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Reviewed: 08/19/09

Best Hulk Game Ever Made!

The Incredible Hulk for the Sega Genesis is, without a doubt, the best Hulk game I have ever had the pleasure to play. The main reason people say it isn't good is its play ability. Which, I personally find to be extremely playable due to the fact that it presents the type of challenge I love...

Take a good hard look at the graphics on your Sega Genesis. Then look at The Incredible Hulk. Looks a lot better than 80% of the games on it. It has beautiful bright colours not to mention the game doesn't slow easy and has cool back rounds like caves, sewers, and a base with lasers. Genesis graphics were at its prime with this game.

Similar to others on the Sega Genesis, It has a score that refines others on every level of game play. In boss battles the music picks up and keeps you on the edge of your seat! If you like games with similar musical scores such as Super Metroid, Sonic The Hedgehog, or Mega Man X. Then you will definitely like this game!

I'm guessing most people who have played or reviewed this game are not Hulk fans. Since they are not, they do not really get the plot which, by the way, is really good. It has the classic plot of the Hulk vs. his arch-nemesis The Leader. Who has cleverly devised a plan to take over the world. Along the way, Hulk has to defeat various enemies such as the Leader's armed robots and bosses such as the Underworld's Tyrannus, and The Absorbing Man. For any Hulk fan, you will know this is the best game for you.

This game presents a challenge no matter who you are. The fact that there is 6 levels and it is extremely difficult to beat, even though I love it, I find astounding. You can play it over and over and still come back for more. For the controls, I'd say that the fact that you can jump, punch, grab, throw, and then get upgrades that make all these moves super amped, I'd say they are pretty sweet!

So I guess that the point is that this game is better than expected, and that it should be bought and played often. People of all ages can enjoy this game do to the fact that it isn't just a side scrolling beat em' up. It also has an element of puzzle to it that makes you think. So don't underestimate this game, ENJOY IT TO THE MAX!

Rating: 9

Product Release: The Incredible Hulk (US, 12/31/94)

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