Described at section 4.1.1. Aquatic monsters, too. No ranged attacks, but lots
of HP, movement, and damage for short range. Level 01 Serpent is strong like a
level 02, and level 02 Big Serpent is strong like a level 03. However, MP cost
and XP needed to level up are very high.

Unicorn > Tricorn
The Unicorn costs 20 MP. It has low damage and low HP, but also 06 movement
allowance, Small Land type, and 40% resistance to magical damage. It needs 32
XP (two kills) to level up to a Tricorn. Low XP needed, but the Tricorn is a
weak monster. Medium to low HP (48), low damage, especially for long range. It
has 07 movement allowance, and 60% resistance to magical (20% to heat and
cold), but yet, not a monster I would recommend.

--------- 4.3.2) Magic and Force

Quick is a very weak magic. Its target gets and additional attack (for short or
long range, if available) this turn. Doesn’t even remain active during enemy
turns until your next turn. Seriously? One more attack? The Again spell costs
10 more MP, but I can move my monster again, choose another target, have all
its attacks twice. The single advantage of Quick, beyond 10 MP, is that your
monster won’t be counter-attacked during a second fight. It can be used on
creatures that have a single attack, like a Colossus, if you would use Again to
fight the same enemy twice.

Refresh, at other hand, is a very useful spell. Full HP for any monster? I
would love having it during the campaigns. Heal doesn’t help that much if you
need to get a Colossus or Dragon in action really soon.

The Sorcerer controls the Air Force. It causes cold damage, and has medium
resistance against cold and magical damage. Its perfect targets are monsters
that don’t have high terrain protection, nor high resistance to cold damage,
and that don’t counter-attack or do it using cold or magical attacks. Examples
of good targets: Mono Pegasus, Arch Angel, Crasher, Dark Dragon, Iron Golem,

--------- 4.3.3) Conclusion

"A law master with strength in the magic of recovery, healing and commanding
the forces of servants such as the Angel, Pegasus and Unicorn." The Sorcerer’s
army is a lot alike the Daimyou’s army, with the clear difference that he can
use Angels, a nice advantage.

About tower takers and aquatic monsters, the Sorcerer has, as the Daimyou, the
best options available, Loc and Serpent, respectively. And no, contrary to what
the manual says, he does NOT control Pegasus.

For long range, the Sorcerer has great sources of magical (Great Angels),
physical (Colossus) and cold damage (Ice Dragon, Air Force). About heat damage,
if he doesn’t get a King Dragon, his single source is the Phoenix. For short
range, the Sorcerer surely has some hitters, like Big Serpent, Ice Dragon and

About resistances, the Sorcerer has good blockers for magical damage (Great
Angel) and cold (Ice Dragon). Of course, the Phoenix is immune to heat damage,
but it’s not a reliable blocker, depending on the attacker (Phoenix can be
destroyed by most level 03 monsters).

While Quick is a dead magic, Refresh takes the Sorcerer to a new healing level,
when compared to other masters. The Air elemental is more versatile than Fire
or Water, because it has two resistances and can be used against more monsters.
Also consider that magical damage is the most common damage type for long range

As you see, Sorcerer’s troops have more versatility than Daimyou’s, but yet,
less than Wizard’s. The Sorcerer has, however, better monsters for specific
jobs, and better magic and Force, if compared to the Wizard.

------------------ 4.4) DarkLord

--------- 4.4.1) Monsters

Demon > Arch Demon > Great Demon
Described at section 4.2.1. Level 01 Demon is fast, has ranged magical attacks
and some magical resistance, but it’s not powerful. Level 02 Arch Demon is even
faster, has more HP (although still low) and ok damage for long range. Level 03
Great Demon has Sky movement type, and can be used to attack towers. Also, it
has ok HP, great damage for long range and high magical resistance.

Dragon (DarkLord) > Dark Dragon > Death Dragon
DarkLord’s Dragon is, as all level 01 Dragons, an ok monster: although it has
no attack for long range, causes high damage for a level 01 at short range, has
ok HP (42) and 05 movement allowance, Small Tundra type. It costs 22 MP and
needs 48 XP (three kills) to level up. The level 02, Dark Dragon, is also a
good monster. It has medium to high HP (56), causes good damage at short range
and its movement allowance is 06. Weak points are the low long range damage and
60 XP required to the third level. The Death Dragon, level 03, is also good
monster, with high HP (90) and very good short range damage. The ranged damage
is not that high, but the number of attacks helps it to increase quickly with
XP gained. It also has some low resistances to all damage types.

Lizard > TwinHead > Hydra
The Lizard is a very weak monster, for the cost of 10 MP. Low HP (30), very low
damage, almost no resistances, movement allowance 05. Its advantage, like its
levels 02 and 03, is the high mobility. Its movement type is Dune, so it can
pass through deserts, rocky terrain and forests at cost of 01 from the movement
allowance, while getting high protection. Other terrain types also have usually
a smaller cost to enter them. The Lizard needs 24 XP (two kills) to become a
TwinHead, another weak monster. TwinHead’s HP is just ok (48), and it’s immune
to heat damage, but other resistances are almost non-existent, and its damage
is very very low. Getting 48 XP, it evolves to a Hydra. Its HP is just ok (60),
it has same resistances and movement allowance the TwinHead has, but the Hydra
gets something new: damage. Its damage is ok for short range, and good heat
damage for long range battles.

