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FAQ/Walkthrough by SHetu

Updated: 11/29/2000

Jurassic Park, Rampage Edition

Ah, this game was an interesting one. True, it was for the Sega 
Genesis, but that doesn't inherently mean that it was bad. Here are 
some good and bad points to the game, or just fast-forward if you've 
already read them.

Table of Contents: Grant Levels
                   Raptor Levels
Grant's Weapons

Good Points:
You can play as either Grant or a Raptor, both of which are very 
balanced in regards to play control.

The game is not incredibly easy, nor are the early levels (or easy 
setting) impossibly hard. The challenge in this game is quite good.

Different levels actually require different tactics; sometimes an auto-
machine gun just doesn't cut it.

Raptor rages are fun.

Grant's weapons arsenal is incredibly fun to use. The electro-gun is 
loads of enjoyment.

There are few annoying jumps, and, for that matter, few ways to kill 
yourself with one shot (yeah!!!).

You get enough ammo so most of the special weapons can actually be 
relied heavily on during levels, and you get enough of the special 
weapons to experiment or have fun.

Play control is pretty darn good for a Genesis game.

Bad Points:

Okay, I'm sorry. The plot's fine and the levels are decently creative, 
but sooo many people confuse Jurassic Park with an action film (about 
as many as misspell the name). Grant would not do anything about InGen 
if it meant his going back to the island. He's a scientist, not a hero. 
Heck, he can't even shoot a gun to save his life, and though he's a 
leader, he'd go insane as a lone commando.

The weapon switch method is awkward; I have a feeling this game just 
shouldn't have been made for a platform genre.

Levels can become incredibly repetitive after a while (especially the 
raptor levels).

The character is usually just a little bit too far up on the screen. 
Because of this, enemies tend to get in a few hits before you can 
attack them.

Trip wires are downright annoying in the savanna stage.

The ending is short.... too short for the effort it takes to beat some 

There is no save function or (at least) passwords.

The game can be beaten in under an hour if you know what you're doing.

Levels lack continuity to the point that you get lost a lot.

T-Rex can't be killed.

Despite it's shortcomings, this game was rather good (in my opinion). 
Now, the walkthrough.

Grant's Levels

The Aviary
Your main goal is to get down to the bottom of the stage (where the 
Pterandon first picks you up). To do this, take the following steps (if 
you don't care too much about points). 

- First, on the way up, shoot as many things as possible. This will 
weaken them for later, and you have infinite ammo on the dart gun.
- Go right off the nest where you land and kill the raptor (shoot it a 
lot). Kill the Dilophosaur (the spitting guy), and continue right.
- Kill the commando (in blue, I believe), and proceed right. Fall, and 
kill the raptor. Destroy the lysine case (the gray one), and continue 
left, killing raptors. Make it a point to kill the Pterandon before it 
picks you up and places you right back at the start.
- Go down, kill the Compies, and continue down and to the right.
- From here, just fall and continue to fall until you reach the goal. 
You'll pass through the lower tree level; run off the low tree 
branches/roots and to the right on the forest floor to exit. For now, 
ignore the five or six raptors that are probably chewing on your feet 
right now, as the level's over.

The Savanna

Your goal is to go all the way to the right of the screen. It takes a 
while, so I'm not going to tell you useless filler info. In general, 
follow the below precautions.

- In general, jump a lot to avoid enemies. Or, if you will, use the 
Goldeneye method: shoot to wound (shoot with your regular darts 
continuously to slow down enemies). If you're jumping, carry the 
automatic so you can make quick work of helicopters.
- Watch out for helicopters, and when they appear shoot up at them with 
darts. Back left if you need to, but don't go under them. 
- Watch out for trip wires. Duck them if you can, but if you hit them 
you'll probably have at least three raptors on your tail. Shoot them or 
just jump back on your Gallimimus.

