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Reviewed: 09/24/01 | Updated: 09/24/01

If your gonna rip-off a game make it a good one

This game is more or less the Sega version of Landstalkers.It was made around 1995, when the genesis was hittin it off pretty good.It has that same weird isometric view that can be confusing as hell.In the game you play as a knight trying to stop a guild of wizards from resurrecting an ancient demon.Its not too heavy on the plot, but once you start playing you'll realize that won't matter.

This game has some pretty sweet graphics.Everything is detailed to the extent that you can tell what it is,which is pretty good for a game with an isometric view.This game was probably used as a gimmick because it has ''3d'' graphics.Well Sega pulled it off pretty well.This game does have a few cinemas which are pretty well drawn,but it only has a few.

Here we go baby!I absolutely love the music in this game.It is full instrumental, not just that bleep and bloop crap.The music on the last floor is some of the best music in any video game.It probably has about 10 different tracks throughout the game which are all good.If only it was popular enough for a soundtrack...
As for the sound effects they're pretty good too.It does use voices in the game.Not voice overs, but just electronic voices.It makes nice use of them too.Which some Sega games didn't *cough* Eternal Champions *cough*.

Not really anything new here.As I've already mentioned,its pretty much the Sega version of Landstalkers.It does have redeeming qualities such as tight control.If you want to beat this game you're going to want to find and buy the best armor and weapons.Its kind of confusing when trying to kill the enemies, but after you get used to the isometric view the game gets pretty addictive.What separates this game from Landstalkers is the puzzles.They are HARD.I think I spent 2 days on one puzzle.They are all do able ,but you will think some of them aren't.Yes, they are that hard.

I might have beaten this game 3 times since I've owned it.Like I said it is an addictive game.Once you pick it up you can't put down (You make the world go around and around...).After you beat it, wait around 2 years and you will have probably forgotten all the puzzles or at least most of them (unless you have like a super memory :o).

Overall I say definitely get this game if your a fan of Landstalkers.If you just want a good adventure game (or if my review has motivated you enough), I suggest you give it a try.Who knows you might like it?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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