Pegasus > Mono Pegasus
Described at section 4.2.1. Both levels 01 and 02 have low HP. Pegasus damage
is low while Mono Pegasus damage is just ok. Both have high resistance to
magical damage, and are fast monsters, that can be used to take towers.

Cyclops > IceGiant > Firbolg
Described at section 4.2.1. All these monsters have good HP, which helps to
compensate their Big Tundra type (they are usually easy to hit). All cause ok
damage, all-or-nothing style, at short range. For long range Firbolg’s damage
is ok. The Firbolg also has some cold and heat resistance.

Wraith > Dark Wraith > Black Wraith
Described at section 4.2.1. These monsters are essentially used to block enemy
creatures, because they have very high resistance to all damage, except
magical. Their HP and damage is always low, except for the Black Wraith’s long
range damage, which is ok. A very positive aspect is, they require very low XP
to reach level 03.

Octopus > Kraken
Described at section 4.2.1. Octopus and Kraken are chaotic versions of the
neutral Serpent and Big Serpent. They are also strong like level 02 and level
03 monsters, respectively, but are a bit slower than the Serpents. MP cost and
XP to level up are very high.

Minotaur > Gorgon > Sky Gorgon
The Minotaur is another typical weak level 01 creature. HP is ok (38), but the
damage is low, as resistances, and movement allowance is 05, Small Land type.
It costs 17 MP and requires 32 XP (two enemies killed) to advance to level 02.
The level 02 Gorgon has low HP (45), and causes just ok damage. The Gorgon can
fly, it’s a Low Sky monster with 06 movement allowance. It needs 34 XP to
become a Sky Gorgon, by far the weakest of all level 03 monsters. It’s agile,
07 movement allowance, Sky type, but damage for both ranges, as its HP, are low
for a level 03. Resistances also don’t help too much: just 50% to physical
damage, and nothing else.

--------- 4.4.2) Magic and Force

Reverse is a very good magic for its moderate cost. It reverses the time of day
order (that should be extremely power consuming to do in real life). As the
DarkLord controls mostly chaotic creatures, this magic should be used during a
rising sun turn for the first time, so next turn is a moon turn instead of a
sun turn, giving a damage bonus for chaotic monsters. Look, you also avoid a
damage penalty. At a sun turn, an Octopus (for example) would get a 25% damage
penalty, dealing 06 damage per hit, but instead of it, your monster will get a
25% bonus, dealing 10 damage per hit. From 06 to 10, this is a 67% increase.
And same goes for other chaotic monsters, for a mere 30 MP. Then, next rising
moon turn, you can use Reverse again, to return the day order to its normal and
get a moon turn again. That’s an infinite night, perfect for DarkLord’s chaotic
troops. But remember it’s a magic to be used to get a fight advantage (you
shouldn’t use it if there are no important fights to happen), and it will also
affect enemy monsters (so better be fighting against lawful monsters, or having
the battle under your control before using it).

The Confuse magic, at other hand, takes control over an enemy monster until end
of turn. This effect can be interesting, but at cost of 70 MP, better use it
cautiously. Also, usually it doesn’t help taking control over weak monsters, so
this spell is very situational. It’s also a bit buggy, so I usually ignore it.

The DarkLord controls the Earth Force. It causes magical damage, and has medium
resistance against heat and magical damage. This is the most versatile
elemental, because it uses magical attacks, so it can efficiently hit monsters
with high terrain protection, and also has protection against two types of
damage. A perfect target for this force is a monster that don’t have high
resistance to magical damage, and that don’t counter-attack, or do it using
heat or magical attacks. Examples of good targets: Black Wraith, Crasher, Hippo
Griffon, Hydra, Sky Dragon, Sky Gorgon. 

--------- 4.4.3) Conclusion

The DarkLord is called "Necromancer" by the game manual: "a chaos master
symbolizing, like the Wizard, chaos and disorder. He is served by monsters with
distinctive striking styles such as the Wraith, Demon and Octopus". His army is
a lot alike to the army of the other chaotic master, the Wizard. Five out of
eight monsters are identical.

For the jobs of tower taker and aquatic forces, the DarkLord has the same
monsters available to the Wizard: Pegasus and Octopus, respectively. As
mentioned, I think that Loc and Serpent are better options.

About dealing damage in long range fights, DarkLord’s monsters can deal good
magical damage (Great Demons, Black Wraiths, and the Earth Force, while the Sky
Gorgon deals lower damage). The Hydra can deal high heat damage, while the
Firbolg deals cold damage (Death Dragon also deals cold damage, but it’s
lower). DarkLord’s army can’t deal physical damage at long range, but for short
range the Death Dragon is superb, while Hydra, Firbolg and Kraken are ok.