The Cargo Ship

You'll need to make a big loop from the left of the ship to the right, 
down, and back left again (and finally up). It's long, but not too 

- Go right for a long time, don't shoot the Triceratops on board, and 
get powerups as you wish.
- At the far right (when you reach a wall of crates), you'll have to 
climb up a nearby tower and pulley over to the right (jump onto the 
ropes). After falling on a platform, you can jump up and reach the top 
part of the ship.
- Once on the top, dispatch the commandos and continue right until you 
reach a set of boxes in a pit. Blow them up and a way will open to the 
inside of the (huge) ship.
- Hit the guys down here (and the raptors if you wish), and go left on 
the top platform. Go through the door (shoot it), and continue past the 
steam jets. Shoot the guys at the end and go down the ladder (hit down, 
this took me about a half hour to figure out).
- Go right, down, and left, then shoot the explosive box to fall down. 
Shoot the next blow-up-box at the bottom to go left. Continue, shoot 
the machine that's firing at you, and go up the ladder. Go up the next 
few ladders in a row and hide under the small platform.
- Well, you're almost through this Titanic-like cargo ship. Go left, 
jumping on the small platforms, and continue through the top door. 
Follow the path left over the bridges.
- Continue left again, go over the ropes (ride them with the pulley), 
and go through a lot more doors. Eventually, you'll reach the end, 
shoot a crate to fall, then kill the guy there. Go right and avoid the 
metal crates that fall on you (well, that hopefully don't fall on you). 
Shoot another explosive crate, fall, and hop across the deadly water on 
the crates bobbing along, all the while ignoring the steam above you. 
- Go through the next door and kill the guys quickly, then race up the 
ladders as the ship fills with water (like Titanic) to the finish. 

The Hidden Ruins

Your goal is to get to the exit to the far right of you. However, it's 
a level down so you'll have to double back. Just watch out for the 
millions of guys, keep an eye on your health, and follow these steps.

- Go right, fall, and get the 1-Up on the left. Fall again (to the 
right), and go right for a while avoiding dinos and the InGen agents. 
If you wish, shoot them.
- Go right a lot, eventually going up, and avoid the guys on the wires. 
I recommend electrifying the raptors if you have the gun, it saves 
health and time.
- Slide down the slope (still going right), and run up another. 
Continue to the right, sliding down another slope (jump to avoid the 
gunshots), and up another. Continue past the commandos, and go down a 
slope, then down a hole when you reach the wall blocking your progress.
- Go left (yeah!). When you reach a bridge (it's after a big pit), you 
can stop going left. Instead, fall down and go right.
- Ride the Triceratops right (jump on it), stomping through walls, 
until you reach the exit. Whew! Glad that's over.

Raptor Rapids

Though this level is painfully long and painstaking, it's worth it to 
get to the last one. Besides, it's fun to see a Triceratops in the 
water. Ultimately, the goal of the level is down from where you start 
(and a little to the right), so fall down those waterfalls! For 

- Go right from the beginning until you reach a waterfall. Go down, 
then left to another waterfall. Go right and fall down again, then go 
left and shoot the wall to go through.
- Continue in this manner of going down until you reach a tree. At that 
point, go all the way down (a few waterfalls in a row here) and 
essentially right.
- At this point, it's pointless to go on describing how to go. Just 
focus on going down, when you see a sign that says go down and right, 
don't worry too much about going right. 
- When the lights start changing, you're getting somewhere. When you 
see a right sign, you're nearly done. Hope your HP's high. Go right to 
the exit.

Burning River

Okay, time to take out the T-Rex. You really don't need to kill it (in 
fact, I've unloaded quite a few hundred charges of electricity and 
quite a few rockets into it with the end result the same: it lives). 
Instead, just slow it down and keep it from biting your head off. Go 
right as far as you can, stopping only to shoot it. The electric gun 
and the rockets are the best ways to get it; if you're desperate you 
can try to hum grenades at it or to blast it with the flame-thrower. 
I'm not too sure about the shotgun (never let it get that close), but 
darts simply won't work here. If T-Rex reaches you, you're toast in one 
hit, so watch out. Good luck, it's not too bad. 

The Raptor's Levels

The Aviary 

This level is just like Grant's level, but you start at the base of the 
left tree and must work your way up and around to the base of the right 
tree. Here are a few pointers.

