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Reviewed: 05/21/06 | Updated: 09/11/09

Kilbaba is Dead, but His Son is Seeking Revenge, and This Time, He has a Little Friend.

When my uncle gave me the two strike games for Genesis, I played Desert Strike first, and I thought that Jungle Strike wouldn't even come close. Boy was I ever wrong. This is THE BEST strike game ever. None of the others even come close. This game improves in virtually every way from Desert Strike, from game play, to story, to graphics, everything is better. And many people thought that after Desert Strike, it couldn't get any better. Game play will show you what did get better.

Game play: 10/10

The game play in this game is virtually the same as Desert Strike, except for 4 minor differences and 1 major difference. The major difference is difficulty. Desert Strike is a game where it takes a second to learn, and a lifetime to master. This game is just as difficult as Desert Strike, however where Desert Strike had all of its difficulty shoved into the final level, Jungle Strike has its difficulty spread out over all of its levels. The 4 minor differences are just upgrades in weapons and armor from Desert Strike. The levels are no longer in day/night format, and each has a different landscape, is in a different time of day, and in some levels, you can change your vehicle! The missions are still as tricky as in Desert Strike, only this time, on average, there are more of them. There are also now 9 levels, and there are 5 co-pilots, and they have varying strengths and weaknesses. The password feature is still available, and the options now have only two flying modes, with momentum and without. The 3 vehicles you can choose from are a hovercraft, a motorcycle, and an F1 17-Stealth Fighter. They are all amazing to use, and very easy. Game play for Jungle Strike is top notch, as is the story.

Story: 10/10 (even better than Desert Strike)

The war in the Gulf is over. General Kilbaba is dead, and all is peaceful... until Kilbaba's son comes wanting revenge, there is one problem though, he needs financial backing if he wants his revenge. Enter Carlos Ortega, a drug lord from South America, whom the Americans have been tracking for a while now. His shipments have been cut off over and over by the Americans, and with the help of Kilbaba junior, he can accomplish much. Thus, a partnership is reached, and both agree to stop at nothing to reach their respective goals. This is where you, the pilot comes in, to save the world from evil- yet again. Graphics are next.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game are a marked improvement over Desert Strike. The people in the in-game cinema's look about the same as the people in Desert Strike, but your new Comanche Helicopter, the other vehicles in the game, and just the environments altogether look much better than Desert Strike. Even the title screens look better, no doubt that Electronic Arts did a fantastic job with the graphics in this game. On to sound.

Sound: 10/10

This is one of the best soundtracks in any game, and the best of the Strike series (Desert Strike is a shade below). The opening theme is basically Desert Strike's theme but a bit better. The in-game music is also a lot better, and it gets you into the feel for the level (for example, in the snow level, the theme is a very, "chilly," theme, and the hardest level has the most fearful theme). The sound is also very good, with the helicopter sounding realistic, the weapons sound realistic and great (especially when they are flying), and the 3 different vehicles also have their own sounds (which are unique and really fit the game). Very good sound, but is it a replay able game?

Reply ability: 9/10

Same here as Desert Strike, if not a bit better. Desert Strike is a frustrating game, and it will take you a while, but Jungle Strike will make you play for just as long without the cost of frustration. Plus, once you beat the game, you will want to play it over and over, it is just one of those games.

Buy or rent?

Renting is impossible, so buy. This game is fairly easy to find (the Strike series's abundance is in the same order as when each game came out), and on Ebay can be bought for around 5-10 dollars. And what a great buy it is.

The Strike series really opened my eyes to how amazing helicopters are, and just what the game brings to the table as a game and nothing else, it is a great experience, one which many gamers should take advantage of. The highlight of the series? Probably Jungle Strike. This game is just too good for words, and if you go through life without playing it, you will have missed out on a big part of gaming. "Somewhere in the Pacific..."

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Jungle Strike (US, 12/16/93)

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