About blocking enemies, the DarkLord has the best blockers in game to use:
Wraiths. Level 03 Wraiths are easy to have (they require very low XP), and may
block physical, heat and cold attacks, taking very little damage. The Hydra is
immune to heat damage, as its level 02, TwinHead. Against magical attacks,
Great Demons can be used. Mono Pegasus also have good resistance to magical

Reverse spell can be used to have all your army (except neutral monsters)
getting damage bonus instead of damage penalty, as it changes turns order.
While Reverse magic is good (at least, if you are facing lawful masters),
Confuse is very expensive and still situational. It’s not worthy to use it
unless you have a great target. The Earth Force is the most versatile, as it
doesn’t need to target monsters with low terrain protection.

DarkLord’s forces are very alike to Wizard’s ones. But, they still include the
“all terrain” Hydra, an extra level 03 monster (the Sky Gorgon, although it’s
not that powerful), and the best elemental force available. The DarkLord is the
most complete master, if we consider the available monsters.

------------------ 4.5) Summoner

--------- 4.5.1) Monsters

Angel > Arch Angel > Great Angel
Described at section 4.3.1. All these monsters have high magical resistance.
The Angel is just a weak monster with ranged attacks. The level 02 Arch Angel
is a bit faster and has high HP and ok damage for long range. The level 03,
Great Angel, is a very powerful monster: high magical damage, ok HP, 08 move
allowance (Sky type), beyond superb magical resistance.

Demon > Arch Demon > Great Demon
Described at section 4.2.1. Level 01 Demon is fast, has ranged magical attacks
and some magical resistance, but it’s not powerful. Level 02 Arch Demon is even
faster, has more HP (although still low) and ok damage for long range. Level 03
Great Demon has Sky movement type, and can be used to attack towers. Also, it
has ok HP, great damage for long range and high magical resistance.

Dragon (Summoner) > Silver Dragon / Gold Dragon
As always, Summoner’s Dragon is an ok level 01. Costing 24 MP, it has good HP
(46), ok damage for short range, a weak attack for long range, and 05 movement
allowance, Fire Land type. It needs a lot of XP to level up (78, five enemy
kills), but it doesn’t evolve to level 02 like most monsters. It evolves
directly to the level 03 Silver Dragon, a good monster. The Silver Dragon has
07 move allowance, Small Tundra type, ok HP (70), good damage for short range,
ok cold damage for long range, and some resistances to physical, magical and
cold. After getting 30 XP, the Silver Dragon changes to the Gold Dragon form,
which is very alike, but has Fire Land as movement type, uses heat attacks to
fight at long range, and is resistant to heat, not cold. Each 30 XP this
versatile creature will alternate between Silver Dragon and Gold Dragon forms.

Lizard > TwinHead > Hydra
Described at section 4.4.1. Monsters of Dune type, these have high mobility and
protection from most terrain types. The Lizard is a very weak monster. The
TwinHead, level 02, is also not powerful, having ok HP but very low damage.
It’s immune to heat damage, though. The Hydra causes high damage and has ok HP,
beyond the heat immunity.

Pegasus > Mono Pegasus
Described at section 4.2.1. Both levels 01 and 02 have low HP. Pegasus damage
is low while Mono Pegasus damage is just ok. Both have high resistance to
magical damage, and are fast monsters, that can be used to take towers.

Golem > Stone Golem > Iron Golem
The level 01 Golem is a slow and easy to hit monster: 04 movement allowance,
Big Land type. It has low HP (30), ok damage, immunity to magical damage and
some resistance to other damage types. It costs 20 MP and needs 45 XP (three
kills) to level up. Once it levels up to Stone Golem, it will still have low HP
(35), but resistances against physical and heat damage will increase a lot. The
Stone Golem causes ok damage and is a bit faster: its movement allowance is 05.
Again, it requires 45 XP to reach the level 03. As an Iron Golem, its HP is
still low (40), but again the resistances will increase, and we can say this is
a monster vulnerable just to cold damage (and damage from spells, like the Mind
spell). It causes great damage in short range fights, and is the single level
03 creature without any long range attacks, but yet, a great blocker.

Serpent > Big Serpent
Described at section 4.1.1. Aquatic monsters. No ranged attacks, but lots of
HP, movement, and damage for short range. Level 01 Serpent is strong like a
level 02, and level 02 Big Serpent is strong like a level 03. However, MP cost
and XP needed to level up are very high.

--------- 4.5.2) Magic and Force

The Typhoon magic is a dead spell to me. It causes damage to all creatures,
including your monsters, that aren’t at a fortress or tower hex. Yeah, it
damages your monsters. Plus, the damage caused is low, like 05 HP or less, and
the damage dealt to enemies will be nullified when the AI casts Heal All spell
(AI does it all the time). It’s like “pay 30 MP and waste your magic this turn
to cause damage to your monsters only”.

The Heal Area magic, however, may be useful. It restores a medium amount of HP
to your monsters that are in tower hexes. Other monsters get no heal, but
monsters that are in towers receive a greater heal compared to what they would
get if you use Heal All. So, if your monsters that need healing are at towers,
you can use this magic. In fact, I have used it a few times while playing
Campaign 2. Anyway, it’s a situational magic.