- Kill the guys at the start quickly, they can eat up your health. Go 
right and up the roots, and continue right and up until you reach a 
slope. Good news is that the Raptor can climb slopes, so simply jump 
and press the jump button as you land to climb all the way up. 

- Once at the "top" of where you can jump to, ride the lifts up. Get 
off at the top and jump to the right and down. Climb down the tree 
branches to exit the level. 

The Savanna 

You need to go right for a very long time again, just like in Grant's 
stage. Just jump a lot to survive. When you swallow Lysine, run and 
jump. To run, hit the Right button once. Quickly let go, hit it again, 
and hold it down, and you'll run until stopped by an obstacle.

- You actually can outrun the helicopters in this level. I didn't say 
it was smart, just that you could (perhaps Grant can outrun them too). 
In any case, if you feel like a pacifist, jump to avoid the chopper's 

- For a fun, quick finish, run right and gather Lysine until you Raptor 
Rage. Then, sprint to the right as far as the Rage carries you. When it 
runs out, backtrack to the left (there should be few enemies) to get 
more Lysine. Skip the first container you find, and when you've got 
nearly enough, go back and devour it (bite it) to Rage again. Go right 
as fast as you can, and repeat.

The Hidden Ruins

If you've beaten this on Grant a few times, the layout's the same. Just 
go through to the finish!

- Go right a lot, double jumping to avoid and kill guys. Go up and down 
a few slopes, past the Triceratops (you can kill it if you wish) and up 
and down a few more slopes. Eventually, you'll reach a wall.

- Go down and left until you reach a pit with a bridge in it. Jump all 
the other pits. Fall down the hole in the bridge. 

- Go right, kicking down barriers and avoiding the dripping acid and 
plant spore shots to the exit.

River Run

It's not quite Raptor Rapids (then again, nothing is), but it's in the 
same type area. This level's a pain to get lost in, here are a few 
basic points. Again, as the lights change, you know you're nearing the 
exit. There's no Lysine here, but you'll survive if you eat every candy 
bar in sight and kill quick.

- Go right, down, left, and up until you reach a Candy Bar (can Raptors 
eat those?) and a Down/Left sign. This might take a while.

- Now, go down and left (like the sign says), then down a bit more. 
Eventually, you should go right. You know you're on the right track 
when you pass a set of pipes you have to jump/squeeze through (they 
look like, in the best of ASCII art, this: |* ^^^, where you can just 
make it through at the *). 

- Make your way right after you pass these pipes, and go down when you 
can. Go left a bit and up. Keep jumping until you reach a slope with a 
candy bar in the very near proximity.

- Hold Down and hit the Jump button to go Left over the pit and onto a 
vertical pipe. Go left until you reach a bridge you can jump through 
(again, the art shows: ~~~~====~~~~, the equals signs being the thin 
double pipes you can jump through (the comma is your direction, you'll 
be going left over these pipes). Jump through them.

- Go right a ways and go down to a candy bar and a Right sign. 

- Now, go right, down, left, down, and continue right to get an embryo 
container (if the directions confuse you, just find the container as a 
reference point). Turn around and go left and up. Jump so you land 
under the platform just under the Right sign you saw earlier.

- Go left, and you'll eventually fall down yet again. Go right and jump 
between another set of pipes like before (do I have to draw them 

- You need to get essentially down. When you reach a Down sign, you 
know you're doing good. But don't go down. Instead, go up and left. 
Jump over a pipe and you'll be on a down-jumping platform. Here, you 
can finally go down. 

- Now, go left until you feel you can go down and then go basically 
right and down until you reach a sign.

- From here, go psycho going down and right until you reach the exit. 
Hope your health makes it, and I hope you're not too confused. Maybe 
I'll draw a map someday. Probably not. Anyways, it's on to the Raptor's 
last level!

The Cargo Ship

Okay, the big showdown. You need to find a great nesting site in this 
hulk of metal. There's plenty of Lysine in the cargo, but it won't do 
you a world of good against the boss: a raptor apparently in a Rage. 
(Apparent as well is the fact that he wants the nesting site.) This 
level is essentially the same as Grant's, with a few different 

- Go right a lot (Raptor Rage and you'll be through it quick) to the 
wall you can't go beyond. Remember as Grant you crossed the lines on 
your pulley? With the Raptor, you don't need to bother, you can just 
jump (double, high; hold Up and hit Jump. When you're in the air, hit 
Jump again.) over. 

