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FAQ by anthrox666

Updated: 03/18/1998

                   M A S T E R   O F   M O N S T E R S

                         (Sega Genesis Version)

A Few Words From A Devoted Fan On March 18th  In The Year Of Our Lord 1998


Master of Monsters is  one of my all time  favorite games.   It is the only
strategy game where your  characters keep  "growing" until they die.  Other
games like Military Madness only let your characters "grow" during 1 level,
then they lose all of their experience.   RTS games like Red Alert overlook
this aspect entirely  (which  is good for fast  fun gaming,  but they could
have put something into the single player games...)

My ultimate goal when playing this game is to develope as many "sandbagger"
monsters as  possible to  fight in the final level of  the campains, and to
have a few level 4 monsters as well (King Dragon/Taipan.)   By "sandbagger"
I am talking about characters that are on the VIRGE of promotion (1 or 2 xp
points away.)   There's nothing like whipping out a bunch of these bad boys
and laughing when  they engage in battle,  knowing  that no matter how much
damage  they take, they are about to be "reborn"  into a superior form.  My
favorite being a  Fire Dragon on the virge.    I mean,  this  guy is pretty
bad-ass as it is, then suddenly he IS Mr. Bad Ass.

It's like a game within a game! Carefully selecting which monsters to fight
in battles, you are able to make long range plans for your  little minions.

I actually have a notebook where I have recorded my  "table" of monsters at
the beginning of the final battle of the campain.   I have recorded 7 of my
campain battles  (meaning I have played through an entire campain 7 times.)

Every time I play this game,I try to end up with a stronger set of monsters
for the final battle (basically making the last battle a walk in the park.)

My  ONLY  complaint about this  wonderful game  is the randomness of damage
inflicted when fighting  (in other words,  monsters don't  always hit their
targets 100% of the time.)  To me this RUINS the game! How can you possibly
plan a perfect victory when you aren't even sure if your monsters are going
to hit the target monster at all???  They could have made a much better hit

Needless to say,  I was very pleased that I discovered a  "work-around" fix
for this.   The very  first time I  played MOM,  I noticed that if you just
loaded a game then in the very first  fight your monster  would hit 100% of
the time.  (See my letter to VG&CE at the end of this document.)

What this boils down to is saving your game before EVERY fight, then if you
are not happy with the results, simply reset,  load the saved game, and hit
your target 100%.   (It is important to  note that the  enemy will also hit
back 100%.  The only exception to this is when the percentage of hitting is
40% or below -- then only 2 out of 3 attacks get through.)

After years of serving me well,  the battery of my  MOM  cartridge  finally
died. It was  truely a sad day as it  contained my best ending lineup.  The
funeral ceremony  brought many  gamers together,  creating  the  first ever
battery martyr.  Many gamers  still pay their respects to THE  MOM battery.

The other day I got bored with  Team Fortress  and Red Alert  (the only two
games I currently enjoy playing as of 03-98.)   I decided to do a quick web
search and see if  Toshiba-EMI had any  plans for future  Master Of Monster

I was deeply  shocked to learn  that a Japanese Import  for the Playstation
called Master of Monsters: Neo Generations exsisted!  I have ordered a copy
and eagerly await its arrival as I write this  (not looking  forward to the
game being in Japanese though as I can't read a word...)

While waiting  I decided  I should gear-up  for it by  playing the  Genesis
version of MOM.  I was about to begin my quest when I decided that I really
didn't want to do it.  I mean, I had already accomplished my goal of making
the "perfect" line-up for the final battle.

I hit a few web sites and  downloaded the  latest  Genesis emulator I could
find (Genecyst.)   I  was really  impressed  with the  performance  of this
emulator!  The GUI was very user-friendly!

After  toying  with it for a bit,  I discovered the "states".   (Saving and
loading an exact moment in the game.)   I also  noticed that  Genecyst also
handled battery games by creating a save game file.

I don't know about you,  but I have always  wanted to somehow cheat at this
game.   (Another  one  of those  "if you can't have it, you really want it"

Sure it  defeats the entire  purpose of  playing the game,  but hey, I have
already MASTERED Master Of Monsters.   There's  nothing left  to do but the
impossible (read: cheat.)

The Genesis  trainer scene of course  overlooked MOM,  as did GameGenie and
every other  cheating utility in exsistance.   And there are no cheat codes
that I know of (i'm talking CHEAT codes, not hidden music codes.)

But now that the game is on my PC, i have resources at my fingertips!  So I
busted out with my favorite hex editor, Game Guru (made for cheating!)   My
first attempt was to modify the saved game.   Low and behold,  the bastards
put a CRC check on the saved game file, and I couldn't figure it out.

That's when I decided to edit the saved  state files  created by  Genecyst.

After finding various data locations and changing them, I was very happy to
see that the changes worked!


Some of the things you can do with this info:

1)  Give the enemy  MORE  magic points,  allowing him to make more/stronger
    monsters and attack you more often with magic!

2)  Extend the number of turns (up to 52.)   Now you can  really "milk" the
    bastard for more monsters which gives you more chances to gain the much
    needed experience points.

3)  Upgrade his monsters so that you have more of a challenge.

The things you will most likely do with this info:

1)  Take away ALL of the enemy magic points.   This will  cause  him  to do
    absolutely ZILCH (because that's about what you can do with no magic.)

2)  Create an army from hell. (Hmm, let me have 10 King Dragons, 5 Taitans,
    and a few Amazons, TO GO!)

3)  Turn his own monsters against him.  (Gee, look at all the monsters that
    you just created...  I wish they were mine...  Hell, now they are!)

4)  Give yourself an ungodly amount of Magic Points.