Summoner controls all elemental forces: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. This is a
nice advantage. Not only she has four HP bars to use, she can choose the most
adequate force to use against the target. If the target has high terrain
protection, I first consider using the Earth force. If it’s not good against
that target (because it has high magical resistance or the force is already
severely damaged), I consider other options. If the target doesn’t have high
terrain protection (or I decided for not using Earth), its resistances and
damage type are the criteria I use to choose the force. Anyway, having all
forces available, other masters can’t compare to Summoner’s versatility.

--------- 4.5.3) Conclusion

According to the manual, "a neutral master characterizing neutrality. She can
control both law and chaos monsters". Well, in fact, Summoner’s troops include
both Angels and Demons. Yes, this is a lot redundant (and makes Daimyou
jealous, I bet). Other than these, she controls only neutral monsters.

Her tower taker option is the Pegasus, which I think is worse than the Loc. Her
option for aquatic monster, however, is the Serpent, the best aquatic monster
in my opinion.

Summoner’s army includes monsters that cause, for long range, ok (or better)
magical damage (Great Angel and Great Demon, Earth Force), heat damage (Hydra,
Gold Dragon, Fire Force), or cold damage (Silver Dragon, Water Force, Air
Force). Summoner’s Dragon can alternate between two forms, one that deals cold
damage, and other that deals heat damage, but it can be hard to have it in the
form you need. For dealing damage in short range, both level 03 Dragons are
good options, as the Iron Golem, Big Serpent, or even the Hydra.

About blocking enemy attacks, Great Angels, Great Demons and Mono Pegasus have
high resistance to magical damage, while the Hydra is immune to heat. Her best
blocker, however, is the Iron Golem, which has high resistance against physical
and heat, and is immune to magical damage. The Silver Dragon is the single
monster with ok resistance to cold, but again, controlling its form can be
hard: it can change to Gold Dragon (resistant to heat) while you use it. Worthy
mention that Fire and Water forces are also very resistant to heat and cold,

Summoner’s exclusive spells aren’t that great, Typhoon being a dead magic, and
Heal Area being very situational. Having control over all elementals, however,
is a great advantage, as she can choose the best force against a specific

Despite the redundancy of having Angels and Demons, Summoner’s troops aren’t
weak. She has Serpents (best aquatic monsters), Golems (excellent blockers),
Hydras (that can move easily through most terrains), and a nice Dragon that
needs a lot of XP but evolves directly to level 03 and alternates through two
forms. Having control over all forces just adds diversity to this powerful

==============================/ Chapter 5: MORE /==============================

------------------ 5.1) Codes and bugs

First, there are “sound test” and “show credits” codes mentioned around the
net. According to these, to enter the sound test screen, at the title screen
you need to hold buttons A, B and C, then press start. To view game credits,
enter the sound test screen and repeat: hold buttons A, B and C, then press
start. I can confirm these codes seem to be fake, they never work to me. (Well,
if you would like to check the credits, go to “Try my army, share your army”
section - 5.4, I have states saved just before the last fight of each

That said, let’s talk about some working codes. These are Game Genie codes,
sent to me by Paul Petrovich (thanks, Paul!):

AT2A-AA2W – Unlimited turns
A3BT-AA96 – Unlimited MP

To have them working on Gens (2.11), after opening the ROM, click “File” on
menu, then choose “Game Genie”. In the window which will appear, type a code in
the “CODE” field. “NAME” is optional, but recommended, so you will know what
each code does. Click “Add”, and the codes will appear in the white space under
the fields. To activate a code (or both), click the codes in this space (having
them highlighted in blue), and click “OK”. Selected codes are active. Note that
“unlimited turns”, in fact, forces the game to NOT change the turn number at
end of turn, but if you use this code in the very last turn of a mission /
battle, the game still recognizes the turn number as the last one, and ends.
About “unlimited MP”, once active, masters will no more use MP to cast magic,
summon monsters and use Force. MP is still showed in the lower area of the game
screen, but won’t decrease, nor increase (masters won’t receive their normal MP
increment after each turn, either). It’s like MP is completely removed from the
game. During a campaign, this will most probably make missions harder, because
it allows AI controlled masters to summon more of those expensive monsters
(Iron Golem spam anyone?).

About bugs, the strangest one is related to having monsters in some hexes of
the bottom (south) row, from coordinates (03, 63) to (12, 63). In previous
versions of this guide, I have mentioned a bug related to a tower at
coordinates (10, 63) of GREATAXE map (6th mission of Campaign 2). Tests
revealed that the bug has nothing to do with this tower, it just was in the
coordinates which cause the bug. The bug effect changes according to which
hexes have monsters in, and will affect JUST THE OPPONENTS of the army having
monsters there, regardless if they are AI or human controlled, in a mission or
single battle.

