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Reviewed: 07/16/03 | Updated: 07/16/03

Puzzles, Riddles, Traps Galore!

This game was a definite mind-twister for most players when it came out. While at first appearing bland, you do not find any action until after you enter the dungeon where the game primarily takes place. Unfortunately it took me about a day to figure out where I needed to go from the Castle grounds. For the amount of common folk around the game, most repeat the same sentences. It needed more variety to flesh-out the people, as well as some better clues for the people. You can only wander around for so long...

The puzzles and riddles in this game are quite difficult at times. Sometimes you encounter a few variations of previous ones, but for the most part there are many unique ones. You have to keep an eye out for clues, and you have to be careful when dealing with enemies, as they are sometimes the key to puzzles. Unlike the beginning of the game, the clues are more apparent in the dungeon. I still reccomend keeping a pad of paper with you just in case though, as you never know if the clue you discovered may be for a room some time later in the game instead of immediately.

Aside from the puzzles and riddles in this RPG-esque style game, it wouldn't be a dungeon without traps, and plenty of traps there are!

The graphics are very decent, but your character is often too bright in coloration compared to the rest of the game's darker tone. The dark tones of the game, aren't distracting or too-overshadowed, as they allow you to see everything within a room. In fact most of the screen will usually show everything in the room, with the exception of a few corriders and the castle grounds.

The music is simplistic, but enjoyable, as you traverse through each room of the dungeon.

The load times are almost unnoticeable, but the ending could've been better after all the puzzles. Then again the game didn't really have much of a plot, just the typical medieval-fantasy ''damsel-in-distress'' motiff.

The controls are simplistic, and barely take a minute to master. The primary one you'll need to focus on is your jumping skills, from small ones to those long leaps of desperation.

There are plenty of items in this game, from weapons and armour to foods and drinks. Yes, you need to feed yourself to stay alive, in addition to combating monsters.

Still this game is definitely fun for the puzzles!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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