5)  Create an ARMY of "sandbaggers".   A bunch of  Fire Dragons with 255 xp
    can strike the fear of god into any computer adversary.

6)  After all  your  monsters have moved,  change their status letting them
    move again!  Change the enemy status to already moved! Take one monster
    and just keep moving him around, killing everything in his path.

7)  Ruin the damn game!

Let's face it, once you have this power at your fingertips,  it's very hard
not to abuse it.  I  suggest you try  playing the  game differently at this

1)  Try to see how fast you can bum rush the fool. Try taking him out EARLY
    in the game instead of  milking him for experience  (since unlimited xp
    is now just a hex edit away...)

2)  Play some 3 on 1.   That's right,  take on all 3 of the boys  and laugh
    your ass off while you crush them.

3)  Let the computer play itself, but give one of  them a huge advantage in
    monsters, the other lots of magic points, ect.

4)  Let the computer gather his forces for a few moves, then start playing.
    (In other words, give him a big headstart.)

5)  Delete this cheat and forget you ever heard of it! Play the game it was
    meant to be played!  Then when you get bored, find this cheat again.


Campain 1 Locations for the first map:

(other maps/campain locations are pretty close to these locations.)

17801.....Current Turn Number
17803.....Number Of Turns
17822.....Your Magic Points
17824.....Computer's Magic Points
19576.....Beginning Of Character Data

00 02 00 27 00 13 00 01 00 00 00 64 00 00 03 81 00 00

00 = Empty
02 = Turn Status.......02 indicates you can still move/fight.  03 cannot.
00 = Empty
27 = X Location........Creature's X location on the map.
00 = Empty
13 = Y Location........Creature's Y location on the map.
00 = Empty
01 = Creature Type.....You can put any creature you like here.
00 = Empty
00 = Blue Is Owner.....You can change ownership of any creature. (Total<=30)
00 = Empty
64 = Current HP........I suggest entering FF here.  Towers negate effect.
00 = Empty
00 = Current XP........I suggest FF UNLESS it's a max level creature.
03 = Graphic Type A....Creature's Graphic Representation.
81 = Graphic Type B....Creature's Graphic Representation.
00 = Empty
00 = Empty

(The above information is from Campain 1, map 1.)

00.....Blue Ownership
01.....Red Ownership
02.....Green Ownership
03.....Yellow Ownership

06.....Daimyou (Glitch)
07.....Fire (Elemental)
08.....Water (Elemental)
09.....Air (Elemental)
0A.....Earth (Elemental)

(All of the above have no/limited movement.)

11.....Dragon L (Orange)
12.....Dragon L (Blue)
13.....Dragon C (Green)
14.....Dragon C (Brown)
15.....Dragon N (Grey)


MP3 Notes:

Yes I got soooooooooooo caught up in the Nastalgia that is MOM, that I just
HAD to make some MP3s.

If you have ever played the game, you know a few things, such as:

1)  The music rocks.
2)  The music repeats endlessly with seemless looping.

For best possible effect, use my playlist, or set your mp3 player on auto-

I created the following mp3s:

(Master Of Monsters) Intro Music
(Master Of Monsters) Select Music
(Master Of Monsters) Background Music 01
(Master Of Monsters) Background Music 02
(Master Of Monsters) Background Music 03
(Master Of Monsters) Background Music 04
(Master Of Monsters) Background Music 05
(Master Of Monsters) Background Music 06

They take up a little over 12 megs.  Worth every byte!



My letter to VG&CE which never got published...  This was the platform era.
Nobody gave a rat's ass about strategy games back then...

February 7, 1992

ATTN: Easter Egg Hunt (VG&CE)

I think your magazine is the best!  I really love the tips section, and I'm
hoping that my tip is good enough the grace the pages...

I've been playing  Master Of Monsters by  Renovation for about a month now.
I just can't get enough of the game!   My only gripe is that I haven't read
any game tips for the sucker yet!   Well, I found a little  jewel  that can
give the player a definite edge.   While  the game  is strategy based,  the
creators  saw fit to add a  "chance"  element to it  by laying down the law
that says a monster is able to do such and  such damage to another monster,
IF the attack makes contact.

For instance, say I had an Angel with 30 HP going up against a Serpent with
only 10 HP left.   At short range  I can hit him  2 times at 2 HP  damage a
shot, and at long range I can get him 2 times at 6 HP a shot.   Because the
Serpent can't fight me at  long range,  I go for this option.   Well, let's
say my first shot hits, but my second shot misses!  That sucks!  If I would
have hit him both times,  the Serpent  would be dusted!  Well I found a way
that GUARANTEES every hit connects!   I had to set the Genesis Console next
to me since I found myself reaching for the "magic" reset button every time
one of my monsters missed a punch.

                        Master Of Monsters (GENESIS)

                             GUARANTEED HITS!

To  guarantee  that  your  monster  or  summoned elemental force  hits your
opponent  every time  during one encounter,  simply save the game,  hit the
reset switch on your Genesis console, then continue the game.   Now you are
guaranteed a 100% hit rate against your foe,  for the first encounter only!
This comes in real handy when fighting a  Master near the end of the level.
Use your  strong  monsters and  get  them to connect with their shots every
time by using this method.


You have reached the end of this fine document. Is there more to this tale?
What about the playstation version?  Did I leave the iron on?

As I finish this, I still have not received my copy of  Master Of Monsters:
Neo Generations for the Sony Playstation.  Of course the main problem being
that  I stayed up all  fucking night  and missed the UPS delivery because I
was dead asleep.

If the Playstation game is any good,  expect to see another file  about it.
If it sucks, then you won't see anything.

   Questions?  Comments?  Something you feel the need to share with me?



                   Another Work Of Art By Dennis Miller

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