- (03, 63) or (04, 63): selecting MOVE in a monster menu will cause the game to
freeze for some seconds, then the monster will have unlimited movement, even
ignoring zones of control and terrain restrictions. I have seen a DarkLord
leaving his castle and moving over deep waters and volcanos to invade the
Wizard’s castle and fight a Kraken. (O.o)
- (05, 63) or (06, 63): just the hex each monster is in is colored when you
select MOVE in the monster menu. There is no way to move to other hexes.
- (07, 63) or (08, 63): there is only one valid move for each monster, to the
hex directly to southwest OR southeast of its current position. AI controlled
monsters, however, will never move (in fact, looks like they move and then
- (09, 63) or (10, 63): when you select MOVE in the monster menu, there are no
colored hexes. No way to move. This is what happened when I played GREATAXE
map: all enemy monsters suddenly couldn't move. As I was testing working
strategies for my walkthrough, I decided to ignore the tower at 10, 63.
- (11, 63) or (12, 63): most monsters will be able to move just to hexes that
are adjacent to their starting positions. Looks like masters may still move
normally (or almost).

About having monsters in more than one of these hexes, looks like the first
option (unlimited movement) will prevail over other effects, and the last
option (movement possible just to adjacent hexes) will be cancelled by anything
else. Other options are, in practice, equal if you are fighting the AI, but
mixing them may cause even stranger effects, like monsters flying through an
entirely grayed map. If there are hexes occupied by monster from two or more
armies, the mission / battle can easily become unplayable.

Another thing that may be a feature, but to me sounds like a bug: in single
battles, and even during campaigns, the game allows you to summon / call your
monsters to a hex adjacent to any enemy master of the same type. To do this,
the menu needs to be called from a fortress hex or a controlled tower adjacent
to the enemy master. To me, this is a bug because it beats part of the game
purpose: defeating the enemy army in your way to its master. AI never does
this, so I never do it against AI, too. I suggest you do the same.

Another known bug is caused by Confuse magic (a DarkLord unique spell). This
spell also causes the strange situation, as mentioned, of a monster occupying a
tower of different color. But, really strange things happen if the confused
monster gets killed. I don’t know if this was intended as a compensation for
the monster owner, but I really doubt it. The killed monster will return at
turn end, with color of its original master, 0 HP and 0 XP, to the hex it was
when killed, even if this puts it over another monster. The monster with 0 HP
will die if hit by any attack, but can be healed by its master. If a “monster
pile” is created, just the superior monster (the confused monster reborn) can
be selected, while the other monster can’t do anything. Each monster in the
pile still has a zone of control, so the superior monster will be able to move
one hex at maximum.

There is also a little bug with the game cursor. It happens when you use fast
scrolling (by holding button B), having the cursor in the border of the zoomed
map area. If you do it from a hex with an odd X coordinate and move left, or an
odd Y coordinate and move up, the cursor will get to 01 of the said coordinate,
then goes through 00 and reaches 63, in the opposing side of the map. The bug,
in fact, is: the cursor can move through left and top map borders to the
opposing side, and can’t return. You will realize the cursor is not visible. To
correct the bug, call the menu, select TABLE, and then select any monster.
Alternatively, you can move the zoomed in area to the opposing side of the map
and “rescue” the cursor. (Thanks to Paul Petrovich for explaining this bug.)

Paul Petrovich claimed he experienced another bug while playing using GGens
6.1.0 (phone emulator). He beated 7th mission of  Campaign 1, then moved to
ICECROSS map. According to him, the first monster of his call list (a King
Dragon, showed as having 126 HP and 39 XP) used to appear magically in the hex
of coordinates (29, 27) at end of his first turn, unless if he called it
already to another hex, adjacent to the Daimyou. I tried to reproduce this bug
by having a King Dragon as first monster of my call list in the beginning of
that mission. Got nothing. Paul played through FIRELAND again, and got the same
King Dragon, with same stats, as first monster of his call list, and this time
the bug didn’t happen. We don’t know what cause this bug, but we have images as
proof, including an image which shows the Dragon not counting for the number of
monsters of the blue army. If someone experience this bug, or know what causes
it, please contact me.

------------------ 5.2) FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q: Why to create a guide for an old Genesis game?
A: I love this game, and I was nostalgic about it. I had fun replaying those
   campaigns. Also, I couldn’t find a good guide on the net, so I decided to
   write one myself.

Q: Which monster is the most powerful?
A: Surely, the level 04 King Dragon. Normal mobility and resistances, but
   highest HP and highest damage in game, beyond a nice name. “Is it
   invincible?” - you may ask. Of course, it’s not. For example, it can’t
   defeat, alone, a Black Wraith on a tower.

Q: Which monster is the weakest one?
A: There are several weak level 01 monsters, but if I would choose one of them
   as the weakest one, I would say that this monster is the Lizard.

Q: Which monster is your favorite for each level?
A: I usually don’t consider a monster for its lower levels, just for its
   highest level, and so it’s hard finding something special about level 01
   monsters. I believe the Marmaid is the level 01 that has something special:
   a high magical damage for long range. And it’s cheap (13 MP), so it’s
   possible use Marmaids as powerful cannon fodders (for example, I had a
   strategy for CAMP-2 level that had lots of Marmaids attacking the DarkLord,
   and it worked pretty well). For level 02, I like the most the Phoenix (great
   mobility and auto-healing) and the Big Serpent (superior power). For level
   03, I love Great Angels and how they own enemy masters. For level 04, my
   favorite surely is the all mighty King Dragon.