- Go right, jumping to avoid the bullets, and bite the boxes. Fall down 
and slide, then run left to avoid the enemies.

- Follow the sign and run right (the bullets should miss you), bite the 
explosive box and fall down.

- Go left, regular-jumping the pistons and gathering the candy. 
Continue left, double jump into the crazy machine, and go up, then left 
to a sign.

- Go up for a Candy Bar if you wish, but eventually go up and left, 
jumping across the platforms to a door.

- Go through the door and run all the way left on the bridges. Woohoo! 
Lysine. Nab it, then return right over the bridges. Go up and through 
the door on the left.

- Go left on the bridges and jump where they end to a few platforms and 
a door. Go through the door, and basically go left for a long, long 
time (trying to stay high up, though you eventually have to slide down 
the frozen area). 

- At the metal box room, go up and alternate between left and right 
sides of the room until you reach a door. You'll have to hold Up as you 
super jump if you plan to make it. 

- Now, run  left through the barracks, stopping only to gather Lysine 
and, more importantly, the full health icon in the box. Fall down, go 
right (bite the fire extinguishers to have them take out quite a few 
guys), and fall again to reach the one boss in the game you have to 
defeat: a mad Raptor.

- Until recently, I had no good way to beat this guy. Whatever you do, 
don't get into a jumping fight with him; he'll win. Instead, stay still 
and bite as he jumps around you. He should die before you do. :-)

- When you've beaten the Raptor, go left through the door to beat the 
game, Raptor style! Yeah, you've survived and your descendants are sure 
to wreak havoc on mankind.

Grant's Weapons

Grant has a variety of weapons at his disposal. Here you'll find a 
description of each.

The Tranquilizer Dart Gun - This little gun has an infinite amount of 
darts. Depending on the speed of your fingers, it may fire nearly as 
fast as the automatic gun. This is the standard gun of the game, and it 
packs quite a punch.

The Machine Tranquilizer Gun - Okay, do they even have one of these in 
real life? Either way, it's very useful to save your trigger finger 
some trouble; it has plenty of ammo and fires if you simply hold down 
the button. A great second weapon.

The Shot Gun - I'm sorry, but this gun is really weak. It fires a nice 
spread, but the shots do nothing. The gun is also slow to "reload". I'd 
take the normal gun any day over it, though I must admit it's fun to 
use to blast Compies into nothingness. Besides that, stick with your 

The Flame-thrower - This is a nice step up from the ordinary. True, 
it's not that powerful, but it's awesome to see the guys vanish into 
ashes if you shoot them with this. This gun also has a nice advantage: 
it says "stay away" very nicely. Translation: shoot it at something and 
the enemy usually can't get near. Great against commandos; fairly good 
for raptors.

Gas Grenades - These guys are nice and powerful. They can knock out 
commandos in one hit, and because you throw them you can basically hit 
almost anything below you. Also, their ammo is fairly plentiful, so you 
may never run out.

The Rocket Launcher - This gun is nearly the best gun in the game. It 
fires small rockets with a knock-out blasting power. They are great 
against every enemy in the game, and if you use the cheat you'll have 
plenty to spare.

The Shock Rifle - I find this gun to be the absolute best gun in the 
entire game. Not only does it knock out a raptor (and therefore nearly 
everything else) in one shot, it can hit many enemies at once (my 
record is six raptors killed in one shot). Wonderful gun, and the 
animations are amusing. Wonderful to strafe the ground with in the 
Savannah stage.

The Enemies

On an island of dinosaurs, enemies are easy to come by....and defeat.

Commandos - These guys are a pain. They take only a few darts to 
destroy, but they shoot machine guns at you and throw grenades if you 
venture away from their shooting zones. My advice? Fight fire 
(grenades, in this case) with fire (or, if you wish to take this 
literally, shoot them with the flame-thrower). As the Raptor, any 
attack will kill them, I just recommend that you double jump over them 
(you might hit them; what's more important is that you live.)

