• Level Passwords

    At the password screen, enter the following passwords to warp to the correspondant level

    Level 07TENNIS
    Level 08ISLAND
    Level 09CRATER
    Level 11PADDLE
    Level 12FATMAN
    Level 13SUMMER
    Level 14CLOUDS
    Level 16LIZARD
    Level 17SILVER
    Level 18BRIDGE
    Level 19RECORD
    Level 21SUNHAT
    Level 22NICKEL
    Level 23LITTLE
    Level 24TREATY
    Level 26SHARKS
    Level 27PLURAL
    Level 28RUNNER
    Level 29STRIPE
    Level 31COYOTE
    Level 32LONDON
    Level 33FOREST
    Level 34APOLLO
    Level 36CARPET
    Level 37ENERGY
    Level 38ENGINE
    Level 39DOCTOR
    Level 41FLOWER
    Level 42SYSTEM
    Level 43INSIDE
    Level 44CINEMA
    Level 46SISTER
    Level 47CAMERA
    Level 48SPIDER
    Level 49ORCHID
    Level 51AMAZON
    Level 52PEOPLE
    Level 53AROUND
    Level 54HAMLET
    Level 56BEAGLE
    Level 57CASTLE
    Level 58TONGUE
    Level 59LUXURY
    Level 61ACCEPT
    Level 62TYPING
    Level 63UNITED
    Level 64CANDLE
    Level 66CHANCE
    Level 67PLAYER
    Level 68MEDUSA
    Level 69RABBIT
    Level 71BUTTON
    Level 72DISCUS
    Level 73ROMANS
    Level 74RUBBER
    Level 76MIDDLE
    Level 77FLUFFY
    Level 78SOCCER
    Level 79QUARTZ
    Level 81HELMET
    Level 82JAGUAR
    Level 83SUNDAY
    Level 84PUBLIC
    Level 86MARKET
    Level 87TWENTY
    Level 88JAMJAR
    Level 89NATURE
    Level 91BUBBLE
    Level 92SEESAW
    Level 93PEANUT
    Level 94FRENCH
    Level 96CATTLE
    Level 97FROZEN
    Level 98IGNITE
    Level 99PUMICE
    Warp to Level 02Jumped
    Warp to Level 03Jigsaw
    Warp to Level 04Warsaw
    Warp to Level 05Banana
    Warp to Level 06Oyster
    Warp to Level 10Dennis
    Warp to Level 15Kebabs
    Warp to Level 20Mother
    Warp to Level 25Lister
    Warp to Level 30Guitar
    Warp to Level 35Border
    Warp to Level 40Across
    Warp to Level 45KeyPad
    Warp to Level 50Saturn
    Warp to Level 55Farmer
    Warp to Level 60Second
    Warp to Level 65Juggle
    Warp to Level 70Fading
    Warp to Level 75Lively
    Warp to Level 80Valley
    Warp to Level 85Leader
    Warp to Level 90Furrow
    Warp to Level 95Sprite

    Contributed By: Mehdi313 and Mezmorize99.

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  • Final Level

    At the password screen, enter the following password to warp to the final level (level 100):

    Warp to level 100BOTTOM

    Contributed By: HyperSilence.

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