Q: Which master is the most powerful to play single battles?
A: I think that DarkLord and Summoner are the best masters, followed by Wizard
   and Sorcerer. The Daimyou is easily the weakest master for single battles.

Q: Which campaign mission is the hardest?
A: I believe it’s the 3rd mission of Campaign 2, the one played on the DOUBLE
   map. Why? Your army is far from ready at that point, you have just a few
   towers available, you have an enemy master very close to your own
   castle... and I hate Mushas.

Q: Why do you consider Campaign 2 as the hardest one?
A: Because the initial missions don’t let you have enough towers and turns to
   evolve your army properly. In Campaign 1, you won’t have to deal with a
   serious tower shortage until the 6th mission, and you also have a greater
   number of turns, so you usually will have your army at a more powerful
   level, when compared to the enemies. As an example, the four initial
   missions of Campaign 2 have 81 turns, while the four initial missions of
   Campaign 1 have 111 turns (+37%). Also, in Campaign 2 you can’t use Serpents
   and the Storm magic.

Q: I think this game is way easy. What to do to make it more challenging?
A: Easy, huh? Ok, you asked for it. If you want a harder single battle, playing
   the Daimyou is a good start. You can also set your MP regeneration to 50 /
   turn and let your enemies have 100 / turn, use only Heal All magic, never
   use your Force. Want a harder campaign? 50 MP per turn is obvious, as magic
   and Force limitations. But how about limiting your army? Use a max of 20
   monsters. Randomly pick half of your monsters and don’t use them. Never use
   more than four of any given monster. Just be creative and think about a
   funny challenge. Oh, and you can also activate that "Unlimited MP" Game
   Genie code to help your enemies.

Q: What do you like / hate the most about this game?
A: The thing I like the most is the way you use your monsters for all missions
   when playing a campaign. This makes really important to build a powerful
   army, you really have to invest on your monsters. The thing I hate the most
   is the Meteor magic, and how it can kill most of the mighty level 03
   monsters at full HP, simply by hitting them twice. It’s a strategy game, and
   then an important piece of your army is destroyed, based PURELY on luck.

Q: I have a different / better strategy for this mission!
A: Great, don’t forget to tell me about it. Contact me by e-mail:

Q: How can I play Master of Monsters?
A: I guess you can buy the cartridge on eBay, but you need a working Genesis,
   and even then I doubt its battery (used to save games) is functional. You
   can also play it online (at ‘ssega.com’, for example), or using an emulator.

Q: Where can I download Master of Monsters ROM?
A: I really won’t help you with this one, mate. One word: google.

Q: Which Genesis emulator should I use?
A: I recommend Gens. I use its version 2.11. You can find it easily on the net.
   The official site is ‘gens.me’.

Q: There are other Genesis games alike to Master of Monsters?
A: Yeah, Genesis has other strategy games with RPG elements. Some of them are
   always considered among the best Genesis games: Shining Force series and
   Warsong are good examples (I admit, they have a much deeper storyline,
   though). In fact, these games are also great, I like them all. The sad part
   is how Master of Monsters is usually underrated. This game is a gem.

Q: Did you ever try Master of Monsters for PlayStation?
A: No. And considering what I saw on reviews, I believe that ignoring it is the
   best thing I can do.

Q: I’m working on a game based on Master of Monsters. Would you...?
A: Yes! I’m willing to contribute to anything related to Master of Monsters. I
   mean, doing anything I can do. I’m not a programmer or an artist, but if I
   can help as monster designer, tester, or any other way, count me in. Contact
   me by e-mail: ‘psico.ufmg@gmail.com’.

------------------ 5.3) Answers for the test (1.4)

Q-1: Which of these monsters can’t be seen at the title screen?
Correct answer: D) Warrior
Pretty simple, just look at the title screen for some moments. Yes, I know some
monsters are slightly different, like the Angel is holding a spear, and the
Unicorn has a different color in game, but yet, no Warrior.

Q-2: Which elemental Force is a female?
Correct answer: B) Water
The Water elemental has long “hair” and breasts, and its waist a lot thinner
than its hip. To me, it’s clearly a female. Air and Fire elementals are surely
males. Earth elemental... well, it looks like just a pile of dust.

Q-3: How many weapons a Great Demon uses, according to its picture?
Correct answer: C) Three
According to its picture, the Great Demon has four arms, and uses three
weapons, apparently a mace, a sword and a spear.

Q-4: A Taitan’s icon at the map is a lot alike to the icon of which other
Correct answer: C) Caeser
Strange, because the Taitan picture is the same picture used for the Colossus,
with some different colors. But its icon is alike to the Caeser’s icon. The
other level 04 monster, King Dragon, has both picture and icon alike to the
Death Dragon. Looks like they decided make it differently for the Taitan.

Q-5: If you are playing a campaign and never changed the music, during a
Sorcerer’s turn which music will you hear?
Correct answer: B) BGM03
If you don’t change the default music settings, the music will appear as this:
BGM01 – theme for enemy Daimyou ; BGM02 – theme for enemy Wizard ; BGM03 –
theme for enemy Sorcerer ; BGM04 – theme for enemy DarkLord ; BGM05 – theme for
enemy Summoner ; BGM06 – theme for human player.