Raptors- As usual, I love to electrocute these. If that's not an 
available option to you, try hitting them with a dozen or so darts. If 
you stay outside the rang of their tail, you can shoot them and take no 
damage. They're a pain if they jump around. If you're the Raptor, 
you'll only have to beat one of these. Bite it as it hops in the air. 
Unfortunately, Raptor Rage won't kill it.

Compy - These little guys are simply an annoyance. If they jump on you, 
shoot to clear them off, then shoot them. Perhaps the only good use for 
the shotgun is here. As the cool Raptor, double jump to shake them, or 
kick them.

Dilophosaurs - Picture a commando who can only shoot straight forward 
and you get a pretty good picture of these guys (they jump around a 
little, though). If they're on an explosive crate, by all means shoot 
it! If not, dart them from a distance. Try ducking to avoid their 
spitten projectiles. If you're a Raptor, don't worry, just treat them 
like Commandos, or kick them.

Gallimimus - A good guy. Ride him. The Raptor won't encounter it, but 
it's nearly as fast.

Pterandons - They take a few hits, so shoot them with the darts or any 
other weapon. The electric shock gun is fun here, as is the flame-
thrower. Double jumping or biting is the best way to kill these guys as 
a raptor.

Triceratops - Ignore it in all levels but the temple stage. In that 
level, ride it to get to the end. Raptors kill it with a few bites. In 
the water stage, shoot it or double jump it to get it to duck down and 
let you pass. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex - You can't kill it, so shoot it to distract it. 
Recommended weapons are electric shock and rocket launcher. If you're 
out of luck (and these weapons), grenades will do the trick if your 
timing's up. Raptors don't encounter this bad guy.

Helicopters - Oh man! No wonder Grant's chopper went down! These guys 
can be shot out of the sky with a dozen or less tranquilizer darts. 
(Must be made out of the same steel as the Titanic). In any case, stay 
behind them, and avoid their underside as the copilot has a nasty habit 
of dropping tubs of Napalm to rain on your parade.  As  a Raptor, two 
double jumps (no, not four regular jumps. It's not the same, even if 
the math adds up) will kill them. In Raptor Rages, simply jump into 
them. Just don't try to outrun them, whatever you do. They pack a 


What would a game be without items? Not much.

Candy Bars restore some health.
Med Kits restore it all.
1-Ups (big Med Kits) give you another life.
Lysine is a raptor item that grants (no pun intended) you 
Eggs are worth points.
Embryo Containers are worth points.
DNA Samples are worth points.
Grant's Ammo Belt will give you full ammo of the item you have chosen.


The best part of some games are the cheat codes! Here's the best codes 
I can find:

At the top of the Aviary level is the Ultimate cheat: an ammo belt. 
According to Xypher_ZX, you can find this if you go right from the 
Pteradon nest. If you jump past the Dilophosaur, you can "find" this 
icon in the tree leaves at the top of the screen. It's possible the 
icon may be on a hidden platform high in the leaves, too. Not only does 
this belt give you (reportedly) every item in the game, it also gives 
you infinite ammo at times and full ammo when you pick it up. Very fun. 
Special thanks to Xypher_ZX@hotmail.com for this.

If you are playing as Grant and you want to quickly finish the Aviary 
level, then here's aneat trick for you. As the Pteradon lifts you 
towards the top of the level, try to hit one of the Continue flags. If 
you suceed, just die and you'll begin at the Continue sign.

And that's that! If you have any questions, E-Mail me at: 
Snhes@aol.com. Else, happy hunting. Oh yeah:
I did this nearly all by myself, all with my own two (sore) thumbs, and 
skills, etc. So, don't post this if you don't ask me. 

Special thanks to Xypher_ZX@hotmail.com for his ammo belt code.

Thank you!

You can find this guide and others at my webpage:

Copyright 2000 by Seth Hetu, Snhes@ aol.com Do not reprint, post, or 
reproduce without asking me first. I probably will let you, just ask 
for my permission.

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