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Reviewed: 07/23/07

In the jungle....

INTRO: Jungle Strike is the sequel to the smash hit Desert Strike on the Sega Genesis. Desert Strike was a helicopter action game that pitted you against lots of enemies across several levels. It was all tied together with a decent story line and good visuals. Jungle Strike is back in the same fashion as well as with some improved aspects.

GRAPHICS: Visually Jungle Strike is a very impressive game. First off all of the environments are very big. Much bigger this time around actually, this becomes immediately clear in the very first mission when you are going to the four corners of the map. And besides just being bigger they are also have much more detail. Even with all the action going on during the game to the solid frame rate holds up very well.

SOUND: Top notch sound effects go right along with the great visuals. The constant chirp of your helicopter blades sound just right. As do all the missiles you will be shooting off. Not to mention the great explosions.

CONTROLS: Although all of the basic actions are very easy to perform, some of the finer points like picking up items and power ups can turn into a small frustration. This game really makes you see the limitations of the d-pad. Thankfully we have analog sticks now!

STORY: Desert Strike had a decent plot, which was easily one of the reasons why it was so popular. A little bit of plot can go a long way. Especially in little action games like these. The basic premise is a son of a dead evil dictator from Dessert Strike has teamed up with a South American drug lord to control the world! Even though it sounds pretty lame the game actually features a fair amount of political intrigue for a Genesis game.

GAMEPLAY: Like Dessert Strike you control a helicopter while you complete various missions to stop an evil dictator. What Jungle Strike does differently is mix up the vehicles. Not all levels have this option of course but there is a lot more variety this time around. Besides that you have 5 co-pilots which give you various strengths and weaknesses. And of course numerous choices of different ordinance. Basically it is a bigger more varied version game of the last one. Which is a good thing, but it makes you wish for something maybe little bit more ground breaking.

BOTTOM LINE: If you liked Dessert Strike then you will love Jungle Strike. If not, well then you will hate this game too. All in all though Jungle Strike is a well rounded action game for the Sega Genesis.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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