Q-6: Which map, if played as a single battle, will have the blue castle on a
different place, instead of the coordinates it used to be during Campaign 1?
Correct answer: C) HALF
You start at a pretty bad location when you play the HALF map as the 6th
mission of Campaign 1. Your main fortress coordinates are 12, 52, and your
castle is located on an area with heavy tower shortage. If you play the same
map for a single battle, blue main fortress is located at a much better area,
at coordinates 36, 36.

Q-7: Which map, if played as a single battle, will have the yellow master
sitting on a rocky hex instead of the yellow castle?
Correct answer: B) DESERT
Curiously, when the DESERT map is used for a single battle, yellow main
fortress can be found as an isolated hex, at coordinates 35, 42. But, the
yellow master starts the battle at coordinates 40, 17. The rest of the yellow
castle is there, just the main fortress is missing.

Q-8: (Highest number of turns on a campaign mission) + (Lowest number of turns
on a campaign mission) = ?
Correct answer: A) 55
Highest number of turns on a campaign mission is 40 (ICECROSS map, 8th mission
of Campaign 1). Lowest number of turns on a campaign mission is 15 (NEAR map,
2nd mission of Campaign 2). 40 + 15 = 55

Q-9: How many level 01 monsters you have available for summoning in both
Correct answer: C) Six
These level 01 monsters can be summoned in both campaigns: Angel, Troll,
Pegasus, Chimera, Minotaur and Marmaid. These can be summoned in Campaign 1
only: Dragon (Daimyou), Roman, Lizard and Serpent. Finally, these can be
summoned in Campaign 2 only: Dragon (Summoner), Dragon (DarkLord), Demon,
Soldier, Warrior, Wraith.

Q-10: How many monsters AI can summon during campaigns, and are never available
on single battles? 
Correct answer: A) Five
These monsters are: Amazon, Guardian, Mage, Musha and Valkyrie. Cocoon? No, AI
can’t summon it, a Cocoon is always obtained from a Guardian getting full XP.
All other monsters AI summons can be obtained from other monsters leveling up,
and are available to be used on single battles.

Q-11: After playing through both campaigns, how many masters of your own type
you have defeated?
Correct answer: A) Two
It may be surprising, but for each campaign you will fight just one master of
your own type, and for both campaigns this happens at 3rd mission. In Campaign
1, you are a Daimyou, and will fight another Daimyou at 3rd mission (MOONLAND
map). In Campaign 2, you are a Summoner, and will fight another Summoner at 3rd
mission (DOUBLE map). There aren’t other masters of your own type.

Q-12: Which monster uses a different attack for long range fights?
Correct answer: A) Gorgon
All these monsters cause magical damage for long range fights. But the question
isn’t about damage type. Crasher, Sphinx and Mage use an attack called
“Hellfire” for long range, while the Gorgon uses an attack named “Marrow”. So,
the Gorgon is the monster that uses a different attack.

Q-13: If you sum all four damage resistances (in %), which monster will get a
higher number?
Correct answer: D) Cocoon
Iron Golem resistances: 80 + 100 +80 + 30 = 290
Black Wraith resistances: 90 + 0 + 90 + 90 = 270
Sirene resistances: 50 + 60 + 50 + 50 = 210
Cocoon resistances: 80 + 80 + 80 + 80 = 320
Cocoon has the highest number for all resistances summed.

Q-14: How many monsters have their HP decreased after leveling up?
Correct answer: B) Two
Usually, a monster will have its HP increased after leveling up. There are two
exceptions: the Loc, when levels up to Phoenix, has its HP reduced from 30 to
24; the Arch Angel, when levels up to Great Angel, has its HP reduced from 62
to 60.

Q-15: A Colossus may cause the highest damage possible for a single hit. How
much damage is it?
Correct answer: D) 55
The maximum damage for a single hit can be dealt for a Colossus during a ranged
fight. Ok, the Iron Golem also can deal the same base damage, 38, at short
range, but the Iron Golem is a neutral creature and won’t get a damage bonus
from a sun turn, like the lawful Colossus. A Cocoon even have a 40 base damage
attack for long range, but is also neutral, and can't accumulate XP. The 25%
damage bonus a Colossus receives at a sun turn corresponds to 09 (rounded down
from 9,5), so a Colossus can deal 47 damage on a sun turn. Add 08 damage
possible from XP bonus (01 for each 30 XP), and the maximum damage it can deal
is 55. Obviously, this considers 0% resistance to physical damage for the
monster fighting the Colossus.

Q-16: If you summoned a Cyclops, a Demon and a Minotaur, how much MP you just
Correct answer: D) 70
Simple, direct question. Summoning costs are 19 (Cyclops), 34 (Demon) and 17
(Minotaur). 19 + 34 + 17 = 70. By the way, you are playing a single battle as a

Q-17: Which monster requires the most XP to reach level 03? 
Correct answer: B) Frost Dragon
The Frost Dragon requires the most XP, 62. The Flame Dragon requires just a
couple less XP: 60. An Arch Demons requires 57 XP to level up, while a Giant
requires 48.

