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Reviewed: 02/12/02 | Updated: 02/12/02

Sega Genesis made a rpg-action game worth playing for the rest of life.

The facts everyone truly and really knows about this game is that it was not exactly great for Sega Genesis. This is the type of game that would have been better created, better managed, better made on a game system like Playstation, Xbox... but for the time, Sega Genesis was the best to have it on, and the fact is, although Light Crusader could have been better on another game system, I believe Sega Genesis still made an INCREDIBLY fun game to play... just like I said in my Rings of Power review... IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT AND HAVE PATIENCE TO LEARN ABOUT IT.

In Light Crusader, you play the great David Lander, he is a swordsman in the service of King Fredrick of Whitehood. He is a great warrior who has faced several tough, strange, incredible, and large opponents and monsters and has never lost, he is the greatest warrior in his land. He has found many treasures for his king, he is one of the most popular men in Whitehood... however... King Frederick has asked David to have one of the most unusual and difficult quests of his life.

King Frederick explained to David that his own brother of another land of Green Row, King Weeden, asked for David's presence.

Although David, being rather tired, a bit weary from battling with Ogres for the past few days, he got onto his horse, and prepared to go to Green Row for a nice, relaxing rest or a little vacation... and that was one of the largest mistakes he ever thought of... for he was about to take part, alone, and unaided, in an incredible quest which only a true swordsman could complete...

After about a day of hard travel, David was without a doubt hungry, thirsty, and without a doubt, very tired. However, him being used to this kind of life, he could deal with such burdens.

David made his way through the town, noticing people were slightly weary as he was, and looked very few... David remembered Green Row as a very large, and happy place... always bustling with happiness and love... like Whitehood was. David had not been to Green Row in many years... and it had changed, it had changed dearly...

David knelt to King Weeden, showing full loyalaty and prepared to do anything he asked, and to David's surprise, King Weeden looked pale and scared to death. Weeden explained the townspeople and villagers were disappearing by night and day, several had just kept disappearing... into thin air, and never returning. Not even astrological charts explained about the absence of his people. No one could hear, tell, or even know anything in Green Row, the only thing that existed in Green Row then... was fear.

This was just not acceptable for David to deal with, Weeden offered David rest and food but David refused. David's heart and mind was filled with loyalaty and power to his friends and neighbors, in his veins flowed the blood of justice and right. He would not allow this great evil to stir any longer! He explained to Weeden that he would recover every single townsperson and villager that had disappeared, and would return Green Row back to normal, as he quickly left, onto his newest and greatest adventer!

Now it is time for YOU to take control of David Lander! You must restore the happiness and love that Green Row once cherished and enjoyed. GO INTO THE DUNGEONS, AND DEFEAT THIS GREAT EVIL THAT PLAGUES GREEN ROW!

Graphics: 65%
Words: Well, personally, to me, the graphisc were not bad. I thought they were nicely done, and including David's body sprite of how he would move from one area to the next, and the monsters that he had to fight!

Sound: 75%
Words: I thought the sound was great. The music tunes, the sound effects, and so on!

Replay: 20%
Words: There is barely any replayibility in this game, honestly...

Gameplay: 80%
Words: I loved the Gameplay, it was truly great. Most people complain about the gameplay, and I find the gameplay to be the best thing in the whole entire game. How you can slash at monsters, jump and attack, like a true action-rpg game does!

Story: 50%
Words: Story was well written, not much about it, but I believe the story was quite interesting in the beginning.

Characters: 65%
Words: David Lander... one of Sega Genesis' greatest Knights, he will go down in history on my charts as one of the top five greatest RPG heroes I have ever seen.

Final Words: Without a doubt, a true game to the Sega Genesis, this game did not sell well, perhaps not many people enjoyed it much, but I do personally believe that this was one of the best games Sega Genesis ever created... you want a good action-rpg game nowadays? PLAY LIGHT CRUSADER AS DAIVD LANDER FOR SEGA GENESIS! David Lander... good luck, and good luck to you all!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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