Q-18: Which ones are the unique spells of the Wizard?
Correct answer: D) Stone and First
Stone and First are the spells which only the Wizard may use. Worthy mention
that Quick and Refresh are the unique spells of the Sorcerer. Typhoon is a
unique spell of the Summoner.

Q-19: Which magic has a different MP cost?
Correct answer: C) Shield
Again, Reverse and Typhoon are all spells that cost 30 MP. Shield costs 20 MP,
and so, it’s the correct answer.

Q-20: If all masters decide to create a 1-on-1 league to fight each other
without using monsters, who would be the league winner?
Correct answer: A) Daimyou
This question may seem difficult, but it’s not. All masters are immune to magic
and Force, so, if they aren’t going to use monsters, they will fight each other
using their attacks only. All masters cause low damage for short range, so it’s
clear they are going to use their magical ranged attacks. Why would the Daimyou
win? Simple, because he has the greatest resistance to magical damage, 80%.
Other masters have 60% resistance or lower. For the same attack, a master that
has 60% resistance will receive double damage, compared to the one that has 80%
resistance. So, there is no doubt about the winner. Also, there is no doubt
about the last place: it would be the DarkLord, with his 30% resistance (the
lowest one).

--------- 5.3.1) Your knowledge level
* 00 to 04 correct answers: you are a level 01 Wraith. Pathetic, you are weak
  and can be easily destroyed. At least, you don’t need to learn a lot to
  improve yourself.

* 05 to 09 correct answers: you are a level 02 Arch Demon. Yes, you aren’t that
  weak anymore, you know some tricks. But there is still a lot to learn.

* 10 to 14 correct answers: you are a level 03 Sky Gorgon. You may even think
  you are at the top level, but you aren’t - yet. In fact, you are powerful,
  but not as much as other monsters.

* 15 to 19 correct answers: you are a level 03 Summoner. You did it well, and
  now you are a master. You can command your army and beat mighty opponents at
  the hardest campaign.

* 20 correct answers: you are a level 04 King Dragon. You are the mightiest
  monster in this game. You are a beast to be feared. All I can say is...

------------------ 5.4) Try my army, share your army

Ok, I have played both campaigns while writing the walkthrough chapter. And I
will let you try my army! Here, visit my store site by coping and pasting this
as address at your browser:


In Master of Monsters area, you will find two zip files, one for each campaign.
Each zip file contains saved states that allow you to play all campaign
missions (beyond the first one) using my army, or just load the last fight
before the game ending. The saved states were created using Gens emulator,
version 2.11. Each file also includes a txt with instructions about how to load
the states.

Oh, you can also share your army. If you want to show your mighty army, or just
got an interesting thing that you should share, send me your saved states by
e-mail. I prefer saved states for Gens 2.11, but I can accept states from other
emulators as well. If I can load your files properly, and they are really
interesting, I will add them to the share list.

------------------ 5.5) Contact: help improving this guide

This guide is supposed to never be finished. I will always add anything new or
relevant about Master of Monsters. Use my e-mail to contact me, and please put
something like MoM or Master of Monsters as the message title. Here is my


All help is also welcome, especially the following:

- I’m not a native speaker of English language. Of course, the guide has
grammatical errors, misspelling errors, etc. I’m especially bad with
prepositions. If you are a native English speaker, and can help me to correct
these language errors, I would appreciate a lot.

- As said at the “Legal info” section (1.2), please inform me if you see this
guide on any internet site that is not among the allowed sites listed there.

- Any wrong info in this guide? Maybe on those tables? Or maybe I just didn’t
notice one of the campaign enemies can summon a monster (it’s not listed in the
available monsters for that enemy). If you see anything wrong, or any missing
data, let me know.

- Do you disagree about any comments? Do you have a question for the FAQ (or
the test)? Maybe you have a better strategy for a mission / campaign. Any
positive criticism is welcome.

- Want to share your army? Do it (check the previous section).

Finally, if you are working on anything related to Master of Monsters (even
your own guide), I’m willing to help you. Feel free to contact me.

------------------ 5.6) Acknowledgments

Before finishing my guide, I would like to thank:

- God, for the gift of life.
- My family, for my education and all they have done for me.
- Telenet Japan Co. staff, and all people that worked hard to create this great
- Gens staff, for creating an almost perfect emulator.
- All the sites legally hosting my guide.
- All my friends (including Troia team), for making my life happier.
- Daniel M. Santos, for being a great friend and gaming (and beer) companion.
- Eder S. S. Alvares (ESSA), for being a good friend and sharing good MoM
moments at the college. Mate, if you ever read this message, contact me and
let’s have some beer.
- Paul Petrovich, for his contributions (about bugs and Game Genie codes).
- Dave White (who provided photos of MoM English manual) and Marcos "Janauba"
Rocha (who sent me these photos).
- All other people I may have forgotten.

That’s it. See you next guide.
Eduardo Almeida - PsychoBio

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